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Anon said: If the stable chapter was in October doesn’t Bree have a birthday coming up?  how is she going to do with the terrible twos ?

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Eggs (Attack of the Pregnancy Brain!) 

November 23rd, 1950

“Happy Thanksgiving, Frasers!” Marian Harper sang out as she opened the door.

“Happy Thanksgiving,” we chorused in return, arms full of Bree and wine and basket of lemon meringue pie.

“Oof, come in out of the rain,” she clucked, ushering us into the warmth of her cozy foyer. “Though I guess we should thank our lucky stars it’s only rain, not the blizzard they’re getting down south!” 

“Oh, aye,” Jamie agreed, deftly extricating Bree from her raincoat while still holding her. “Made it a bit slow-going on the drive over, but much preferable to snow.” 

“And the rain’s good luck for Miss Bree! Happy BIRTHDAY, sweet pea!”

Thus addressed, Bree giggled and lurched forward into Marian’s arms, surprising all of us. 

“Glad to see she’s finally getting less intent on clinging only to Mama and Da,” I laughed. 

Jamie helped me out of my coat and sweetly kissed my cheek as we followed Marian into the living room. “I suppose being properly two years of age makes a difference, after all!”

Earlier that day 

“Our wee lass doesna appear to be verra sensible of the grand occasion, Sassenach.”

I wiped my hands and turned quickly from the stove (which YES, I’d managed to turn on, thank you very much), beaming. Sure enough, Bree seemed about as interested in festivities as the average boulder. She had both arms around Jamie’s neck and was making it quite clear she was not in the mood to be up and about.

“Well, I suppose she doesn’t remember her last one, little as she was,” I conceded, coming close to tickle Bree lightly in the side. “Guess what, lovey-dove? It’s your BIRTHDAY!”

The dramatic excitement in my tone made her bolt upright at once, hair wild: curlywig to end all curlywigs. “S’bird-day?” she demanded.

“Yes, baby, it’s your birthday!”

“What-is ‘at, Mama? Mama?” She continued to screw her face up at me in concentration as Jamie buckled her in to the high chair. “What-IS ‘at, bird-day? Mama? Mama, what?”  

“It means ,” Jamie offered, settling next to her and putting out one of his hands for hers, “the day you were *born,* a leannan.”

What-is-it, ‘borrnd,’ Daddy?”

“It means the day God gave ye to Mama and me,” he said patiently, “So, it’s a verra special day, aye?”

“What-is-’at?” she said immediately, lacing her fingers together and flapping them about. “Daddy, dinna kennit. What is-’at ‘spedchill’?”

Jamie sighed, love and exasperation so perfectly mingled in that way unique to parents. “’Special’ means…the verra best. Just like you, sweet wee cub.”

“See my-dese jammies?” she chirped, changing direction with lightning speed. “Dey’re porpoor, Daddy, see’um?”

“Aye,” he laughed, “I see, a leannan.” 

She pulled at the fabric of her top. “Dey’re spedchill?” 

“Aye, those are verra SPECIAL purple Jammies,”  he said, meeting my eye and trying not to laugh.

“Your birthday,” I said significantly, walking over to them with Bree’s breakfast held high, “is the day where Mama and Daddy talk about how JUST how much we LOVE our Bree.” I bent and latched onto her sweet, dimpled cheek in a huge, long mmmmmm-ing kiss and Jamie came in to do the same on the other. Bree, caught between us in a smooch sandwich, was giggling so hard she was fit to choke.

“Those are your first presents,” I said pulling back. “Two kisses for your second birthday. And here’s the next!” I slid the plate onto the tray in front of her for inspection.

“Sassenach….That is…” Jamie looked up at me with the queerest expression on his face. “…the *Cutest* thing I’ve ever seen.”

It was little more than a circle with two lopsided ears, but I’d embellished a snout with banana slices and chocolate chips for nose and eyes, and powdered sugar to top things off. 

Yes, it was fairly bloody adorable.

Bree squealed. “Issa—Lookint-’im-that-wee BEAR, Daddy!” She hooted in delight and then began promptly to demolish said wee bear.

