Alla fine si scoppia, si scoppia a fare l'amore, eh senti che non c'è nessun altra persona al mondo che vorresti accanto, essere belli per qualcuno con tutti i difetti che mettiamo in mostra, piu ti guardo piu i miei occhi ancora non reggono la bellezza che emani ogni volta ad ogni sguardo, e sei bella sempre, nella tua semplicità, nel tuo essere te stessa, nel modo in cui mi guardi, e nel modo in cui mi sorridi dolcemente, nel modo in cui posi le tue mani su di me, nel modo in cui nonostante le tue paure con me ti lasci andare, e provi a superarle, sei bella cosi, cosi come sei, che sorridi, che piangi, con dei segni su di te, li a ricordarti cosa non sei, e senza di essi. E sei bella in ogni modo e in ogni dove, sei bella tutto qui.

I wont gender stereotype my son.

When we decided on a kitchen and cafe for Lucas’ first birthday, the biggest question asked was “isn’t that girly?” The answer is no, why is it girly? Do men not cook? Do men not own cafes? Can a man not work in a kitchen? It’s one of those questions that makes me annoyed, honestly.

Lucas spends 70% of his time playing in his corner, well one of many corners. He spends 10% watching TV, especially Disney Junior, and guess what his favourite programmes are? Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Doc Mcstuffins and Sofia the first! Once again I get comments like, “isn’t that girly?” “Why do you MAKE him watch this?” I don’t MAKE him watch it, he choses to, I am not going to turn over the TV everytime, the “girly” princess programmes come on. 

When Lucas was learning to crawl we purchased “girls” leggings as he couldn’t crawl in jeans; Comments were made for example “why is he dressed in girls leggings?” and when we bought jelly shoes for him, as they were the only shoes that would stay on his feet and comments were made again about the fact “he had girly shoes on”

I wouldn’t go out and buy Lucas a dress or bow for his hair but if he choses this then thats fine with me. I cannot stand gender stereotypes. Why are things girly? or even boyish? 

Children have no idea, nor do they care what colour toys they’re playing with, whether they’re reading about fairies or dinosaurs or whether they’re pushing a pram, playing in a kitchen or kicking a football around.
Just remember that.