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Just stay with me: marichat?

Marinette huddled under her blanket, her hands clutched around a mug of steaming tea to help fight off the cold. 

She didn’t want to go inside. 

She had thought she had seen the worst of it. She had faced down so many akumas. She had fought against her best friend with barely a flinch of hesitation, knowing that she could do what needed to be done and that everything would be alright. She thought there was nothing she couldn’t handle. 

She had never thought she might have to fight her own mother. 

Marinette huddled further into the corner of her terrace. 

They had been victorious of course. Cleansing the akuma and restoring the city to rights. But while the superficial damage may have been repaired, the emotional damage was taking a toll that Marinette had never realized was possible until it struck at the heart of her own family. 

The attack last night had been all over the news. They always were. The first time the footage aired that morning Marinette had watched in horror as her usually indomitable mother had burst into tear, shutting herself in the bedroom and leaving a silent Tom and Marinette to finish the morning preparation. The normally bustling bakery had been a ghost town, and even though Marinette was off from school her father had told her there was little she could help with and to go enjoy her day off since there wasn’t much to be done.

Alya had insisted that this was normal and would die down in a day or two, sending Marinette several links to articles and interviews she had done on the subject. It didn’t do much to lift Marinette’s spirits, but she couldn’t help but feel an awed sense of pride at the incredible dedication her friend had towards her site.  

Sabine had of course eventually recovered after a few hours. Coming down and joining Tom in the empty shop, but in spite of her attempts to act as though everything was fine, the general atmosphere was sullen. Tom had ultimately retreated to the kitchen to take his frustrations out on a new bread recipe he had wanted to try, and Marinette had retreated to her balcony. 

She felt like a failure. 

She kept seeing the image of her mother- twisted and transformed into one of Hawkmoths minions, glaring at her lunging forward to rob her of her Miraculous. 

It had been by far one of her worst fights. Her mind had been unable to focus, instead racing with questions and wondering if she could have stopped this. 

Thank God for Chat. He had immediately registered her distress and more than picked up the slack, taking the lead for a change. He had forsaken his habitual good humored flirting and managed the battle with a quiet, efficient intensity that she would not have expected from her usually exuberant partner.

It had been over in a matter of minutes, one of their shorter battles if she was being honest. But it had somehow felt like an eternity, and she had barely been able to get through the traditional fist bump before fleeing the scene so that no one would see her burst into tears. 

Now here she was, huddled helplessly against the wind, her face stained with tears that had been falling on and off for the last few hours, ashamed to go inside. 

She heard the sound of footfalls on the roof and looked up expecting to see her father. Instead she was met with the concerned green eyes of her partner. 

“Chat… what are you doing here?” she asked fighting the urge to attempt to straighten up her appearance. 

“I like to check up on the victims after the attacks,” he said collapsing his baton and stowing it behind his back. 

“I wasn’t the victim.” 

“I know. I already spoke to your mother down in the bakery.”

“Oh,” Marinette said, surprised, “How…” she trailed off. 

“She’ll be ok,” Chat said coming to sit down beside her. “She was blaming herself for something she had no control over.” He gave Marinette an assessing glance. “Seems to be a trait with the Cheng women I see.” 

She laughed softly then scooted closer and dropped her head against his shoulder. Too tired and too heartsick to care that she was untransformed and therefore shouldn’t be showing this level of familiarity.

Chat’s eyes widened slightly in surprise but he made no effort to stop her, only adjusting slightly so they fit together in a more comfortable angle. 

“I didn’t know you did this,” she said quietly. 

“Did what?”

“Visited with the victims. It’s very kind of you.” 

“No one should have to go through something like this alone,” he said, “pain is worse if you don’t talk to anyone about it. It can change you, leave you broken. Even hurt the people around you.” 

“You sound like you have some experience on the subject.” 

“I might.” 

She nodded slightly and took a small sip of her tea. “Do you talk to all of the victims?” she asked curiously. 

“No, not all of them. Some of them don’t need it, I’ll go to check in on them and they will already be on the road to recovery. Your friend Alya for example. She had her own ways of coping.” 

“You should have talked to her anyways. You know she would have adored getting a personal visit from Chat Noir.”

“You know in retrospect you are right,” he said with a small smile. “Next time I’m on patrol I’ll make a point of letting her catch me for an interview. Unless you want to make my life easier and just help with a set up?” 

“She’s coming over for a sleepover tomorrow night,” Marinette said feeling warmer for the first time all day.

“I’ll be sure to coincidentally land on your balcony during my rounds. Say around 9:00?” 

Marinette smiled. 

“So, who was the most difficult person for you to talk to?” she asked. 

Chat thought for a moment, his brow furrowing in concentration. 

“Probably the little girl, the one who stole all your dolls, remember?” 

“You talked to Manon?” 

“Yeah, that one was rough. Not gonna lie I went home that night and put together a Hawkmoth dart board. Might have gotten a little carried away. Even stabbed the thing with a fencing sword if you can believe it.” 

Marinette laughed, pressing closer against her partner and he wrapped an arm around her. 

“That’s actually kind of fantastic,” she said, “Do you still have it?” 

“Nah, my father made me take it down. I think it freaked him out that I was violently lashing out what most of Paris thinks of as some unknown mystical super being.” 

“What do you think of him as?” 

“Exactly what he is- some guy in a suit who thinks its ok to terrorize innocent people for his own selfish gain. He might have powers but he’s just an ordinary man.” 

“Like you are?” she said, looking up at him and for the first time desperately wishing she could know the boy behind the mask. 


They sat in silence for a few minutes, Marinette sipping on her tea without really tasting it and Chat rubbing his hand idly up and down her arm over the blanket. 

“Why did you come to talk to me?” Marinette asked at last. 

“Because you looked like you needed a friend,” he replied. 

“I do,” she admitted, hating the pricking of tears she could feel returning to her eyes, “I really do.” 

“Is there anything I can do for you princess?” he asked tenderly, wrapping his other arm around her and pulling her in close. 

“Just stay with me.” 

Look I did angst!!!! Part of my 4 word prompt drabbles. Not taking on new ones atm just finishing the ones I have. 

Help (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by diablito666

Word Count: 1019

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Hope you guys like it :) Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been sick and have like 4000 assignments due so life’s been fun. Also the new spidey clip and trailer got me so excited!I have a feeling they’re making Ned and Michelle’s characters really fricking cool and I love them already. Let me know what you guys think. Also I’ve been thinking of doing some Peter Quill imagines so if that’s something you guys want also let me know.

How on earth did you end up here in this mess? You were just a normal high school student who lived an average boring life, so how in the hell did you end up gripping for dear life onto the edge of the oscorp building?

You were just grabbing your morning coffee on your way to school when you felt some strangers hands grab you and lift you up into the air with them. Why did it have to be you that the villain chose to pick on? Screaming as you look down and notice how high in the air you really were, you squeezed your eyes shut in fright not wanting to see the height beneath you that would surely be the death of you.

Your grip on the edge of the building was slipping, you knew you couldn’t hold on any longer. As tears fell down your cheeks you knew this was it. This was the end for you. You were going to die. An ear piercing scream left your mouth as your grip finally failed, leaving you to free fall back towards the streets of New York city.

However before you could get close to the ground you feel your body being held by another stranger, however this one seemed to be saving you. Your head was buried into his chest as his arms wrapped themselves tightly around you, securing your body to his and making you feel safe. "I’ve got you.“ 

Those simple words were enough for your breathing to return back to normal and for the tears to stop falling down your face. His voice sounded younger than you expected, but that factor actually made you feel more at ease with the situation knowing this hero was just a kid like you. 

Suddenly the boy stopped swinging from his webs and landed you both safely on top of a random building, far away from the chaos being caused by the criminal who took you. Standing on your own two feet again you finally let out a breath you hadn’t realised you’d been holding in. Your proximity to the hero was still close like before, however neither of you did anything to change it. 

