boxes of skeletons and bones


A Deathplace. 2017. Detail photos.

Wooden shadow box, raccoon skull, animal bones and teeth, skeleton key, stones, natural dried vines and tree branches, burned book page pieces and dissected excerpts from a John Stone poem that were rearranged; burned by hand with candle flame and soldering iron. Title comes from another poem found in the same book called On Doctoring.


New Discovery

Imp Skeleton Fossil

  Journal Entry

Imp Skeleton Fossil

The imp is a creature of mischief and mayhem, indeed their very existence is thought purely to tease and torment any other living creature they come in contact with.

Some of the first sightings and encounters were recorded by small village community’s, often leaving a trail of chaos in their wake soon after one is spotted. Like mischievous faeries “which they were often mistaken for” they are thought as beings ethereal in nature, needing someone knowledgeable in the dark arts to summon them and thus giving them a physical form.

This however has been brought into question after I unearthed the fossilised remains from one of these creatures, leading me to believe these imps are much older than I first thought and that they have been “Interacting” With humans far longer than they are credited.
~Burned Raven~

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ikknowplaces  asked:

hey! I bought the game recently, and I don't seem to get the lines "don't forget" from sans' workshop and "you would have been blasted to" from papyrus. I got the game after the patch, is there a problem or are these lines just rare?

(undertale spoilers)

The “don’t forget” line in Sans’ workshop is very rare. Presumably, it appears after talking to Clamgirl who only appears if the fun value is in the 80s. Since we don’t hack the game and cannot look into the code, we can’t confirm this relationship between Clamgirl and the message. It’s possible that the message is dependent only on the fun value. However, a good friend of ours was lucky in one of her runs and found Clamgirl and the “don’t forget” flavor text!

As for Papyrus’ new dialogue, you can get this by starting a genocide run and aborting it by sparing Papyrus. After you spare Papyrus, hang out with him. In his bedroom, check the box of bones. 

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this seems rude. I don't mean to be. I'm really confused and I've been seeing a lot of stuff on my dash about it recently. How is what you do different from grave robbing? You dig up graves, remove people and their things, and don't return them... Isn't that like grace desecration? I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend. I'm just really hoping you can clear this up for me.

I’m not surprised that you’ve been seeing this quite a bit recently.  I’ve been seeing this quite a bit recently.  And I’ve been getting some pretty nasty messages about it.  Tumblr is, after all, populated by a large number of people who are self-proclaimed experts on things over which they have no real authority.  And this very self-assured population can get rather…antagonistic.  But I don’t respond to hate mail anymore, so I left well enough alone.  I’ve responded to a few posts on the subject, but those are easy to miss.  However, you’re the first person to ask nicely, so you get a response.

The difference between grave robbing and archaeology is that grave robbing involves seeking out and digging up graves without permission for the purpose of personal gain, and archaeology does not.

Seems pretty simple, right?  That’s because it is.

But because there are going to be people out there who do not understand these particulars, I’ll go into a little more depth.

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Hand And The Eye raffle

My husband is hosting a giveaway raffle through his etsy shop ( hand and the eye)! Every customer from here to the 15th of august will have their name thrown into a jar, on the 15th he will randomly choose a winner and that lucky person gets the gifts pictured below <3  
This raffle is to thank you guys for the support and keeping the shop alive!

More items will be uploaded within the next week.

The gifts are 
- sun weathered vertebra 
- Antler slice necklace 
- small wood burnt pendant 
- piece of amethyst 
- little bug box with large cicada molt 
- plastic skeleton hand
- little bit of reindeer moss 
- rib bone