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Not-So-Stalking - Park Jimin x Reader

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Title: Not-So-Stalking
Author: Haru
Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader


It’s one of the beautiful seasons that happen after summer - unless you go to school, which, fall is considered the time to go to hell. Either way, the leaves change to different colors - burgundy, red, yellow and orange - and gracefully fall to the ground, making the sidewalk look like gold dust was scattered on the pavement.

Walking in the leaves which were gathered by the wind, they crunched like chips as they came in contact with her boots as she walked, making her smile a little. “Crunch, crunch, crunch.” She said to herself as she walked through the leaves, lifting her arms slightly, acting like a child.

Who doesn’t love walking through the fall leaves? And it wasn’t like it was a bad day, it felt like summer in the middle of fall. Mother Nature was probably mixing the seasons again.

As she walked, giggling every so often, the leaves that crunched under her feet echoed. For a second, she didn’t hear it until the sidewalk was clear of leaves and trees.



Went the leaves behind her, a couple feet away. Well, shit. She paused and listened closely, the footsteps ceased.

Do not fucking panic, (Y/N)

She slowly turned around and saw nothing. Tilting her head, her confusion set in. Had it just been in her imagination? That’s probably true considering walking alone was nerve-wracking.

Though during the morning, it’s not bad. Yet here she is, freaking out at 10:00am while walking to the convenience store.

“Okay, whatever, whoever you are,” She tried to sound as strong and not scared as possible. Who wouldn’t be scared in this situation? Someone could be following you? “I’m not afraid of you.”

No reply.

Okay, she thought as she turned around, biting her lip and resuming her way towards the convenience store. I’m officially crazy. As she walked, the crunching noise started up again, but she ignored it.

“I’m not falling for that trick again,” She spoke out loud to whatever that was behind her. “Nope, not again.”

Her trip to the convenience store ended quick as she sprinted to the door and opened it quickly stepping inside, not caring if she looked crazy to the rest of the people shopping there. Ducking her head, the young female walked to the candy and snack section of the mini convenience store, taking a glance at the limited choices and grabbed hers and her boyfriend’s favorite type of candy.

“I’ll take that,” The boy behind her spoke up behind her. She quickly turned around and met with the face of her boyfriend, who was supposed to be on tour and promised her that he’ll be back next week, with a cheeky smile. “Jimin!” She tried to hold in her happiness and joy as she grabbed the bag of candy from his hands. “What are you doing here?”

“Mmm,” The black haired boy then snagged the candy once again from the girl’s hands, leaning down and kissing her forehead, trying to crack her and make her smile. “I missed you, so I came back early,” The girl tried to reach for the candy, but instantly Jimin raised the candy over his head. “This is my welcome back present, part one.”

“Whatever.” But her cheeks were flushed as she followed Jimin to the front of the convenience store.

“You know, I was so surprised you almost noticed me back there,” Jimin spoke as he opened the bag of the sweets they bought, walking to their shared apartment a 20mins away from the store. “You almost ruined my surprise!”

“What are you talking about?” The girl reached in and grabbed a handful of candy, popping one into her mouth. “What surprise? Wasn’t that stunt you pulled back at the convenience store your,” she put the rest of the candy into her mouth, moving it to her cheek before speaking once again, “‘surprise’?” putting quotations over her words with her fingers.

“Kinda,” the idol in front of her mumbled, looking down at his feet. “You weren’t supposed to come here early.”

“I finished my chores early and I have no class today.”

“Well, either way you came early,” Jimin replied, pouting. “I was supposed to go to the convenience store, buy candy and then somehow meet you here.”
“Ah,” She paused and stood in front of him, eyes twinkling. “So I ruined your surprise.”

“Yeah, and you almost caught me when we were walking through the leaves.” The boy then brushed past her and started walking again. The girl, however, stood there, staring at his back. “Wait, what?!”

A/N: I didn’t know where I was going with this but— I felt like writing about Fall. Also, BTS’ comeback murdered me. Please tell Jeon Jungkook to sTOP.



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