This gave you the opportunity to take in what the boy looked like, even though upon looking you noticed that his entire body was covered in a tight red and blue suit. His face was covered by a mask as well giving you nothing to identify him by. You admit that move is smart, to keep his identity a secret, yet at the same time you found yourself dying to know who the mysterious boy was behind the mask. 

Realising you hadn’t said a word to this stranger yet you decided now was probably the right time to thank him for saving your life. "Thank you, for saving me. If it weren’t for you i’d be dead on the ground right now.” The boy cleared his throat, trying to make his voice sound deeper than it really did but the attempt only made you stifle your laughter. "It’s not a big deal really, it’s what I do.“ 

Choosing to save the guy some embarrassment you decided to let the voice changing thing go, instead wanting to know the name to this mysterious superhero. "So what do they call you?” Crossing your arms you looked at the boys outfit once again, coming to the conclusion that the symbol of a spider on his chest might have something to do with his powers. "Well miss i’m your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man.“ 

Instantly taking a liking to his superhero name you nodded your head in approval. "The spider-guy…I like it." 

"If you don’t mind me asking, what do they call you?” You couldn’t tell because of his mask but you were almost certain the boy was wearing a smirk right now. “Y/N…my name is Y/N." 

"I wish I didn’t have to leave such a beautiful girl alone on top of this random building but I have some bad guys that urgently need to be stopped.” You couldn’t help but blush at his words, somehow this boy had made you feel special even if you weren’t the first girl he’d rescued. "Oh no I understand-please go save everyone’s lives spider-guy.“ 

He sends you a short nod before walking closer to the edge, ready to shoot out his web and jump off the side before you stopped him. "Wait!" 

His movements halted as he turned around to face you, obviously curious to what you had to say. You didn’t know where this courage came from, but you knew if you didn’t do this you’d regret it for the rest of your life. Walking straight up to him you slowly reached out and started lifting his mask up. Immediately the boy stopped your movements becoming protective over his identity. "What are you-" 

 "I’m not taking it all off just…just trust me? Okay?” Your eyes looked into this masked ones, reassuring the boy that your words were true. Still confused as to what you were doing the boy calmed his actions nevertheless and let you continue to lift up his mask just so that his lips were in your sight. 

Sending him a shy smile you decided it would be nicer to ask first, in case he had a girlfriend or something.  Gently grazing your thumb over his lips you shyly asked “can I?" Realising what you now implied the boy nervously nodded his head in approval. 

You wasted no time in placing your lips against his own, and to say it was the best kiss you’ve ever had wouldn’t be a lie. It was exciting yet also made you feel warm inside, like you had a connection with this stranger you’d only just met. Pulling away from the kiss you noticed how the boys lips still parted in shock making you smirk at his reaction. "Now you can go save the world spider-guy." With that you walked away leaving the hero standing there speechless and wanting to know more about this strange new girl he met called Y/N.

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“Maybe I’m just crazy.” LadyNoir

“Looks like I win this one My Lady,” Chat said twirling his baton before striking an arrogant pose. 

“That wasn’t a fair challenge, you are taller than I am.”

“You never said I had to play fair.” 

“Alright fine what’s your question?” Ladybug sighed. 

Chat tilted his head to the side clearly debating what bit of information he wanted to get this time. 

As much as she grumbled and teased Ladybug had to admit she rather liked these bizarre game they had begun with each other. On slow nights they would come up with all sorts of competitions and the winner would get to ask the other a question that they had to answer truthfully. He had never pushed for anything that would be a dead giveaway as to her identity, sticking instead to more neutral things like favorite dessert or what she thought the most important quality in a good parent was. It didn’t hurt that she won their little contests more often than not, and it had proven to be an extremely effective way of learning more about her partner without letting on how curious she herself was as to who the boy behind the mask really was. After all, he had made no secret of the fact that he would happily tell her anything she wanted to know right down to his name and address. 

Still, despite her insistence on continued secrecy, she selfishly treasured all the little tidbits that she had gathered thus far on her partner. He loved cheesy movies and liked to sing along with musicals- even though singing was not his strong suit. He had a terrible sweet tooth but hated having chocolate in the morning. He preferred tea to coffee and craved sushi whenever he was in a bad mood. He thought girls looked sexier when they left some things to the imagination and his idea of a perfect date was cuddling under blankets while watching movies and playing video games. While she had never said it allowed to anyone, part of her secretly hoarded these secrets in hopeful anticipation of the day she would walk the streets of Paris no longer clad in red and black, but still side by side with the laughing, blond haired boy who had become one of her dearest friends. 

“Ok,” Chat said, pulling her attention back from her musings, “I have my question.” 

She looked at him expectantly. 

“Why won’t you go out with me? And don’t give me the “I don’t know who you are, speech cause I know that’s not what this is about,” he said before she could launch into her usual argument. 

“Maybe I’m just crazy,” she said, fiddling with her yo-yo and trying to sound flippant.” 

“Look,” Chat said leaning against a chimney, “I am not gonna get upset, and I am not using this to try to guilt you into anything I promise. I just…” he dropped his eye contact, “You’re the only person I’ve ever tried to pursue and we both know that was a bust, so I want to know what I am doing wrong.” 

“I see,” Ladybug said, not sure how to interpret the strange mishmash of feelings his statement caused, “did you… I mean, have you met someone?” 

“No… yes… I donnow… Maybe. I just thought… I figured I should know where I am going wrong so if I do decide to try for something I won’t completely crash and burn.” 

“Oh, Kitty,” she said, torn between amusement and horror at his look of complete dejection, “it was never anything wrong with you. Any girl would be lucky to have you- or boy, I mean you never really said-” 

“It’s a girl,” he said, rolling his eyes playfully and giving her a small smile, “you haven’t completely ruined me for other women bugaboo.” 

“Well, regardless, it was never about you.” She felt her face flushing a little as she tried to meet his eye, “I never really said anything because I didn’t want to be mean but, I sort of already like someone else.” 

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said looking panicked, “I didn’t… I mean I should have guessed-” 

“It’s ok,” she laughed, “it’s not like we are together. And besides, while you may be a flirt you are hardly overstepping. In fact you are a rather gentlemanly tomcat,” she teased. 

“Well of course My Lady,” he said with a bow, “you deserve nothing less after all.” He straightened with a smile but his tail still twitched nervously. “So I’m not completely hopeless then?” 

“Not at all,” she said warmly. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I already have someone I might have even thought about asking you out,” she admitted. He preened at the compliment, the familiar happy gleam lighting up his face at her approval. “But don’t take that as an excuse to sit around waiting for me,” she said poking him lightly in the nose.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he said smiling and batting her hand away, “besides all I ever wanted was your happiness and if you think you can find that with… whoever it is you like, then that’s enough for me.” 

“Thank’s Chat,” she smiled. 

“Just make sure you invite me to the wedding.” 


“Trust me you want me at this wedding. A Ladybug wedding would be incomplete without Chat Noir you know.” 

“Ok. I promise you’ll be there.” 

(All drabbles for this series can be found tagged as #4 word prompt drabbles on my page.)

Soulmates AU (10)

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine

A Dream Come True (ao3) - darkness_prince_dan

Summary:  Dan’s got a major crush on an artist that frequents the coffee shop Dan works at and then there are magical drawings appearing on Dan’s arms. He should not be as cool with that as he is.

And I Think We Are Soulmates (ao3) - morghan03

Summary:  I have no explanation for this.
They meet at a party and Dan realizes that this stranger just might be his soulmate.

A pastel!dan and punk!phil soulmate au (ao3) - ashjj

Summary:  Whatever you write or draw on your body appears on your soulmates body.

Art Box (ao3) - blushing_phan

Summary:  Phil Lester is nearly 30 and has never known the color of his own eyes.