“You’d best slow down, mo chridhe!” Jamie laughed. “He’s going to roar in your tummy for gobbling him up so fast!” 

Bree’s mouth was so full she couldn’t reply, but there came a happy, muffled *mmphurr!?!* that signified her excitement to see this play out as soon as humanly (bearly?) possible.

“So neither of you have ever had Thanksgiving before?” Tom asked as he poured Jamie a glass of wine in the sitting room.

“No, indeed!” I settled back onto the sofa with a cup of tea. “A singularly American holiday, this one.”

Tom furrowed his brows. “But you were here stateside last year too, weren’t you, Claire?”

“Oh, yes, well….Yes, but I wasn’t in the going-out frame of mind, to be honest.”

“It was a different life, before you came back, Jamie,” Marian said knowingly, beaming from the floor, where Bree was sitting on her lap playing with her birthday present from the Harpers. “We’re glad you did.”

“As am I, a nighean,” he said warmly to her, then met eyes with me. Glad doesna even begin to express it. 

It would have been a thoroughly lovely moment, except morning sickness had come a-calling with a VENGEANCE today, and I had to close my eyes while yet another urge to vomit abated. 

Jamie noticed and made as if to come to me, but just then, the doorbell rang, followed almost immediately thereafter by Della O’Malley running head-on into Jamie and nearly spilling his wine as she barreled around the corner. He managed to catch her with his free hand, and she looked as though he’d hung the bloody moon. “Hi, Mr. Fraser,” she said breathlessly, gazing up into his face.

“Happy Thanksgiving to ye, Miss Della.” He kissed her hand, which sent her into paroxysms.  Jesus H. Christ, the girl needed a cold shower, pronto

Thankfully, though, it seemed her glow wasn’t *entirely* due to infatuation with Jamie. “Claire! Claire, guess what?” she said, bouncing in my direction.

“Peter asked you to go steady?” She’d been talking about this boy for weeks, it was about time he made a move. 

“YES!!!” she squealed, thudding into a chair next to me. “Can you BELIEVE IT!??!”

“Wine, Claire?” Tom said, coming over with a glass.  

“Oh, no, thank you.”

“Whisky, then?

“No, thank you, Tom, I’m all—” Good Heavens, I nearly burped in the poor man’s face, but managed to choke back the wave of acute nausea and croak, “— all set with my tea.” 

I could have sworn Marian gave me a suspicious look, but thankfully, Jamie came to my aid. “So, from what I gather, the festivity centers around coming together and eating in a spirit of gratitude. But that’s about all I ken of it. Is there more?” 

I had told him the story earlier that morning, in fact, but I was grateful for the diversion while Tom gave the Proud Son of Massachusetts recitation of the Thanksgiving tale. 

Jamie nodded in approval. “Thanks be to God for the kindness of the native folk, then. I must say, I enjoy hearing tales of anyone that managed to fly in the face of the English crown—Sorry Sassenach,” he added with a grin.

“Does Scotland not belong to England?” Della asked, bewildered. 

“Depends on who ye ask,” Jamie laughed. “Suffice it to say, there’s a reason the marriage between Claire and me raised no small number of eyebrows.” 

“But you married anyway,” Della swooned, “how roMANTIC!!” 

Jamie grinned and sat down next to me. “Verra romantic indeed.” He saw my pallor and squeezed my hand, speaking low so only I could hear. “Are ye feeling alright, Sassenach?” 

“Bit queasy,” I admitted, resisting the urge to clutch my abdomen. 

“Can I get ye anything?” 

“No,” I whispered, squeezing his hand. “But thank you. Just have to wait for young Fraser here to settle down.” 

He smiled and ducked his head, trying not to let the others see the direction of his tender gaze. 

We had agreed not to announce the pregnancy until the three-month mark, as was customary. We knew better than anyone that tragedy could still strike after the first trimester, but had decided that for Brianna’s sake, at least, it was best to wait until the highest risk of miscarriage was past….even though acknowledging the possibility of losing another child sent claws of fear tearing at my heart. 

But I’d carried one child safely; Lord willing, I could do so again.  

Please, Lord, keep this little one safe.

