boxing robe

Gifts For The Signs

*Check Sun, Moon, & Rising signs*

Aries - bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones, hat, lipstick, band t-shirt, antique mirror, penny board, neon sign, gym membership, work-out accessories, GoPro

Taurus - purse/tote/satchel, gift card to favorite restaurant or a book store, art, scarf, coffee mug, blanket, box of chocolates, silk robe, silver jewelry

Gemini - puzzle, book (new & intriguing), gossip magazine or newspaper subscription, nail polish, playing cards, kite, LP records, choker, unique pins/brooches, trivia games

Cancer - bath bombs, pearls, flowers, handmade crafts, candles, vintage cook book or utensils, framed photo or photo album, over-sized sweaters, gifts for their pets

Leo - music festival or theater tickets, rocking chair, hair clips, eye shadow, cigars, book (auto/biographies), retro games or decor, gold jewelry, champagne, selfie stick

Virgo - pillow, succulents, unique socks, red wine, typewriter, rings, books (self-help, psychological thriller, or motivational), massage oils, journal, yoga mat

Libra - home decor, earrings, perfume/cologne, fashion magazine subscription (Vogue, GQ…), silk pajamas, gift card to favorite clothing store, white wine, cuff links, vest

Scorpio - shoes, movies, lingerie, eye liner, video games, pocket knife, anything of leather or velvet, wallet, privacy screen, sunglasses, liquor, hoodie, $

Sagittarius - binoculars, waterproof speaker or phone case, keychain, books (philosophical, law, or spiritual) vintage maps, comedy show or concert tickets, video camera, address book, travel magazine subscription (NAT. Geo…)

Capricorn - watch, pottery, planner, tea, beanies, unique wreath, DIY craft book, skincare products, wine stoppers, telescope, gloves, terrarium, chalk or cork board

Aquarius - iTunes gift card, ukele, social magazine subscriptions (Rolling Stones…), flask, books (sci-fi/fantasy), bow tie, vinyl decals, instant camera, facial hair oil, patches, drone

Pisces - dream catcher, doc martens, mood ring, custom playlist, slippers, art supplies (watercolor paints…), hand-made/knitted clothing, lava lamp, a fish, hammock, poetry

Dreaming of heart shaped boxes of chocolate, silk robes, warm skin, long painted nails, fresh summer fruit, pale pink lingerie & pretty perfume bottles


-Imagine Scorpius waking up to find Albus’s arms around him, and snuggling into him.
-Imagine Albus running up towards Scorpius on the platform and kissing him, not caring that most of the school could see them.
-Imagine Scorpius and Albus walking into the great hall hand in hand and people moving to make room so they could both sit together, but not making it obvious.
-Imagine Scorpius and Albus dancing together at all the balls.
-Imagine Scorpius and Albus sitting together during lessons, holding hands under the desks.
-Imagine Scorpius and Albus sitting next to each other whilst eating dinner with their families, waiting anxiously until they could be alone together.
-Imagine Scorpius and Albus together at the top of the astronomy tower, looking at the stars and standing in comfortable silence.
-Imagine Albus pulling a small box out of his robe pocket and getting down onto one knee.
-Imagine the surprise, and excitement Scorpius felt.
-Imagine Albus asking four simple words with a serious look on his face and a nervous glint in his eye: “Will you marry me?”
-Imagine Scorpius saying yes.
-Imagine Scorpius and Albus walking in the corridors together, hand in hand, and them running into McGonagall.
-Imagine McGonagall seeing the ring and beaming.
-Imagine McGonagall whispering to Albus as she passes: “Congratulations”