Artificial Soulmates (ao3) - getadog

Summary: “I don’t think the world decides if that person is perfect for you. I think you decide it and the world gives you it’s stamp of approval.” Dan shrugged “Or at least that’s how I see it.”Or a soulmate au where once you fall in love with your perfect match you gain a tattoo that symbolizes you and when you get married you switch soulmarks.

blending reality (ao3) - phannypack

Summary:  Dan sleeps a lot because his dreams are prettier than reality. [AU where Dan and Phil meet in each other’s dreams]

Blue (ao3) - killingaesthetically

Summary:  Dan hasn’t been able to see the color blue for his entire life. Nobody can see the color of their soulmate’s eyes until they and their soulmate touch. Dan has been longing to see the sky and the ocean, but he never really expects it to happen. But then he meets a boy who changes his entire world.

Boys Like Boys Like Girls Do (ao3) - kuramaswifey

Summary:  Soulmate AU where at 21 people have the initials of their soulmate on their bodies somewhere. Alec is gay, he knows this, he is also dating a woman because it keeps his family off his back. It just happens to work in his favor that she and his actual soulmate share the same initials. It just so happens that she doesn’t have her tattoo yet either so life is good. Except that she’s terrible and he just met this cute guy and his friend Dan is very deaf and has a crush on this very not deaf internet celebrity and he said he would help and… his life is just a little bit of a mess but whose isn’t?

Everything, and you know it’s true (ao3) - c0vicomun

Summary:  And that’s the reason I know the time is now; his name on the tv screen is shining and I almost can’t believe it, but at the same time it makes a whole lot of sense, ‘cause obviously I wasn’t going to meet him again at a new job or some freaking fancy meal: he was not a daily bread.

Glow (ao3) - too_weird_to_live

Summary:  Afraid of being bullied at his school, Dan Howell hides his true self behind his 'bad boy’ mask. But what happens when someone is forced to take it off, and Dan doesn’t want it to happen in case he gets rejected?

In Dreams (You Will Lose Your Heartache) (ao3) - howdoesonewrite

Summary:  Prompt: Soulmate AU where soulmates can appear in your dreams, but Dan’s too shy to say hello until Phil has a nightmare. (Or several nightmares, and after a few Dan finally builds up the courage to help out.)

[Insert Cheesy/Barely Creative Title Here] (AKA I have no idea) (ao3) - orphan_account

Summary:  Soul Bonds were a rare thing. Some people didn’t even think they really existed. Dan was one of those people- Come on, two people suddenly having an emotional connection that was a little bit more than natural? Please. Phil had always thought the idea was something really cool, something that he wished would happen to him. Dan’s world gets flipped upside down and sideways when he runs into Phil, and Phil finds out that it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Out of Time (ao3) - DarkEyedDreamer

Summary:  Dan is watching in horror as his timer goes down. He’s meant to meet his soulmate in less than a few minutes. He should be excited, but in this zombie ridden world his soulmate is probably long dead.

Oneiric (ao3) - Malteaser24

Summary:  'of or relating to dreams’

Pixelated World Without You (ao3) - Star4545

Summary:  People are pretty much trapped in a sim like world until they meet there soulmate. Ever since Dan turned ten, he lived in this world, and hadn’t been able to find his soulmate till one faithful day.

Polaroid Prince (ao3) - CelestialYuuri

Summary: Prompt: “A world where your reflection does not show you, but your soul mate. You have no way of seeing who you are unless it is a picture taken of you, any reflection, in glass, water, anything, only shows the person you’re destined to be with. Only until the day you meet will your reflection show yourself.” -@falloutfangirl-9 on TumblrDan Howell has had the reflection of an auburn-haired individual for as long as he can remember. As he’s growing up with the reflection, he notices how much it changes and how much he changes as well.

Rainbow Wrist (ao3) - saverockandbeebo

Summary:  In which Dan’s determined to find his chameleon-haired soulmate.

Soulmate One Shots (ao3) - Panic_at_the_soiree

Summary:  Dan and Phil are soulmates, drawn to each other in every lifetime and universe. But they’re also destined to die for each other or because of each other in every lifetime.

The Fault In Our Skin (ao3) - Cat

Summary: A bunch of irregular soulmate AUs dedicated to being told that you’ll never find happiness and finding it anyway.“Look, I know you’re 'trying to find happiness’ and all, but it’s just not going to happen. Not to people like you.”

Together Forever (ao3) - Stella1000

Summary:  In a world where soulmates bear marks of each other’s eye color, two boys find each other and never let go.

Wing beneath my wings (ao3) - Just_Call_Me_Charles

Summary:  AU wingfic, where soulmates have corresponding wing patterns. Dan and Phil finally compare wings, only to open a whole new bucket of worms.

taekook rec: may 2017

closed lips (and open wounds) by edenberry, lookingathimhurts

Jungkook has to write an essay for his Psychology class and he’s chosen Kim Taehyung, Linguistics major and famous fuckboy, to base it on. The only problem is that Taehyung has no idea and he may not be as easy to figure out as he looks.

sail on, sailor by melonnim

Taehyung was that kind of pretty that could drown.

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The Fox Part II: The Last Dawn

Written by Praemonitus_Praemunitus

Back To Chapter 6

Chapter 7

He spurs his horse along at a controlled, hurried gallop, keeping a firm hold on the wobbly dark-clad figure sitting in the saddle in front of him.  The masked avenger himself.  Zorro.  Steve.  

The man who saved his life during their very first encounter and proceeded to commandeer virtually every aspect of it.  

The man who became his closest friend, his anchor, his savior in more ways than one.  

The man he came so dangerously close to losing twice in a matter of days.  

The man he’s currently taking to his ultimate death.

He grits his teeth in powerless fury, fighting the urge to yank on the reins, to turn the horse around and gallop at full speed in the opposite direction as far away from the cuartel as possible.  Because it wouldn’t do either of them any good.  Six of the lancers he brought with him to help rescue Steve were now riding in a tight formation around them – an unequivocal action meant to ensure they didn’t stray from their path.   And Danny has no illusions about the lengths these lancers might go to should he attempt to escape – two thousand pesos is a hell of a lot of incentive, after all.  

But even if Danny could risk breaking away from his determinedly grim-faced escort, he can’t afford to do it.  Steve can’t afford for him to do it.  Because Steve needs a doctor.  Urgently.  And the only one Danny trusts to be anywhere near Steve now is Max.  Who is at the cuartel at the moment. Waiting there with Grace, just as Danny had asked him to.  And Danny wants to howl at the twisted irony of it all.

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Guest Muse Profile

5′2″ | 125 lbs
Class: Ninja
Skill: Acrobat

As the leader of a clan that has its own compound, it would only serve that he would have a manservant of his own. The one he keeps is named Kenta - a young orphan of the Saizo clan. While Saizo himself did not raise the boy, he took him under his wing once he was old enough to start training under the old man who had served his father. As such, Kenta is privy to many of the Saizo’s secrets and is vastly protective of him (arguably venerating him as a father-figure and a leader both).

As such, he would develop a rivalry with any children of Saizo - particularly Asugi, whom he sees as disrespectful to both Saizo and the clan he is supposed to inherit. He does not look forward to serving the young man.

Kenta is fiercely loyal and extremely serious. He takes his duty as seriously as life itself, as he considers it to be his life. He does not hesitate, particularly if it comes to the safety of his master. The ninja can be, however, intimidated or shy around those in power or those who are bigger than him, as he is quite small.

fatimaisnotemo  asked:

can you do marichat and 49? sil vout plait????

A lil aged-up pre-reveal Marichat #49, modified, from this drabble prompt list. Also for Marichat Week Day 1 (Secret Dating). Thanks to @watashiwaweebdesu​ for beta reading, and @marichatweek​ for hosting this.