Jamie wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me closer. “I am thankful, today, ye ken?” he whispered. 

“Oh?” I murmured back, looking into his eyes, curious, but already smiling from the tone in his voice. “Whatever for?” 

“For our daughter. For you carrying her. Giving her life, this day two years ago. For—” His voice caught, just barely. “—For how ye went on living when ye didna wish to…” He gently touched my face. “For working as hard as ye do, at home and at the hospital….For being my wife. For….well…” He very discreetly touched my belly. “For our children. And for taking care of us in this new world”

I ran my hand down the side of his face, unable to speak as I kissed him. Come what might in 1951, never had I had a year in which there was so much for which to give thanks as 1950.

“I’m going to shrivel up and DIE from how much you love each other,” came Della’s tremulous threat. “Just you WAIT.”

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l’homme de radio (M) | [2/2]


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SUMMARY: All she wanted to do was pass her classes, run the morning radio station, and get herself together. She never expected to fall for - not one- but two very different boys; the shy, sweetheart Park Jimin and the flirty, pain-in-the-ass Min Yoongi.

GENRE/WARNINGS: College!AU; Filled with a Yoonmin love triangle and a shit ton of smut, angst, and fluff.

WORDS: 14.2k.

A/N: The final part! I had so much fun co-writing this with Dannie aka @jiminables. We were both pretty divided when it came to deciding who Y/N was going to end up with (considering the fact that her bias is Jimin and mine is Yoongi lmao) but we’re both really happy with the way this turned out. We hope you guys enjoy it just as much as we do! :) xx.

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little red

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requested by anon

warnings: long, sexual themes

Brisk air nipped at your flesh while you passed between the skinny bones of dead winter trees. You tugged your blood red cloak closer to your person.

It was just dawn, the sun’s set painting brilliant hues of marigold and honey, casting a fire-like reflection off of the freshly fallen snow. The crunch of powder beneath your fine leather boots accompanied the lonesome journey to your grandmother’s home.

Mother had warned you of the dangers that lie along the twisted path — beasts, toxic plants — and worst of all, the Piper.

The Pied Piper has been thieving away boys in your village, an aura of fear wreaked the entire town’s minds. Despite your mother’s countless warnings, you left for you grandmother’s home instantly. You lead a boring life anyways, what had you to lose?

In your village, there was not much to do beside the regular code of farming and selling. Born and raised in an agriculturally successful area was not as forgiving as you would wish. Days drug on with mindless, but intricate, work of picking and planting. The Piper was perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to this poor place in awhile.

what would a boy stealer need with a girl anyways?

And so you were off.

Treading deeper and deeper into the forest, night washed over the sky. The sun had now fully sunk, casting an evening shadow over the trees. Hiking up a hill, you could see the smoke from your grandmother’s stone fireplace billowing into the starry night.

Continuing down the path, your began to admire the beauty of the forest around you. Though mostly decayed, there was something so beautifully haunting about the eerily thin trees, never ending and barren. Gazing at the night sky, you admired the overcast of the full moon.

A twig snap struck you from admiration.

You scanned the perimeter ahead of you. The trees cast shadows on the pristine snow, concealing something — or someone 
— that may be lurking in the unknown.

Whatever it may be, you knew you weren’t alone.

Dropping the basket, you unsheathed your dagger from a sling on your ankle. You shakily grasped the handle of the weapon, knuckles white, hands trembling lightly.

Despite your fear, there was an excitement to it all.

With another twig snap, you quickly whirled around to face your opponent. The beast. Muscles flexed and stance strong, your eyebrows raised in confusion at the being in front of you. To your surprise, it wasn’t a beast at all.

Rather, a boy.

His figure stood confidently, radiating an aura of cockiness. His face remained shadowed, but his earthen eyes glinted in the moonlight. He was leaning up against one of the trees, arms folded.  

“What might we have here?” he purred. His voice was soft yet threatening, the ease in his tone making you nervous. You began to back away slowly.

you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of your words

“The silent treatment, is it?” he chuckled humorlessly, regaining his stance. "I have ways of making little girls talk.“ he abruptly advanced on you, revealing his true appearance.

