Pompous pep in various AUs

1st one is from the Korean drama series The Goblin(도깨비: 쓸쓸하고 찬란하신), where some general from the dynasty 900yrs ago and was made into a goblin after his unfortunate death(Well he keeps his handsome humane form). He lived more than 900 yrs so he wants to end his eternal pain by getting his sword outta his chest but the sword can be pulled only by his wife(kinda), who bears some special mark. The goblins wife can also see ghosts and some other mythological things, i thought it would go well with pompous pep


2nd~3rd one idk i just like myths and gods
4th~6th idk idk some kind of boxxer? Au danny
7th you know

anonymous asked:

My theory is that Batter is (like with everyone in the OFF world) a sort of tulpa based on a mix of Boxxer (has a lot of his dialogue and appearance traits), Ballman (baseball), and maybe the negative emotions Hugo had for his father? If you want I can go into more detail but it's an idea for you. -reminiscentia-off.

Wow, that sounds almost exactly like the ideas I’ve had about him.  Feel free to go into detail, it’d be neat to hear your take.

I also wonder if it has anything to do with Hugo’s status as “guardian of meat,” that he was able to make the Batter and the Queen manifested in reality instead of mere collections of thoughts and feelings.


// aLRIGHTY, so I’m seeing that everyone’s making new AUs n stuff, so @strawberriesandcremefrap and I decided to create an OFF AU for the cups. If you want to be part of this AU, feel free to tell me! I’ll update this list with your desired character. :^O

★ Characters ★

The Batter: Shotty @ask-shotglass

The Judge: Lotus @askfishbowl

Valerie: Lavender @askfishbowl

Zacharie: Chai @ask-the-glamorous-chai-cup

Dedan: Vodka @ask-vodka-bottle

Japhet: Lacey @ask-lace-face

Enoch: Soda Pop

Hugo: Berry (Kid) @strawberriesandcremefrap

The Queen:

Sugar/Sucre: Bea @mocho-the-coffee-cup



The remaining cups will be Elsens! :D

(If there are any characters that I forgot about, please tell me! I’ll add any missing characters on the list.)