boy almost gave me a heart attack

Spider-Boy (Peter Parker x Reader)

Peter Parker x Reader

Request: “Can you do a peter parker imagine where he comes back from the airport fight in civil war and the reader bandages him up and it turns smutty?”(@fvckallthefandoms )

Words: 1441

Warnings: Smut, Oral, mild language? I think that’s it?

A/N: Sorry I changed the request a bit, but I couldn’t find the way to write it like that Also, Peter is at least the age of consent in whichever country you’re from :)

I paced back and forth in my room, anxiously biting my nails as I waited for my best friend Peter to come back. He’d been away fighting with the Avengers, and he had promised to swing by my room as soon as he was done there. Literally.
I discoverer that Peter Parker was Spider-Man a few months ago when I started to get suspicious of the injuries he sustained almost every day. I had turned up unexpectedly at his house and of course May let me straight into Pete’s room. As I flung the door open I had yelled in surprise to find Spider-Man lying in Peter’s bed. “I knew it!” I’d said as he tried to deny the fact he was Spider-Man.(To no avail.)
I gave up my restless pacing and collapsed face first onto my bed with a sigh. He’d said he’d be back within an hour or two, but it was already 10'o'clock at night. After a moment, I raised my head to check the time and my heart almost stopped. I leapt back with a scream and fell inelegantly off the bed, landing sprawled on the carpet. Huffing angrily, I stood up as the person in my room creased with laughter. “Peter! It’s not funny! You almost gave me a heart attack!”
Pete pulled off his mask and walked over to sit on my bed, still laughing. “I’m sorry, Y/N. But you should have seen your face!”
“Shut it, Spider-Boy.” I grumbled as I sat next to him, faking still being angry with him.
“I missed you.” Pete said, sidling up yo my side and slinging an arm around my shoulder with a smile.
“I missed you too, ya doofus.” I replied and gave in, shooting him a grin.

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*Warning: smut* RFA+V+saeran react to MC dancing sexily and them acting upon it *Wink wink*

 This was requested by @trustxfundxkid-jumin ^^ YAY lol

Oh right, ‘nother huge disclaimer is that Jumin’s had a ddlg kink ok? Ok, I don’t want any more negative feedback about it ‘cause it really hurt me when people criticised on my last post ^^ Anyway, yeah, I warned ‘ya!


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...why do you own a sword? And how?

Why don’t you own a sword?

It happened that a boy with a warrior’s spirit met a girl with a wild and beastly heart. Bewitched by her beauty and cruelty, he sent three emissaries to the girl to plead his case. 

The first emissary fell in love with the girl’s shadow, who had been cursed to protect the girl’s heart despite how much she loathed her.

The second emissary fell in love with the shadow’s sister, who confided in him that the heart had been poisoned by darkness.

The third emissary, who was prince over all darkness, extracted the darkness from the heart of the girl. (The trouble that loosing such a demon caused everyone involved is a story for another day.)

With the threat neutralized, and the heart returned to her senses, the boy with the warrior spirit then entered the castle and swore his love to the girl. 

Tragically, the story would end with the boy and his emissaries attacking and almost killing her heart some five years later. But as for the sword, it was presented as a gift to the girl when she was forced to depart to a melancholy and rain-soaked land. In the gray light of day, she would gaze upon the sword and take comfort in knowing that the boy with the warrior spirit patiently and faithfully awaited the return of his queen.


tl;dr @jiinthemachine gave it to me as a going away present when I moved to Washington when we were like sixteen.

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May i please ask how the 1p yandere allies would react to when waking up they notice their s/o is gone and after searching the whole house they find them outside, not escaping, but rather hiding under a bush in order to watch a couple of baby bunnies?

Saying he’s pissed if an understatement. How you got out of his maze of a house that he keeps locked up bothers him to no end. He will pick his s/o up and carry them back inside. Then try to calmly ask how in the hell they’ve managed to leave.

You friend have given this man a panic attack. He was scared and very worried until he found you. He then flat out tackles you and kisses all over your face saying how worried he was that you’ve left him.

Confused and panics until he finds you. He then relaxes and sits with you, holding your closely in his lap. He’ll offer to buy you two bunnies after this and keep a close eye on you.

Like the rest he panics. When he finds you his reaction is like a mix of America’s and England’s. He’s elated that you’re safe and joins you and holds you close.

You almost gave this old man a heart attack. He was rushing about trying to find you and he was dumbfounded when he saw you. He rushed over to her and nuzzled his face in your neck after pulling you into his lap. Probably will mutter “don’t scare me like that again..” Under his breath. He’s happy you’re safe and didn’t run though.

Oh boy you gave this poor man a frighten. He searches and ultimately almost destroys the house before kuma calls him over and points at you. He’s relieved but a bit miffed that you did that but be understands. He’ll buy you two bunnies the next day. He named one of them snowball.

Memories Back Then

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“I don’t get how you could look me in the face and lie, knowing it’d hurt me a lot more then the truth,”

Summary: Jaebum was an ex of yours. He was your one and true love who hurt you at the end. Took you a while to move on from him and as soon as you thought you could move on, there he is…. What will happen??

(Y/N): your name

Previous Parts:

Part1 // Part2

This is Part 3~

More Parts:

Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6



Your Point of View

You arrived at a park that you always walked to when you were upset. The view was beautiful. There was a river that was so calming and it just helped you relax. You walked up to a random spot on the grass and took a seat looking at the river flow. As stupid as it sounds, looking at the river erases all your thoughts at the moment and makes you think of the future. Everything will be okay… This is all just a learning experience right?

You sighed and looked down. Why did everything have to end so badly? Why did Jaebum have to cheat on you? Did you not satisfy him? Why did he have to come back into your life just when you thought you finally moved on? You let a tear stream down your cheek and you didn’t bother wiping it away. You were so caught up in your emotions you were distracted till, you suddenly began to hear a noise behind you. You looked back and your first reaction was to get up. You stood up and looked around. You see a body figure near a tree looking right at you and your heart slowly begins to race. Your first instinct was to walk away now. You backed up and then turned around and began to walk away as fast as you can.You panicked and began to run as negative thoughts appeared in your mind. Eventually you hid behind a tree after a while trying to catch your breath and the next thing you know you felt someone grab your arm. You looked up and was about to scream till the person cover your mouth.

