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The Locket | Draco Malfoy

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Summary: “Draco x reader. Draco buys the reader a locket for their first anniversary. But when pansy finds it she can’t help but try it on. But Draco finds out.”

February was coming to an end when Draco Malfoy found himself standing on the middle of the main Street of Hogsmeade all alone. Usually, he would’ve told his friends to come along; even better, he would’ve taken his girlfriend, (Y/N), out on a date. But given the events that were due on next month, he had to visit the village with no one but his soul.

On March was going to be his one year anniversary with (Y/N), and he was determined to get her the best gift he could possibly find. He knew that if he told any of his guy friends to help him find the perfect gift for the girl, they would be no use and only waste his time joking around. And as for girls, he could only tell Pansy Parkinson, who was envious and annoying at alarming rates.

Sighing, Draco entered Gladrags Wizardwear. It was, by far, his best option. He had considered buying (Y/N) a book, or candy from Honeyukes, but those seemed to be gifts too lousy for an anniversary. At least here, he could find her a pretty piece of clothing to take back.

Draco looked around the shop, finding dresses that changed color to socks that screamed when they got too smelly. Searching for something to buy, he walked until the jewelry section and stopped dead on his tracks. There, glowing fancily on a showcase was a beautiful golden locket with a small diamond embedded in the very center. In a matter of seconds, the locket was stuffed carefully away in a small box and in the blond boy’s pocket.

A group of Slytherins were sitting in the common room, all admiring a beautiful golden locket in a small gift box at the center of the table.

“Wow, (Y/N) is going to love it,” said Blaise Zabini, making Draco smile smugly.

“How much?” asked Theodore Nott.

“Twenty-five galleons” Draco said, and Theodore raised his eyebrows.

“I didn’t know you could find such good stuff at Gladrags Wizardwear.”

“Not to mention expensive,” Blaise said, taking a close look at the diamond. He then proceeded to put the lid on; the ribbon automatically re-doing itself.

“Boys,” said a girl, Pansy Parkinson, as she sat in the armchair “Pucey told me that you need to go to Quidditch practice.” she told Draco. He sighed and stood up.

“Right, see you later then –Zabini, return the gift to my room.”

And with that, Draco left. Pansy was sparked with a bit of curiosity, and as she chatted with Blaise and Theodore, she couldn’t take her eyes off the box lying on the table. Soon enough, Balise and Theodore were off to their dormitories, and Pansy realized that the small gift box was left behind. In a blink of an eye, she grabbed the box and stuffed it in her robes, standing up and headed to the Prefect’s bathroom.

Pansy undid the white ribbon on the gift box and took the lid off, staring in awe at the beautiful locket sitting under her nose. She carefully took it on her slim fingers and held it up, taking in every single detail of the piece of jewelry. Not wanting to waste so much time, she quickly placed it around her neck, admiring the way it looked so classy over her collarbones.

Pansy kept admiring the beauty of the locket on the mirror, as well as hers; it seemed as the necklace, somehow, transferred its beauty to the owner once it was worn. Sighing, she reluctantly took it off and placed it once again inside its box, tying the white ribbon.

In a matter of minutes, she was now entering the common room and sitting once again in the arm chair. Just a couple seconds after, the Quidditch team entered, Draco clutching his broomstick and looking tired.

“Oh, Draco,” she called, standing up and fetching the box inside her robes “Blaise left the box here so I figured I would take it so no one else could,” she handed back the box to the boy, who kept staring at it with furrowed eyebrows.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“You used it, didn’t you?” Draco accused angrily. Pansy’s eyes widened.

“What? No, I –I didn’t…”

“Don’t lie,” he spat, a few Slytherins across the room stared at him. He shoved the box in her face “Look at this ugly ribbon –you made it yourself, didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”

He grunted “The ribbon does itself again until the gift is used! Once it’s out of its box, you have to do it by hand!”

“Okay –I took it out, but it was just to-”

Before Pansy could finish, Draco had pushed her out of his way and made his way to the boy’s dormitories. He stopped at the middle, and turning back, he snarled.

“Don’t touch things that aren’t yours, Parkinson.”