"I’m sure you do.” you reacted rapidly, dodging his attack. Gliding toward him your arm shoved out, blocking him with your forearm, preventing the stranger from coming any closer. You rammed the boy to a tree, sliding your dagger to his neck. The grin he adorned was simply wicked, and all he did was smile. Adrenaline pumped in your veins.

“Oh, feisty are we?” his breathing was rugged, raising the tension of the night even more. You took a movement to observe him.

His skin was a soft milky color, ivory just as the snow below his boots. His dirt colored hair swept carelessly to the side, curling upward at the tips, but still lying on his head easily. Your crimson cloak stood in stark contrast to his patchy green attire, comprised of different fabrics.

And his eyes. Why, they were simply captivating.

“What do you want?!” you barked, pressing the dull blade closer to the familiar stranger’s throat. You could see the ghost of your breath flow just in front of you, and the wind began to chill.

A hollow laugh fell from his lips, eyes fleeting to the sky and settling back to you. “A wonderful question, (Y/N).”

The sudden name call brought you out of focus, allowing him to force you away.

how did he know your name?

Stumbling to the ground, the frigid snow met your nimble fingertips as the dagger slid behind you. He slowly sauntered to you as you shuffled back timidly. Glancing upward, he stared down at you like a wolf to it’s prey. His eyes burned into yours, completely hollow of feeling — except, a flourish of desire loomed in his irises.

lust, perhaps?

Never leaving his glare, you snuck your legs up beneath his, causing the boy to tumble to the ground. Rebounding, your threw your limbs back up. Turning to retrieve the dagger, you immediately swung at the boy, who caught your arm mid-attack. Your breath hitched.

“I must say, I am impressed (Y/N).” his grin turned wicked.

”And it’s very hard to impress the likes of me”

Ripping the knife straight from your hands, he thrusted your arm down and wrapped his limbs around you. He was too strong to escape. You tried kicking and stomping, but it was no use. He began to circle around you, admiring every factor of your being.

“How do you know me? Who are you?” you demanded, failing your limbs in a fetal attempt to escape his grasp.

“My apologies,” he mumbled bringing his mouth close to your ear. You could feel the air from his words swirl down your neck. “I’m Peter Pan.”

the boy thief

As your eyes widened you could sense the sly grin on his lips. “I’ve been watching you for sometime now darling. And I must say, I am impressed. You’ve got this fire within you —I can see it. A bloodthirsty woman fighting her way through this sad excuse for a life. A longing for more, a thirst for everything that you don’t have.”

“And god, I love it.”

He suddenly began to trail down your collarbone, leaving love marks sporadically along your chest. Your head titled back, a moan escaping your lips. He put himself in front of you, his hands sliding down your arms. “So impressed that, I want you.”

“Wh-what?” you could hear your voice crack,  ashamed of your vulnerability. You weren’t weak. 

“Come away to Neverland with me. Exploit those desires I know you have. Rule with me, (Y/N).”

Instinctively, you knew ‘no’ was the proper answer. There was no sense of security with him— but you didn’t care.  Neverland was a place children went and never returned. It was rumored to be magical, but at a price. A bubbling deep within boiled over, the longing desire for adventure, a new life — danger. You had to get out of here. This was your new excitement. A new game.

You nodded your head. Uncertainty and wildness rioted within.

A genuine smile flashed his face.

Before he could, you shoved him in closer and rushed your lips to his. He tasted like pine and firewood, rustic and new. Your tongues danced like the flames of a newborn fire. The lustful desires intertwined with youthful curiosity.

You couldn’t stop yourself.

Your hands travelled all along his chest, and ran roughly though his silky chestnut hair. You were rushed to the back of a tree as your hips rubbed and swayed to one another. You brought your hands to his chest and pulled his patched tunic closer. He was yours.

Before your could begin, he pulled away suddenly. "It’s awfully chilly, shall we take this to Neverland, darling?”

A daring grin slithered across your face. “We shall.”


“Where are you!?” The boy rummaged through the burneddebris. Small fires slowly dying out as time progressed. “Please!” The young gem overturned a piece of broken space craft, searching frantically for the girl. His ‘Twin’.

