boxing licence

HEEY. So I’m travelling out to NYC tomorrow and will be reunited with @disalvos to make up the gruesome twosome once again. I will be away from 16th June - 23rd June.

I have a queue of 25 replies running throughout so you’ll be fed with my trashy self almost constantly. I’ve gone in order from the oldest to the newest so there’s a lot of the aforementioned bab’s stuff that’s going to come out first. If I have missed something and you notice it over the week then please let me know. To make it easier, just message me with a link to what I’ve missed and I can draft it for when I return.

Happy “today is Beth’s birthday according to the documents in her safety deposit box even though her licence and Cosima’s files say different” Day! 

Let us put aside debate as to whether or not it’s actually her day, and just take advantage of another opportunity to celebrate and sob about Beth Childs!

*party noisemaker sounds* *confetti* *sobs* *more confetti*

i hope i don’t keep recommending something sketchy gfhjfnf but i can access the bbc iplayer from outside the uk with the beebs chrome extension and it’s the easiest option i’ve seen recommended so far? you have to check the “yes i have a tv licence” box if they ask you but that’s all, nobody cares if you actually have one