boxing day 2011


This guy got video even though he had a crapload of crowdsurfers landing on him, including Bil and Human Kebab.  Such a fun show.  Best Boxing Day I’ve ever had.

boxing day

there’s something about the little orange sale price sticker that is placed on products, that….invokes a very specific reaction in many people. 

and that reaction is….

or this :P

i mean, really. i would feel the urge to seriously purchase something i wanted, even if it’s regular price was written on the little orange sale price sticker!

alright, alright, i’m not even THAT stupid…most of the time. but you get the point!

anyway today, i witnessed this first hand because this was the first time (i think….i’ve probably been before but i don’t remember those times, so officially this will be my first time) i went boxing day shopping. 

i mean…..people were making crazy lines and paying crazy amounts, to the extent that they were even spending like crazy people in stores that DID NOT HAVE ANY SALES!!! (and yes, there were such stores, e.g. the coach store…)

this shopping addiction that we all have (or most of us anyway…including me sometimes for the most part…) could probably be boiled down to a science of deeply troubling psychology. 8-) like how shopping is compensating for some big void in all our lives…just to mention the most cliched theory :P

haha, but until then, keep indulging world! (and me, of course :P) when the theory does come out, i’m sure we’ll all work on it ;)

and…i guess that’s it! happy end of boxing day :P 

much love!

-komal :)