An Indecent Proposal

A/N: So. I originally wanted to get this done yesterday but was so worried it was gonna turn out like shit. But after going over my notes and some encouragement from @arathewallflower, I’m releasing it into the tumblr void. Fair warning, there is SMUT within. It’s not too heavy (at least IMO) but it’s there so if that’s not your thing, go ahead and skip it. It conveniently fit between some asterisks so just keep scrolling and you’ll pass it. Also, this was inspired by this post. Saw it and just couldn’t help myself ;) Anyways. Hope you enjoy!

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An Indecent Proposal

Tonight was the biggest night of his life and she was late.

Finn glanced at the clock, fiddling with his tie. Okay, only by about 20 minutes…but the reservation was for 6 and she still needed to get ready and her advanced lit course always let out at 4:30 and it’s now 4:52 and oh god, where’s the box?

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Hermione who secretly hates her bushy hair because she can’t tame it and she feels like she’ll never be beautiful. She knows her brain is what really matters, but she can’t help sometimes wishing she could be beautiful like Ginny.

Hermione whose feelings are hurt when her friends don’t understand that she isn’t freaking out before exams in order to get attention. Nine out of ten is NOT good enough and it feels like a stab through the heart when she doesn’t meet her own standards.

Hermione who is endlessly embarrassed by her ineptitude on a broomstick. It maddens her that she can’t learn everything she needs to know out of a book. She can’t help being terrified, though, because of her inability to cope with the situation in advance.

Hermione whose earliest memories are of being embarrassed by people and of the terror she always felt as a little girl when her playmates didn’t obey the rules.

Hermione who hates spontaneity because you can’t plan out the unknown. She loves routines and schedules because they rarely change and you can almost always depend on them. She relies on lists because you can control them and check off the boxes. She appreciates school robes because you never have to worry about what to wear to class.

Hermione who is always afraid of letting her parents down. They are used to their daughter being the best in all her classes and she constantly feels the burden of upholding that reputation.

Hermione who isn’t crushed by taunts about being a “Mudblood.” Instead, these taunts drive her to work harder and prove that one’s worth doesn’t lie in one’s genetics.

Hermione who loves her parents dearly despite the insults she endures because of them. She is never ashamed of her parentage and she makes that fact clear to anyone who dares belittle them.

Hermione who is so focused on the facts that she can be unbearably insensitive to her closest friends by accident.

Hermione who is scared of getting in trouble, of getting lost in the Forbidden Forest, of Hagrids many “pets,” of her friends getting hurt, and of so many other things that would probably make her friends laugh, so she doesn’t dare admit them.

Hermione who is disgusted by Ron and Harry’s flippancy about completing homework but always helps them with their studies anyway. (At least, she almost always does.)

Hermione who is incurably attached to her cat, even when Ron can’t stand him. (“He can’t help being a cat!”) Crookshanks needs her and she wouldn’t dream of getting rid of him, even to ease the occasional tension he causes between herself and Ron.

Hermione who is a human: makes mistakes, has pet peeves, hurts her friends, is afraid of things, doesn’t look like she stepped off the cover of a magazine, is slightly overconfident, but is loyal and brave and true.

Gifts For The Signs

*Check Sun, Moon, & Rising signs*

Aries - bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones, hat, lipstick, band t-shirt, antique mirror, penny board, neon sign, gym membership, work-out accessories, GoPro

Taurus - purse/tote/satchel, gift card to favorite restaurant or a book store, art, scarf, coffee mug, blanket, box of chocolates, silk robe, silver jewelry

Gemini - puzzle, book (new & intriguing), gossip magazine or newspaper subscription, nail polish, playing cards, kite, LP records, choker, unique pins/brooches, trivia games

Cancer - bath bombs, pearls, flowers, handmade crafts, candles, vintage cook book or utensils, framed photo or photo album, over-sized sweaters, gifts for their pets

Leo - music festival or theater tickets, rocking chair, hair clips, eye shadow, cigars, book (auto/biographies), retro games or decor, gold jewelry, champagne, selfie stick

Virgo - pillow, succulents, unique socks, red wine, typewriter, rings, books (self-help, psychological thriller, or motivational), massage oils, journal, yoga mat

Libra - home decor, earrings, perfume/cologne, fashion magazine subscription (Vogue, GQ…), silk pajamas, gift card to favorite clothing store, white wine, cuff links, vest

Scorpio - shoes, movies, lingerie, eye liner, video games, pocket knife, anything of leather or velvet, wallet, privacy screen, sunglasses, liquor, hoodie, $

