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Daedric Prince reviews: Sheogorath

Daggerfall: a scottish boy! a little on the nose, though. 2/5.

Oblivion: look at this fun joke boy! raining flaming dogs is a plus. 4/5.

Oblivion (again): here he is again, in the flesh! a great mad boy. and that beard? beautiful. 5/5.

Skyrim: in the flesh again, but changing up his style. beard is a little lacking. 3/5.

ESO: a skyrim copycat once again. however, he’s got a better beard than in skyrim, and his face is less gaunt. points for being the major antagonist in a main questline. 4/5.


look at his wrankles makin a wrankle shelf on my laptop

Where One [Or Both] Have Pets (2) Masterlist

part one

A Cute Dog & A Cuter Boy - wowjennawow

Summary: Dan Howell is walking home in the rain with his groceries when an adorable dog (and its equally adorable owner) inconveniently meet.

A Puppy Called Winston - ultxmasunicornphanfics

Summary: The ups and downs of Dan and Phil getting a puppy.

By The Mighty Power Of Thor -  snowbunnylester

Summary: Phil’s roommate isn’t too happy about the cat Phil had unceremoniously decided to adopt, and makes him find a new home for it. Unwilling to give the cat up completely, Phil strikes up a deal with the new cat owner. Or, the one where a cat brings Dan and Phil together.

Can We Keep Him? - skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: It’s late at night and Dan’s having trouble sleeping due to the fact that he’s been hearing noises coming from the closet, so he wakes Phil up and asks him to check it for him, only they find an unexpected surprise.

Do All Of It With You - ficster28

Summary: Or, in which Dan and Phil get a cat.

Doge - phanficsinyourhair

Summary: It’s Christmas day in the Howell-Lester household, and Dan gets a Christmas present he wasn’t expecting to receive, but he loves.

Domestic lifestyle - phillestatos

Summary: When Felix and Marzia leave Dan and Phil to look after their house and their pugs, Dan ends up realizing he might want the lifestyle they have. Gross fluff ahead.

Fred - skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: Dan and Phil have been neighbors for awhile now, but they’ve never really spoken to each other… until Phil needs help sneaking in a cat.

Just The Beginning - curiosityandrain

Summary: After months of putting it off, Dan and Phil finally decide to adopt a dog.

Kitten Love (ao3) - Clankit

Summary: Phil finds a cat, and brings it back to the apartment. Dan is not amused.

Make Them Purr (ao3) - Neurofancier

Summary: Phil comes home to a very nice surprise.

My Neighbour's Dog, Totoro - phangirlingforphan

Summary: dan knew he was getting a new neighbour but he wasn’t expecting their first meeting to involve the guy’s giant shiba inu running into his apartment and tackling him to the floor. fate works in mysterious ways, though, he supposes.

Our New Chapter - oakleysfthoying

Summary: After they’ve finished their book tour, Dan and Phil decide that they want to adopt a dog. So they go to their local animal shelter and meet Moon.

Puppy Love - allthelonelyphangirls

Summary: Dan and Phil get a puppy who demands attention at the worst times. Dan gets jealous, until he learns to use it to his advantage.

The Adventure Of Susan - notquiteafanficwriter

Summary: ‘Your cat keeps getting into my house and I don’t even know how would you care to explain’ AU

Winston - mermaidstailonmyface

Summary: Dan actually allows Phil to get a hamster and Phil gets all happy.

You’re The Only One For Me (ao3) - Cadensaurus (Jira)

Summary: In which Dan and Phil adopt a couple of dogs, move into a house, and christen said house.

Rain Masterlist

A Cute Dog & A Cuter Boy - wowjennawow

Summary: Dan Howell is walking home in the rain with his groceries when an adorable dog (and its equally adorable owner) inconveniently meet.

Empathasing With Raindrops - vaudevilledan

Summary: The rain is hammering it down, Dan’s bus is late and Phil is just short of the one hundred he’s desperate for, but somehow they know they’ll be okay.

In This Moment All I Know - undressrehearsal

Summary: Dan is fascinated by the rain and Phil is fascinated by Dan, but he’d really like it if the boy would just come back to bed already.

Out in the Rain - fairylightphan

Summary: Dan is infatuated with the rain and Phil thinks he’s crazy.

Rain Boy - crescendohowell

Summary: Phil spends his time chasing rain and thinking. It isn’t until days where even he doesn’t want to be caught in the swirling weather outside, that Phil is forced inside to a coffee shop with a seat perfect for watching the weather outside and the cute barista that begins to call him Rain Boy. (Or in which Dan is sad and Phil loves the rain.)

Raindrops Against Our Skin - insanityplaysfics

Summary: Phil and a grumpy Dan get caught in the rain.

Rainy Days - phan-panda

Summary: Dan convinces Phil to play in the rain with him.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day - notanotherphanfictionblog

Summary: “It’s raining and u forgot your umbrella so come over and stand under mine while we wait for the bus”

Umbrella Boy -  dustyglassesclearmind

Summary: Dan had always loved the rain. He loved the way it started out gradually, a few gentle patters on the sidewalk, and then suddenly it was a downpour, forming rapids rushing down the sidewalks and ravines in the neighbor’s begonias. He loved the way it soaked through his clothes, running down his hair and washing away every thought clouding his head like white noise, enveloping him in a gentle embrace until his Mum would call him inside.

When the Day Met the Night - waitingforwordsblog

Summary: Dan is the weird kid who wears pink and cries a lot. Phil terrifies everyone in the school. What happens when they meet under a tree in the rain?