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Things I Love About Day6
  • Jae: that habit where he holds his guitar picks in his mouth; his fingers; Cali boy English; the Icarus rap in Like That Sun; his spirituality and connection to his religion is really admirable; that time he agreed to trade Wonpil for two buckets of friend chicken and a box of boiling crab; his nose is so cute; the gold mine that is his old social media; yellowpostitman; his guitar names; his lame but endearing sense of humor; hashtag king; Jae has really nice legs; his little high pitched laugh when he gets surprised or excited about something
  • Sungjin: HIS HANDS everything about his hands, the veins and the big knuckles and the way he uses them when he talks and the way his fingers get all crooked when he plays guitar; dancing skills obv; Richard the bike; the way he looks in blazers; the way he looks in tank tops; the first time he cried at their concert; such a neat freak lol; he takes so much care of his members; how he opens his eyes super wide when he's mad; the chorus of like every song; super expressive eyebrows; his shoulders are so broad
  • Young K: he's in college and he studies accounting; his voice is so nice not just his singing voice but just his speaking voice like I could listen to him talk forever; so intense onstage and so soft offstage; his relationship with Terry; when they flipped the banner in Taiwan; he eats so much; that hand symbol he makes that looks like a six; the dangling earring he wears sometimes that looks like a dream catcher; all those breakup songs; that time they made him display his biceps on Chinese TV; the way he squeezes his eyes shut when he's embarrassed
  • Wonpil: SMILE oh my god his beautiful enormous ray of absolute sunshine smile is my most favorite thing in the world; Sofa; his hair is naturally curly; his relationship with his sister is literally the cutest most pure and wholesome thing in the world; he annoys the members so much lmao; his tattoo and esp the meaning behind it; "I like a girl who has a dream and pursues it"; his piercings are so attractive; the pink sweater; that one leather jacket; how he closes his eyes when he's playing keyboard; his voice pitches a little bit lower when he's being really serious; whenever he gets embarrassed he just gets up and leaves
  • Dowoon: he loves animals so much; daejang jjigae; the little "uhh" right before he answers any questions; his arms wow they are so nice; his singing voice is so nice and deep and so precious; he looks up to his members so much; Savage!Dowoon; he always tolerates Wonpil's skinship but also complains about it; that really intense face he makes when he's playing the drums really hard; how his eyes shift really fast from side to side when he's nervous; he has such a naturally calm and quiet personality; his ears get so red

The Lybia crab is a species of small crab in the family Xanthidae. It is also referred to as Hawaiian boxer crab, pom-pom crab, cheerleader crab, mosaic boxer crab among many other nicknames. The crabs are known for their signature move of always carrying a small living sea anemone around in each of its claws. 

By waving sea anemone into different routines its dances its way to a free meal, gathering debris and food particles from the ground around the crab’s hiding place. 

If provoked or attacked by a predator, the pom-pom crab (boxing crab) will threaten the aggressor and try to deter it by waving it’s anemones around, the tentacles of which are well armed with cnidocytes (stinging cells). Video

Am…am I the only one who wants to know the backstory to Genos getting all those crabs for his sensei??? Like was there a super sale Saitama asked Genos to go to for him? Did Saitama offhandedly mention how he wanted some crab meat and Genos decided to surprise him with a boxes upon boxes of crabs?? Did Genos argue with the store workers for only the best and biggest crabs for his sensei or did he personally go catch the crabs himself??? I have too many questions

Sick Remedy (Sherlock x John x Reader)

A/N: Thank you for everyone’s patience. I’ll try to get on and write more. But I’m also sick at the moment and got inspired. 

You went through thick and thin, stayed on the top of the line to just keep up with your friends, Sherlock and John. But you quickly found yourself as vulnerable as a child. You were sick and you hated it. There was something going around at your work but you ignored it. You thought it was Dave the IT guy that gave you this. You groaned as you got to 221B and went up the stairs, flopping on the couch. 

“You’re late” Sherlock called from the kitchen

“Don’t even start Sherlock” You replied groggily. 

“Are you on your period?” John questioned, taking in your mood. 

“I wish I was” You chuckled “No, I got sick. I think it was Dave the IT guy at the office” You sat up. John stood “Did you take any cold and flu tablets?” He asked. 

“I took, vitamin C tablets, and had some Zinc” You shrugged. 

“How long ago?” He questioned

“About… uh… 5 minutes ago” You replied. 