Sagittarius - binoculars, waterproof speaker or phone case, keychain, books (philosophical, law, or spiritual) vintage maps, comedy show or concert tickets, video camera, address book, travel magazine subscription (NAT. Geo…)

Capricorn - watch, pottery, planner, tea, beanies, unique wreath, DIY craft book, skincare products, wine stoppers, telescope, gloves, terrarium, chalk or cork board

Aquarius - iTunes gift card, ukele, social magazine subscriptions (Rolling Stones…), flask, books (sci-fi/fantasy), bow tie, vinyl decals, instant camera, facial hair oil, patches, drone

Pisces - dream catcher, doc martens, mood ring, custom playlist, slippers, art supplies (watercolor paints…), hand-made/knitted clothing, lava lamp, a fish, hammock, poetry

Peculiar. (Newt x Reader) pt.3

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A/N: illegal stuff + mermaids and feelings
Warnings: none
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peculiar masterpost.


Minutes passed since you broke apart. By the docks you sat, taking off your shoes and occasionally glancing at your broom and re-thinking just exactly how will you go about doing this. Newt shuffled near the boxes, awkwardly at that. He was still trying his best to collect himself and the shattered pieces of his already weak pride. He was embarrassed and in turn chose to keep his distance. He shrugged off his robe, his mind rushing a mile a second, when he felt something latch onto his finger. Surprised he gazed at Pickett – he had completely forgotten about him! -  he giving Newt a pleading stare.

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Let Me Love You // A Beautiful Boy Drabble

WARNING: explicit content. 

“Okay.” Logan stood in front of the bathroom mirror, eyeing her reflection as she shook her hands out. It wasn’t that she was self-conscious, she really wasn’t. But the thing was, she just had a baby ten weeks ago. And Harry hasn’t seen her naked except for during labor which she doesn’t think counts because that’s his job. But this, she thought to herself as she turned to the side, sliding a hand over her not-so-toned stomach, is not his job.

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anonymous asked:

hey! As an incoming freshman, I am starting to become stressed out about what I will need! I was just wondering if a printer was vital in our first year? Also if you can, it would help to have a list of things that are crucial for school!

Ah yes, the ever stressful “what to pack” question. Have no fear, pre-frosh, we’ve go your back.

As far as printers go, I have a printer and find it useful but not essential. It really depends on how much you’re going to print (more for humanities kids). Also, sometimes people are too lazy to walk to the libraries to print. Your choice.

Other things I’ve found especially helpful:

  • Fan–it’s gonna be hot during orientation, trust me.
  • Fridge
  • Extra lighting–that fluorescent is a killer
  • Extra hangers
  • Shower shoes–because ew
  • A mirror–because lez be serious
  • Cups
  • Laundry stuff
  • Duffle bag for when you go home–I didn’t think about this, don’t forget
  • Computer–duh
  • Broom, disinfecting wipes, etc–you’ll need them soon enough
  • Mattress pad–those beds are so not comfortable
  • Trash bags
  • Extra towels–so you can avoid laundry as much as possible
  • Extra sheets–see above

Things that were nice to have, but dispensable:

  • Speakers, for music
  • Microwave
  • Command hooks–and lots of them for when you want to ~personalize~ your room
  • Robe
  • Storage boxes
  • Snacks

That’s all the notable stuff, comment if we forgot anything.

i-prayed-to-you-cas  asked:

1 or 32, wolfstar :)

“Stop that.”

Sirius looked over his book at Remus, sitting across the library table from him, “Stop what?”

Remus raised an eyebrow, his eyes never leaving his essay, “Squirming.”

“I’m not squirming.”


“I’m not shifting.”

Remus sighed, dipping his quill in his inkwell briefly before returning to scratching out words, “Sirius, your chair squeaks. I can tell - the whole library can tell - when you so much as scratch your nose, not to mention move your entire body like you’ve been doing every five seconds-“

Okay. Okay, fine.” Sirius sighed, eyes raking over Remus’ messy hair falling over his forehead, his freckles looking soft in the candle light, his eyelashes casting long shadows over his cheeks. He bit his lip, “I’ll stop.”

Remus just made an approving hum, before going silent again.

Sirius shifted his eyes back to his book, staring hard.

A Patronus Charm is a particularly difficult piece of magic. It requires one witch or wizard to, not master a motion or phrase, but instead to master themselves. To be able to reach within, and conjure happiness. Only then, will they be able to conjure a defensive spell.

