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au where yoongi is an underground boxer whose fights always seem to get busted by the police and this is the fourth time jimins found himself in a police station at 4 AM, sitting next to a bloodied and bruised yoongi, holding a plastic bag of ice to his cheek to stop the swelling. and they’ve only been dating a year now but jimins asked him so many times to stop fighting, just take a break from it for a while, because he’s so scared that he’s going to watch a fight that ends up being yoongis last. and just a few weeks ago jimin woke up to a panicked call from namjoon saying to meet him at jins (a med student and one of their closest friends) because yoongi lost in a fight he shouldn’t have been in anyway and after jin had finally patched yoongi’s cheek up and set two of his broken ribs, jimin almost lost it saying shit like ‘do you know how selfish you’re being?’ and ‘I’m so scared,’ and especially ‘I don’t want to lose you.’

so they’ve been in the station for a couple hours now, waiting for the police to either charge yoongi or let him go (and jimin is lowkey hoping that yoongi actually does get arrested this time because maybe spending a few nights in jail will be a wake up call for him) when-

'hey,’ yoongi says next to him, lip busted up, cheek swollen beneath the ice. 'this is the last time’

jimin leans forward, moves the ice from yoongi’s cheek to his jaw that’s already bruised. 'yeah?’

yoongi nods, rests his hand on jimins thigh. 'what you said that night at jins, you meant that?' 

'yeah,’ jimin looks at him. 'I meant it’

'okay,’ yoongi leans in until their foreheads are touching. 'and I mean this’


Hooked | Guard

Series: Worth Fighting For

Note: Part two is here! So this has been long overdue since it was supposed to be Worldwide Day for write-a-thon, but oh well. Writing this really made me wanna go to DC…so I did lmao. Anyway, enjoy. :)

Word Count: 4559

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Boxing

Warnings: cursing, mentions of death

Summary: Thomas Jefferson, a world-famous boxer who is pegged as a self-centered asshole that has everything — good looks, fame, fortune, talent — trains for his big fight against Alexander Hamilton. When he moves to Washington D.C. to be closer to his family, he meets someone who will look past his outer shell and get to know the real him.

“You’re going out with him again?” Alex asked. “This is like the seventh time in the last three weeks.”

You were currently facetiming your best friend before he had to leave to do an interview for some sports magazine. You both had tried to stay in contact with each other over the past few weeks even though he was really busy. Just because he was five states away didn’t mean that you couldn’t talk every once in awhile.

“You’ve been counting?” You snickered.

“That’s besides the point, Y/N.” He deadpanned. “He’s no good for you.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “You don’t know him, Alexander. He’s not as bad as you think.”

“I know enough about him, okay? Have you even done any research on him?” Alexander asked. “The guy rode to fame on his father’s back, he thinks he’s on the top of the world, and he’s a wannabe playboy…need I say more?”

You scoffed. “‘Wannabe playboy’?”

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I told you, I was mugged”

“You weren’t even carrying a wallet!”

More boxing au! It’s not much and i’m sorry, i lost steam halfway thru the first image, but hey at least i added more characters :’)

Finn and Rey are nurses at the local hospital, while Poe is a cop working on the street fighting case. And of course there’s mob boss Snoke lmao


MORE ON THE UNDERGROUND BOXING AU because I’m weak and my friend keeps feeding this AU with me whenever I ask her anything and yeah

The one where the misterious kazakh arrives and leaves Yuri in the form of a puddle.


and i also can’t color so forgive me for that, is2g i’ll try better

Tonight only, reigning champ Lexa ‘The Commander’ Woods faces newcomer Clarke ‘Supernova’ Griffin in the Bantamweight throw down of the century! 

– x –

Fic insp: Ground and Pound by dancetyd

Note; All works on this blog is protected under this license. Have fun.

