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TWO NIGHTS AGO I LITERALLY ROLLED DOWN THE CAR WINDOW AND SAID “patrick, if you’re listening, drop something, a song, an album, anything i don’t care” AND APPARENTLY MY CALL HAS BEEN ANSWERED I SUMMONED FALL OUT BOY YOU GUYS

When Bands hint at something:



Fall Out Boy fans: What is going on what what purple what what is this pete wyd help what


Becoming Real: Fangirl Away

In this installment of Becoming Real, Luke and Spencer have managed to get tickets for a concert for Diana’s favorite, and the world’s most popular boy band. At just over 11, Diana has her first real celebrity crush. Lead singer and band heartthrob, Jeremiah Vera. @coveofmemories @the-slytherin-ice-queen @cosmicjennifer


They couldn’t wait to see the look on her face, but they were also dreading having to listen to two hours of Soundboard City music. It wasn’t as if pop bands didn’t have their time and place and audience, but it wasn’t for them. Diana however, was obsessed, specifically with the lead singer Jeremiah Vera, whose poster was now affixed to the back of her bedroom door.

An African-American boy from Detroit, Jeremiah was the heartthrob to end all heartthrobs, and Diana had a crush. Bad. She knew the tickets were expensive and she would undoubtedly never get the chance to go see them, but Spencer and Luke had managed to grab four tickets, one for each of the three of them, and one for Emma, Diana’s best friend. They wanted for her to have someone to fangirl with.

“Ready to go tell her?” Spencer asked. “She’s gonna scream.”

As they walked into Diana’s room, they laughed, finding her listening to the new Soundboard City album. “Hey, babygirl,” Luke said. “We have a surprise for you.”

She took her headphones out and looked up at them. “What is it?”

From behind their backs, they held out tickets. “Want to go see Soundboard City? Want to take Emma with us?”

“No. Way.” Diana’s eyes went wide. She looked like she wanted to cry.

Spencer teased her a bit. He couldn’t help himself. “I mean, if you don’t want to go, Dad and I can give the tickets to someone else.” Slowly, they turned away, but she screamed and ran in front of them. 

“I know you’re joking, but that’s not funny. How did you get tickets?” She took them out of their hands, looking at them as if they were bars of gold. 

It had taken them eagle eyeing ticket websites daily since the tour dates were released, but they found them. “It’s next week. You wanna tell Emma? We’ll tell her parents.”

“Yes!” She leapt up off the ground and wrapped her arms around both of their necks, thanking them profusely for the surprise.

Her smile was so worth it, but listening to that crap was going to drive them insane. Good thing she was worth it.


“We’re going to have splitting migraines by the time we get out of here,” Luke said. Every kid in the stadium was going batshit insane and the music was ridiculously loud - he knew he was old now. If it wasn’t for the look on Diana’s face, he’d happily be back at home with a book in bed next to Spencer. But Diana was having a blast, completely ignoring he and Spencer and fangirling with Emma, just as they’d planned.

“Jeremiah, we love you!” They screamed. There was a mass of people - more specifically, kids jumping up and down on their seats, and parents, desperately trying to lose themselves in their phones. “Sorry, Dad, Daddy.”

“Why are you sorry, baby?” Spencer asked with a smile.

Diana could tell they were bored. “Because you’re bored.”

“Oh, honey,” he said, his voice being nearly drowned out by all the screaming. “It’s okay. Sometimes we do things we don’t like because we love somebody. You having fun? You too, Emma?”


“Then that’s all that matters,” Luke replied. “Have fun. Fangirl away.” Only recently had they introduced her to the term - she’d adopted it easily and with extreme vigor. Like her Daddy, she tended to fangirl over everything for a period of time.

Nearly an hour later, the show was finally (for Spencer and Luke) and sadly (for Diana, Emma and nearly 10,000 other kids) over. “You girls have fun?” Luke asked as they stood up from their seats. They’d waited quite a while for the stadium to empty out some, not wanting to fight the crowd. 

“So much!” Emma cried. “Thank you for inviting me.” She clasped on to Diana’s arm and practically sobbed. That was, until she saw Jeremiah Vera out of the corner of her eye. “Oh my god, there he is.”

“Hello girls,” Jeremiah said as he made eye contact with Spencer, who’d silently begged for him to walk over. “Did you have fun at the concert?”

“Yes,” Diana whispered. “Could we get a picture and an autograph?”

Graciously, Jeremiah and one of the other band members, Hunter Lewis, took pictures and signed autographs for Diana and Emma. Neither of them said a word as they walked out of the stadium. But once they got to the car. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!” They jumped and down, stomping their feet as they screeched. Spencer was pretty sure his ears were bleeding, but he was also pretty sure they’d never seen her that happy before. If he was deaf, it was so worth it.

friendly reminder since fob is likely about to drop new music: some people will just now be getting into their music, and no matter if they only listen to the singles or if they want to hear every song, you need to be welcoming (and don’t say you can’t because they act too cringey because, seriously, most 20-something fans are 1,000% worse and so vulgar about members and whatnot… but anyway, it’s music? just chill? learn to seperate fandoms from the thing PLEASE). you don’t get to be mad at younger people for only listening to “bad” music and then shun them once they try to expand their tastes. seriously? how pretentious do you have to be? if you want to feel like you have an obscure taste in music that is untouchable to everyone else (which is impossible) then listen to underground music that isn’t officially published, but Fall Out Boy is a huge band and for some people this will likely be the first music of theirs that they experience so don’t ruin the mmrs for them!

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Your answer to the lick q is hilarious, so is it that they liked each other or that boys generally do this,and whether its slowed down or not louis does lick harry nose....

Does shaving someone while strifing them equate to licking someones nose?

you’re asking me these questions as if we’re talking about some huge deal that i’m ignoring? when actually i had to make an effort to say anything other than “obviously this means nothing, what the fuck.”

i don’t know how to answer because I can’t fathom making a big deal out of it. guys do indeed do shit like this all the time. that’s it. end of story. it’s so weird to be asked to demonstrate that this is normal when we saw all the boys of one direction do shit like this all the time. the boys of mcfly, the boys of every japanese boy band i’ve ever followed, the boys of every sports team i’ve ever followed. 

when I say harry and louis liked each other, I mean just that. they were clearly friends. they clearly had a close relationship. part of that relationship involved joking around and part of that joking was flirtatious, which is something that platonic friends ACTUALLY DO here in the real world. given how Harry and Louis clearly do NOT have a romantic relationship, I’m gonna guess that was just joke flirting between friends. 

I tried to give you some context, I tried to show that it’s clearly not any sort of significant or interesting event in any way, just like all the other dumb crap larries fixate on. it means nothing, it obviously doesn’t mean anything, but i made an effort to answer your question anyway. And yet you’re back? acting like you’ve made some sort of point?

i mean you can either get it through your head that straight guys do actually joke around with each other in flirtatious ways, or you can spend the rest of your life waiting for harry and louis to suddenly out of nowhere declare their entire fucking lives are fake and that louis just accidentally pretended to be a dad for years, just repeating “louis licked harry’s nose! louis licked harry’s nose!” over and over while this never fucking happens. i’ve tried to help but if option number two sounds better then I can’t stop you.


I saw this and thought that more people should see it. I think that this girl is speaking the truth and I have so much respect for her. Plus there are still trainees who haven’t been debuted yet, even if they have so much talent and have been training for years. I don’t think it’s fair to them.