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Goo Goo Dolls “So Alive”
Directed by Todd Bellanca

In regards to the last ask, here is the LAST teaser to @ktrk5 The Funnies? or Boxes Diaries? comic, I still have a few pages left. Be patient with me guys life has gotten in the way and im working as hard as I can! You guys are the best and thank you! :)

Violet Sneak Peek

@ktrk5 your request for pregnant WildeHopps has become longer than planned. I like how it’s going so far but since I’m not finished I thought I’d give you a snippet of it to tide you over until I finish it. 

   Judy had imagined this day for years. In her fantasies she was laughing, and crying tears of joy, rushing to the phone to tell her family the good news. “It finally happened!” she’d gush to her mother and father and any other ears that were nearby. “I’m pregnant!”

But fantasy, as usual, was so different and so much better than reality. Reality had Judy sitting on the cold floor of the pharmacy’s bathroom, staring through her tears at the plastic stick between her fingers, at the red plus sign that told her the sudden tiredness and nausea were for a reason. She didn’t reach for the phone inside her pocket to call her parents and tell them the good news. This wasn’t good news.

It wasn’t…because she wasn’t married, wasn’t even dating. She was sitting on a bathroom floor crying her eyes out because she had made a mistake, had made it more than once. But she had no idea it would happen, had no idea it could happen.

She had never heard of a fox impregnating a rabbit.

           That first night was where it all went down hill, she realized. She and Nick had been celebrating, the ZPD having finally caught an escaped convict that had eluded them for months. Nick had invited her to his place, a moderately nice apartment that was bigger than her own; he had some cheap bottles of champagne he had nabbed from Finnick a couple months back.

They had made themselves comfortable on his couch and enjoyed glasses of the champagne that didn’t even bother to bubble when they opened the bottle. Nick had flicked on his TV and they watched a romantic comedy. And for a while they sat in silence, occasionally laughing at the film, taking sips of their low priced alcohol, simply enjoying each other’s company.

They did that a lot, enjoy each other’s company. They were best friends. Partners. They understood each other more than any other animal and maybe that was one of the reasons Judy had let herself become more tipsy than usual, which had led to their first mistake. She had absolutely adored Nick, still did, he was funny and charming, one of a kind, he made her feel special and she knew he always had her back, which was why she didn’t hesitate to answer him honestly when he spoke next.

They were watching the couple on the movie, a wolf and oddly enough a hare, share their first kiss which eventually led them to the bedroom which was far more explicit than Judy had expected from a romantic comedy and hoped Nick didn’t see how her ears had turned red. It was weird watching such things with her male friend. She closed her eyes as she took a larger sip from her glass.

 Nick had moved his green eyes from the TV to her, his face expressionless as he spoke, “Have you ever done that?”

She looked up at him, her brow knit, “Done what?”

He indicated to the TV that had mercifully ended the bedroom scene and now the hare was telling her friends that she was in love with the wolf, “Date a different species.”

Judy shook her head, “Nope. Strictly rabbits.” To be honest she had never dated that much, most of her family called her a prude. But she had just been so busy with work and the fact she wasn’t going to date just any guy, it had to be the right guy.

“What about you?” she asked the fox.

He snorted bitterly, “Please, I can’t even convince vixens to go out with me.”

That made Judy frown, she wasn’t a good judge when it came to the beauty of foxes, she had only known two in her whole life, but she didn’t think Nick was ugly. Of course if he acted like he did when they first met then that was more understandable.

           “What do you think about it?” Nick asked a few minutes later. The wolf and the hare had had a misunderstanding and now were in the middle of an argument.

If Judy hadn’t already had a full glass of champagne she probably would’ve been more weirded out by the sudden interest. She shrugged, “I think its fine. Why do you ask?”

It was Nick’s turn to shrug but he didn’t meet Judy’s eyes, “Just curious.” He looked at the almost empty bottle of champagne, “Maybe I had too much of this.” He poured himself another glass.

“Would you date another species?” Judy asked him as the movie started to come to an end.

“Why?” Nick smirked over at her, “Interested?”

She let out a small laugh, her ears dusting pink, “You wish.” But her laughter died down when she saw the way Nick was looking at her.

“Yeah,” Nick breathed, his eyes not breaking from her own. “I would.”

She wanted to glance away but she felt trapped beneath his gaze, “…Wh-what kind of mammal would you be with…?”

