Pompous pep in various AUs

1st one is from the Korean drama series The Goblin(도깨비: 쓸쓸하고 찬란하신), where some general from the dynasty 900yrs ago and was made into a goblin after his unfortunate death(Well he keeps his handsome humane form). He lived more than 900 yrs so he wants to end his eternal pain by getting his sword outta his chest but the sword can be pulled only by his wife(kinda), who bears some special mark. The goblins wife can also see ghosts and some other mythological things, i thought it would go well with pompous pep


2nd~3rd one idk i just like myths and gods
4th~6th idk idk some kind of boxxer? Au danny
7th you know


New Video: D’Banj Ft Idris Elba + Shadow Boxxer - Confidential 

Ladies, we have something to spice up your Friday morning, superstars D’Banj and Idris Elba in the same video.

Following the release of the audio a few days ago, D’Banj has now released the official video featuring Actor Idris Elba and artist Shadow Boxxer who are both flying the flag for Sierra Leone.

“Confidential” is a part of D’Banj’s visuals EP as he celebrates his 10th anniversary in the entertainment industry.


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