Sirius’ eyes once again found Remus, as if by their own accord.

No, he told himself, focus.

He looked back at the book.

A Patronus Charm is a particularly difficult piece of magic. It requires one witch or wizard to, not master a motion or phrase, but instead to-

Sirius inwardly rolled his eyes, realizing he was reading the same sentence that he had been for at least 20 minutes. He uncrossed his legs, tucking one under him, only realizing too late-


He groaned, slamming his book shut, “I’m sorry- ow! Fuck-“

Remus started a little at Sirius’ sudden outburst, finally looking to the other boy, eyebrows drawn together, “What?”

Sirius threw the book on the table, eyeing his finger where a thin sliver of blood was poking through his skin.

“Nothing…” He mumbled, “S’just a paper-cut…” He shook his hand out, “Bloody hurts though.”

Remus bit his lip. He felt his chest seem to warm up as he watched Sirius’ nose scrunch at the sting, eyebrows pulled low and looking around for something to wipe the blood on.

“Here,” Remus set his quill down, scooting back from the table, “let me see.”

Sirius sighed, “No, it’s fine, I don’t want to bother you more than I already-“

“Let me see.” Remus said more forcefully as he sat down in the chair beside Sirius and took his hand carefully into his own.

Sirius couldn’t help but smile a little as Remus took a small box from within his robes, flipping it open to reveal what looked like a mini first-aid kit.

“Where’d you get that?”

Remus glanced up with a soft grin from where he was busy unnecessarily disinfecting Sirius’ cut with a small, damp cloth, “Con of being a werewolf number 304: You never know when a cut’s gonna open up.”

Sirius bit his lip, “Oh.”

They were silent as Remus finished his work, smearing a slightly sticky ointment onto Sirius’ finger before rapping it in a blue band-aid. Sirius thought his chest would burst when Remus, after flashing him a grin, leaned forward and pressed a light kiss to the small wound.

“All better, yeah?”

Sirius grinned back, “Yeah…”

Remus nodded, making to get up, but Sirius grabbed his hand.

“Y’know… There’s something else.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “What?”

Sirius thought quickly, pulling Remus back to him, “It’s just I think I’ve hurt something else. Can’t remember how, but I think you could help.”

Remus, recognizing the familiar mischievous glint in Sirius’ eyes, raised both eyebrows, “And what might that be?”

“Well,” Sirius shot him a sheepish grin, “I’m not sure if it’s so serious that it requires all that-“ He nodded to the little case, “But it seems that last part…” Remus yelped as he was pulled straight into a smirking Sirius’ lap, “might do the trick.”

Remus rolled his eyes but was unable to stop his grin from peaking through, “Oh do you?”

Sirius grinned, “Mhm.”

“And where, might I ask, exactly is this wound that is in dire need of my attention?”

“Hm. That depends,” Sirius dropped his voice to a whisper, leaning in so that their lips were brushing, “on how serious a problem you’d like to address. Because,” Sirius nipped lightly at Remus’ bottom lip, “If you address the one I have in mind… you might have to address a slightly bigger one later.“

Remus smirked right back, “Well then,” He leaned in, noses bumping, lips practically touching,

“I’ll just have to take my chances.”

anonymous asked:

Hi Newt! What was your time at Hogwarts like? Did you get in trouble a lot (pre expulsion)? And if so, what for?

Trouble?  No, no trouble.  I was a model student.  Never got in trouble for wandering in forbidden areas, or for keeping too many puffskeins in my dormitory.  

Or for breeding nifflers in the greenhouse planter boxes.  Charming a bully’s robes orange.  Attempting to keep a pixie from a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson.  Falling asleep in the owlery and missing classes.    Using a tickling charm on a friend during exams.  Pocketing a hedgehog from Charms class.

So you know, best behaviour only.

If I Like It Then I’ll Put a Ring on It

Request: Hi! Could you do an imagine where y/n or you can use my name if you allow it (Lyric) has been dating Fred for a few years at Hogwarts and on the last day of their 7th year, Fred asks y/n or whatever to marry him?! And people are cheering and it’s super fluffy? Thanks love! Xxx

Fred fidgeted nervously as he paced around the room. What if they turn him down? What if he become humiliated in front of the entire school? What if they thought he was pushing to fast and wanted to break up? 