Nick had looked her over then and Judy felt like her entire body was on fire, the hunger in his green eyes had set her heart pounding. She had never felt desired like this.

“At the moment….” Nick finally spoke, his voice unnaturally husky, “A rabbit.”

Then he was leaning toward her and Judy let her eyes slip shut, a silent dare for Nick to kiss her. A second later she felt warm lips against her own and she couldn’t hold back the moan that rose from her throat, couldn’t resist immediately opening her mouth to taste him, his tongue carried the flavor of the same champagne that was coursing through her body, making her forget that he was a fox, making her forget that this wasn’t a good idea, making her forget that he didn’t love her, not like he should as he pushed her down onto the couch, his paws rubbing across her arms and stomach and thighs.

Judy’s paws reached toward his neck, her fingers running across his coarse red fur, trailing down to his shoulders, digging her blunt nails in. Nick didn’t spend long tasting her, his mouth pulled away to nuzzle against her neck and shoulders, his teeth gently nipping her flesh and the action caused butterflies to flutter in her stomach.

           When Nick almost fell off the couch he suggested the bed and Judy agreed, following him to his bedroom where they sprawled across his bed, continuing their feverous kissing. They hadn’t planned for what happened next, they hadn’t planned to slip their now wrinkled clothes off, to go farther than they should, to know what it felt like to be one, to cry out each other’s names as powerful waves of ecstasy sent them over the edge. They hadn’t planned on waking up the next morning in each other’s arms.

The pleasure of last night almost hadn’t been worth the following mortification. But as they hastily put on the clothes they had strewn on the floor they had both assured each other they’d still be friends, they had been drunk and it was a one time thing. They would move on with their lives, they wouldn’t mention it, it wouldn’t happen again.

           They kept that promise for exactly two weeks.

The second time was at Judy’s apartment, she had had a rough week. Bogo had swamped her with paperwork and to top it off she had missed her aunt’s birthday. Nick had come to her place to offer a friendly shoulder for her to lean on, the poor bunny exhausted and heartsick. She had just wanted a distraction, wanted to feel good, and Nick was right next to her, holding her paw and offering comforting words. She had pulled him into a kiss and the fox hadn’t needed persuasion to go any farther and when they had finished her loud neighbors had no qualms with offering a commentary.

Once again they vowed that was it, they didn’t need their neighbors to talk. But of course they didn’t listen to themselves.

           The third time was after Nick had flirted with a pretty vixen and he wanted to assure a moody Judy that she was still his favorite girl.

           The fourth and latest time happened for no good reason, they just wanted to. That had been a month ago, and Judy had started to feel sick. Recognizing the symptoms from living with her mother and older sisters, she had gone to the pharmacy, her worst fear proven. But after spending those nights together, despite the comfort and the assurance, it was really nothing but a fling. Nick cared for her, she knew that, but he didn’t want to be with her. He would’ve brought it up by now surely, and Judy was too scared to ask him. Especially now, if he rejected her she wasn’t sure she could handle it.

She was scared, that was all there was to it. She was too scared to tell Nick, she wouldn’t tell him she was carrying his baby.

“Which is fine,” she assured herself, a lump in her throat making it hard to breathe. “It’s Nick Wilde we’re talking about. He doesn’t want kids; besides…he wouldn’t want to be my boyfriend let alone a father. I’m Judy Hopps, the first rabbit cop of ZPD…If I can do that I can be a raise a kit all on my own.”

 Her phone buzzed, signaling it was five in the morning. Time to get to work; she was glad she had already dressed up in her uniform before she had headed to the pharmacy. She had figured she would need time to waste on tears.

           Judy stood up, threw the stick into a trash bin and wiped the tears away, time wasted; now she had to get to work. She could afford to work a few more days before she would have no choice but to take maternity leave and then…she’d figure that out when she got there.

New item added to the collection, and it is absolutely the coolest game I own now, both for the actual contents and what they represent.

SimGolf is a golf course-building game by Maxis. It’s sort of an oddity for them.

What I wanted to talk about is what came with the game. You might have noticed something strange in these photos…

This copy of SimGolf came with three Maxis-branded golf balls! These are Wilson Tour Distance golf balls, adorned with the Maxis and SimGolf logos. These are some of the neatest tie-in items I’ve seen included with any game, and beyond just being a cool tactile thing to have, they speak a lot to the market Maxis tried to court, principles behind SimGolf, and their design philosophy.

