boy biffle


Fluffy boy with glasses hands biffle air pillows - BIFFLE DOES NOT LIKE AIR PILLOWS AND MUST DESTROY!  >:[

Honestly that didn't help like I thought it would.

I guess I was expecting clarity or reassurance or something. I mean you tried to reassure me that everything’s fine…I guess I’m just too far down my own dark path of self destruction to turn around and see the normality you see. I don’t know where to go from here.

I will be the first to admit that I’m over dramatic.  But he keeps saying how he’s so happy and every time he gets really happy, something bad happens.  So he’s scared.  & I just say how he deserves to be happy and what not.  But I asked him to text me when he got home last night and I just realized I fell asleep…and got no text.  We’re supposed to meet up in less than an hour and I just called and he’s not answering.  I’m freaking out guys.  Like for reals. ):

*edit: dumbass was taking a nap and thought me calling was his alarm going off -_____-

Avery Rose
  • Peter: Lauren will be back in 2 days!
  • Batman: You mean they'll be here Christmas Eve??
  • Peter: Ya, my baby will be back too!!
  • Batman: Can I see baby?
  • Peter: Of course.
  • Batman: You promise??
  • Peter: I promise.
  • Batman: I'm more excited to see Avery [best friends daughter] then SJ [his godson].
  • Peter: That's ok. You're her Uncle. You're allowed to get excited.