“You’ll be fine, mate. I’m ten billion times sure Y/N will say yes,” George put a reassuring hand on his brother’s shoulder. 

“Are you sure? I mean, I love Y/N so, so much and I just want us to be happy…together..” Fred calmed down a bit after imagining the two of them together. 

“Come on, Freddie. It’s the last day! If you don’t do it now, you might as well just wait forever. Let’s go already, classes end in a few minutes!” George grabbed his brother and shoved him out the door. 

“Watch it George! You almost made me drop the ring!” Fred grumbled as the two ran down the halls. He knew Y/N had Charms last, and he hoped that they wouldn’t be bored to death already.

The two finally got to the door of the classroom. Fred peeked in and saw Y/N about to slam their face on the desk. He slightly grinned at how they absentmindedly tapped their foot in impatience. What everyone else called a nasty habit, Fred called adorable. How many more minutes until school ended?

“Anytime…now… Good luck, Freddie. I’ll be waiting for you at the other side of the hall. Give you two some privacy,” George nudged his twin and winked. Fred rolled his eyes, and when the last minute was ticked off and the students began flooding out, Fred quickly hid the box in his robes. 

Y/N came barreling out the door, and practically jumped on Fred with excitement. 

“Can you believe it’s finally done? No more classes!!” Y/N shouted with glee. Fred kissed the top of Y/N’s head, and took them by the hand. 

“Listen..Y/N…I’ve been meaning to tell you something..” Fred sat by the window and took the hands of the love of his life. “We’ve been together for, if I’m correct and I sure hope I am, four years now…and I love you so so so so much. I know it’s really cliche of me to say, but you really are the best girlfriend I could ever ask for…” Fred continued on and on. 

Y/N began to notice the unnerving amount of people staring. What was going on?

“Y/N…” Fred gulped and slowly got down on one knee. Was this really happening? Y/N’s face filled with excitement, nervousness, and (hopefully) eternal happiness. 

“Though I still can’t imagine why you’d want to go out with a bloke like me…will you marry me?” Fred blurted aloud as he clumsily pulled out the ring.

For just a single second, everything stood still. Fred felt his heart rate increase a trillion times, and Y/N was so shocked they weren’t even sure they could speak anymore. George and Lee Jordan smirked, getting their wands ready for the biggest show anyone in the school has ever seen. All the bystanders waited on the side with anticipation.

“YES!!” Y/N shouted at the top of their lungs and enveloped Fred in the longest kiss they’ve ever experienced. George and Lee started hollering with joy as they set off enormous amounts of fireworks in all sorts of shapes and sizes. 

Everyone standing by, from students to teachers to paintings to ghosts starting cheering and applauding. The only thing that Fred and Y/N broke the kiss for, was to slip on what Y/N referred to as ‘the most beautiful ring in the entire world’.

All of their friends ran up to them and gave them both an enormous hug. Fred and Y/N couldn’t stop grinning, but who said they ever had to?


Lucas having his moment (Promise Me We’ll Be a Diamond)

“Just breathe Riley,” Maya said shaking Riley.

They were waiting in the halls of George Washington High School about graduate high school. Leaving behind memories and friends.

“I’m not ready,” Riley said freaking out. She glanced out the window. “Plus it’s cloudy. Why is it cloudy, Maya? Shouldn’t it be sunny? It’s June! What if it starts raining and I slip on mud in the middle of the football field?”

“You won’t trip,” Maya assured and Riley stared at her pointedly. “Okay, maybe you will be you’ll be fine. Now how do I look? Uncle Boing will be in the audience.”

“You look great, Maya,” Farkle said coming towards Lucas and Zay at their side, Smackle wrapped in his arm. “You two always look great.”

“Mr. Matthews said we better start heading out,” Zay said nodding towards the exit in the hallway. “Graduation is about to start.”

Riley nodded and watched as her friends began filing out of the exit. She felt a hand grab hers and give it a squeeze.

“Nervous?” Lucas asked smiling down at his girlfriend of four years.

“Yeah.” Riley said frowning.

“Don’t be.” Lucas said giving her hand another squeeze.

“You?” Riley asked as they began walking towards the exit.

“Yeah, but not for graduation. ” Lucas whispered.

Before Riley could question him on what else there was to be nervous about, she was whisked away by a teacher to sit in her assigned seat. The graduation itself was exciting and emotional. They had all gotten their diplomas and the principal was giving his last speech to the graduating class.

