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Submission from @steelrosesandburntwings

Disney Manga Beauty & Beast GN Box Set LTD ED 

“We’re excited to announce our upcoming two part manga to accompany Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live action movie coming out in 2017! With BOOK ONE telling Belle’s version of events and BOOK TWO from the Beast’s perspective. This slipcase combines the two volumes of Beauty and the Beast as well as a mini poster, perfect for collectors. “ 

I JUST PRE-ORDER the box set from Barnes & Noble!!! <3 IM SO EXCITED I’m mostly~ excited for the Beast’s book….. Give me any book from the Beasts POV and I’m all about it!

Pre-order of the box set (~20$) and individual copies (~8$ each) are available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon (and I’m sure other bookstore’s websites like Books-A-Million).