 “(Y/N) it’s me,” Jaebum says as you finally got a closer look at him.

And again the two of you meet….


You looked at him and placed your hand over your chest feeling your heart race. This boy almost gave you a mini heart attack. 

“You scared me half to death,” you exclaimed as you continued to hold your chest. You looked at Jaebum and could see a small smirk appear on his face. 

“I’m sorry,” he apologizes and you just continued to look at him.

“What are you doing here anyways?” He asks you and you crossed your arms. “I could ask you the same thing,” you scolded raising your eyebrows and he chuckles. Did you make some type of joke that you’re not aware of?

“Still the same I see,” he mumbles and you quickly looked away. You were actually surprised that Jaebum remembers how sassy you used to be…

“I guess,” you responded not knowing what else to say and that’s when the awkward silence appears yet again.

“But you never answered my question, why are you here alone? at night?” he asks trying to make eye contact with you. You were going to continue avoiding eye contact but eventually you stopped and just looked at him. “I just needed a walk.”

“Where’s your date?” he asks you. Why does he care? Why is your date suddenly concerning him?

“What’s up the 21 questions?” you asked and began to walk away knowing Jaebum wasn’t going to have an answer for that response.

You honestly weren’t expecting him to follow behind you, but all of a sudden this man was full of surprises. 

“Hold up,” he hollered as he tried to catch up to you and you continued to walk off anyways. Eventually he ran up to you and stood right in front of you stopping you from walking any farther.

“Can we please talk?” he asks looking at you bringing familiar butterflies you once felt in the past.. You missed the way he used to look at you. The way he made you feel so special like you were the only one he loved and cared about. 

But clearly you weren’t his one and only…

“We have nothing to talk about,” you answered coldly and he continued to look at you. “Yes we do, please just hear me out and then if you want me out of your life for good, your wish is my command,” he says and you sighed. 

You might as well just hear what he has to say. He would probably force you to listen to him anyways. But what is he going to possibly say “It was mistake, blah blah blah?” 

“Fine,” you mumbled annoyed and he grabbed your hand and pulled you to a deck that was near the river and stood in front of you. 

“Look, I don’t know how to start this… But I can’t keep quiet anymore. Fuck I miss you. I fucked up so bad in past, and you know what I have no excuse for that. I don’t even know why I even cheated on you in the first place. I was stupid not being able to see that I had someone so great in my life. I fucked up so bad and after that day you haven’t been able to leave my mind. I tried to find ways to talk to you but you showed me that you didn’t want anything to do with me. I even got to the point where I was over my omma’s house in tears and you know I am not the type to cry very easily. But my omma told me to let you go. You deserved to be happy and clearly I couldn’t seem to make you happy. Instead I caused you pain. So for the past two years we had our space and you still kept appearing in my mind. Then tonight when I seen you, I felt like this was a message that we are meant to be. I mean I can be wrong but I miss you so much and I can’t lie, I’ve tried giving other girls chances but none of them were anything compared to you.” he says and you could see his eyes getting watery.

“Jaebum….” you were about to talk but he cuts you off.

“You meant so much to me and you still do. I want you to forgive me. I want to be able to start all over and have you in my life. But I think I’m a little too late for that… I looked at you at the bowling alley with your date and you seemed perfectly fine, like nothing happened between us. Like what we had was nothing to you…” he says and a tear streams down his face.

You felt so bad but he has no idea how much pain he caused you. Here he was thinking you moved on perfectly fine but that wasn’t the case. It took you two years to move on! No you haven’t even moved on, here you are watching the guy you love right in front of you cry because of his mistake. You wanted to forgive him so bad but how are you sure that he won’t do the same mistake all over again? Where you really willing to feel that same pain you felt when you first caught Jaebum cheating on you? Did Jaebum mean that much to you where you would throw away your pride just to be with him? 

“You think moving on was easy? Are you kidding me? The day I walked in on you cheating on me, broke me completely. It made me question everything! I wanted to just run and run far away from you. I never been in so much pain in my entire life. I felt like I wasn’t good enough for you since you clearly had to go cheat on me. I’m sorry I’m not the prettiest girl in your eyes and I am sorry I’m not the smartest and I’m sorry that I wasn’t enough to satisfy you. I’m sorry I made you want to cheat but I have feelings. It took me two fucking years… Two years to get myself together. For two years I was here thinking about you crying myself to fucking sleep. It was hard enough to tell my family that we were done because they fucking liked you. Your name seemed to be mentioned so much to the point where it was hard to even forget about you. Then finding out you were in a group was the hardest, especially when I seen you all over my tv and heard your music all over the radios. Yes it may look like I’m fine but it’s called putting a fake smile. I smile even though you caused so much pain in my life. And I blame you, it didn’t have to end this way for us but I wasn’t enough.” you practically shouted and you looked down having tears run down your face. 

Again here you are.. crying because of Jaebum…

He lifted up chin with his finger and looked into your eyes. 

“I know I fucked up but what else can I do? I’m so sorry. You have no idea what I would do to go back in time and fix everything. No one can ever replace you, no one can make me feel happy like you ever did. But like I said if you want nothing to do with me, i’m okay with it. I mean it will hurt like hell but what can I do….Like you said I did cause you pain…” Jaebum says and you looked away. 

At this point you were confused. What was the point of moving on? He’s always going to be in your mind 24/7 no matter how much you try so hard to forget him. But in a way you didn’t want to forgive him and let him cheat on you all over again. You already let him past your wall and he betrayed you. Are you willing to forgive him and let him pass your wall again? The wall that you had to rebuild to even trust anyone?

You looked back at Jaebum who was waiting for an answer. 

“I need…. time to think,” You stuttered and he just nods. “Take all the time you need.. please.” he says.

You seen him lean in thinking he was about to kiss your lips which causes you to automatically freeze but he kissed your cheek. When you felt his lips on your cheek the feelings of his lips brought back all the happy memories you two once had. 

