boxing day 2004

I just watched a documentary

About the Tsunami in 2004, and I have cried my heart out. I thought it was just a little video on youtube capturing it, but then I seen there was 7 parts to it and I couldn’t stop watching. It was just raw stories of people who survived that day who caught everything on film. I didn’t know it would show dead bodies but it was disturbing and heart breaking. Some of the loved ones with the people telling the stories died in this horrible disaster. It just made me cry. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched it, because it might make me depressed but in a way I’m glad I did. 

It just really proves how fragile our lives are. And how a day could start out so normal and peaceful and then all of a sudden you are fighting to survive, and you don’t know if your loved ones are alive or safe, or even will be found. I remember hearing about it. I was in 4th grade and I was deeply saddened. My dad was actually away in Kuwait at the time and I new he was safe and everything but I heard so many people died and it just made me so sad. 

I couldn’t imagine going through what these people went through, or anyone that survives or goes through a disaster like this. To see people screaming, crying, being swept away and seeing dead bodies crushed or floating. Just the terror people felt. I just want to give respect to all of the close to 300,000 people that died that day. I hope you guys are in heaven, and I hope you rest in peace. And for those who lost loved ones, I am so sorry that happened and I am moved by every one of your stories. May your loved ones rest in peace.