Also on AO3. I have a craving for Marinette to be the one pining for Chat Noir, so…

Enough For Now

“Hey, Marinette, can we call this a date?”

She looks up from her needlework to where Chat Noir is reading her history book at her feet. Despite the potentially sensitive question, he looks awfully casual and relaxed. She purses her lips in consideration.

“What constitutes a date, exactly?”

“Hm…I’d say it’s two people who spend time together to see if they like each other.”

“Well, we are spending time together.”

“And I do like you.”

“And I like you.”

“Does this count as a date, then?”

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Not for you (Prince au)

Background: Taehyung, a young duke, accompanies his cousin (a prince) to meet the princess of a different castle. Upon meeting the princess, Taehyung now has to fight back feelings of want & fondness because of the theory that a princess was meant for a prince, not for a duke. 

Authors note: I honestly tag most of my Taehyung pics as Prince Taehyung cause seriously look at him. He practically is one. Anyway, I dont know if this should be a two shot or if I should leave it like this. If you guys have any ideas tell me! Make a part 2? Make part two a smut? keep this fluffy? dont write anymore?

Sorry if this kinda sucked though ;’(


“I dont know why I’m here.” Taehyung groans, turning to look at cousin who was silently mixing his drink, a small smile playing on his lips. 

 "You’re here to pick me up in case this all goes south.“ Jimin chuckles making Taehyung frown. 

 "With all due respect, your highness” Taehyung teases his cousin, adjusting his dress coat then crossing his legs “But what if this princess isn’t whats she’s all described to be?“ 

 "Like what?” Jimin arches an eyebrow. 

 "What if-“ Taehyung purses his lips “She looks like a hermit? Or has no teeth? Or has bad breath! Or-" 

 "Or what if when she becomes Queen, she orders the royal guards to be off with your head?" Another voice interjects.

Both men immediately snap their heads back, catching sight of a girl marching her way up the grass fields, eyes trained on Taehyung. Taehyung arches an eyebrow, studying the girl in ripped jeans and a loose gray sweater, her hair in a high pony tail as a large archery bow danced in her hands. Her cheeks had gone red after being under sun for too long, her hair slightly disheveled from the wind as she places her hands on her hips. 

"They must have really beautiful castle servants here” Taehyung had thought to himself as he watched her stop a few feet away from them. 

“And who are you?” Jimin asks, voice laced with command. A true prince indeed. 

This causes Taehyung to snap out of his train of thought. 

He clears his throat before sitting up straight, “Did you just threaten our dear prince?” He asks, eyes wide in shock when the way she had spoken earlier replays in his mind. With the way both men were dressed, it was clear they were from royal families, meaning that they were supposed to be given the utmost respect. 

Had she forgotten her place? 

 "Oh no, I didn’t threaten him” She smirks, eyes on Taehyung  “I threatened you.“ 

The mentioned boy immediately lets out a scoff as he stands up.
"Listen here, Miss. I don’t know who you are but you must have forgotten your etiquette training. Maybe you should learn your place-”

 "I know my place.“ She cuts him off, stepping forward and facing the tall boy head on "And this is my land, so I would be most honored if you do not talk too unkindly of me while staying in my castle.”

“What-” Taehyung was just about to snarl but Jimin grabs his arms before pulling him back and silencing him with one look. Jimin then bows, arms behind his back, his head facing the ground as a form of respect.. Taehyung’s mouth drops open but before he could let out a sound, Jimin stands back up, a large smile plastered on his face. 

 "Princess Y/N, its a pleasure to meet you.“ 

Taehyung all but chokes on his own spit at the mention of your name. His eyes widen as he stares up your face, the sudden intake of information overwhelming him.

 A wide smirk plasters across your lips as you meet his gaze tauntingly.

"Be lucky that I’ve left my arrows at the practice hall.” You scoff, dropping your bow to the ground as Jimin takes your hand in his, placing a chaste kiss against it as his greeting.

 "I apologize for my cousin’s behavior.“ Jimin smiles, hoping to ease the tension "Our duke doesn’t quite have a filter on that pretty little mouth of his.”

As much as you hated to admit it, the comment had caused you to turn and look at the said boy’s mouth and your heart had stopped a beat at the sight of him running his tongue across his bottom lip before taking it between his teeth. Taehyung’s eyes shift nervously before they suddenly lock on yours and you had to feign off your sudden intake of breath at the sight of his eyes. 

Gorgeous brown orbs were staring right at you and you decided to honestly admit to yourself that you have never seen eyes more alluring than Kim Taehyung’s. 

“Would you need me to accompany you back to the castle?” Jimin suddenly steps in front of you, blocking your view of Taehyung. You turn to him with an almost automatic smile, well practiced for situations like these. 

“That wont be necessary. I know this place like the back of my hand.” You shrug dismissively “You two continue whatever you were doing." 

You then angle your head to catch Taehyung’s gaze, enlightening you to discover that he was still staring at you. He stills at the sight of you even giving him the slightest glance, scared that he had angered you after everything he had said. You quirk your lips upward and playfully narrow your eyes. 

"So as long as you no longer call me names behind my back." 

Taehyung immediately shakes his head, waving his arms back and forth "I wont! I promise!" 

He’s adorable. The thought whispers across your mind as you give him a short nod, biting back a smile before you turn to look back at Jimin. 

"Will I be seeing you later night?” You ask him and he immediately nods, delving into the details about the gala your father had planned for the castle later night. 

Taehyung watches your exchange of conversation, his jaw tightening at the sudden urge to disrupt you both just so he could have your attention once more. The thought causes Taehyung to clench his fists together, a feeling of frustration washing over him. If there was one thing Kim Taehyung knew best, it was the lesson of knowing your place. Yet all the lectures, all the grueling hours of courtesy training, had went down the drain when all Taehyung wanted was for you to focus on him and not on Jimin. 

Yet, he knew that as much as he wanted you to look at him, you never would. 

Cause you were a princess,

and Taehyung, 

well he wasn’t a prince. 

Taehyung adjusts the cuffs of his black dress shirt before lightly patting his suit jacket, trying to rid it of any possible creases. Jimin hands him a black mask while the blonde prince puts on his own navy colored mask, hiding half of his face. Taehyung takes the mask in his hands, eyeing it silently before slipping it on, enjoying the feeling of mystery it brought. 

The two boys step into the ballroom doors, immediately greeted by the loud chatter of all the guests. A light harmony buzzes around the room as servants run back and forth, serving drinks to old men who were already too drunk to sound coherent. A few girls hidden behind their masks smile seductively towards the two boys and Taehyung has to fight back the urge to roll his eyes as he glances at their dresses. Either there was too much cleavage being exposed or their slits were too high, ready to showcase almost everything they had to offer. 

“I’ll get us a drink.” Jimin mutters and Taehyung was about to interject, knowing he should’ve been the one serving the prince. Yet when he turns around, Jimin was already making his way through the crowd. The young duke lets out a sigh as he scans the crowd yet again, watching as a few couples circle the dance floor, arms around each other as they swayed happily to the music. 

“Care to dance?” A voice snaps him out of his reverie and Taehyung turns his head to the side, only to be greeted by the most beautiful eyes he’d seen for the second time today. He studies the intricate design of your golden mask, hiding half of your face but showing enough to showcase your beauty. His eyes then travel down your gold colored dress, swirling with gorgeous details that curved and hugged your body. His eyes then follow the lace that runs around your neck and down your arms, covering your body but showing enough skin just to tease the eyes. 

You were the definition of absolute beauty. 

“Should I ask again?” You hum, eyes widening, not used to repeating yourself.

Taehyung clears his throat before shaking his head and smiling “Who am I to reject such a beautiful woman’s offer, let alone the princess’ offer." 

Taehyung offers his hand and you place yours into his happily, feeling waves of electricity run were your skin had met.