He pulled away and walked off leaving you there alone. What the hell are you going to do?


You woke up feeling no motivation for work. Last night as soon as you returned home you basically stayed up thinking whether you should forgive Jaebum  or not. As you got ready for work you felt like a blob. He came back into your life wanting your forgiveness and now here you are confused as hell. You looked at yourself in the mirror and can see bags under your eyes. You need to give him an answer soon or this boy will make me forget what the hell sleep is..


You worked your shift at work and things were going normal as usual. At one point there was barely customers so you just looked and observed the customers that were around. You noticed one couple who were sitting right in front of each other and laughing bringing back memories of Jaebum and you.

“What kind of name is Teavana Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea?” Jaebum questions as he continues to laugh as you took a sip of your drink.

“Don’t judge the poor drink, it hasn’t done anything to you,” you defended your drink as you pouted causing him to giggle. “I’m sorry, the name is just…” he stops and tries to think of a word. 

“Unique?” you asked and he nodded. “Just try some, the name might be funky but the drink is to die for,” you offered putting the drink right in front of him.

“Ah no thanks, I’ll stick to my Iced Caramel Macchiato,” he says pointing at his drink. “Hater,” you said playfully rolling your eyes. 

“To your fruity cheesy drink name, maybe,” he says and you both began giggle. “Just please try some,” you offered again as you pouted staring at him. He continued to look at you with a serious face until finally he gives in. 

“Fine, fine fine.” he says as he puts his drink down. He grabs a hold of your drink and looks at it as if it was going to kill him. 

“WAIT! Drum roll!” you said excitedly and began to tap the table. He laughed at how you were reacting and at last took a sip. You began to focus on his reaction and his eyes widen. 

“Woah, this is good,” he says and you smiled. “Told you!” you shouted and you tried to grab your drink back but began to see Jaebum drinking more than your originally planned. 

“May I have my drink back?” you asked babbling your eyelashes and he smiled and shook his head no still drinking from your drink. 

You got up and walked over to him and tried to tickle him. He hated being tickled. He put your drink down and just as you thought you could get a hold of it, he pulls you onto his lap and holds your waist and looks at you. 

“Babe, if you just wanted to sit on my lap all you had to do was ask,” he says smirking and you rolled your eyes and giggled. “You're annoying sometimes,” you said and you softly placed your hand on his cheek and pulled him into a kiss.

You smiled to yourself. You had more good memories than bad with that boy. You guys treated each other like best friends but also as lovers. You looked at your phone hoping he would text you at least once but nope… nothing.

What are you going to do? You looked at the couple and then looked back at your phone… Have you finally made up your mind?



Taehyung Scenario (fluff) - Pinky Promise

Genre: Fluff

Pairings: V x You

Words: 587

Summary: You are pregnant and V acts like an overprotective daddy.

Author’s Note: I actually think he would be a lot like this, and it’s so cute…


- Tae? - You called for your boyfriend, as you woke up on an empty bed and missed the heat that use to be next to you.
You got up and looked at yourself in the mirror, smiling at your belly and caressing it. It was not that big yet, it was too soon for that, but you could tell that there was something special there and that made you think when it will happen, excited at the idea.
- I am going, don’t move. - He shouted from the kitchen.
Why would you wait when you could just get to him and give him the morning hug you always share? You left your room and started to slowly get down the stairs as you watched him aproatching you from the bottom of the stairs.
-Jagiya, I said I was going! - He started to got up the stairs. As soon as you took your eyes off the ground to look at him and leaned to kiss him, you slipped and almost fell, but your boyfriend caught you safely.
- Oh my God are you ok? Do you feel any pain? Is the baby alright? - He supported you as you looked at him in the eyes and gave him a peck.
- I am fine. Our little bear is perfect and happy to see daddy. - You grabbed his hand and placed it on your belly.
-Y/N you have to be more carefull! I cannot leave you alone five minutes without you almost giving me a heart attack! - You grabbed his hand and went to your room again.
-Taehyung, I am fine, you are our hero.- You smiled as you laied in bed to cuddle your boyfriend.
- I think I am not going to today’s dance practice. - He stated, interlocking his fingers with yours.
-What are you talking about? - You looked at him confused. - The boys need you! Why would you miss the dance practice?
-Because of you! And because of V Junior! You almost gave me a heart attack in the stairs! What if something happen and you need me? What if you got hurt in the stares and you don’t know and we are here talking right now when we should be in the hospital?! - Taehyung started a drama on his head as his worried eyes grew bigger in fear of loosing you.
-Oppa, I am fine. I know how to take care of me and our baby is safe. - You cupped his face with your hands. - I want you to go because I know you don’t want to dissapoint the guys and armies. I will be carefull, I promise.
Taehyung looked at you, not fully convinced at your speech. You gave him a sweet kiss and raised your pinkie finger to pinky promise you would be careful.
-I promise. - You assured him. Taehyung sighed and entraced his finger with yours. He then gave you a hug while caressing your belly.
-I am just worried about the most important things I have. - He raised your shirt a little to reveal your stomach and to trail a circle of small kisses there, making you laugh because it was tickling.
- I know. You are the best daddy our baby could ask for. - You messed with his hair, softly.
- I wish our baby to be like you when he grows up. - He kissed you one more time and got back to cuddling and not wanting to leave.



~I am sorry if this turned out short or something, but school you know? Still, I gave my best and I think it actually turned out fine, as I got some cute vibes from this … I can’t handle cute requests :’).


I also write for EXO, B.A.P, GOT7, Monsta X and Infinite if you’d like to leave more requests.


Meant to be pt.5

Summary :  A world, a world where people have soulmates, each and every person on earth is connected, bonded to another one, wherever this person is. A world where soulmates can communicate with each other through skin, everything wrote/sketched/drew on the skin, will appear on the soulmate’s and disappear few minutes later.

Word count : 1083

Genre : Soulmate!AU, Fluffy fluff

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6

Y/N got back to her hotel as soon as possible only to find her friends walking around the tiny room, biting her nails furiously.

