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I just wanted to share a headcanon: TFP Starscream in a healthy relationship with a bot s/o who gets ambushed. Everyone expects Starscream to flee, but instead he stays to defend them and help get them to safety. He's an incredibly worried and doting momma hen when they're safe, and is not-so-secretly furious that someone so genuinely kind to him would get targeted. Thankfully lots of kisses and cuddling helps them both feel better, and he ensures that they know how much they mean to him ❤️️

HELL YEA! TFP STARSCREAM IN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP! Lemme tell you- this boy can love don’t let the aligned continuity’s writing tell you otherwise. When he finds someone he cares about he’s the most passionate boy. @k1tcaliber this is right up your alley


Hey everyone, I’d just like to say that this man is not a bad person. He did a bad thing. He was in the wrong. He made a dirty play, but he’s not a dirty player. Should he be penalized? Yes. Should he become the target of hate? No. I just don’t want people who may be hearing of Gustav Nyquist for the first time to think that this is what he’s all about, because he’s not, he’s actually a very calm hockey player, and a little sweetheart.

Anyways, there’s just been a lot of negativity towards him since yesterday (and he did what he did to get that), but he’s my fav, so I just wanted to send out some positive vibes. Hope this makes Goose fans feel better! I apologize to Jared Spurgeon, and this is not meant to send any hate to Spurgeon or Wild fans. We all need a little love right now (especially Wings fans!).