Will Wright has stated in interviews that one of the things he loves about games is how they incorporate player creativity, the idea that players are at the same time the audience and author of the experience they’re playing. Anyone, really, can be creative, and that includes building a golf course and learning how to make it fun.

Packaging golf balls with the game is a pretty clear attempt to get actual golf players to buy SimGolf, but I think it has as much to do with market segmentation as it does with trying to bring out the inner creativity of an audience that isn’t normally asked for that. In games, everyone can be an active creative participant – even golfers.

Also, golf balls! What!

How to Pick up Women

Step 1.) Put on your cleanest light green shirt and most comfortable white shoes.

Step 2.) Get yourself a nice box, spare no expense. Women are attracted to nice boxes

Step 3.) Be confident. Step one will assist you with this. Light green shirts convey confidence and dominance.

Step 4.) A woman will eventually walk by and take notice of your box. This may take days depending on your location, so this is where your comfy shoes will come in handy. If you selected an especially ornate box, be cautious. Competitive males will often try to battle you for possession of your box. Your light green shirt will display your dominance, and deter most aggressors.

Step 5.) You’ve found the one. She will climb into your box and hand you packing tape. Seal the box and poke holes to allow for air flow. 

Step 6.) (See image below)

Great! -You’ve now picked up a woman. She can now be transported almost anywhere in the world. Make sure to be a gentleman and cover stamps and shipping.

The Box Theory

I should start off saying this is not a published theory nor is it accepted by any academic circle except the paper crafter’s scientific society for the study and further development of box and boxen technologies or PCSSSFDBBT which are all the useless letters you get in scrabble and have to use. This came about back in around 2002 when a friend who shall remain nameless and I were driving on the freeway. Johnny spotted a box that said “Not Here” on it and it got him to thinking. What the hell does that mean? He mentioned it and told him basically a condensed version of the following.

When you see on a map typically at a mall that says “YOU ARE HERE” it is lying to you. You cannot possibly be exactly where that map is showing. The problem with it are these pesky little things that atoms do which is form bonds. These bonds prevent my atoms from passing through your atoms. So when I hit you with a punch my hand hits your body and stops. It does not go through your body. When you kick me your shoe’s atoms do not go through my groin. It impacts and puts my ability to have children later in life in serious jeopardy. Because of this you cannot be standing where anything actually is. You can be inside of certain things but you can’t actually occupy the same exact space as that object.

“If not here, then where?”

Johnny asked me that and it’s a simple answer with a complex background. Potentially you are anywhere else in the entire universe than the space that object takes up. In a more literal sense you are not where that object is. Your defining point in space is not really about where you are, its more about where you aren’t. You could say I am at the end of the street in Las Vegas. That’s true if you are indeed at the end of a street in Las Vegas. However from a more universal sense you aren’t anywhere else in the universe except the end of that particular street in that particular city on that particular planet in that particular solar system in that particular galaxy in that particular part of the universe. There is a potential that you could be a billion light years away but you aren’t. You could also be on the surface of the sun of Vega, but you aren’t. You aren’t anywhere else except where you are. And where you and where a box is that says “Not Here” on it aren’t ever going to be the same space because neither one of you can cohabit with the other. It’s just an impossibility with physics.

To take it a step further, you cannot be here. Here is a relative term depending upon whom the person or in this case the object is and where their relation in the universe is. Here is different for everything. You cannot be here where I am at the moment siting at a desk typing this up. Nor can I be here where you are reading this. Here is a moment in space that exists only as long as you occupy it and do not leave. The second you leave suddenly your here changes. You were there, now you are here. That’s the tricky thing about the relation of you and space, wherever you are at that moment you are here but as soon as that moment or position shifts you were there and now you have a new here. It’s constantly shifting too. Based upon the speed you transitioned and the direction its easy if your speed and direction remain constant to calculate where you will be like we do with the orbits of planets and other objects however if you can shift your speed and position at will no one will ever know where you are at any exact moment. They may be able to look at where you’ve been and where you might be going. You won’t be here though, that’s already become past and now you’ll be there in the future for them because they’ll be looking at where you were and not where you are currently.

That is Box Theory in a basic layout. It also applies to packages. So when you people ask me why your package is not here just remember, it can’t be. Potentially its everywhere else in the universe then where it is. So stop asking me. It will be delivered when we can figure out where it has been.