boy and bear feeding line

*put your music playlist on shuffle and add the first 10 songs you get*

thanks @jetaimeharry 💓 you’re a gem

1. tokyo (vampires and wolves) - the wombats
2. sister - william fitzsimmons and michael flynn
3. picture frames - georgia fair
4. flicker (kanye west rework) - lorde
5. feeding line - boy and bear
6. cologne - selena gomez
7. the heart asks pleasure first - michael nyman
8. sofa song - the kooks
9. when it’s done - milo greene
10. blackbird - the beatles

no obligation to do this at all, but i tag @leesh @dragongf @organicharry @cryptidliveontour @haroldedwardstyles @cherrypopin @guccifloralsuits @seriousnoir @acheappackofcigarettes and anyone else who wants to do it!! consider yourself tagged if u see this TBH i’m nosy and also want music recs

anonymous asked:

Pls share some of your fave songs rn!! Min desperate need of new jamssss

Ok! You must get all of these songs they are my life!

My current fave songs:
Tesselate - Alt j
Breezeblocks - Alt j
Estocada - Alt j
Dissolve me - Alt j
Matilda - Alt j
Ms - Alt j
Blood flood - Alt j
Heart beats slow - Angus and Julia stone
For you - Angus and Julia stone
Big jet plane - Angus and Julia stone
Santa Monica dream - Angus and Julia stone
Yellow brick road - Angus and Julia stone
And the boys - Angus and Julia stone
I’m not yours - Angus and Julia stone
The devils tears - Angus and Julia stone
Red berries - Angus and Julia stone
A heartbreak - Angus and Julia stone
Grizzly bear - Angus and Julia stone
Get home - Angus and Julia stone
Death defying acts - Angus and Julia stone
Riptide - cover by Taylor swift
1901 - Birdy
White winter hymnal - Birdy
Southern star - Boy and bear
Harlequin dream - Boy and bear
Bridges - Boy and bear
Lordy may - Boy and bear
Feeding line - Boy and bear
Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran
I’m a mess - Ed Sheeran
Hi hey - The Lumineers
Dead Sea - The Lumineers
Dirty paws - Of monsters and men
King and lionheart - Of monsters and men
Little talks - Of monsters and men
Love love love - Of monsters and men
All about to change - Patrick James
Golden sun - Patrick James
Mess is mine - Vance Joy
Johnny and June - Angus and Julia stone
I’m not yours - Angus and Julia stone

THERE’S A BATTLE WITHIN US, BABY:  a mix for teenage superhero teams, fighting baddies, and the aftermath.

new romantics / taylor swift. glory and gore / lorde. young blood / the naked and famous. gold coast / grouplove. we’re the rebels / rachael cantu. white teeth teens / lorde. the wolves / ben howard. youth / daughter. feeding line / boy & bear.