Recently got invited down to shoot some photos and film a little clip at ‘The Box Art Show’ by Boxvintage & The End Bar featuring artwork by some good friends. Gallery openings are usually pretty boring. You look at some pictures on some walls and try too oooo and ahhh at the right times maybe even talk about themes and composition with some creepy older guy. This show was different I’d explain but then there would be no point too making the clip. Huge thanks for inviting me down guys and huge congrats too Sebastien Fougere, Wade Goodall, and Lachlan Olive on the show.

Check the clip out:



Weekend: 6 - 7 July

Here’s a list of things to do this weekend: 6 - 7 July! Feat. @TeneriffeFest @AlfredConstance @ChilliwowBris @_finderskeepers

So it’s the first weekend from the middle of 2013. Congratulations everyone! You’ve made it this far.

As with the usual Brisbane weather, it also appears that winter has past it’s peak and is already beginning to warm up. Excellent weather around the low…

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