“The same could be said for the clunky, boxy, beat-up speeder parked nearby. If the battered, rusty vehicle had a redeeming feature, it was the over-and-under twin engines. Since one or another tended to flare out and die at any given moment, their utility stemmed more from their redundancy than from any ability to supply speed or maneuverability. After fastening her acquisitions to the transport, she climbed into the driver’s seat. For an anxious moment it seemed as if neither engine would ignite. Then one, and finally the other, roared to life. That was her life, Rey reflected: a succession of anxious moments, interrupted only by the novelty of occasional panic. All part and parcel of trying to survive on a backwater world as harsh and unforgiving as Jakku.”

One of the things I hate most about Teen Wolf is the fact that Derek’s Camaro just disappeared and instead he ended up with that generic boxy Honda- Toyota- whatever-the-fuck-that-shitty-thing-was and we NEVER FOUND OUT WHY!

I have so many unanswered questions about the Camaro:

Did it used to belong to his family? Did his Mom drive it to work? Maybe she left an old road map in the glove box. Sometimes when he’s feeling low, he opens the compartment up just to look at it. He never touches it, doesn’t dare, because if he concentrates, hones in properly he can still smell the scent of her clinging to it, and he worries that if he touches it, that’ll be gone.

Or maybe Laura and Derek decide to buy it after the fire. Was it the one expense they allowed themselves in the aftermath? A fast car, so that when they ran they could RUN. So they could get away from any hunters that came there way. Only the Camaro’s temperamental and stubborn. It needs gentle handling or it sulks and refuses to go anywhere.
“A bit like you really,” Laura says, when Derek points this out after they break down outside a diner. He glares at her for five minutes, arms crossed, sulking. She buys him a peanut butter milkshake and then they fix the car together. They learn a lot about fixing cars while they’re on the run with the Camaro. So much so, that when they finally settle down in New York for a bit, Derek manages to get a job as a mechanic.

Or maybe Derek bought it himself when he came back to look for Laura’s body. She was dead and he’d never felt so alone, so vulnerable. He bought the Camaro as another layer of armor so that when people looked at him they’d believe the image he’s trying to project: The badass who can fuck you up and won’t give a shit. That’s who he wants people to see and not the scared, lonely guy who misses his family that’s hiding just beneath.

Where did it go? Was it really unreliable? Too expensive? Did it get destroyed during supernatural shenanigans? Did it just become to painful to hold on to it because of all the memories attached to it?

Does Derek miss it? I think he misses it. The feel of the leather, the smell of the gasoline. The raw, feral power of it all.  Sure the new car is practical and reliable he never has to break out his mechanic skills, but it’s souless. He could sell it on tomorrow and a year from now he wouldn’t have thought about it once.

It’s one of the things that draws him to Stiles though. He sees Stiles in that rickety goddamn Jeep. So attached to it and he gets it. He knows there has to be a story there, a memory, a person, a reason. There’s something behind Stiles’ devotion to it, and maybe one day, if the moment’s right, he’ll ask Stiles what it is 

(P.S. My headcanon for Stiles Jeep is that his mother was good with cars, she found the old Jeep and worked on it for ages, sourcing engine parts, sorting out the paint work. That’s why Stiles is so devoted to it, because it’s not just a car, it’s not just his first car. It’s the car his Mom built for him. In my world. Stiles always gets to keep that Jeep.)

Switch Around Meme with @kazuniarts​ and @wolfienatsu​! This switch meme is our favorite characters from Boku no Hero Academica!

From top to bottom:
Asui Tsuyu: Shadow -> Natsu -> Boxy
Iida Tenya: Natsu -> Boxy -> Shadow
Uraraka Ochako: Boxy -> Shadow -> Natsu

The blank meme can be found here by omenaapple on dA

This Gamer Made A Massive NES “For His Kids”

This family now officially has the best gaming room of all time after Imgur user tylerfulltilt supersized the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console. 

The NES itself started life as a regular cabinet, modified and painted to look like the classic console. 

Meanwhile, the wall mural which shows the boxy controller also incorporates a flatscreen TV. 