"You’re the same guy who had called me a hermit a few hours ago.” You hum teasingly as he leads you towards the center of the dance floor. 

 "You’re never gonna let me live that down, are you?“ Taehyung laughs, the sound sending delicious waves down your spine.

"Not till my last breath.” You nod as you place one hand on his shoulder while his other hand presses gently against your back. 

He starts swaying and you follow his lead, feet gliding against the floor while a slow rhythm pattered against your ears.

 "So, do you always ask Dukes for dances? Or am I special?“ Taehyung asks and it takes you a minute to respond as you had not expected the sudden surge of confidence.

"Cocky, aren’t we?” You hum, a smile gracing the corner of your lips. Taehyung’s own lips lift up in a wide grin when he sees your reaction, his heart thrumming against his chest lightly.

“I should really get the decree of "off with your head” back legally, I would definitely use that phrase a lot with you.“ You tease and Taehyung’s eyes narrow playfully.

 "Oh, but once my head is off, you’ll be missing this pretty little face of mine.”

You let out a loud laugh, head tilting back as Taehyung twirls you. If only he could tell you just how beautiful he thought your laugh had felt against his ears. 

Taehyung leans closer to you and you nibble on your lower lip, shocked at how he had pulled you against him. 

“I forgot to tell you earlier” He whispers, lips hovering close to your ears “But you look absolutely stunning." 

You thank the heavens for the mask you had on, feeling your blood rush to your cheeks as you blush. You were used to compliments, in fact you had brushed most of them off as people usually fed you sweet nothings just to get something out of you. Yet the way Taehyung had said it, the sincerity in his voice, and the way he had been staring at you, you couldn’t fight back the rosiness of your cheeks even if you wanted to. 

 "You’re not looking so bad yourself.” You comment, relieved that you had kept your voice from cracking. 

Taehyung lets out a smile only to switch into a frown when a figure behind you catches his attention.

“Duke Kim.” The black haired boy smiles and you turn your head to the side, locking eyes with Min Yoongi. 

Taehyung takes a step back from you, dropping his arms and letting go of your hand. You push down the disappointment at the loss of contact before forcing a smile upon your face. 

 "How may I help you, Prince Yoongi?“ You ask, all formalities returning to your voice. 

"Just wanted to know if I could borrow you for a dance?” Yoongi shrugs before turning to look back at Taehyung “You dont mind, do you, Duke?" 

"Not at all.” Taehyung forces out, stepping back and giving you both a quick bow. You watch with sad eyes as he turns around and disappears through the crowd, not bothering to spare you another glance. 

 Taehyung clenches his fists as he makes his way towards the bar, hoping to find anything to loosen his chest. To his surprise, he finds his cousin already perched on a bar stool, his legs hanging coolly as he takes a sip out of the drink he was holding. Taehyung takes the seat beside him, grabbing Jimin’s drink before downing it to the last drop. 

“That was mine.” Jimin clicks his tongue before asking for another two orders of the same drink. 

Taehyung decides to spare a glance over his shoulder, his eyes catching yours as you swayed perfectly in the arms of your prince. The young duke lets out a scoff before he’s lifting the glass back towards his lips.

“That was supposed to be mine too.” Jimin smiles, his drink playfully on the edge of his lips. 

“What? But you ordered two glasses.” Taehyung frowns before setting his glass down.

“Not the drink, I meant- ” Jimin lets out a laugh “The princess." 

 Taehyung never knew you could choke on air, didn’t even think it was humanly possible. But after coughing and wheezing for about 30 seconds, Taehyung realized he was wrong. His cheeks had gone red in embarrassment while Jimin’s eyes had disappeared as he laughed. 

 "Wh-What are you going on about?” Taehyung wipes the corner of his lips, mortification seeping through him even more as he stutters.

“Quit denying it , Tae.” Jimin rolls his eyes “Anyone can tell that she’s completely smitten with you." 

 "Well she can’t be.” Was Taehyung’s immediate answer as he takes another sip out of his drink “She’s a princess." 

"Hmmm.” Jimin mumbles “But you like her." 

"She can only like you.” Taehyung barks back and Jimin lets out a laugh before shaking his head. 

“She’s still human, Tae. She can like anyone she wants.” Jimin shrugs. The young duke turns to look at his cousin carefully, noting the slight sadness in his tone. 

 "You don’t like her?“ 

"Not as much as my parents want me to.” Jimin sighs, running a hand through his hair “And I kind of like seeing her with you." 

Taehyung purses his lips before he turns his head to look back at the dance floor only to discover that you were no longer there. He scans around the room and frowns when he realizes that you were no where in sight. Jimin watches in silent fascination before he shakes his head and smiles, wondering if he’d ever find what his cousin had. 

You let out a groan as you glare up at your ceiling, listening to the constant tick tock of your wall clock. You fight back a smile at your silly rhyme before you let out a sigh and sit up from your bed. You check the time and blow your hair out of your face in frustration.

 2:36 am. 

You had been up for for 21 hours now.

The party should have been long over. You had left early, using the excuse that you weren’t feeling well when in reality, you were feeling quite good. You rub your arms gingerly and shudder when you recall how one of the princes, whose name escapes you, had run his large rough fingers against you, his eyes digging into you as if you were a prize he swears he was going to win. After that, you had realized you had had enough of your fathers gala and would rather spend the rest of the night in the comfort of your own room.

 You shake the feeling of discomfort away before you kick your sheets off of you and reach for your robe. If you weren’t going to fall asleep any time soon then you might as well have done something productive instead, like grabbing a drink of wine. 

You step out of your room, glad to find the halls silent and empty as you pad down them happily. You skip your way down the stairs, happy to see the kitchen lights turned off. The maids were asleep early then. 

 You hum a silent tune, switching the lights on only to let out a gasp when you see a figure leaning over the kitchen counter, arms around a plate of chocolate cake. 

 "Fuck” You hear the mysterious person’s deep voice vibrate around the room as he slowly angles his head to look at you. Once your eyes lock on those gorgeous orbs you didn’t even deny that you adored, your own eyes widen in return.

“Taehyung?!” You hiss and he immediately smiles his box like grin, chocolate covering his teeth as he waved his fork at you.


 "You scared the shit out of me!” You growl before walking towards him, gripping your robe tighter around you. 

“It’s not my fault.” He crinkles his nose “I was hungry." 

 "You’re unbearable.” You chuckle before taking his fork from him and picking out a small piece of cake and stuffing it into your own mouth. Taehyung watches you in silent awe before he places his chin on the palm of his hand. 

“Are you sure you’re a princess?”

You shrug at him before taking another bite, the fork hanging loosely against your lips “Born and raised, why?" 

 "You sure aren’t picky like all the other princesses I’ve met.”

“So you’ve met a lot?” You nod quietly, dropping the fork back onto the plate as you purse your lips, not liking the idea of other women being around Taehyung. 

He notices your intonation and suddenly pokes your hip, making you jump and snap your head to the side with wide eyes. 

“That’s not what I meant.” He clicks his tongue at you and you have to fight back the smile that threatened to rip your face apart. 

How Kim Taehyung pulls out the bubbly personality you had always pushed down and hid from the world, you’ll never know. 

 "Why are you up? I heard you weren’t feeling well.“ He mumbles, eyes scanning your face for any sign of your sickness. 

"I’m fine.” You wave him off, walking past him to open the refrigerator doors “I just got bored, that’s why I left early." 

"Handsome princes don’t amuse you?” Taehyung throws the question out as he watches you pull out a bottle of wine before shoving the fridge door close with your hips. You reach for two wine glasses, setting them down gently against the counter, taking the seat beside him. 

 "A bottle of wine, now that amuses me.“ You turn to Taehyung, you’re head bobbing to the side as your scrunch your nose 

"Princes? Not so much." 

Now it was his turn to stop his own face ripping smile.