 “Sunstone!”  He collapsed to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks as he looked about the small crater the impact had caused. “Please.” With his last plea he cast his gaze to the stars.

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3 times Raphael is jealous + the one time he isn’t (but Simon is)

Anonymous requested: jealous Raphael
@lazy-queen requested: 44. things you said before you kissed me


Simon had always been attractive, even when he was still a Mundane. Raphael had noticed, had even been surprised. Because Mundanes normally didn’t interest him. He normally never paid attention to their looks – or anything about them. But Simon had been different. He had spiked Raphael’s interest.

He only became more attractive when he was Turned. His skin cleared, the few puberty pimples disappearing off his face overnight. He also seemed to have gained muscles, getting broader in the shoulders and chest. Vampirism suited him like it suited everyone, but Simon made it seem like… more.

Raphael wasn’t the only one that noticed. A lot of the vampires in his clan seemed to be interested in the new fledgling who still carried the power of Mundane blood in his veins and lit up the entire dark hotel with his smile.

Because Simon wasn’t just attractive. He was also just kind and lively, something they’d been missing for a long time.

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ok remember how i'm keeping a running list of female-centered sports anime/manga


Taisho Yakyuu Musume- About a women’s baseball team in 1920’s Japan. 12 episodes. Deals with themes of gender inequality. Very cute and sweet anime that has two canonical lesbian characters. 

Bamboo Blade- About a kendo team, with focus on the female characters. The  main character adores sentai, is very strong, and takes down bullies she sees.Both a manga and anime, 26 episodes as an anime. I have completed the anime- it was okay. There were some fun female characters, but also quite a bit of male gaze and a really flat stalker lesbian character. 

Shion no Oe- This isn’t really a sports anime so much as a gaming anime, but it looks interesting. It’s about a shogi player whose parents were brutally murdered in front of her. YEAH. So like, it’s part sports/gaming anime and part murder mystery. 22 episodes as an anime, 50 chapters as a manga. I’ve downloaded it and I’m watching this next!

Princess Nine- older women’s baseball anime, the girls want to be able to go toe to toe with the boys. Naoko Takeuchi (creator of Sailor Moon) mentioned she liked it. It will probably be a while before I get to this one. It’s 26 episodes

Battle Athletes Victory- A futuristic sports anime that seems to deal with…general athletics? It’s older, made in the 90s. Apparently one of the characters is a racist stereotype (she’s from “Africa” while everyone else is from a specific country. Because Africa is a country!) and the het romance is minimal but awful- but on the other hand, there’s tons of canon yuri romance with the main character? Like her rival is canonically in love with her and they kiss and everything. So basically, I’m torn between by great hate and my great love. I guess I’ll check it out and see if the good outweighs the awful. It’s 26 episodes, though there’s also six OVAs that tell an alternate version of the story.

Dance, Subaru- this is about a girl who’s twin brother is dying but also she’s into ballet. It’s only a manga,123 chapters. Once again, it’ll probably be a while before I get to this one.

Crimson Hero- About 83 chapters, about a girl who restarts the female volleyball team in her high school with opposition from the dudes and her parents. Told about this over PM.

Already Completed

Teppu (Ongoing)- A women’s MMA manga where the main character is more in line with the typical sports manga rival in personality. Tall and imposing, everything tends to come easily to her- until she’s faced with a cheerful girl who managed to wound her while practicing MMA. She becomes obsessed with taking down her rival and practices MMA for the feeling of finally having a challenge, all while struggling with her broken relationship with her brother and former friend. Includes actual buff ladies, Brazillian characters and a canon lesbian (though her crush is unrequited so far)It’s fantastic. Ongoing, with 20 plus chapters so far.

Kaleido Star- This anime deals with a girl who aims to be the star acrobat in a Cirque de Soleil like show in California. She struggles against difficult rivals, impossible odds and dangerous stunts. Also fantastic. 51 episodes with two sequel OVAs

Chihayafuru- This is a gaming anime rather than a straight sports anime, but it has more of the feel of a sports anime, especially since the main character does physical training, battles exhaustion, and even gets injured in the course of playing- the game is karuta, which actually requires really good reflexes, so there is an athletic component. Chihaya is hyper focused on Karuta and friendship and forms a motley group of misfits as her karuta team after playing it with her best friends as a child. The anime is gorgeous and currently about 50 episode long with two seasons- the manga is ongoing. Highly reccomended.

