boy chief

  • Combeferre & Courfeyrac: *seeing Enjolras & Grantaire kissing in the corner booth at the Café Musain*
  • Courf: (quietly) I can see what's happening.
  • Ferre: What?
  • Courf: (louder) And they don't have a clue.
  • Ferre: Who?
  • Courf: (even louder) They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line... our Trio's down to two.
  • Ferre: Oh...
  • ...
  • Courf: (louder still) And if he falls in love can be assumed...
  • Ferre: His carefree days with us are history...
  • Courf & Ferre: (shouting) In short, our pal is dooooooomed!
  • - Bonus -
  • Enjolras: Will you 2 shut the hell up?! Grantaire and I have been dating for a year and you 2 are the ones who set us up!
  • Courf: ...Your point?

i’ve drawn fallout fanart here and there, but i haven’t talked about or even mentioned my sosu– this is chief! their goal and mine is to find and consume every box of snack cakes in the commonwealth

Here’s a scanned version of my salty son

What is a Best Boy?

The ‘Best Boy’ position is one of those weird position titles that always jumps out during the credits that most people have no idea what it is. Officially, our union now calls a ‘Best Boy’ the ‘Assistant Chief Lighting Technician.’The gaffer being the Chief Lighting Technician. And the best boy is the assistant to the Gaffer (or Key Grip) and in charge of the logistics of the department. While the Gaffer is on set lighting with the set crew, the Best Boy is working behind the scenes. They are in charge of coordinating and keeping track of all the equipment. Read: lots of paperwork. The Best Boy will run and schedule the crew (more paperwork). They are in charge when it comes to unloading of the truck, where to place the carts, company moves, and who will be on set and off set. In that regard, the best boy will often be in charge of rigging or de-rigging a set. It is an important and often very powerful position.

So where it gets to be a pain in the ass (as if it doesn’t already sound like one) is during big shoots - like night exteriors - where you need extra manpower and equipment. So let’s say we are doing a big night exterior on a Friday with condors (cranes with lights in them). Although we have our core crew of 4 Electrics, the best boy would probably need to hire an extra 4 crew members (to work a Friday night - good luck). He/she would also have to co-ordinate with production and transportation to get a 2nd generator as well as additional light and cable. What a hassle. Oh… the schedule has changed and now we are shooting the night exterior on a Saturday. Meaning he/she would have to cancel the 4 Electrics and hope they are available the next day, re-arrange all the equipment and drop off times. This happens more often than not. A good best boy is invaluable.

Since the best boy in essence runs the crew - it is the Best Boy who is often in charge of the hiring and firing. When I was starting out, I got a day on “Six Feet Under” (as a grip). I was in tight with the Key Grip and one of the core grips who got me on. But I never saw the Key Grip. I was not part the core ‘on set’ crew. So I was helping pre-rig a hotel. The Best Boy was telling us how to hang a big rag around the edge of a balcony when I (the new guy) chimed in that I thought it might be better to do it a different way than he suggested. Well, that was my last day on that set and I was never hired again by them. In retrospect as a young green day player I never should have said anything - obviously. I was scolded by my friend who got me on that show.

As far as big big big shoots. I was working on “Fun With Dick and Jane” and was hired as a day player for big night exterior to be in one of the condors. Out of many condors, many generators and much other equipment. We counted that we had over 25 electrics alone just for that day. Meaning the Best Boy had to hire probably 20 day players just for that day alone  - and do 25 timecards as well. Ugh.

That same Best Boy hired me on a TV pilot. When I arrived on my first day, he announced he would be the Gaffer that day. The main Gaffer had injured himself the night before and was in the hospital. Often the Best Boy takes over for the Gaffer since they are 2nd in Command. But not always since they usually haven’t been on set at all and the logistics of a shoot can be such that they can’t just drop everything. But in this case the Best Boy was able to take over and Gaffed the rest of the show while the original Gaffer recovered in the hospital. And you can probably imagine what happened next. Afterwards, the DP really liked the Best Boy as a Gaffer and hired him to be the Gaffer for his next show which was… Avatar. The DP was Mauro Fiore and the Best Boy turned Gaffer was Chris Cullington. I still work with him once in awhile. A great guy!

Soulja Boy Gets Paid Handsomely To Embarrass Himself

Soulja Boy was paid $50K by a Japanese printing company to promote the imitation money industry.

“We fuck with Soulja cause we know he gonna make people believe we got problems,” a person close to rapper Lil Yachty admits.

“We gave him 5 stacks and an eightball and he was making videos about coming to kill Yachty in 2 hours. He’s a professional.”

Sources close to Soulja Boy says that while the “Crank Dat” rapper hasn’t seen a music check since “Malia Obama thought weed was only a contraction,” he’s earned a “respectable” income from fledgling rappers and businesses that pay him to promote them through ridiculous social media stunts.

“It’s sort of like reverse marketing,” says one source. “Like when he lied about buying the house…if he had said it was a nice house blah, blah, no one would care. But people went the extra mile to look at the listing on AirBNB to prove him wrong. Now it has 12 potential buyers.”

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