The two of you end up speaking for longer than you had expected, chatting until you had finished one bottle of wine and 3 slices of cake. 

You end up laughing at Taehyung’s constant complaints about his lessons, not understanding why he had spent one hour reviewing the use of one spoon in the dining hall. Taehyung watches in silent fascination at how your eyes would squeeze shut when you laugh or how you had a habit of slapping his arm when he said something slightly perverted or funny. 

It was scaring him but he couldn’t deny that you were a wonder that Kim Taehyung found absolutely endearing. 

 "It’s getting late-” You smile “-or early, we should probably get back to our rooms.”

“Yeah.” Taehyung nods as he stands up, arms stretched up in the air as he yawns. Your eyes watch the slight lift of his shirt, revealing a portion of his abdomen as the white shirt settles back into place. 

You turn away from him, feeling the blood rush to your cheeks yet again. How could a simple show of skin send waves of butterflies fluttering in your stomach. The tint of your cheeks does not go unnoticed, Taehyung leans closer to glance at your face, which you immediately cover with your hands in hopes to shield yourself from him. 

“Why are you so red?” He chuckles, taking your hand in his, trying to tear them away from your face. The feel of his fingers against yours flame your cheeks even more that you squeal in protest as his grip tightens.

 "Quit it!“ You whine, trying to step back. 

"Not until I see your face.” He laughs, plucking your fingers away one by one.

You growl at him before stomping your feet, telling him you’d given up. He stops tugging on your hands but keeps them around yours as you glare at him. You drop your hands slowly, revealing the pink of your cheeks that had spread up towards your ears. Taehyung’s eyes scan your face for a few seconds, eyes turning dark as his lips part without his consent.  Then before Taehyung could realize what had came over him, he had tugged onto your wrist. You fall right onto his chest with a light squeak, his hand circles behind your neck, angling it up to look up at him. You were about to open your mouth and ask him what was wrong when suddenly his lips were pressed against your own.

Your eyes are wide in shock, staring down at the beautiful eyelashes of Taehyung’s shut eyes as his lips move against yours. You stay frozen for a few seconds, trying to check if this was real or if you were floating in a dream. You lightly pinch your arm and when the pain stings you, and you were finally sure this was real, you gingerly wrap your arms around his neck before you shut your own eyes. You angle your head to the side, deepening the kiss. Taehyung’s free hand wraps around your waist, squeezing gently against the silk fabric of your robe. 

You let out a gasp and the young duke waists no time by sliding his tongue between your lips. You suck lightly on the tip of the wet muscle, causing a deep throaty groan from the beautiful boy which has you smiling against his lips.

He lets out a low growl before he’s practically devouring you. You could feel all the oxygen leaving your lungs, your head floating as your body was just about ready to melt onto the floor. You grab onto the sleeves of his shirts, your lips moving in sync, knowing you both needed to stop and take in air but also not wanting to separate and stop the kiss. 

When you felt yourself getting lightheaded, you gently pull away from him but Taehyung does his best to chase after your lips. You end up laughing as you push his shoulders back. He slowly opens his eyes, his pupils dilated as he stares you, raw desire shadowing his face. 

 "The maids will be waking up soon.“ You whisper, placing your forehead against his. 

"We would’ve given them quite the show.” He hums, voice low enough to have you knees bucking. 

“I’ll see you in the morning?” You smile, tapping his arms that were glued around your waist. 

As much as Taehyung hated it, he dropped his arms from around you, giving you the freedom of leaving but not backing away from you at all. He swallows the lump stuck in his throat, chest constricting. You place a chaste kiss against his cheek, eyes twinkling with adoration for the young duke.

“Good night, Taehyung.” You step away from him and Taehyung does his best to stay rooted to the ground, to stop his hands from reaching out for you just to keep you close.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” The way he addressed you, using just your name and no honorifics, has you smiling a wide smile as you playfully click your tongue.

“Off with your pretty little head.” You say before you turn around and pad out of the kitchen doors.

Taehyung watches as you leave the room, shutting his eyes before running a hand through his hair as he lets out a growl of frustration. 

Because he knew that once the sun rises, everything would change. 

Because in the end…

Taehyung was just a duke

and you were still destined for a prince.


So I made these posts some time ago and wrote a thing with it. You’re welcome.
So, this is my first time posting writing on here so, excuse me if it’s weird.

At the young age of four, there was not much Kakashi Hatake could do. Not yet entered into the academy, yet old enough to begin at home training sessions that were limited compared to his skill.

The young Hatake puffed out his cheeks as he sat cross legged in the center of his home. He had grown bored of his toys and the training he did on his own grew repetitive.

The sliding of the door and a call of his name signified his father’s return and he jumped up joyfully. He rushed to the door, a hop in his step as he went.

“Welcome back, papa!” Kakashi beamed at the much taller man. “How did your mission go?”

Sakumo smiled lightly at his son, gently placing a hand on his head and ruffling his already messy silver locks. “It went well. Have you eaten anything yet?”

“No.” The boys tone and smile were sheepish as he rubbed the back of his head. “I was playing.”

“That’s fine. You can help me out, then.” Sakumo stepped passed the boy, heading straight for the kitchen.“ For a moment, Sakumo considered how cute the sound of his own loud footsteps were echoed by Kakashi’s smaller and quieter steps.

"What will we make, papa?” Kakashi’s eyes seemed to shine with excitment as they entered the kitchen.

“I’m not particular.” Sakumo muttered, placing his index finger and thumb to his chin. “I’m not sure about you, but I’m famished. How about something simple?”

There was a pause as Kakashi considered and Sakumo drug a stool from one of the many cabinets lining the bottom of the counters. Just tall enough for Kakashi to reach the cooking surface.

They were quick to decide on what to create as Kakashi climbed the stool. A simple dish that would not take more then thirty minutes to make.

Both father and son were glad for this as their stomachs growled.

As they cooked, the younger of the two explained in exaggerated detail how his day went. From how he managed to chip his wooden kunai throwing it at a tree, to how he explored around their home and found a creek to splash in.

Sakumo could not help but to chuckle as Kakashi flashed a toothy grin. He wasn’t sure why the boy insisted on hiding his face behind masks or scarfs. Perhaps it was just this new generation’s fashion that he was sure he would never understand, but he was glad he did not hide in private. His smile could brighten anyone’s day, especially his own.

“Do you think one day, I can be a great ninja like you, papa?”

The question threw him off, so much so he had to pause in his chewing. With a heavy swallow, he chuckled lightly and nodded slowly. “I think you’ll become a greater ninja than me, Kakashi.”

Large grey eyes slowly blinked, then lit up once again as the boy grinned. “You think so, papa?”

“Oh, I know so.” He mirrored Kakashi’s grin.

The two happily retreated to the kitchen, plates and cutlery in hand. Using his trusty stool, Kakashi happily washed the dishes as Sakumo put them away.

Sakumo began to whistle a upbeat tune as they worked, wiping off the stove, clearing off the counter tops and sink.

Kakashi attempted to mimic the sound, but only succeeded in blowing a raspberry in his fathers direction, earning himself a laugh. Instead, the young Hatake hummed the tune with his father happily as they swept the floors.

Sakumo watched his son, with his minature broom just perfect for his size, sweeping in time with himself. He smiled sweetly at the boy as he looked up at him with a wide grin.

“You’re such a good help, Kakashi.” He placed a hand on the boys head, once again ruffling his silver locks. “Thank you.”
It was just routine, Kakashi told himself as he scrubbed down the bathroom. This had nothing to do with his father.

After years of the same thing, it was normal to keep doing it, right?

So, when he swept the floor in smooth and slow motions with a broom made just perfectly for his size, he did not imagine his father standing beside him with a broom two times bigger then he.

When he stood on his stool and cooked food, he did not imagine his father smiling and laughing as he informed him of his days activities.

