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💙❄️💙❄️ I think a few people asked to see the Victor iPhone 6/6s case in action, so here you go~💙 ❄️💙❄️ #yurionice #viktornikiforov #victornikiforov #anime #pretty #flirty #sparkle #glitter #craft #crafts #decoden #kawaii #kawaiicase #skatinganime #iceskating #yuri #boys

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A Witch looks like...
  • A middle aged woman brandishing a wooden spoon wand in her slippers
  • A young hispanic boy learning the Craft from his grandparents
  • A couple leaving offerings for the spirits (and the birds)
  • A figure clutching their pentacle as they walk out of prison
  • A person deciding they need to lose 15kg
  • A person deciding they need to gain 15kg
  • An agender person slipping their tarot deck out on a long plane trip
  • A trans woman brewing potions with her morning coffee
  • An actuary carving runes into her desk at work
  • A scrap of ribbon covered with magick symbols plaited around a passerby’s wrist
  • A Tumblr dash full of tips for spotting Fae Folk
  • A Tumblr dash full of Steven Universe references
  • A high schooler wearing black gloves and velvet skirts in summer
  • A high schooler wearing shorts and a scrappy Twenty One Pilots t-shirt
  • An avid hiker carving sigils onto his boots to help him find rare herbs
  • A wheelchair-bound trans man asking his husband to get the mandrake he got online down from the shelf
  • A health-conscious vegetarian Wiccan who works out three times a week
  • A bored secular student who eats microwaved ramen for every meal 
  • An openly practicing, confident person who’s always wearing charms
  • A secretly practicing person hiding their supplies under the floorboards

Every Witch looks like a Witch, no matter how they appear.

Every Witch acts like a Witch, no matter what they do. 

A Witch is a person who practices Witchcraft, not a set of stereotypes. There is no “right”way to “look witchy” - if you’re a Witch, you look witchy!


Emoji Spell - Safe Travels

I don’t know about you guys, but the weather around here is absolutely crappy.

But I still want to bless everyone with safe travels. Regardless of weather.

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