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what pieces do you think are essential in every young woman's wardrobe?

I can’t speak for every woman, as style is dependent on personal taste and lifestyle. Here is what my closet is composed of, and here are my essential and key pieces:

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Art Heaux

The original hoe, Art Hoes came about through the development of the art student aesthetic. Accompanied by a myriad of close up selfies decorated with accenting paint streaks and photos capturing a performance piece or current works in the making, these individuals also carry around those boxy swedish hipster bags for identification or some childhood remnant of the ‘90s if they’re feeling particularly try-hard. There is a uniformed uniqueness of the typical framing and shorter hairdo frequently captured by aesthetically pleasing mirror or Mac photobooth selfies that fits perfectly with the dramatic, unemotional, pained expression in every image of them. Their feet are adorned with birk-something sandals and are present in nearly every plant or pastel-bathroom-tile image they shamelessly capture. These feet wander countless shows of their fellow art students or the venues which house underground performance artists known to only an elite, cultured few. These minds are unafraid of bodily imperfection, constantly seeing the artistic value of the human body and unafraid to exhibit it in its full rawness. So yes, put on those Frida Kahlo-Munch-Monet-Van Gogh socks you bought and put them up on your wall by some tasteful photography and encompass the art heaux within you.

A conversation with my brother
  • My brother:So the thing about girls like Paris Hilton--
  • Me:An intelligent business woman whose reputation was ruined when somebody leaked her sex tape, and then rather than letting that drive her into seclusion, took advantage of it in good humor to build up her career? You mean women like that?
  • My brother:Um... let me rephrase. Girls like Miley Cyrus--
  • Me:Oh, you mean outspoken young women who are struggling to find their identity after having it forcibly constructed around them, who actively point out how male celebrities get praised for the same actions that demonize her?
  • My brother:Britney Spears, then--
  • Boxy:A woman struggling with mental illness who was mercilessly exploited and then driven to ruin by the bloodthirsty press?
  • My brother:Are there no girls I'm allowed to make fun of anymore? I'm trying to make a point here.
  • Boxy:I think the point has been made.

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…If Blackout is truthful with himself, he can’t complain too terribly about this whole affair. Traditional Cybertronian wear has never been a particular interest of his (not that it mattered – Hal and Rocket looked up what traditional Kaonite garb looked like and that’s what he’s wearing), but now that he is surrounded by it, he finds it fascinating.

It isn’t just what they used to drape upon themselves by region – it’s by universe. There are mechs here that baffle the tyton class rotorflier because he’s never seen them before. There’s curvy mechs, boxy mechs, horrifically complicated mechs, and all of them are decorated in ways that best suit their looks and their worlds. It’s neat. It’s a multiverse culture smash. 

Speaking of smash, he damn near trips on someone less than half his height (and less than a quarter of his weight), causing him to fumble his drink and, well, so much for that glass. 


how i personally imagined chasmfiends looked like before seeing shallan’s sketches in the book! this was uh…absolutely nothing like the real thing ofc

Who You Should Fight: PaRappa the Rapper Edition
  • PaRappa:Not only does PaRappa know kung fu, but he's able to master virtually any task without any prior experience just by rapping about it. The only time you should fight PaRappa is if he catches laryngitis.
  • PJ Berri:He might be very talented, and probably has a few tricks up his sleeve, but he'd probably fall asleep before you deliver the first blow. That'll give you plenty of time to find the thread that makes him fall apart if you pull it.
  • Katy Kat:Too easy. Not only is she just skin and bones, but you wouldn't even have touch her. All you'd have to do to beat her is step to the side when she does her "Hikari no Katy" punch, and let Newton's first law do the rest.
  • Sunny Funny:Don't let her cutesy appearance fool you, she's a lot stronger than she looks. Not only that, but she also has the obedience of all the plants and animals in her garden (if not the world). She could make the grass tie you down and summon an army of woodland creatures to go to town on you.
  • Joe Chin:WAY too easy. While he's making some long-winded speech about how awesome he is, and how he's going to defeat you, just push him over. He's top-heavy, he'll go down easy.
  • Boxy Boy:He's just a boombox, what is he gonna do, play a song that gets stuck in your head?
  • Jet Baby:You're going to fight a sentient jet engine with a big, pointy cone attached to the top of it? Good luck, pal.
  • Chop Chop Master Onion:It's Chop Chop Master Onion, do I even need to elaborate?

900+ followers gift

A huge thanks to all our followers and for their support ! It’s really awsome to see our creations on other people sims. 

Also, a big thank to marigold, who allow us to recolor the “Boxy T-shirts” !

For this set, you’ll need the original mesh which is not inclued. You can download the requiered mesh here 

So here comes our new set for celebrating our 900 followers ! There are 5 different version of a boxy T-shrirt: a basic one, a baseball, a Mc Satan and 2 versions (basic and baseball) of the “Too cool for this planet”

  • You can dowload the full here (Dropbox)

You can also download the merged packages. Don’t forget that you will need to download the original mesh for this to work.

  • Download the boxy basic T-shirt (Dropbox)
  • Download the boxy baseball T-shirt (Dropbox)
  • Download the Mc Satan shirt (Dropbox)
  • Download the “Too cool” solid shirt (Dropbox)
  • Download the “Too cool” baseball shirt (Dropbox)

A female version is comming very soon ! Hope you will like

Credits goes to marigold for the mesh.