He did not stand infront of the door, staring absently at the door frame. He did not wait to hear his father call his name to signify he was home.

He did not expect a reply as he quietly stated he was leaving the home when heading off for the academy, nor when he stated his return home.

He did not laugh, smile or hum cheery tunes as he worked and he did not think of his father at all.

It was just daily routines, nothing more.

He became very good at lying to himself without even realising he was.

5k+ Masterlist

A Hundred Broken Fragments by bazyounumpty

The second the car passed my window I knew it was yours.

Heatwave by Fletcher_is_a_fangirl

Set a few months after the end of Carry On. Baz is sneakily working Simon’s hormones up - but just because Simon doesn’t go off magically anymore doesn’t mean he won’t crack under pressure…

Only Time Will Tell by andonewillbringhisfall

Agatha goes to the future and finds something rather unexpected…

Opposite Day by bazyounumpty

I’m a mess by the time I reach the room. My knuckles are bleeding from the walls I’ve been grazing them along, and my hair raw and dry from the amount of times I’ve raked a hand through it. I don’t even want to think about my face. I haven’t cried, but it wouldn’t take an idiot to see that I’ve worked myself into a state.

Pastel sweaters and leather jackets by sunlightschadow

At first glance Simon Snow and Baz Pitch really don’t match. Simon is all pastel colors and sunshine smiles and Baz is leather jackts and evil sneers. But what if Simon suddenly wants to stop their rivaly and be friends with Baz instead? How is Baz supposed to hide his love for the other Boy now when he can’t do it behind a mask of hatred?

Prankster by andonewillbringhisfall

Simon pranks Baz the Normal way, using flour, and hair dye, and a fake love letter and yeaaaah you know how it’s going to end.  

Secrets and Admirers by pixiecodesnowbaz

I find myself again at Simon’s door. Technically, it’s Simon and Penny’s flat, but I come for Simon. Penny answers the door.

Sick of Losing Soulmates by rosebudbasilton (tw)

Sixth year at Watford, and Simon Snow turns up sick. Baz ‘doesn’t care’.

Surprise! by jamesxlilyxpotter

It’s Simon’s 19th birthday and Penelope wants to throw him a surprise party. She decides to have Baz take him out for a few drinks to get them out of the way. A truce for one night just before summer, Snow and Baz get to finally know each other after living together for almost a year.

Truth by redbeard

Baz and Simon visit the Grimm family for Christmas and get hit with a terrible curse. 

beauty’s on the surface, wearing thin

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo Spot 4-5; Masquerade Ball AU. 


“Are you certain I have to be there?”

Timoteo smiles. “Yes, quite sure. It’s expected of the heir to be there alongside the current Don. It’s a power thing, I’m sure you understand.”

Unfortunately Tsuna does. Only too well. His thumb brushes over the ropy scars criss-crossing his hands, and stops only when Reborn twitches on his shoulder. “Alright. I’ll wash my mask–”

“No need.” Timoteo straightens, his smile warmer now. “The seamstresses have already started one for you. They insisted, and when I informed them you already had a mask, they insisted further. I’m afraid you’ll simply have to deal with it for tonight, lad.”

Tsuna resists the urge to peel back what remains of his lips and snarl. Instead his hand tightens on the head of his own cane and he nods, a sharp, jerky motion that nearly dislodges Reborn. “Fine. Let me know when its done.” He turns and leaves before the aging Don can say anything else, and heads straight for his rooms. He’s feeling vulnerable, disquieted by the idea of not wearing his mask, that simple porcelain thing he’s had since–

Don’t think about it.

–since forever.

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Part four of the AU where Chat/Adrien works for Hawk Moth but is still a cinnamon roll who loves Ladybug and slowly reforms.

One | Two | Three | x | Five


Ladybug is used to Chat making reckless decisions. She’s used to akumatized villains getting so riled by their emotions that they cause their own defeat. She’s used to her opponents being human, flawed.

Golden Boy is neither reckless nor flawed. He is the perfect, dutiful son. He analyzes her every move and grows in confidence as she grows in desperation. And that damnable purple mask keeps appearing around his eyes–those eyes that had recently looked at Ladybug with so much warmth. She can only imagine what Hawk Moth whispers in his son’s ear, the sinister praises he lavishes upon him.

But she fights anyway. She’ll fight as long as she has to if it means she gets Chat back in the end.

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BTS Theory - (WINGS) Solving the mysteries behind the short films ~ STIGMA

 [Hyyh Theory (MUST READ!) / Intro + Begin Theory / Lie Theory]

STIGMA short film :

« It was the first fissure in the columns that had upheld my childhood, which every individual must destroy before he can become himself. Such fissures and rents grow together again, heal and are forgotten, but in the most secret recesses they continue to live and bleed »

This quote is Sinclair explaining how his first sin « fissured » his « egg ». He’s saying that a person must completely destroy the egg (bright realm) in order to become himself. But those sins, even if they’re forgotten years later, they’ll never completely disappear and will remain as scars.

The first scene is starting with V carving something onto a garage door. This scene actually took place before Taehyung killed his father. If we look at the clothes, he has a nirvana tshirt and they’re the same type of clothes he was wearing during RUN era, which means in the past, before he committed the murder. It throw us back to that scene where he was doing grafitti on a garage door with Rap Monster but they want to show us that Rap monster is not here with V this time. He’s alone.

It looks like he’s carving the words « Abraxas » the name of the god of good and evil. In the novel, Demian argues that Jehovah, the Jewish God, is only one face of God; it rules over all that is good, but there is another half of the world, and an infinite god must encompass both sides of this world.

This is what Demian said : « In the same way, they praise God as the Father of all life, but when it comes to sex life, on which life after all depends, they simply bury it in silence and as much as possible declaire it to be sinful, the work of the Devil![…] my opinion is that we should honor everything[…] the whole world, not just this artificially detached, official half ! And so, alongside the divine service for God, we must also have a service for the Devil. I think that would be proper. Or else, people would have to create some new God, who would also include the Devil within Himself. » They will later discover that a God like this actually exists and its name is Abraxas. The symbol of Abraxas appears as a bird breaking free from an egg or a globe. It’s going to become their own little symbol of a better world.

But I found something really disturbing. If you look at the video closely, it seems like he’s actually trying to erase the word, or cross it out. Why would he cross out the thing he and « Demian » (I guess Rapmon, or BTS in general) believe in ? Well one thing I didnt mention in my Hyyh theory is that, before V killed his father, I believe that the members were on bad terms. Something happened. They either argued or started to get annoyed with each other, or maybe they just spent less and less time together. This is why V kept remembering the good times they had and how close they were in I NEED U, but also their problems and how they started to draw away from each other. I think it’s started with Suga and Jungkook. They were obvious with the fact that they had a really big fight. Jungkook couldn’t keep up with Suga’s attitude anymore and Suga was also annoyed by Jungkook’s behavior. And then it continued with Jihope. Jhope was getting sicker and he couldn’t live without being constantly on drugs anymore, and that made Jimin feel even more lonely. And then we have Vmon, the ones who couldn’t stay away from each other and always did stuff together. Rapmon started not being here anymore. He was getting more and more alienated. Why is that ? We’ll see that in Reflection (rapmon’s short film) theory. V who loves his friends more than anything felt disappointed. He was here alone, erasing the word « Abraxas » to express his anger. But he suddenly got caught by the police. Rapmon is not here with him this time, and V is not in is usual state of mind. He acts like he’s confident and doesn’t give a shit about police. He enters the police car and then we have this theatre theme once again with the moving set. We saw with Jungkook’s video that when you’re not involved in the action, it means you’re able to have an objective point of view of the situation, of your life. But here V gets really involved, like when he resists to the police for example. If they’re very involved it means it is not from an objective pov anymore but an emotional perspective.