» Min Yoongi

Paranoia ⇢ enemies to lovers au | ❦ ☼ 

» Park Jimin

Evanesce of Ruin ⇢  ☁︎

» Kim Taehyung

Beneath This Scar ⇢ wolf children au | ❦ ☁︎ ♡

Serenity of the Night ⇢ boxing au | ❦ ☁︎ 

» Jeon Jungkook

Necessary   ☁︎ ❦ 

Lucidity ⇢ friends to lovers au | ☁︎ ❦ 

➳ drown in fantasies


Group: BTS


1k celebration: “I haven’t slept in ages.” // “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

Summary: When you fall in love with your best friend, flowers begin to bloom.

Genre: angst with a happy ending, fluff, hanahaki au

Length: 1.7k

A/N: i love my wacky aus and who would i be if i didn’t do one for the hanahaki au.

(( Hanahaki disease - an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.))

The feeling had been there for a few weeks, that Min Yoongi was more than just a best friend to you. But as you sat with your head on his chest, heart racing slightly as your hands brushed as you reached for the popcorn, it was hard to deny the tingles running down your arm from simply making contact with him. It was movie night in the dorm, and you had all assumed your usual positions, but after a friend had pointed out how close you were to Yoongi, the feelings had truly begun to bloom.

Yoongi shifted slightly, with a content groan as your head fell into his lap, whilst kicking out your legs to rest them on Jeongguk’s lap. But your attention was no longer drawn to the television, the loud action movie’s loud screams seemed to fade away as your gaze focused on Yoongi’s face.

As he absentmindedly ran his fingers through your hair, you felt a sneeze tickle the back of your throat, but you thought you might be sick so quickly you jumped off the sofa before running to the bathroom. The boy’s begun calling after you asking if you were okay as you slid past the entrance in your socks, your fingers digging into the doorframe before finally pulling your body in, you definitely weren’t okay.

Then a fierce sneeze ripped through your body, your eyes slowly cracked open and you stared in horror at the small pink petal resting in your hand; you had just coughed up a flower petal, scrunching it in your hand before letting it fall into the toilet and flushing it away quickly, hoping your feelings would disappear that easily.

But something was happening to you, and you knew what it was because you had seen it happen to Taehyung, whose unrequited love had left him close to death when he had insisted on hiding his symptoms. As you heaved a sigh, a cough caught in your throat as you knelt in front of the toilet, watching more flower petals drift from your mouth, before one caught in the back of your throat.

Then you were retching, watching in shock as droplets of blood fell into the water followed by larger yellow petals, daffodil petals.

“I need to use the toilet,” Yoongi’s voice was muffled through the door, but the action of turning your head to tell him not to came had you coughing again, and Yoongi upon not receiving an answer, hesitantly began to creak open the door that no longer had a lock after a previous incident with drunk Namjoon, “I’m coming in.”

It didn’t take long for you to realise you wouldn’t be able to hide your condition from him, but one thing was for sure; you weren’t going to tell him you had fallen in love with him. As you continued to wretch into the toilet, flinching as Yoongi’s hand landed on your back; his hand moving up to pull strands of your hair away from your face without saying a word, whilst you desperately tried to stop the petals from falling from your lips.

The bathroom was silent apart from your coughs, and heavy breathing as you were busy wondering what was going to happen and how you were going to fix this problem without losing your friendship with Yoongi forever. You could tell having him around wasn’t helping but these flowers had rooted in your heart and you sunk into his touch, but you and Yoongi knew you needed help as soon as possible.

Jars of dried petals of all colours littered the shelves of your room, you had found a sense of peace washing up the blood and bile covered petals that fell from your lips, and storing them as a painful reminder of the disease you were working to cure.

For the first week, it had been awful, as even to this date, all that left your mouth was petals that would die within an hour.  Taehyung was the one who had reassured you that you were in the early stages and that you could live like this for years but it was Yoongi who had recommended placing those petals in jars, and he continued to call them beautiful which would always lead to another bout of coughs.

The boys knew it was one of them, but you still refused to tell them who it was, even when Taehyung had burst into tears, begging and pleading you to at least tell him so he could help and understand. But you were adamant not to tell them, and although the boys doted on you hand and foot to try not to worsen your situation, and it worked.