Lucas made his way towards Riley’s seat. His face full of color and joy. Riley smiled at him and he grinned back.

“Hi,” She giggled.

“Hey,” He beamed.

The principal started wrapping up the speech just as Lucas pulled a small box out of his robe.

“Riley I’ve known you’d be special ever since you fell on my lap,” He yelled over the cheerin of the crowd, caps being tossed in the air. “I’ve loved you for a while now. I never meet anyone who can make me feel the way you do.”

Friends and family were coming towards the duo and Riley could see a small crowd forming around them. Lucas got on one knee and she can see Uncle Josh and Uncle Shawn fanning a fainted Cory Matthews. Topanga and Maya were smiling from ear to ear.

“Lucas,” Riley’s voice cracked. If he was doing what she thinks he was doing, she wasn’t ready for this.

“Hear me out, please,” He said, she nodded and he continued. “Honestly, I can’t see myself with anyone else ever.”

“Lucas,” She tried again, pleading with her eyes. She felt her face heat up with everyone staring.

“Riley Matthews, I love you,” He said standing up and pecking her lips with his. He opened the small box to reveal a silver band with a small rose. A promise ring.“This isn’t a proposal, ” he said to the crowd.

Cory Matthews perked up at that, not ready to see his little girl marry so young. Even though she wasn’t so little anymore.

“It’s a promise,” he said taking out the ring and sliding it on Riley’s finger. “For something deeper. Maybe with just the right pressure we can eventually become a beautiful diamond. In the future. We’re slowly getting there.”

Riley let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and launched herself in arms, laughing and crying. It began to rain. Lightly and heavenly. The sun peaking behind a thick cloud lighting up the rain drops like diamonds. A beautiful, magical summer rain.

The crowd cheered ignoring the rain. One by one, their friends and family congratulated them. Zay grabbed the both of them and squeezed them tightly. Cory and Topanga came over to them smiling.

“Your story will continue to grow,” Cory smiled, glancing at Topanga. She smiled back.

“It’s worth the wait,” Topanga said. “It’s worth the pain. It’s worth it every time.”

“Always.” Cory nodded.

Lucas and Riley beamed at each other.

“You know those moments we always talked about?” Lucas asked.

Riley nodded and looked up at him. Raindrops stuck to her eyelashes and her eyes twinkled from happiness and the sliver of sunlight. Lucas had never seen her look so beautiful.

“This one was mine,” he ducked his head down and captured her lips.

They both smiled into the kiss. It was a moment they will never forget.

The Persuasion of Draco Malfoy chapter 6 (Draco x Reader)

    (Y/N) was exhausted from all of the exams she had taken today. She just wanted to rest for a while in her room before dinner. She entered her room, took off her robe, and put down her books. She pulled her hair into a ponytail then slipped off her shoes. She made herself comfortable on the bed and focused on the ceiling. She quiets her mind and relaxes. After a few minutes she is unable to keep her mind quiet, she eventually starts thinking about Draco.

    She thought about how nice he had been to her this whole time. He was so gentle with her. He made her laugh, which she never suspected he could do. She was starting to like how he flirted with her. And all her encounters with him were enjoyable. She did feel bad for making him wait for an answer. She wondered when he would ask again if she would be his girlfriend. Not that she was ready to give him an answer, she still needed more time to get to know him better. She wanted to become good friends with him first. She always thought that the best relationships start with being good friends first.

    (Y/N) yawned and looked at her clock. It was still a little while longer before dinner. She was still hungry from hardly eating at lunch. Draco would probably ask her to sit next to him and his friends. She usually sat at the opposite end of the table, most of the time with a book in her hand. But she wanted to get to know him better so sitting with him would give her that opportunity.

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Written in honor of Draco Malfoy’s 35th birthday, and dedicated to my darling mangoapplepie who needs some fluff right now. (photos are not mine)

Harry enters the bedroom quietly, hovering the tray of coffee and croissants to the nightstand. Smiling, he notices Draco has kicked off the covers since he left the bed, and he takes a moment to admire his boyfriend in the soft morning light. They’d all thrown Draco a wild birthday party the night before, mostly coordinated by Pansy and Hermione, who were quite dangerous when they combined their efforts. There had been loud music, lots of friends, and a terrifying amount of alcohol. He’d been sure to set a Tempus Charm for the morning, so he could sneak out to Draco’s favorite bakery and get some breakfast and flowers. Setting down a handful of white gerbera daisies on the pillow next to Draco, Harry leans over to press a kiss to a pale shoulder.