“YAH ARE YOU CRAZY WHY DIDNT YOU CALL TO TELL ME WHERE YOU WERE ???” Lucy screamed while shaking Y/N’s shoulders.

“I’m sorry Lucy… But I was rather… busy and I completely lost track of time”

Lucy’s face totally changed, she previously had an angry/scared look, but now, she was wearing a smirk and her left eyebrow was up.

“Let me guess, you were with that pretty Beach/barista boy right ?” She didn’t let her the time to answer and kept going “Okay so I want to know everything, I deserve it you almost gave me a heart attack!”

They both laughed at the remark before sitting down on the edge of the bed.

She spent at least an hour explaining everything, how she told him about her soulmate, how much she learnt about him and how much she felt good listening to him, looking at him.

Lucy was happy for her friend, it was a long time since she saw her smiling like this while talking about a boy.

The last thing Y/N said before falling asleep made her friend smile even more :

“I don’t want that fucking soulmate, I want him”

Everyday she would do the same routine, she will wake up, dress nicely, go to his coffee shop, order a coconut coffee with a French toast for breakfast, she will sit down at the same table everyday with her friend, where she can clearly see him doing his work and where they can exchange smiles freely. A week after the routine, Jimin gave her his number, finally ready to take whatever their relation was to the next step. The week after, Jimin asked Jungkook what he was supposed to do, he wanted to take her on a date so badly, but there was her friend Lucy always with her, and he wasn’t really an experienced guy when it comes to dating, since he always thought it would just go smoothly with his soulmate, like everything was meant to be and that he wouldn’t have to try anything because he knew she would like him no matter what.

“Personally hyung, I think the best thing to do is to meet her at the beach, because it’s where you both met for the first time, if she likes cheesy stuff prepare a picnic or something, if not, then just go straight to the point, you tell her you like her, and I’m sure she likes you back, I mean, she comes everyday to the coffee just to see you…”

“I’m not even a whisper in his mind, yet he’s the screaming in mine..”

She started to wonder. Yes he gave her his number, but since then nothing really big happened, she came everyday to see him, but beside giving her her coffee and her toast he doesn’t do anything.

“I wish you knew what you mean to me and how your name plays in my head like a song on repeat when I try to sleep at night” she murmured looking at his name on her phone, wanting more than anything to text him.

She was in a restaurant with her friend, busy eating her delicious pasta, when she noticed something on her hand.

A line. A little messy black line. And then another, and another. She went straight to the bathroom, and tried to take it off with a bit of soap, but of course, it wouldn’t go away…

She was about to go back to her table when her phone rang, to notice her that she just got a new text

“I just finished my shift, meet me at the beach in 10”

It was him, finally he was texting her, finally he wanted to meet her alone again.

She quickly got off the bathroom, dropped some bills on her table before leaving the restaurant, leaving her friend clueless and alone.

He was already there, waiting for her. He was checking everything, if his hair was nice, if his clothes were alright, if-

“What the fuck?!” He swore, seeing the black lines on his hand, making it look dirty.

He checked inside his jeans pockets and found a black marker. Jungkook’s black marker, the one he usually use to take orders. That’s at that exact moment that Jimin realized he accidentally wore Jungkook’s pants.

“Well, it’s too late to go back anyways”. He tought.

10 minutes, nothing. 20 minutes, nothing. He started thinking, “When is she leaving ? She didn’t leave yet, she would have told me.. What if she’s lost ? Or maybe something happened to her ?!”

He started to panic, walking around the beach non-stop while trying to find excuses for her delay.

He was about to text her, when he saw her arriving, running toward him screaming apologizes while gasping for air.

When she got close to him, she instinctively hide her hand in the back pocket of her shorts.

“H-Hi, I’m so sorry, I was in a restaurant far away from here, but I ran as fast as possible to get here on tim-”

He put his clean hand on her shoulder to shush her.

“It’s okay, I would have wait all night to see you anyways”

They both smiled at the cheesiness of the boy.

Not wanting to make things awkward with a blank, Jimin didn’t loose any time and started.

“So I wanted to see you because I have something to tell you…” He started getting anxious more and more each seconds, but somehow he still managed to continue :

“Do you ever just crave someone’s presence ? Like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them. It could be completely silent and it would be completely magical to be here with them. What I mean is… Forget all the cheesy butterfly thing, I feel the whole entire zoo inside me when you’re here with me Y/N… I fell in love with you, I don’t know how, I don’t know why, I just did.” He started rubbing his neck, and looking down, scared to see her reaction, but he continued nonetheless.

“That night at the beach, I caught you staring, but you caught me staring back, and-”

She cut him off, making him look at her with big eyes, full of apprehension..

“Kiss the hell out of me Jimin”

And he kissed her like her lips were air, and he couldn’t breath.

Sorry for the delay, I hope you’ll like this chapter (even tho it’s a bit rushed) ! The end is near the corner ! Feedback is always appreciated cc:

Admin K

Things I like about Seventeen

I just wanted to make a list of personality, idol and physical aspects that i like of my boys. ♡


  • good leader
  • disgusting aegyo
  • nice eyes
  • rapping voice 
  • likes sniffing people’s hair that’s not weird 
  • has 12 children to look after 
  • looks good in q&a 
  • s.oups
  • hyung line


  • eldest maknae 
  • is 20 but acts like a child
  • hyung line
  • china line official translater
  • b.a.p’s 1004 
  • named himself angel lmao 
  • dork
  • beautiful singing 
  • high notes  the perfect man performance almost gave me a heart attack ok
  • laugh
  • deep voice
  • cheese burger aegyo
  • sarang ingeol
  • pikachu song
  • big beautiful coffee brown eyes
  • manly hands
  • can go from cute to sexy in 0.3 seconds you gotta be careful with this kid 
  • bLAck hair 
  • blue hair rip
  • shoulders
  • doesn’t like candy yet he is sweet  ♡
  • has pretty and manly features 
  • plays base guitar 
  • morning voice 
  • lowkey greasy boy 
  • sexy english voice
  • bare face jeonghan is better 
  • is it obvious that he’s my bias?