9 YA Romances To Seduce You This Summer

Everyone deserves the summer love story they desire…whether IRL or in a book. That’s why we’ve rounded up 9 YA romances that will give your heart what it wants…evaluated by exactly how the book will woo you.

1. Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

The love you need is the kind where you feel seen, even if for the first time. Pro tip: start by looking in a pizza parlor. 

Woo tactic: reserve a private garden room at the pizzeria you’ve been wanting to try, reveal a piano is hidden in the shadows, and proceed to serenade you about the depths of your radiance. *The feels are strong in this one.

2. Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour 

Finding love on the L.A. film scene is tricky even when you’re a talented set designer just out of high school. 

Woo tactic: catch your gaze across the cafe and hand you a single daisy before leaving when the sun goes down behind the Hollywood hills. Just. Like. In a movie.

3. Landry Park series by Bethany Hagen

Falling in love just adds more adrenaline when you leave your privileged estate to join a class rebellion.

Woo tactic: intercept various suitors at a society banquet to share a dance and tell you you’re the most captivating person in the room…and also that there’s a rebellion starting outside. 

4. The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

Beach town girl meets city boy the summer before college: a surefire recipe for feels. 

Woo tactic: fan you with a palm frond, hold your ice cream, and turn the pages of your book while you read on the beach. (i.e. heaven.)

5. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick 

Next door neighbors breaking down the fence between their houses and their hearts.

Woo tactic: knock on your door and offer to wash your car, then offer to bake you fresh artisan donuts, then offer to babysit your siblings while you head to the bookstore. A PERFECT 10.0!

6. Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan

It’s hard to believe love’s a universal language when you have no idea what’s the status on your relationships with your boyfriend, your sister, AND your best friend at the same time.

Woo tactic: notice you are having a mini freak-out in the library, disappear for a second and then hand you a French textbook. Upon opening, you find a handwritten poem, IN FRENCH, equating your ability to power through to Beyonce’s. Unrealistic, but appreciated.

7. Rebel Belle series by Rachel Hawkins

Somehow it’s less surprising when you fall for your enemy since grade school after you acquire powers and join a line of ancient guardians.

Woo tactic: tap you on the shoulder to give you the lip gloss that you dropped…as well as the dagger that fell out of your clutch. Without skipping a beat.

8. Like No Other by Una LaMarche

Sometimes it takes getting stuck in an elevator together during a hurricane to really get to know the person you’ve lived across from your entire life.

Woo tactic: show up at your doorstep with a chocolate stash, first aid kit, and stack of books because there’s an impending storm. You are impressed by the gesture as well as the items selected for survival.

9. The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

There’s something to be said when you live until sunrise after marrying a Caliph who weds a new bride every night only to have her executed the next morning.

Woo tactic: propose. You live until many dawns together. 

Start reading our #YaSummerLove books!

What type of romance are you looking for this summer?

Hide Away // Luke x Reader

Boys seem to like the girls
Who laugh at anything
The ones who get undressed
Before the second date
Girls seem to like the boys
Who don’t appreciate
All the money and the time that it takes
To be fly as a mother
Got my both eyes out for Mr. Right
Guessing I just don’t know where to find ‘em
But I hope they all come out tonight

Some people called you a prude, others were a  goody two shoes. In your mind, you were just a classic, stereotypical good girl. Like any naïve girl, boys took advantage of you. Thinking you didn’t know their regime, they’d get away with it. The first few fellas got away with it, leaving you heartbroken. But the ones that came after, you saw their tricks and knew that all they wanted was sex and no emotional connection whatsoever.

All they wanted was girls who laughed at everything and got undressed with the slightest mention. The girls on the other hand, they were worse. Girls just wanted someone they could constantly go to for physical attention and somehow they would find the perfect guy. Those girls wouldn’t appreciate anything that the boyfriends did out of the kindness of their hearts.