As you sat at the kitchen counter chatting to Jeongguk about a new game he was playing, you caught a whiff of Yoongi’s cologne and you felt the tickle at the back of your throat, your shoulders hunched as you doubled over clutching at your stomach, worried because this pain didn’t come when you were coughing up petals.

The inside of your throat felt raw, and your vision began to blur as you heard Jeongguk’s chair scrape back as he screamed for someone to help. You were now slumped on the table trying to relieve some of the pain as your hands clawed at your throat, your teeth closing on petals as you felt someone’s hand over your face to the side.

Your vision was blurring and as someone grabbed the rose that was currently in your mouth, you wondered for a second if they were going to shove it back down, but instead, they began to pull it out. The pain of the thorns that had scratched your throat and the taste of copper made you feel like you were going to vomit, and as you stayed slumped on the table, your eyes began to water in embarrassment at how weak you were.

After coughing up your first full flower, you distanced yourself from the boys. Your phone notifications had been blown up for the past few days, Jeongguk and Taehyung even turned up at your door a few times, but it was only Yoongi you let in. Yoongi had a way of caring for you that made you feel like he didn’t really care, small things like leaving pain killers on your table or a new vase for the full flowers you had begun to cough up.

But the state you were currently in wouldn’t last for long, you could barely eat a meal and you only drunk iced water, tilting back your head to allow the water to soothe your injured throat. But it wasn’t just your throat being affected, Yoongi could tell that when he tried to tuck you into bed, when you looked up at him, big eyes swimming with tears before you looked away muttering, “I haven’t slept in ages.”

“I can tell,” he replied with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes, as he climbed into bed next to you. His arm slung over your frail form as he soothed your coughing form and with a sudden realisation that he had been trying to deny for the past month when you had coughed up your first petal, you were in love with him.

Sometimes it’s not a question of catching feelings, but realising they’ve been there all along. Maybe it was seeing you in the hospital surrounded by white walls and the fact you no longer smelt like vanilla and roses, just medicine. Or the x-ray that hung on the opposite side of your wall, showing the flowers that had grown in your lungs, meaning that when Yoongi hugged you now, your heartbeat was fast and your breathing was shallow. But now Yoongi and the boys could no longer touch you, they were kept away looking at you only through the glass and listened to the doctors begging you daily to have the surgery.

Yoongi wondered if it was seeing your defiance, even when they promised you had a week left to live before storming out that did it, that made the feelings bloom from the seeds that had been planted from the first time he had heard your laugh.

But your health didn’t improve, in fact, it continued to deteriorate and as you became too weak to even cough up the flowers, the boys would watch in tears as you simply tilted your neck up and let the next flower sprout out of your mouth, before pulling the blood covered bloom out and placing it into the vase next to you.

It was a heart-shattering sight, and when the doctors finally allowed everyone a final goodbye; Yoongi was the first in. As he fell to his knees at the side of your bed, grasping your thin hand between his and placing his forehead against it as his warm tears fell on your skin, “Yoongi, I can’t breathe.”

The sound of the machine flat lining sent the boys into a frenzy, but Yoongi stayed frozen to the spot, before he leant forward and placing a kiss on your lips whispered, “I’m in love with you.” But the nurses were already tugging the group out of the room, however Yoongi was unable to resist as he began to cough, the boys looked at him in shock as a single white rose petal floated from his lips and to the floor.

Yoongi refused for this to be the end, leaping to his feet he shoved the door open if it was only to see you one more time and burn your face into his memory. But there you were, sitting up and looking around in confusion and as the sun began to shine through your window illuminating your face, Yoongi felt his heart stutter as he barged past doctors to wrap his arms around you, before you asked “Who are you?”

Yoongi fell limp in your arms, and you barely managed to keep a straight face before you burst into laughter, your hands cupping his face before you brought it to your lips, planting a kiss on his soft lips, “You dork, I’d rather die than forget you.”