Draco stirs and moans loudly. “What did you let me do?” Stifling a laugh, Harry nuzzles the blond hair. This is why he made sure to not drink too much last night. He knew Draco would be horribly hungover from the outrageous amount of firewhiskey he consumed.

“Happy Birthday, babe,” Harry murmurs, pushing Draco’s hair out of his face. His boyfriend rolls over to glare at him with bloodshot eyes.

“You arse. I can’t believe-” he stops when he notices the daisies, and his eyes soften. Draco loves daisies, even though he often pretends to be above ‘such a common flower.’ "You’re such a sap,“ he declares, but Harry can hear the teasing love hidden in his haughty tone.

"I’m also brilliant,” Harry replies, pushing a bottle of Hangover Potion to Draco, who beams at him and tosses the vile back in one go. Harry hands him a cup of coffee from the breakfast tray, which Draco sips on to rid his mouth of the aftertaste.

“Please tell me I didn’t do anything incriminating last night.”

“Um, actually-”

“Oh, Merlin,” Draco groans. “Just tell me.”

“Well, you did stand up on a chair and demand I give you a birthday blow job.” Harry grins at the memory. “Said that you ‘deserved some quality cock sucking.’”

“I did not.”

“You did, love. Everyone thought it was hilarious.”

“Bloody fuck. Blaise is never going to let me live that down.” He pushes his cup back at Harry. “I shouldn’t be allowed to drink that much. I’m old now, clearly my aging body doesn’t handle it well anymore.”

Harry laughs, “Oh shut it, you. Thirty-five is not old. You’re still young and you know you’re hot as fuck.”

Smirking at him, Draco stretches out his lithe body and Harry’s eyes dart to watch the contracting muscles. “Well, that’s true,” Draco drawls. “I’m still gorgeous.” The blond perks up suddenly and flashes a lazy smile at Harry. “You know, what I said last night was true. How about a nice blow job for the birthday boy-”

Harry cuts him off with a fierce kiss and Draco immediately wraps his fingers in Harry’s dark locks. Biting down on Draco’s bottom lip, Harry begins to slide his way down his lover’s body, sucking and nipping at every perfect bit of bare skin. Draco whines at him when Harry teases above his briefs, all pompousness gone from his voice. Harry revels in the needy sounds and sets about giving his boyfriend a teasing, languid blow job, ignoring every plea to hurry it up. After all, Harry remembers as he thinks about the little velvet ring box hidden in his robe pocket, They have all the time in the world.


aries: *makes a speech which is just one long line of curse words they’d been waiting to say forever and wants to fight every teacher they see on the way out*

taurus: *accidentally puts on clothes backwards and trips all the way up to get their certificate* *finally at the podium* *flustered* I’m pregnant?? *everyone applauds* *puts hand over non pregnant stomach and waves like Kate middleton*

gemini: hello everyone. I’m going to get high. *rips off robe* I am ready to become an adut! Adult me!!!

cancer: *emotional* I just have a lot of feelings *cries all over speech* I ad a gret tim her ad I not wan it o end

leo: *walks up to podium* *blinks* *whole crowd stands up and erupts into cheers*

virgo: am I talking now? bc I calculated it out and I’m supposed to be talking for another 6.2 minutes considering that every other student got 12.3 minutes to speak *stresses*

libra: *throws confetti into air as they walk* *mutters under breathe: walk walk walk strike pose walk*

scorpio: *walks up to podium* *growls* *everyone claps*

sagittarius: *interpretive dances up to podium* here is a haiku I wrote about my high school years *talks complete gibberish with a few jokes here and there*

capricorn: *adjusts robe* *fixes tie* *locks eyebrows* *polishes shoes* *clears throat* *fixes hair* *pulls out snack**drinks water* *irons pants* *finally ready to make the perfect speech but virgo screams that it’s already been 12.3 minutes*

aquarius: *rips up certificate* *whispers into microphone* sIcK nASTEe *picks up boom box from robe and starts air thrusting as they walk out*

pisces: *brings their pet dog with them to make a speech* hey guys this is my dog and he just wanted to say that it’s been real