You on the other hand. You had your eyes out for Mr. Right. You knew he was out there, you just didn’t know where. You’ve searched high and low, all over for him. They were nowhere to be found.

One day, hopefully tonight he would be with you.

Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?
I’m a good, good girl who needs a little company
Looking high and low, someone let me know
Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?

Tonight was a party for the rebellion and their win in destroying the Death Star. You were hoping that there would be new men, hopefully some nice ones, and they would be the men of your dreams.

As nightfall came, you changed into a simple white dress and some beat up sneakers. Walking into the party hall, there is soft jazz music playing with clumps of people scattered willy nilly.

The night progressed with one innocent beer and lots of chatting to boys. Some of them seemed nice, but like the night, progressively got worse. Every boy that you met just wanted to get you drunk and put you in a bed.

Sighing, you exit the party room and come onto the balcony, wondering where the good boys are hiding. All you have ever wanted was a good boy to match your good girl personality.

Sipping on your water, you watch the moon as it glimmers down on the planet.

“You getting away from the crowd, too?” a male voice says from behind you. Turning around, you see a tall, blond man with gorgeous blue eyes. Nodding your head with a small smile he speaks again, “Me too. It’s just so crazy in there.”

He comes up next to you as you both gaze at the moon. “I haven’t seen you around the base,” you tell him.

“I’ve been on it, but more in the landing section. I’m Luke by the way,” he tells you.

You smile at Luke, “I’m (Y/N).”

He sticks out a hand for you to shake. “Lovely to meet you. It’s so nice to finally meet a girl who just doesn’t take one look at a guy and immediately starts flirting with me.” His words perfectly capture what you have been feeling for years.

Boys seem to like the girls
Who like to kiss and tell
Talking them up about the things they do so well
But I’d rather find a boy
Who is down for the chase
Putting in the time that it takes
To be fly as a mother (Hey!)
To supply all of my heart’s demands
Suit and tie cause under cover
He’s gonna save my life like superman

Finally, you reveal your feelings to him. “Oh my God, I feel the same way. It’s like the only boys I have met only like the girls who kiss and tell or just brag about how great in bed they are. I can never seem a guy who is just interested in a relationship,” you speak.

Luke looks at you, understanding all the feeling that you share. “Yes, exactly! No one wants to put the time in for a relationship.”

“I know, I have a lot of demands, but they have no idea,” you start. “How much I’d appreciate it!” the two of you say in unison.

The two of you stare at each other in awe about how similar the two of you are. After what seems like a long time, he speaks, “Do you wanna get out of here and go for a walk?”

Smiling you nod your head, lacing your fingers with his.


I’m scared of the world, infected with disappointment, anger, and disapproval. It’s hard to be optimistic in a world that sets you up for failure. Have you ever looked at the sky full of endless possibilities. Can’t help but wanting to be that careless cloud that floats through the heavens wherever the wind blows. Watching the sunrise, admiring the sunset and it’s melody of colors, gazing at a moon so big you can touch it, and stars so close you can taste it. Whenever I look at the sky I feel no worries. Because there are where my dreams lie.

—  Andi
I'm fine - Derek Hale     (Requested )

 Authors note: Hey guys! this is my first one shot I hope you enjoy it! Keep on sending requests! and if you don’t ask for a name, I’ll make it Y/N so people can write there on name in there instead *wink wink* I thought I’d make a one shot about this as it was requested and yeah. MY WRITING will get better!  Here you go <3
 Synopsis: Derek gets overprotective during your pregnancy.
 Word count:  562 hella short but I’ll make it longer soon.
 Warnings: A very overprotective Derek

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One of my favorite Rockwell pieces, influenced by the fact that my Grandpa had a copy in the dining room.

He gave me a canvas framed copy for Christmas when I was 4 or 5.

I have since acquired other versions including a garden sculpture which watches over my cucumbers and tomatoes.

It is known as Boy and Girl Gazing at the Moon or Puppy Love, but I have always called it Twitterpated because the first time I saw it that was the feeling I got.