Yoongi wiped away his tears as he let his head fall onto your shoulder with a sigh, he could still feel love blooming in his chest at just the sound of your voice and he wondered how he would ever make up for the pain you had felt because of him.

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Otabek is intrigued by this guy who looks so damn good but also fierce and strong. With this “White Tiger” guy walking around the gym with those strong, piercing, determined green eyes, it’s hard to look away.

It’s even worth a threat from Victor “The Legend™” Nikiforov, who is now his coach

SORRY FOR THE DELAY I had a shitty week ;3; and also got into Haikyuu so i had to chose between this and watching stuff sorrynotsorry
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anonymous asked:

fics where taes boyfriend/s are super whipped for him?

people whipped for taehyung?? you mean my favourite concept?? here are a few (and by a few i mean lots, long post ahead!!)

Dare, Future Boyfriend by shirogami (SlLHOETTE)

Vmin | NR | complete 1/1 | 1.7k | college au, fluff, smut, they’re both whipped, top jimin

I’ll say yes to anything you ask (your happiness is most important); by kissjhs 

 Vmin | G | complete 1/1 | 565 | puppies, domestic fluff, vmin are roommates

Dancing on Thin Ice by AmeBae

Vmin, side namjin | M | complete 19/19 | 19k | ice skater au, fluff, eventual smut, taejin are brothers, ice skater jimin, gymnast tae, friends to lovers

The Old You by Hyunnie

Taekook, Vmin | NR | incomplete 1/? | 787 | cops and robbers au, police officer jungkook, criminals vmin, baby boy tae, dom jimin, whipped jimin, dom jimin 

my ghost ( where’d you go? ) by dormant_bender

Vmin, Taekook | M | complete 1/1 | 8k | college au, ghosts, implied sexual content/ non explicit sex, voyeurism, unresolved sexual tension, one-sided taekook, fwb taekook, enemies to friends to lovers, angst, humour

Whipped by kaikumon

Taekook, side namgi, side 2seok | G | incomplete 2/? | 2.5k | college au, a/b/o au, omega tae, alpha jungkook, domestic fluff

chong! jojun! balsa! (point! aim! shoot!) by nutaella

Taekook, side yoonmin, side namjin | T | incomplete 24/? | 43k | texting au, college au, social media, fluff, humour, taegi are brothers, taejin are cousins, everyone loves tae, jungkook is older than tae, slow build

An Apple A Day… by officialkth

Taekook | G | complete 1/1 | 2k | sick tae, smitten jungkook, fluff

At your mercy by AnonymousXJWIFE

Taekook | E | complete 2/2 | 9k | fluff and smut, top jungkook, bottom tae, light daddy kink, muscle kink 

I love you everyday (don’t get away) by rooxynroll

Taekook | E | incomplete 2/4 | 27k | model Taehyung, bodygaurd Jungkook, slow build, fluff, smut, switching

Eat Less Sugar (you’re sweet enough already) by j_v_tae

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 1.6k | fluff, halloween

Pretty in Pink by AmeBae

Taekook | M | complete 45/45 | 31k | highschool au, soft tae, taehyung wears panties 

I Do (Your smile could rival the Sun) by cafelatae9597

Taekook, side namjin, side yoonmin | NR | complete 6/6 | 10k | innocent tae, fluff, wedding au, taejin are cousins

Unwilling witnesses by Syneepsis

Taekook | T | incomplete 5/? | 6.4k | drabble collection, fluff, humour

anything for you by coffeetxe

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3k | fluff, smut, bottom tae, top jungkook, jk is so soft for tae

earned it (cause you’re worth it) by hoeneytea

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3k | pwp, smut, praise kink, daddy kink, baby boy tae

happy meal serenade by bambitaek

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 2.2k | lazy dates, mcdonalds, domestic fluff, relationship goals

you remind me of a few of my famous friends(well that all depends what you qualify as friends) by tattooedjungkook (howlterx)