  • dorky laugh
  • hyung line
  • all i hear is raindrops falling from the roof top
  • arranged adore u acoustic version  and because of you  ♡
  • this chicken will heal our hearts
  • is half american and half korean 
  • can speak spanish
  • oh i’m like jackson i dance around 
  • hands
  • mokcha
  • brown deep sparkly eyes
  • bare face
  • another dork sigh
  • gentle man josh


  • derpy jun is the bEST
  • handsome
  • short hair
  • quiet
  • yet confident when he speaks chinese
  • singing
  • back flp S i
  • is very greasy 
  • one half of the china line
  • vampire jun
  • if there is such thing as too sexy it’s jun as a vampire 


  • eYE smiLE
  • smile
  • naega hosh
  • braces + black hair is jusT
  • hand tricks
  • hoshi momochu
  • dAncING sKILSS
  • voice
  • 10:10
  • seventeen project debut video no
  • mounteen


  •  aEGYO 
  • shyness
  • seems cold yet is v v sweet 
  • emo 
  • serious face 
  • laugh
  • mario
  • nose crinkle
  • such beautiful hands ♡
  • black hair
  • tol boy
  • snapbacks
  • flower prints from adore u era
  • adore u era
  • raPPING V oICE duh
  • smile
  • wondork
  • maneul
  • sloth


  • oh no
  • jihoon-ah ~
  • denies he’s not cute yet is living aegyo
  • horrible aegyo
  • seems like wouldn’t hurt a fly 
  • but he would 
  • writes and composes all seventeen’s songs
  • is this big pile of fluff that is very dangerous towards his members
  • blondish-pink hair
  • eye smile 
  • h ANDs
  • im older than him by 10 months exactly lol
  • adore u orchestra version
  • slip into the diamond life 


  • big smile
  • eye smile
  • fluff fluff fluff
  • high note challange from seventeen project i just love his face lmao
  • emotional aw 
  • sun flower 
  • voice 
  • high notes !!!!
  • is slightly tanned??
  • baby dork 
  • didn’t get any toothpaste form seungcheol 
  • is jeonghan’s pabo
  • shining diamond yeah
  • likes dogs 


  • germgyu
  • legend has it that he’s one of the tiddiest members of the group but has no hygiene
  • passed his college entrance exam
  • t A nned skin
  • is handsome and he knows it 
  • left younghee at the subway station lmao
  • his part in adore u and mansae
  • looks like he’s part of the hyung line but is actually the first one in my dongsaeng list ;-; why u do this to noona??
  • smile
  • hair style from mansae era 
  • 186cm dork 
  • what is it with dorks and this group?
  • someone pls give him tissues and sanitizer
  • worked in a coffee shop 

  • other half of the china line
  • ice cream hair 
  • thug 
  • loves china
  • is more confident in his korean aw 
  • martial arts
  • looks dangerous yet is cute 
  • piercings suit him
  • his part in drift away 
  • is probably the leader of a mafia group


  • sasskwan
  • emotional baby  ♡
  • oH ladies ~
  • loves his mom v v much
  • cute
  • hates aegyo
  • singing abilities 
  • under cut 
  • jeju-do
  • likes to knee kick his hyungs 
  • boonon


  • pull up on you wacks with a mac fully loaded, ah
  • deep voice 
  • singing voice  ♡
  • meme boy 
  • once you vernon you can’t vernoff 
  • is dangerous for the noona fans 
  • hansol and gretle 
  • half american half korean
  • another dork sighs again 


  • micheal jackson version of a pink’s no no no
  • such a talented dancer 
  • rapper !!!
  • is so naive with girls that it’s cute  ♡
  • wanted to go with younghee to the the chimjil bang and crack eggs on each other forheads
  • s.coups: girls hate that
  • dino: shiroyo?! his face is everything lol
  • is jeonghan’s baby
  • dino, nugu aegi?
  • *deep sigh* jeonghan hyung 
  • shares february as his birthday month with his hyungs and noona 

So in conclusion, Seventeen are 13 dorks who didn’t even have to do any effort for me to gyro drop into the diamond life  ♡

As fate would have it - Chapter 15

It´s been about twelve years since Hiyori last saw Yato. Twelve years since he cut ties with her. With tears in his eyes he explained that it was all for her sake so she could finally start to live a normal life.
What he didn´t know back then was that their ties could never be cut.

Hiyori remembered everything about him, Yukine and the far shore.
At the time Yato and she parted ways Hiyori was already pregnant with a baby girl that grew up knowing nothing about her father.

Chapter 15 - Home alone

(Long chapter alert! Also, I’m adressing subjects like bullying and violence in this chapter. )

Words: 3079

| Read on AO3 |  ,  | < previous chapter |

Main characters:

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byun baekhyun (exo)
(part 1) (part 2)

The first month of living in your new place while  persistently avoiding Byun Baekhyun has been easy. With classes rolling to a start, piles of work keep you out of the apartment in the day  or locked up in your room at night. You do your own thing, he does his own. In a way, you’re comfortable of co-existing with him in the little apartment.

However, when you do come across him, it takes a little bit of effort to look away and ignore him. Baekhyun, despite your irritation with him, carries a bright aura. Due to his boisterous laughter from across the courtyard or his animated chatter on the phone or during his video games, you’re attracted to his flame, like a moth easily drawn to a burning light, even when you refuse to acknowledge it.

Chanyeol shoots you meaningful looks every so often that Baekhyun’s name slips out of your lips unknowingly.

“For someone who hates him, you sure talk about him a lot.”

You frown at him, fingering the last of your fries as you contemplate whether to throw it at him. “Hate is a strong word.” When a smirk graces his lips, you chuck the food at him. “I just…don’t like him. He’s annoying but you see, I have to live with him. For now.”

“He’s really not that bad. Just give him a chance.”


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batsonthebrain  asked:

Not the Pokemon anon, but using the theme. Jay and Steph hop on his bike and spend a whole night as civilians, catching Pokemon. Neither of them want to think of it as a date, because if it had been a date, it would have been the best either of them had been on. Steph found a Pidgey she named Dick and Jay nearly skidded into a street lamp.

