You know…speaking of the’s kinda like a parallel of the comic concerning Ballman and Boxxer.

In the comic, Boxxer is the main character that has to deal with a bunch of powerful Ballmans.

In the game, the Batter is the main character that has to deal with a bunch of powerful Secretaries.

The Secretaries look like boxers or whatever they’re called.


If u need an idea for a (looks at smudged wrighting on hand) joke 4 off chars i spent a good amnt of time coming up with one for everyone.

batter - bumper
bad batter - bed bunk
zacharie - zucchini
the judge/Pablo - the Pudge/pedalo
Valerie - vacant/vacation
deaden - dead ants
japhet - javert
enoch - enough
vader - under
hugo - hungo/hungry
elsen - erin/ellen
specters - spencer
sugar/surce - source

Bonus panic in ballville

Ballman - batman
Boxxer - bummer
daisy - dainty/dial up

anonymous asked:

why do the ask/submit boxes say "boxx"? is it a reference to boxxer?

[[i really do like boxxer But no it isn’t i just pressed the x button twice. But you can pretend it was :-D]]

themoosebaruniverse asked:

What characters can we ask. I need to know my options here

(Also, I didn’t add them, but Ballman and Boxxer are also characters you can ask. Not to mention you can ask questions about/to specters or secretaries. Or certain Elsen, I don’t have a fan one though. But please just specify who you want to ask.)

captain-habit asked:

What are your most frequent kins?

they’re in different times: kaon is more from the past, i’m still him, but all i have in my mind are memories from the past in cybertron. i would love to be back, but i know thats not posible for me. i try to live a happy life in earth with this fleshy body! my main kintype

boxxer is in the present and its more of a coping method and all that happens to me is my present, im boxxer. lately im feeling it a lot thanks to meeting ballman again!

clouds, fog and smoke… its more like a future thing. i look at the clouds and say “after i die, ill be up there ,with all of you my comrades, you’ll see!!” so im just. gonna resurrect as a cloud to go with my friends. it will depend on how happy is my life!