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“Their like ants, you see one in your house and there are a dozen you can’t see.  And I can’t afford and exorcism right now.” 

Not five minutes after Argumentative Boy and I discussed next week's schoolwide "theme," thinking before you speak
  • Argumentative Boy: Basically I think cheerios are popular because of Jeffy.
  • Me: Let's not talk about that at school, it isn't appropriate for class.
  • Argumentative Boy: Because he stuck his peepee--
  • Me: Stop! We are thinking before we speak.
  • Argumentative Boy (rolling his eyes): But that's NEXT week's behavior.
  • Me: Start practicing now! You want to win student of the week, right?
  • Argumentative Boy: Yeah, okay.

Cheerio-related hijinks!  And more Dan in glasses action shots!  YASSS!

Insert Glitter Power Point Presentation Effect!

Hey guys! I’m Mason– that super cool boy Cheerio twin to Madison McCarthy, which the majority of you should know but I think you always should introduce yourself at all times just to remain friendly to those people you may not know.  To those of you who I do know, holy applesauce, no one told me this website was so blue. Talk about a depressing color.

Now I’ll have to go completely try and tackle my English homework. Though I really don’t want to.

Dean, The Cheerleader

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Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 2,680
Warnings: Couple swears

You’d met Sam when you both started Stanford. When he’d left, you had no clue what happened. Eventually, he turned up, with his brother. You all got drinks together and had a good time. Now you were a junior, and kept up with them though e-mails, and the occasional texts. You knew all about the hunting, as Sam kept you informed. At first you didn’t believe them, but with as many details as they gave you, and how serious, you knew they weren’t lying.

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justfangirlingit  asked:

Hi Friend!!! I have a prompt for when you have to time to do your magic! Basically Little Roland goes around asking Henry if he can call his Gina Mommy. They make it their special mission ! Oh the fluff!

Thanks for the prompt! First, I have to say, I hate it when Roland calls Regina “Gina.” It’s a pet peeve of mine because I hate when people mispronounce my name, or God forbid, call me Laura (not that Laura isn’t a lovely name, but it’s not MY name). So that’s what inspired this :)

Regina Mills is very particular. She’s particular about her shoes, about her wardrobe, about the way the groceries are stored in the fridge. She’s particular about her staff, and mostly, she’s particular about the way people address her. It’s a holdover from being the Evil Queen - she doesn’t like to be dismissed. She’s the mayor, after all, and she wants to be recognized as such. For 30 years, she’s kept Storybrooke running (mostly) without incident, so being addressed as Madame Mayor seems like a small reward for indoor plumbing, the internet, and snow removal every time Maine winters dump two feet of snow on Main Street.

Regina Mills is very particular, but she has one weakness - little boys. Little boys who throw Cheerios off a high chair, who lurch around the house in her carefully arranged heels, who leave socks and jackets and crumbs all over the house. Before, it was Henry; now, it’s Roland.

“Gina,” he says, “I made you a samwich.” 

“Regina,” she corrects, “and it’s sandwich, not samwich.” 

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Justin Taylor Appreciation Week : Day 2 → favorite scene/moment

↳ 1x01- I like Cheerios better.