Dick: wow you look so tired, long night with a girl? ;)

Jason in his head: no, I spent eight hours of my night running around gotham, catching pokemons with Spoiler, and coming up with ridiculous names for them. Half of mine are called Dat Boi and Pepe. Half of Stephanie’s are variations of Cassandra. We almost got mugged five different times, my phone almost fell into a river when I was trying to get a Magikarp, we sneaked into private property to catch a picachu and almost got caught, and then we crashed on Stephanie’s house at 5am while her mom rolled her eyes at us and reminded me to call Roy so he wouldnt worry about me. Which I didn’t, so I woke up when he crashed through Stephanie’s living room window and almost gave me a heart attack. I slept two hours on a tiny ass sofa and only caught five fuckers, while Brown ended up with like eleven. Fuck pokemon go my man.

Jason, outloud: eh

The 100 Imagine

Title: Regret; part 1;

Fandom: The 100;

Character: Bellamy Blake;

Request by anon: Hey! It’s me again and this time I have an idea: y/n and Bellamy fight because she wants to go hunting with him but she goes anyway and get hurt helping him (he said smtg like: okay but i won’t protect you, when he was mad) and get lost and then a grounder takes care of you for a week or more and when you come back a lot of fluffy happens! hope you can do it *___*

OH and also please can he call y/n by the second name or some nickname (not princess bcuz we all know this one is clarkes)! thxx

Note: Y/E/C - Your Eye Color; Y/N: Your Name; Y/S/N: Your Second Name.

Thank you for the idea! I just changed a little a few things, I hope you like it anon <3

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Brother: Are you psyched for my birthday on Tuesday?

Me: Mhm yeahhhh

Brother: Awesome! Because Mom already planned the dinner and stuff at Ruth’s Chris.

Me: *acting casual* what time are the reservations for?

Brother: 8 *evil grin*

Me: …….wait are you serious???!?!?! Please tell me you’re joking!! 

Brother: *collapses on floor laughing* no it’s at 6! God you should have seen your face!!

Drabble: Flying

“Comin’ up on your left.”

“Nah, man. C'mon!” Falcon banked right just in time to see Warmachine blast past him.

“Rogers told me you were a little slow.”

“Oh, you think you’re funny?” Sam put on a bust of speed and Rhodes turned to look back at him.

“Yeah. I also think I’m only at half propulsion. What’s the drag on those wings anyway? Gotta slow you down.”

“At least I’m not weighed down by fifty pounds of guns.”

Rhodey’s laugh echoed in his comms. “Sixty-seven pounds, actually. Of FIREPOWER.”

“Yeah, well fire this.” Sam swooped low, then banked upward around his teammate in a graceful arc. “Gotta have the moves. Or is that too subtle for a guy who calls himself Warmachine?”

“Hey, Warmachine’s a good name. A badass name.”

“Who you trying to convince, man?” Sam circled lazily around him, riding the breeze.

“Keep it up. Just keep it up. Watch me clip those wings and we’ll be calling you the Emu.”

Falcon laughed, but Rhodey had gone silent.

“Hang on, picking something up.”

“Your pride? Yeah, you should definitely handle that.”

“Reading’s faint.” He looked up. “Using the cloud cover. But we’ve got incoming.”

Falcon dropped back down to hover beside him. “What’re we talking about?”

“Not sure. It’s small. And the density scan’s– Oh, shit! Move!”

“No need to trouble yourselves, gentlemen.” The Vision burst from the clouds above them, passing through Falcon as though he were nothing more than a ghost.

Rhodes gaped. “Did you just…?”

“Man, that is NOT cool!”

“My apologies, Mr. Wilson.” Vision pulled up short to float before them. “I merely wished to avoid a mid-air collision.”

Sam shook himself. “Almost gave me a mid-air heart attack. Try hitting the brakes next time.”

The Vision inclined his head. His eyes strayed to something behind them, the smile on his lips almost imperceptible.

“This is a party for boys? Or can anyone play?”

The others turned to find Wanda rising slowly toward them, the air around her glowing red.

Rhodey shook his head. “Okay, THAT’S new.”

She smiled. “Vizh has been teaching me.”

As the android floated over to offer her a steadying hand, Sam arched a brow at Rhodey. “You owe me twenty bucks.”

“So he taught her how to fly. Doesn’t mean anything.”

“Uh huh.” Sam smirked, watching as the couple hovered whispering together, apparently oblivious to the conversation.

But then the Vision turned around. “I believe Wanda has devised a means of settling your argument.”

“We weren’t–”

“Warmachine has speed, the Falcon agility. Yet we can measure them against each other.”

Rhodey shared a look with Sam. “Right. THAT argument.”

As they watched, Wanda stretched out her arms, energy sparking from her fingertips. Before them, a series of staggered red rings materialized on the air, stretching away toward the horizon.

Falcon grinned. “Obstacle course. Nice.”

“Oh, you’re on.” Rhodey pulled up beside him.

But the Vision looked concerned. “Wanda, you can maintain this?”

Her jaw was set in concentration. “I have it.”

Apparently satisfied, Vision took up position on Rhodey’s other side.

“You want in on this?”

“Trying to impress the girl, huh?” Sam grinned and the Vision looked momentarily taken aback, his eyes snapping quickly forward.

“The spirit of competition is beneficial in establishing a positive team dynamic.”

“Uh huh. Twenty bucks, Rhodes. You owe me.”

Rhodey looked over at Vision. “Just so we’re clear, that… phasing thing - or whatever it was - is cheating.”

“As you say.”

Wanda gave the count and, on her mark, the three blasted off into the distance. On the ground below them, Steve shielded his eyes to watch.

“Almost a whole team of flyers.”

“It’s an edge.” Natasha followed his gaze. “Think we might have a spare jet pack lying around if you want it.”

“I’m good. It’s just, all these new abilities…”

“Kinda makes you feel old, doesn’t it?” She chuckled. “Guess you’re used to it, though.”

