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Hey Tim? Today (March 31) is International Trans Day of Visibility. Maybe you've already said something about it. But, shoutout to all the Heroes/Markiplites who identify as trans.

If there’s one thing I learned back when all the bigger boxes were mean to me, is that no one should belittled for or ashamed of who they are. It makes me sad knowing that some humans don’t want to accept other humans when… hey, they’re all still humans at the end of the day! I hope within my boxy lifespan that I’m able to see the day where all humans can get along and be accepted.
-Your little biscuit, Tim

((the mod here always attempts to be respectful and knowledgeable on such topics (like i try to use gender neutral pronouns if i’m unsure), and i know i don’t know everything there is to know about being trans… but know that i love you and support you, and i’m letting you know right now that you deserve better than the world is giving you now. stay well, friends. -bs))

Reba, 28

“I bought my denim jumpsuit at White Elephant Sale in Oakland this Sunday, the turtleneck is from Muji and the shoes Eddie Bauer with my own leather laces. My style is pretty minimal. I like linen and cotton, boxy, baggy clothes, neutral colors like beige, and nothing too showy.”

Mar 9, 2015 ∙ The Mission

The Street Style Silhouette You Need To Try Now

Create this ultra-chic look in 3 easy steps

We’ve been noticing a recent street style trend that always looks chic, and it doesn’t necessarily involve a designer label. Forget about what you’ve heard about proportions for a minute and open up your mind to a new look - the straight silhouette. Here’s how you get it: layer a loose, long sweater or thick top over a midi skirt or dress, add a pair of heels and voila. It’s exceptionally easy and ever-so-chic. Your proportions may look slightly out of whack, but a great pair of heels will take the look from sloppy to sophisticated in a matter of seconds. Take a page from the street style handbook and try out the slouchy-cool look with our editors’ favorite pairings below!

How They Wear It

Blogger Lia Makrigeni of Sparkling Bubbles via Vanessa Jackman

Milan street style via The Sartorialist

Stylist Rachael Wang via A Love is Blind

Blogger Maja Wyh

Shop The Silhouette

Knit Sweater

Elena Midi Skirt

ASOS TALL Exclusive Longline Sweater With High Neck In Chenille

Pleated Wrap Kilt

Waffle Knit Turtleneck Sweater

Sunburst midi skirt in faux leather

Oversized two-tone cashmere sweater

Band Stripe Skirt

Jack Wills Oversized Textured Sweater

Two-tone pleated crepe midi skirt

Wool-blend Turtleneck Sweater

Watercolor Pleated Midi Skirt

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