The policeman starts to interrogate him and this is when we actually realize that he’s not that confident anymore. He’s scratching the table as a sign a anxiety. The careless boy image is just an act, behind his mask he’s afraid. His bad boy character is an escape. He puts on this character because he’s angry at his family. He’s angry at life. He wants attention. As we saw earlier, he doesn’t run away when the police catches him. He surrenders with a smile. He doesn’t have the attention and care Rapmon used to provide him when he was with him so he’s lost and confused. Being caught by the police is a form of compensation for that. He wants people to listen to him and take care of him. While answering the policeman questions he suddenly appears running desperately in the middle of nowhere. The song starts playing. He’s wearing his outfits from the Begin concert trailer, which symbolizes the fact that it’s the old, more innocent taehyung that we’re seeing right now (before he killed his father). Everything is dark around him and he’s crying. This must’ve  happened after running away from home, probably because of his father again. The poor boy living with an abusive father can’t take it, so he just runs towards nowhere. There’s nothing around him. It’s a metaphor symbolizing how there’s no one there for him, no one understands him, he has nowhere to go.

The policeman asks about his parents and he looks away. And all of the sudden, his innocent self is getting beat up by something invisible. Him getting beaten up represents all the suffering he endured living in the dark realm. They beat up an innocent boy without him even doing anything bad, they beat him up until he became a mess.

We see that eye again, it’s the same eye that was in Jungkook’s video. It’s also parted in two. One part of him wants to break free so bad but the other bad part is haunting him. He thinks about eve. Eve in the novel is Demian’s mother. She’s sinclair’s role model, mom figure, and eternal love. She knows everything and she’s his protector. She console him, help him, take care of him.

V wants someone like Eve, someone to rely on. Someone who’ll always be there for him. That’s why her image appears in the eye. But the thing is, he doesn’t have an Eve.

He anwers the policeman « I don’t have such things » to the parents question.

He’s lying on the floor, all beaten up. And then we suddenly get a glimpse of Rapmon’s telephone booth. V needs Rap monster.

In the next scene, he’s lying on the floor next to his sister. His father’s alcoholism is punctuated here. His father is located at the left part of the screen, in opposite of Taehyung and his sister on the right part of the screen. Their father is the dark figure haunting their lives. It’s so strong that just seeing the policeman drinking water bothers him, because it reminds him of his father drinking alcohol (since they just talked about his parents). He says « why were you like that to me ? »

We can think that he’s talking to his father, but it can also be him talking to Rap monster. Remember that Rap monster was getting further away from V and there’s a possibily they might have had af fight. He’s asking Rapmon why things became this way, why did he leave him alone.

He’s lying on the floor when a white puppy suddenly comes to him. The white puppy symbolizes the pureness of the good realm. V, who entered the dark realm way too early, takes the white puppy and hugs it. He finally gets to experience the good realm that he never had, but as soon as he’s in it, the stigma cage comes down and traps him. The good realm doesn’t like people like Taehyung. They get rid and emprisonned people who rebel, people who are different from the others, people who have the mark. Cain’s mark.

He was living in a dark realm, with his abusive family and did everything to get out of this chaos. He ran away and discovered that there’s actually another realm, which seems really nice. But his naivety lead him to think the good realm would accept him. I said in my hyyh theory that taehyung was the most influencable and the most easily manipulated. But that’s understandable since he never had someone to rely on, to trust, until Rapmon who took care of him later. He never had a normal education.

The good realm deceived him with its happy and perfect appareance, and ended up caging him because of his identity. V’s holding on so hard to the small amount of happiness and innocence he’s left with, but the puppy eventually goes away.

V finds himself alone. He’s been neglected not only by his family but by society too. He feels more betrayed than ever.

In this pic he’s looking towards the top right side. Symbol that he wants to break free of the egg, he’s really near. But his demons are stronger than his will (dropping the beer bottle on the floor) and that would lead him to kill his father later.

They added clips of V cutting his hair from Danger, into this short film. Cutting off hair in ancient Asia (Japan, China, Korea & possibly some other Asian cultures) symbolizes being banished or rejected from their home. He’s been neglected by his family and also by the good realm. In the more modern age, cutting long hair into a short cut means to forget the past, leaving the old and starting anew. Maybe that’s what taehyung wanted to do, he wanted to forget his past with his abusive family and start a new life but he didnt succeed. It kept haunting him and he ended up taking his father’s life.

V asks the policeman if he can make a call. Probably Rapmonster. Even though they were in bad terms, V thought that Rapmon would come in a situation like this, since it was kind of important. He didn’t really have any one else to trust completely. He remembers Rapmon as the one solving all the problems and finding solutions everytime. The leader. His Demian.

But Rapmonster didn’t answer.

If Rapmon is not there for V, that means he litteraly has no one. That would mean EVERYONE abandoned him.

V ends up leaving the police office somehow (he won’t get in prison for carving something on a garage door) and returns home. The same life continues. His father is still an alcoholic abusive father. V’s clothing style changes. He wears darker clothes (I Need U).

Knowing that he has no one on his side anymore, he eventually ends up committing the worst. He doesn’t care anymore. He becomes crazy and stabs his father.

The beginning of the prologue, after V killed his father, as I told in my hyyh theory, shows V calling Rap Monster. Even though he didn’t answer his call at the police station, V tries to call him again one last time. His world just broke into pieces and he has no idea what to do. Rap Monster probably didn’t answer this call either. V doesn’t hang up though. He leaves a message. He tells him he misses him and wants to see him.

This is why after he falls asleep, in the prologue video, he dreams of Rapmon actually coming for him, and be like « Hey ! What are you doing ! ». Because this is a dream where all of V’s fears are reassured (hyyh theory). So he dreams about being with his friends, getting along with each other and laughing like the old times.

This video, Stigma, is like V explaning the reason why he ended up killing his father. He feels horrible and he hates it. In my hyyh theory, I explained all the mental journey he went through in order to accept the fact that he murdered his father. Thankfully, when he wokes up after Run, he was finally ready to take complete responsabilities. But even though he’s ready, his scars will forever continue to live and bleed deep inside.

Stigma’s lyrics :

« I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry my sister,

Even if I hide it, even if I disguise it, it isn’t erased

So cry, please dry my eyes.

The light, please illuminate my crimes

Deeper, Darkly, I feel like I’m dying

Please punish me, Please forgive my crime

Please. »

He’s explaining to his sister what’s going on in his mind and why he acted like this. It’s his way of saying « Look ! I was not okay ».

The more we go deep into the video and the more he’s revealing about himself. He starts with little things like his name, his age, etc.. until we end up knowing the root of his problems and the reason he killed his father. He desperately wants people to understand him, to have pity of him and to take care of him. He needs attention. He wants his sister to understand why he comitted this act. And wants her to know that he’s ready to pay the cost.

Why didnt Rap Monster answer any of V’s call ? It’s a mystery for now, and the only hint we have is this phone booth. I looked up at phonebooth symbolisms and it is said that the phone booth is an expression of public but limited communication. Hence, if you dream of a phone booth in an incorrect or complicated location, you will face the momentary rupture of an affective relationship for matter of business. The phone booth here is surrounded by sand. I thought that was really weird but it makes sense that way. And if we also count the fact that there’s chains all around the booth, I think it is safe to think that vmon obviously have communication problems for some reason… We’ll know why in the Reflection Theory.

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‘I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me’ behind an angry mask of ‘sod off, senpai noticed me first’.

I kinda feel sorry for Yuri on this Pash! poster. He looks angry because he is tsun af, but… but… he must feel so neglected, unwanted, lonely, stepped over, pushed aside. Anyother parallel between him and Rin of Free! Rin was the same at the beginning: angry, lonely, hurt. I hope YuriFairy will be given a similarly happy ‘sight he never seen before’ at the end. Otherwise my heart will ache for him.