boy can this guy deliver a speech

Minghao: Prompts 83 & 8

Prompts: “What do you mean I’m not your bias?” and “Keep your eyes on me.”

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Genre: Fluff

Requested by: @xumingshua

  • you had known about Seventeen for about 2 years before you met Xu Minghao
  • you weren’t an avid stan
  • only knew a few members
  • only knew about the group because your friend loved to gush about them 24/7
  • she had forced you to listen to a few of their songs
  • and made you choose a bias based on the few you’ve seen
  • of course you only did all these things to appease her
  • you didn’t really have an interest in the group
  • you didn’t like being that obsessed with a group, for you wanted to concentrate on your studies
  • you moved to Korea through a study abroad program
  • and you rented an apartment in Seoul 
  • you dabbled a bit in Korean as your best friend had forced you to learn from here
  • she was Korean
  • and you were grateful for that
  • it wasn’t that difficult to navigate around the area
  • you knew enough to get by
  • to speak
  • to communicate
  • not enough to deliver some fancy speech in your literature class
  • it was late one day and you hadn’t had your meal yet
  • so you decided to go to the nearest convenience store

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