Bambi was one of my favorite Disney movies when I was younger, hence the use of an otherwise obscure term - twitterpated.

After watching the latest Girl Meets World I’ve never been more sure that Riley and Maya are soulmates. Even with the Rucas and Zaya interactions, I mean even their ship names don’t combine the two together properly, Riley only gets an R and Zay a Z. Rilaya meets in the middle, three letters a piece, say it aloud and it rolls off the tongue better.

My point is this; friendship is important, and yes friends do nice things for each other, but I’m 24 years old and no one has done for me what Riley and Maya do for each other every day without thinking, and I’ve been engaged!

Rucas are cute, they are, but since the start (at least to me) it has seemed much more like infatuation than love. The gooey eyes, and the awkwardness. Have they shared moments? Sure, but for every one of their moments you can find multiple Rilaya ones.

It’s the way they look at one another, like they really see each other, like their eyes act as the window to their souls. They see it all, the good and the bad, and they completely accept each other without question, because they know in their hearts who the girl gazing at them really is. Underneath the bravado, beneath the innocence. They look to each other with a light in their eyes that many married couples lack. Maya is the Earth orbiting Riley’s sun, the boys are the moon, they take longer to reach that same point in the girls skies, if they ever do, which I honestly doubt.

Like Cory and Topanga, Riley and Maya have always had each other. They are endgame whether Disney decides to portray a romantic relationship or not. I personally couldn’t see a more real definition of soulmates anywhere, it’s all I see whenever these two grace my screen, with their lingering looks, constant touching, and the willingness to do whatever it is the other needs. Whether that’s getting a limited edition bobblehead, or just taking a step back.

I’d never tell anyone who to ship, that’s the beauty of fandom it’s your choice to decide, but there’s just no denying this incredibly special relationship, and Disney could definitely use some LGBTQIA+ representation.

are you upset because it’s not yours to have?

good. i hope you fucking cry. i hope you fucking scream and piss your pants whining about how this show isn’t yours to have

sailor moon of the stars and queen of my heart, she is the definition of empowerment and SHE IS MY STRENGTH. she was made FOR ME. She is only interested in MY best interests. She is only interested in helping little girls grow their self esteem.

i hope to god that this show takes every opportunity to point out that it was made by a woman for women to enjoy. not. YOU.

i hope you cry yourself to sleep at night, thinking you’re worthless. i hope you scream in frustration. i hope you think about the billions of women in this world who are in danger for simply being a woman. i hope you cry over the fact that you can’t have this show

i will fight you tooth and nail every step of the way. i will spit on you, kick you, punch you and scratch you for trying to watch this show. i will fight for these little girls because this is FOR THEM.

i will question you every step of the way. i will never see your presence as welcoming. i will never let you in. i will never accept you or let anyone else accept you. i will never let you have this.

you can’t have it. it’s not yours. don’t try to tell me it’s sexist and then go and watch nine hundred shows made for YOU.

for every little girl that has based her worth on how pretty she is. for every little girl that cries every time she looks in the mirror because men have told her what makes her worthy
for every little girl that has killed herself because of men
for every little girl that needed someone to look up to
for every little girl that gets hurt when a boy pushes her down
for every little girl that has had something so precious to them and have it morphed and tarnished into something for the fucked up male gaze

for every little girl - i will say it for them - stop stealing THEIR shows

—  for little girls, on the Sailor Moon reboot

i love a boy who’s lost,
but i’m not gold
to be made
into a compass.

he has saltwater burning his skin,
and i think instead of blood
the gods have given him agony -
at the night i still
can hear his screams,
and i,
who never saw myself believing in god,
i pray.

i pray and plead the gods
to mold me into something else,
but they say girls are not tools
to be played with.

at the distance across the sea,
i see the moon;
she’s quiet but fierce,
facing the darkness all by herself like that -
and is facing her
that i face what i am:

i’m not made of gold,
but i can be made of light.
my knuckles are steel
and helium swims out of my gaze.
fire burns me inside out, and i -
i am there with him,
i am home.

i love a boy who’s lost,
and i learnt all by myself
how to become a lighthouse.

—  how to become a lighthouse, m.v.