The whole project took about two weeks to complete, which is pretty good going. 

“I think my boys are enjoying themselves,” Tylerfulltilt wrote on Imgur - although what they’d make of Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros or The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, we don’t know. 

All images: Imgur

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Who's your bias?

[starts sweating nervously]


i- um- i don’t have a bias-

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kim taehyung??? nah who’s that-

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[trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of kim taehyung spill out of jacket] [laughs nervously]

those aren’t mine where did those come from what are u talking about my url isn’t taehyung’s name what-

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ya umm no kim taehyung definitely isn’t my bias

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misha looks SO GOOD. honestly i think its the hair. i never understand what the spn hair stylists are doing with castiels hair. this missy casual hair to front looks suits him so much better. idontget why cas has his hair so neatly styled back with gel espciall since the messy hair fits better with the rest since he has oversized coat, loose tie on the wrong side. wow i have opinions


That overly neat Castiel hair makes him look old and dad-frumpy. And the tie tends to be too neat too these days. Plus I generally don’t like the tie, or the new coat. Arghh! 

Lucky we can still enjoy his cheek bones and his eyes and lips and jawline and nose and hands and voice. And his body, when he takes that boxy coat off.

Best friends with Taehyung would include...

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I don’t know why I haven’t done anything for this cute shit yet. I have about 4 scenarios coming up soon by the way, so that’s why I’ve been really inactive.

Hope you like it! Love ya!

-Admin J<3

-You two would have so many derp selfies on your phone.

-Cute little playfights everywhere.

-Randomly bursting out into cypher and just rolling with it.

-Having to deal with his constant weirdness.

-But you two always have each others backs through tough times.

-His cute little boxy grin.

-But you never tell him you find it cute.

-If he ever found out, cue the teasing.

-Once you befriend taehyung you get the rest of the maknae line for free!

-”Tae, put your tongue away right this instance!”

-Calling him weird ass names like “Tae-boo” and “Hyungie bear”

-Random shouting wherever you guys are.

-Never let him near children or animals if you want to be noticed by the senpai.

-Anime marathons!!!


-And getting equally pissed off at the main character.

-Re-enacting scenes from a drama you recently watched.

-Front row seats to his one-man-drama performances.

-Trot songs all the way!

-Doing little trot versions of all of his songs.

-Fangirling over BigBang!

-Making random references to BigBang in everyday situations.


-Having so much blackmail on your phone of him.

-Being his best friend would be a hell of a ride.

Hey sweeties!! I hope that was okay!^^

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hello there! i just wanted to ask you a question about corsets- why did they go from being more boxy to the hourglass corset most people seem to know about? i know fashion changes a lot because of famous people and royalty, so i was wondering if maybe some queen or princess or something had a tiny waist and that's why they began to change shapes? i just figured that if anyone would know, you would

It’s just the way fashion changes, as does what’s considered beautiful and ideal.  Hourglass figures have long been considered a sign of femininity, so emphasizing that small waist another way of emphasizing that. There’s a whole long area of feminist historical analysis on corsets, tiny waists, and ideal bodies are all parts of performative femininity. There’s a very famous Naomi Wolf quote on diet culture, “A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience,” and I think that applies to the corset. Katy Waldman wrote an excellent personal history about how anorexia and female thinness and delicateness are romanticized not just today in pop culture but have been for a very long time.

If you really want to get into the history of the corset, you’re getting into the history of fashion and the things that always change fashion: change in technology (the tight-lacing of the Victorian era was largely a result of the abundance of new technology and corset-making materials that made maintaining such a tiny waist possible), change in society (in the late 18th century and the early 19th century, with the French and American revolutions and the industrial revolutions completely upending upper-class society and what it meant to be a respected and influential person of society, ostentatious displays of wealth became hugely unfashionable, so women’s clothing was looser and more natural and thus a “natural” shape was favored) and of course, the changing role of women in society (Corsets stop becoming a thing when women start going out and being active in both their personal lives and in the workforce).  

It’s really a subject you could write a whole thesis paper on.