“Wait maybe 10 more minutes if you want tea” He replied before sitting back down. Sherlock sat in his chair and watched you carefully “We had a case in an hour… but as your friends, it’s our job to take care of you” 

“Pretty sure I can take care of ACHOO! …myself…” You groaned and Sherlock tossed a box of tissues your way. John gave a smile at the gestures that Sherlock was doing. You looked at Sherlock “I thought this was some Quadruple Homicide that you were really hooked into” You looked down. 

“I’m sure Lestrade can figure it out with his force. If he needs my help, he’ll call” He replied simply as you laid down and smiled and you saw Sherlock walk into the kitchen before you fell asleep. 

You woke up to the smell of something nice. You stand and walk to the kitchen and sit at the table “Afternoon” John greeted, reading the paper and Sherlock brought over a bowl of soup. You looked at him in surprise “You cooked?” you asked “Well, tried” he replied. You took a bite and shook your head. your eyes widened  by a short intestine in the soup. You gagged and ran to the bathroom, throwing up. John raised an eyebrow “Let’s just get Chinese” He whispered to Sherlock, who nodded in immediate agreement. 

Later, you sat on the couch with some crackers and ginger ale while waiting for the food to arrive. Sherlock sighed “Sorry for poisoning you” He apologized. 

“Wasn’t your fault” You shrugged as you nibbled on a cracker. John got the door when the food arrived and paid before going upstairs. He gave you the soup and a box of Crab Rangoon. You three ate and watched a movie. Sherlock started making deductions annoying you and John. You glared and stuffed a Crab Rangoon in his mouth “Shut up Sherlock” you mumbled and kept eating while John laughed. You were a lucky person you could say to have them as your friends. 

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A/N this was so cathartic  

“What about this one?”

A tiny young girl named Mal was crouched down in the sand of the shoreline, picking up a small, spiraling seashell that came to a point in between her fingers and holding it up to show it off. Just a couple feet down the trashed and cluttered beach, another young girl looked over her shoulder to see Mal’s find, eyes narrowing as she did.

No,” Uma huffed, clearly annoyed.

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Super light weight by Triggerfish_Images The boxer crab is one of the most bizarre animals ever. In each claw, it holds a small white anemone. When threatened by a predator, the crab ‘boxes’ the threat with the anemones. It’s one of the most amazing stories of two animals whose lives are intertwined (symbiosis). Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.

thevi-ce-quadrent0-deactivated2  asked:

May be a stupid little question, but how do you think the mercs would react to receiving a small box with a (live) red and blu spycrab inside? Just given to them to do whatever. Pet or not (well intended to be a pet but who knows.)

Scout: “What the fuck is this!?” Takes out the small crab, looking at it. This crab looks into Scouts soul. He ends up letting the crab go into the wild. The little thing just freaks him out.

Soldier: “Welcome to army private” Is happy to have another soldier join his ranks. Takes good care of the little crab, feeding him, giving him a bathe, training him for battle and lighting his cigarette. Through time the crab moves to Soldier’s second in command.  

Pyro: Pyro is a sucker for animals of any kind, but this is different. They hate the crab. They crush the poor thing under their foot in the first 5 minutes.

Demoman: “Well aren’t you a cutie”. Tries his best to take care of the crab but fails. Forgets to feed, clean and care for the crab. Gives him up, but keeps a photo of the good times. Both of them smiling, with bottles in their hands and claws.  

Heavy: “Who put crab in box??” He picks up the small crab immediately, checks it over to see if it is ok. Has to take deep breathes while looking after the crab, he is pissed. What monster would place a living being in a box?? With no air holes?? He keeps the crab and looks after it. Giving the crab the best life Heavy can provide.

Engineer: “Nope” Doesn’t have the time to look after the crab. Goes down to the local adoption center and drops it off.  At times he regrets it, but deep down he knows that it is the best for the both of them.

Medic: Keeps the crab only to study it, his already got Archimedes and all those doves to look after. Still he makes sure that the crab’s needs are fulfilled.  

Sniper: Always had a soft spot for small animals. Picks up the small crab in one hand and a Kukri in the other. Looks around for a spy, this must be a joke. The marksman never finds that “damn spoi”. Surprising he keeps the crab, he forgets to feed it after long days but takes care of it quite well.  

Spy: Tells the team they got rid of the crab. But doesn’t, puts a good chunk of his pay check in to the crab. Buying the most expensive food, dressing him up in silk and making sure the crab is ok. Wouldn’t admit it but would kill to keep it safe.