Don't say it's 'The American Way'

We started making a lot of stuff
We started making factories
To make more stuff
We made too much stuff.

We started making boxes
We put stuff in boxes
And sent it to other places
Then they couldn’t afford our stuff
We started making cheaper stuff
In those other places
We made cheaper boxes there, too.

We sent that stuff everywhere
Even sent it back here
But we couldn’t afford that stuff anymore
All the stuff-making jobs were over there
All the box-making jobs were over there
So we had less money for stuff.

Then they gave us new stuff to do
Told us we didn’t need to make stuff
Told us how to move money around
And charge money-moving-around fees
We moved money to other places
And back again
We moved money from other places
And kept it here.

And the people who told us how
They put all the money in boxes
And shipped it to themselves.

litglob © 2015

(Based on real events …)


Reward Boxes Package Design by Charlie Isslander

“Charlie had a pleasure to work on unusual packaging for a client in 2012. The pack contains 3 base packages, from Golden to Bronze as a rating of each customer with royalty program card at the restaurant. The golden one contains $1,000 bottle of red wine, signed certificate and couple of propagation items, such as badges or other collectibles. The box is made from black chalk-writeable paper with a foil press on logo and ½ of it.”

Born & raised in Czech Republic, Charlie Isslander was genuinely influenced by Austrian, German & Croatian ancestors. Over 6 years in business, He’s had a chance to work on variety of projects, with agencies, companies or even individuals. Custom work is his territory, branding, web design, UI/UX design, print design & of course any offline design. Synthesis of his creativity & the understanding of task are his keys to create award winning experiences

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Before babies touch their mothers,
they are placed in boxes
pure, untouched
we warm them with tainted
blue and pink blankets,
white and black rooms,
and notions boxes
will keep them alive

We package boxes
with how-to pamphlets
for women and inside we
cover skin with foundation
and red lipstick and smile
because we made
the prettiest box.

A box for a bird
is a cage for wings
meant to fly and the whole
time they are watching;
watching with blue eyes–
the bluest eyes cast upon
the filth of the poor,
the brown-eyed people,
the birds they urge to fly
but cut off their wings.

Glass boxes are filled
with memories and medals
valor and guilt; the composition
of boxes made from blood
and tears and boxes
reminding us of patriotism

When we move out
we pack all our belongings
in boxes; pack bones
ghosts, regrets, and scars
carry them with us
the boxes are heavy
and our spines grow hunched

We live in a box
Mortgage rates and glamor
that consume salaries
white-picket fences
an indication of us and them
we want bigger boxes
than hearts and crystal clean
windows but dare not leave
the walls of comfort

When we no longer open our eyes
Our family buries us
privilege from riches separating
us from inevitable, equal decomposition
and our boxes outlast what matters:
our skin, bones, and red lipstick lips
even after we die.

—  Seven Ways to Use a Box by Amanda Katherine Ricketson

This Woman Turns Boxes and Bags Into Monsters

Mellie Z is an artist and craftswoman specializing in fine leatherwork. Based in Leighton, Pennsylvania, she is best known for her embroidered leathers products and famous ‘Dragonhide’.

Via: twistedsifter

NB: [Sorry, this post has interested us for the share, but only for the hilarious design by cons, we are in absolute disagreement with the use animal skin! Please do not buy! It can be made legal copies, in artificial leather, vegan leather, synthetic or organic material .]