Taekook, side yoonmin | G | complete 1/1 | 4.5k | high school au, athletes, vmin are brothers, jikook hate each other

find circumference of the sun by tattooedjungkook (howlterx)

Taekook side yoonmin, side namjin | G | complete 1/1 | 4.3k | high school au, popular tae, social media au

before the night is over (I want you in my arms) by missallsunday (sharingdenimjackets)

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 1.7k | friends to lovers, college au, fluff

pizza boy (i’m speeding for ya) by lovetaehyungies

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3.2k | pizza boy jungkook, humour, fluff, smut, non-idol au, pwp

come over here and overwhelm me by locks

Taekook | T | incomplete 2/? | college au, friends to lovers, age swap, pining, sexual tension, oblivious tae

My Boyfriend’s Kids and I by Doeeyedmisfit

Taekook | NR | complete 1/1 | 4.7k | domestic fluff, actor jungkook, cafe owner tae, the rest of bts minus jin are kids

I Won’t Fall (in love with you) by taeharem

Taekook | E | complete 10/10 | 52k | smut, romance, falling in love, science nerd tae, walk to remember au, mild angst

Christmas Angel by taetrash

Taekook | T | complete 1/1 | 1.4k | chrsitmas fic, bad boy jungkook, fluff, sexual thoughts

Deep in my bones by hoeneytea

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 3k | smut, pwp, exhibitionism, public sex

Accidentally addicted to you by AnonymousXJWIFE

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 12k | fluff, smut, nipple piercings, pwp, praise kink

Forget Me by taeharem

Taekook | E | complete 8/8 | 21k | high school au, fluff, smut, memory loss

Home Base by kookbui

Taekook | M | complete 1/1 | college au, baseball player jungkook, fluff, established relationship, fluff, humour

Sexy Bitch by miyukitsune

Taekook | E | complete 1/1 | 4.8k | supernatural au, vampire tae, werewolf jungkook, smut, blood play, lots of kinks read the tags!!

you look so good (in my t-shirt) by sorrybae (pansius)

Taekook | T | complete 1/1 | 2.8k | morning after au, fluff, domestic fluff, tae in jk’s clothes 

Head Over Heels by byeolguk

Vhope | G | complete 1/1 | 1k | high school au, fluff, smitten hobi

only you kim taehyung by selfproclaimed_princess

Vmon | E | complete 1/1 | 2.6k | smut, pwp, teacher-student relationship, bottom tae, top namjoon, daddy kink, sex toys

Crows, Flowers, and Apples by PancakeTaetae

Taegi | E | complete 1/1 | 4.5k | boxing au, boxer yoongi, ring boy tae, smut, shower sex, bottom tae, fluff, piercings

for the love of all that is holey by my_hope

Taegi | T | complete 1/1 | 2.6k | Hybrid tae, cute tae, fluff

bask in the glow by kaikumon

Taegi, side namjin | M | complete 1/1 (says it’s complete and hasn’t updated in a few months but lots of the tags are missing from the story???) | 1.8k | punk rock band au, under ground rappers namgi, taejin are brothers, tae seems innocent but is actually a punk, college au

pull me closer by mintyoongee

Taegi, side junghope | T | complete 1/1 | 8k | college au, friends to lovers, fluff, sexual frustration, no smut tho, insomnia, comfort

I’ll Kill You by mintaehyung

Taegi | G | complete 1/1 | 7.6k | age difference, yoongi is older than tae, and whipped for him, cute tae

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Velvet Box (Mafia AU)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Summary: Hoseok is kind, charming and friendly, but there are some lies behind the blinding smile of this strip club owner. Jungkook is a mysterious, passionate musician- and don’t you know that you need to sacrifice in order to achieve your dreams… sometimes even your morals?

Genre: Ansgt, Smut, Fluff

Pairings: Reader x Jungkook, Reader x Hoseok

Word count: 5k

Trigger Warnings: Smut, swearing, strippers, criminal activity, thigh riding, oral

“You suspect that whenever he thinks like this, it means your question might have an answer he doesn’t think you’ll like.”

Part 2

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