The class schedule at River City Warriors is shaping up nicely! 

- Day Classes?

We’ve for you covered, and with the recent edition of Kru Ken Anderson teaching striking on Wednesdays we have training during the day Monday through Saturday. Whether you’re a night or swing shifter looking for Muay Thai (kickboxing) or Gracie Jiu Jitsu we have a solid day program. 

- Will I get healthier and improve my fitness? 

Absolutely, one of the reasons we don’t have a separate fitness class is we feel we’d be selling you something you don’t need. We are a martial arts school first and foremost. That means all of our classes will provide the proper tools for conditioning and strength training without the need to spend hours in a “gym” lifting weights. Runners and Cross Fit athlete alike have an arduous time keeping the pace in a Boxing or Jiu Jitsu class. Training IS the work out and you’ll love it. 

- How do you offer this much variety? 

It wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen all at once. As one of our newest students commented last night, “"anything worth doing takes some effort.” We put in plenty, then backed it up with sweat and tears, and then put in some more. Many people who instruct say they’ve been at it for years. Where RCW differs is that we are on a constant quest to train with the best. This year alone we’ve features a dozen workshops and seminars in the area, collaborated with veterans of the industry who have over 40 years experience, and our head coaches have traveled all over the world training with the Gracie’s in Jiu Jitsu, Dan Inosanto in JKD, and Ajarn Chai for Muay Thai. If you’re looking for training near you, our classes are among the most qualified around. You can be sure you’re gaining the skills you’re after. 

- Is it safe? 

100% Again, the more qualified the trainers we’ve worked with in MMA, BJJ, Jeet Kune Do, all of it, the safer and more competent the training. Helio Gracie used to say “Be tough, but NOT rough.” This simple adage is the hallmark of quality in our book. Any fool can hurt each other, but can they train like Dan Inosanto as an 80 year old!? We will make sure that while you’re picking up classes at RCW that you receive the utmost safety and modern training practices. 

Check out the Schedule above, there’s bound to be something for anyone interested in training martial arts. Then just email or text our main number to setup a free trial class, you’ll be glad you did. 


Welcome to River City Warriors! 

You’ve come to the right place! We are the premiere Martial Arts school in the Portland area, serving Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Tigard and our surrounding neighbors. Are you ready to embark on a journey full of dynamic experiences, new adventures, incredible workouts and most importantly the education you deserve? Read on below to find out more about our school or click the links in the navigation bar to the left to head straight to the class of your choice. 

The RCW Difference

We don’t simply offer the most well rounded curriculum of any martial arts school because it’s trendy. This is our passion and myself along with our entire staff of professors and coaches made it our mission to travel the world and source the very best up to date material around. Because of this you’ll find a higher degree of safety and community that most school’s can’t match. Classes for every skill level, with opportunities to better yourself every step of the way. Whether it’s working in class with partners, attending seminars with world class experts, or competition, you’ll find it at RCW. 

Which path will you choose? 

- Kali & JKD - Kali refers to the “bladed art” and features all manner of handheld weaponry. Under the Inosanto method students learn 12 key areas of blunt, sharp, and projectile tools. Dan Inosanto is our chief instructor who is the heir apparent to Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s art and philosophy. Tailored for MMA and street self defense, it has an unrivaled depth of efficacy that can’t be matched, it’s basically Krav Maga on steroids! 

- Gracie Jiu Jitsu - Pinoeered by Helio Gracie and made famous by his sons who conquered the world in both Vale Tudo (no rules) and the UFC. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has taken the world by storm. Because it uses principles of leverage and skeletal positioning it’s indispensable for anyone of any size, shape and age. It’s a great work out that teaches you how to neutralize any opponent on the ground. 

- Muay Thai - Known as the art of 8 limbs because of the use of knees and elbows, Muay Thai is more than a kickboxing sport. It’s the national past time of Thailand and rich in culture. It is also a military art and rapidly puts together devastating combinations from Boxing, Kickboxing, and clinch work. A Muay Thai class will get you in shape, fast! In a typical hour we usually burn 800-1000 calories.
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