Chronotale Babysitter : Part 1 __ Part 2 (tbc)  

(The story continues, I’m quite excited I hope you are too!This is the 4th installment of Chronotale. Please check out the links below to catch up with the story, Thank you~!)

>The Last Reset
>I Remember…

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This is stupid but I love every second of it.

Of course, with @peacekeeperangel‘s little art challenge, I decided I can’t draw vehicles worth a shit, so WHY NOT DRAW A GAME SHOW!

And who better to host it than @sushinfood!






Whose fic will inflict the most trauma?! Whose story will create the most tears?! YOU DECIDE!


Light Side Au: An Unlikely Partnership

“How can I protect you with my hands full of papers all the time?”

“Oh please, I’ve been on my own for years now, the only thing i needed was more hands; which i now have. If anybody tries to attack us I’ll Blaster drop them faster than you can turn on your little glow stick of death.”

Continuation of this and this

flower-lili asked:

What's the most ridiculous piece of clothing skelemom has that she thinks is fashionable?

Her cape. Normally that wouldn’t be so bad but she kind of insists on wearing it to EVERYTHING.

Also I realize that there aren’t really beaches in the Underground but I only realized that halfway through drawing this and whatever, it’s cute, sue me.

-cries at this weird little family-


Some more star wars AU sketches cause I am trash!!!

This time it’s baby Ben and smol Hux cause I couldn’t resist. I
imagine Hux being stolen away from the academy against his will, maybe
by the request of his mother?? Hux is taken “hostage” by the
Resistance and he’s a little devil in the Resistance camp and to Leia.
Leia eventually brings Hux to meet Ben since there about the same age
and the base doesn’t have that many kids in the first place. So Hux,
displeased, of course, is placed with the job of babysitting Ben Solo.

Ben follows Hux everywhere, and talks about his dads adventures
non-stop. Hux is constantly trying to get rid of the child by glaring
and barking insults at him. (though Hux secretly likes the attention
and admiration). Leia takes on the motherly role for Hux, and as he
grows up he truly respects the General and tries to follow her
footsteps. And Ben and Hux’s relationship turns sour as they hit those
moody teen years. It doesn’t help that Ben begins to learn how to use
the force and surpasses Hux in physical power.

Thought they still care for each other in their own trashy ways!!


“Babe! Take a picture of me and this puppy!!!” Your boyfriend animatedly asks you everytime he sees a dog.
Soon enough your photo album is filled with Calum and a dog in a party, at one of his friend’s house and your own- every dog he meets!

So, I have been really lacking in the speed department of art lately and needed to do a speedpaint an hour or unde (I haven’t done this in a year maybe). I also read all of and about @zarla-s ‘s handplates au last night, and felt inspired. Maybe I’ll do something bigger in the future!

I recorded this so I’m going to post that video in a little bit, and you can all see I have no idea what i’m doing up front.