He smirked. “Watch it, Romanoff.”

burger runs // k.j.w

Scenario: Bobby x You

Genre: Fluff :)

Word Count: 4686

Warning: Swearing, but not too much

Author’s Note: I’ve never written on tumblr but it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m bored and it’s cold as fuck outside so… why not? By technicalities, this isn’t exactly a Valentine’s Day scenario and where I am, it’s actually February 15th but oh well. Booby is my favourite in this world so I thought it would be nice to write about him. I hope you read this and enjoy (if anyone does read this lol, my writing’s a bit rusty.) Giving credits to @littlemissikonic for writing beautiful scenarios and inspiring me to write this in the first place. :)

Originally posted by n8teu

It was around 12am in the morning and you were rushing to the closest McDonald’s, your jacket half-zipped up, your hood over your head, your boots covered in salt and the bags under your eyes , darker than the sky.

Most of the city was already asleep with smiles on their faces and sweet dreams due to their previous love-filled Valentine’s Days. A day full of warm hearts in the air, sweet kisses, long, romantic walks and genuinely enjoying the other person’s company. It sounded like a dream come true, to be with someone and have electricity zing from your head to your toes with just a mere glimpse of them. Love truly was an amazing and fascinating thing and Valentine’s day was when it was put in the spotlight for the whole world to see.

But for you, a girl that had been single for their whole entire life, Valentine’s Day meant nothing. In fact the only thing it meant this year was finishing that 10 page paper that almost had your eyes rolling out of your head and your brain exploding into pieces.

Eventually you had managed to finish the paper, just as the clock struck 12 and Valentine’s Day was officially over. You couldn’t help but feel relieved; relieved that the paper was over and done with and relieved that Valentine’s Day wouldn’t come back for another 365 days.

Valentine’s day wasn’t a day you particularly dreaded, but it wasn’t a day that had you jumping for joy either. You found it to be slightly annoying and superficial. Why have a scheduled day to perform romantic acts when you had the rest of the year to be the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend? Even its origin story was materialistic; a day to rake in profit in the shortest month of the year.

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Block B   Reaction!

Requested! by jung-jinso

 “ OMG you are back!!! x3 jajaja ok no :P the reaction of bts are new? wooo so cool xD ok can you do a reaction of BTS, B.A.P and Block B When you (gf) are an idol and collapse in the stage and there are in the backstage, and another one when she wake up please, i really love you reaction,im only wait when you open the box xD”

and here you go,the last part of your request :)

B.A.P[x]      BTS(Bangtan Boys)[x]

Zico: *he would pick a fight with your manager for letting you perform in the first place*

*when you wake up*

*after giving you a tight hug he would waste no time to scold you for performing when you were not feeling well*

Kyung: *he would panick-trying to find you after you were carried out of stage*

*when you wake up*

“Ahhh jagiya….You almost gave me a heart attack…Please,take better care of yourself from now on,ok?”

Taeil: *when he realised you collapsed on stage*

*when you wake up*

“NO!Do not dare to move a muscle you hear me?Just stay there,ate a bit and then you can get up but-you are most definately NOT going on stage for tonight!”

Jaehyo: *shoves away the person next to him* “MOVE YOU JACKSASS THIS IS MY GIRLFIREND!MOOOOOOOOVEEE”

*when you wake up*

“You have no idea how terrified i was!How could you not tell me that you were feeling dizzy!I woul’ve stop you from going on stage and now we wouldn’t be here with you laying flat on the couch,having no idea what happened!!!”


*when you wake up*

“I’m glad you are awake!Me?What?No!I didn’t p-panick-no!!!”


*when you wake up*

“(Y/N)-ah,you seriously need to take more care of yourself!You are lucky you didn’t get hurt!!!”


*when you wake up*

*shoves food into your mouth* “Eat,you’ll feel better!Plus there is no way i’m letting you go back on stage so you’ll have to stay here eitherway!”

enjoyyy ❤


A/N: I would really like feedback also sorry for any mistakes. I love you guys alot and happy reading!! 

 You and Swazz had been best friends ever since middle school. When high school came around you thought after you graduated you two would have lost touch but it wasn’t true. You guys stayed in touch and now you were on tour with him and his a couple more of his buddies. You were friends with Nate (the one who’s tour it was) and you were glad you got to see the boys everynight. You grew close to Delany and Derek as well. They were both sweet and you and Delany had lots of girl talks. She was your girl best friend and Swazz was your guy best friend. It felt like a dream. You and Swazz would flirt but you swore to everyone that you two were just friends. Swazz was always protective over you. He was there through everything and you were there for him. “Swazz I swear if you don’t fucking quit touching my ass”. You said. “Yeah okay guys tell me more about how you two are ‘just friends’” Delany said. “Delany we are just friends I promise”. 

“This weirdo is my best friend”. Swazz tried to tell her but as always she didn’t listen. “Swazz why don’t anyone believe us when we say we’re just best friends?” You said going to your bunk to lay down. “I don’t know they think there’s something going on with us”. He said following you inside the tour bus. “That’s because there is” Skate said coming up behind Swazz. “No we’re just friends Skathan” you said saying his nickname. “Yeah you two flirt with each other but you guys are 'just friends’ he said going to the lounge he and Derek were always so hype after a show it took them forever to fall asleep. "How many more times do we have to say we’re just friends” Swazz said. “Well we all don’t believe it” Derek said. “Well it’s true and you have to”. You said sitting down beside Delany. “Swazz there’s a party tonight and we’re going. There’s gonna be girls, booze and weed”. Skate said. “Nah I’m okay just chillin out here with (y/n)”. he said. “How do you know she doesn’t wanna come either” Delany said. “Yo (y/n) there’s this party tonight. You down?” Derek said. “Nah I’m gonna chill here”. You said yawning. “How can you be sleepy?” Nate said. “How can you NOT be sleepy. It’s fucking four in the morning and I’m going to bed”. You said. “Swazz ya girl is going to bed. You better go with her” Derek said making Swazz stand up and punch him in the arm. “Fuck you man she ain’t my girl. Well she is but she ain’t. Oh damn you know what I mean”. He said sitting back down. “Yeah she is Swazz face it buddy that girl will always be your girl” Skate said coming to sit by his friend.  

“Alright we’re leaving for the party” Delany said going out of the tour bus behind her brother. “Have fun you two” she said and winked at you. “Hey baby wanna watch a movie or something?” You asked him when they left. “Sure which movie?” He said going to the lounge and sitting down. “I don’t care darlin” You said going to get candy and food. “Okay” he said going through Netflix. “Baby something scary or nah?” He asked you. “I don’t care boy”. “Alright something scary it is”. He said picking a random movie. “This movie looks good”. Swazz said. “Wait what if I get scared?” You weren’t big on scary movies and Swazz knew that. “Then I’ll protect you babygirl. I got you” He said laying down on the couch and you laying down in front of him. The couch was big enough for both of you. 

When the party was over the crew came back on the bus and saw you and Swazz cuddled up. “Aww look it’s our favorite couple who says they’re not a couple” Derek said making everyone laugh. Swazz woke up and you stayed asleep. “Shut up dude” He said kicking Derek in the leg. “Baby wake up” Swazz said shaking you gently. You finally woke up when he shook you for the third time. “What.. what’s going on?” You said getting up. “Nothing calm down. Time to go to bed”. Swazz said. You all got in your beds on the bus and went to sleep. 

When you woke up the next morning you had no idea where you were but it sure was beautiful. When you saw the ocean you smiled. “The ocean is close to us. That’s always been one of my favorite spots. "I know ma” Swazz said coming outta the bus. “Aye guys we’re gonna get a hotel tonight so we can sleep on a normal bed”. Nate said coming out of the bus. “Good about time” you said. “Where’s my girl?” Delany said coming outta the bus. “Here” you said stepping out behind Swazz. “Aye babe let’s go eat I’m starving” she said dragging you by the arm in front of the bus. “Lany would you stop pulling me?”. You said but she ignored you and pulled you into a restaurant. You don’t know how she could have this much energy at 9 in the morning but you went alone with it.  "We better hurry back with the food. You know how the boys are" You said but she stopped you. “(y/n) you would tell me if there was something between you and Swazz right?” She asked. “Of course girl. I mean you are my best friend”. You said laughing as you two went into the hotel desk to get your keys. You and Delany would be sharing a room. You went upstairs and finally found the boys and handed them their food. “Is (y/n) sharing a room with me?” Swazz asked. “Nah she’s gonna be with me”. Delany said. 

“Oh I see taking my best friend away from me Delany?” Swazz asked. “Oh calm down man she’s gonna be in the next room”. Nate said coming up behind us. “Jesus Christ don’t scare me like that Skate you almost gave me a fucking heart attack” you said going into your and Delany’s room. “Goodnight Swazz I’ll see ya tomorrow” You said. “Goodnight babygirl. I love you” he said hugging you from behind. “I love you too” you said turning around and hugging him then trying to get outta his grip but he wouldn’t let you. “Swazz let me go I’m tired” You said. “Swazz you’ll see her tomorrow okay” Delany said coming outta the bathroom. “Goodnight girls” He said finally going in his room and going to bed.

The next morning Delany woke you up early again. “What time is it?” Your sleepy voice asked. “10:00 we gotta gooooo” she said dragging out the last word. “Where’s Swazz, Skatem Dillon and Derek?” You asked yawning. “They’re all in their rooms”. She said coming to the bathroom to change for the day. “Well go wake them up and then come back and wake me up” you said covering your head. “We’re all up princess and waiting on you to get ready so we can get food”. Skate said coming into your room. “Ugh okay fine I’m up” you said going to get ready. 

*At breakfast*
“Aye babygirl” Swazz said as he went up to you and wrapped his arms around you. “Swazz what the fuck you’ve been more than clingy usual” you said trying to calm down your breathing cause he scared you. “Sorry I just miss you that’s all” he said. “What I’ve been with you this whole tour. How could you miss me?” You asked going into Taco Bell. “I missed sleeping with you baby” he said going in behind you. 

*Later that day*
You and Delany were waiting on the tour bus for the boys. “Swazz man if you don’t tell her how you feel I will” Nate said walking to the tour bus with the boys. “What the fuck you talking about man I do not like her”. He said trying to convince himself he didn’t. “What the fuck ever man. What was up with you last night then "Oh I see taking my best friend away from me Delany”“ Then you wouldn’t let her go to bed” Nate said. “She’s my best friend I wanted her to stay with me” he said. “Dude don’t fucking play we all know ya’ll more than best friends” Derek said. “So like Skate said tell her or we will” Derek said speaking up again. Swazz just sighed. 

“What’s up with Swazz?” Delany asked. “What do you mean?” you said back confused. “He’s acting alot more clingy now I’ve noticed it”. “Oh come on he’s just being protective of me doesn’t want me to get hurt”. you said. “What could hurt you out here?” She asked. “I don’t know you know how Swazz is” you said going to your bunk to take a nap. 

Swazz and the boys came in and were loud and woke you up from an amazing dream you were having. “BOYS WHY THE FUCK DID YA’LL WAKE ME UP?” you yelled. “I’m sorry princess go back to sleep” Swazz said coming over to you. “I can’t now thanks guys” you said. You got up and were sitting on the couch in the lounge talking to Delany and Derek and Swazz came out and sat beside you. “Um baby can I talk to you for a second?” he asked and grabbed your hand and took you in the back lounge.

 "Look I’m gonna be straight foward okay I like you. Like I love you. You’re so important to me and I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re more than a best friend.. I want you to be mine". He said. You were shocked cause he was never the one to put his feelings out there like that. “Swazz I-I don’t know what to say” you said. “Please say something that you like me back or don’t or something.. anything”. He said. “I like you too”. you said “Like me as in love me”. He said and you gave him a kiss him. “Does that answer your question” you asked him standing on your tippy toes. You both came out and sat on the couch in the front lounge. “Well?” Derek asked. “Well we’re finally together. She’s finally mine” Swazz said smiling big. “About fucking time” Skate said coming up behind Derek and sitting down next to Swazz. “So are my favorite couple a couple yet?” Delany asked sitting down next to you. “Yes we are… finally” you said to her and smiling at your dork.