Highlight of SMTM4 Episode 1

- Rapstar Ajhumma

- Blacknut showing his boxers on national tv 

- Crying school girl

- Vernon swearing 

- MC from 1999 who went batshit crazy (literally)

- School boy who got on the stage and pretended to freestyle like B.I

- Guys imitated Bobbys rapstyle (all of them literally failed) 

- Only saw a snippet of Taewoon and Minos (pissed me off) 

- Some dude dissed Mino 

i hate it when guys complain about seeing a girls bra strap

i hate it even more when they complain when their pants are falling half way down their ass and their boxers are showing

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It's been mentioned a few times that Gary was an amateur boxer, but has the show ever shown any of his martial arts training?

Well there was that moment wayyy back at the beginning of the show in episode 28 when he had the nunchuk all kill. 


Hey, guess what? Boobs aren’t offensive, so stop making it seem as though they are. I’m sick of people commenting on Juliet’s videos and pictures saying that she shouldn’t be “dressed half naked while she has a boyfriend” like uhm??? What??
So, you’re telling me, that a girl shouldn’t show skin because she’s with somebody? That her choice in being with somebody determines what she can and can’t wear? The fact that he can walk around warped tour, with his shirt completely off and his boxers showing (not saying that he does regularly) and she can’t show her stomach? Uhm, I’m sorry- but I don’t see the logic in that. Juliet’s not a promiscuous person- and you know what hers and Andy’s relationship is assumably build on? Trust. He obviously has absolute no issue in her wearing what she does, so why do YOU care?
Another thing is that- it’s Summer time, and it’s rocking 100+ degrees F (I’m saying this because I know that most of my followers are American)
It’s fucking hot, and shirts absorb a lot of sweat/moisture. It’s probably fucking disgusting and uncomfortable to go on stage and spend 45 minutes+ in a drenched shirt that sticks to your body constantly.

One more point is that- she has a fantastic body and she’s in shape. If I had her body, I would be showing it off as well, regardless of whom I’m with. Self confidence is hot, and shouldn’t be shunned like it is in this generation.

So yeah, fuck you. If you want to go to Warped tour in a bikini top or bandeau, that should be fine and honestly- ideally the only concern should be getting sunburned. People suck.
Girls should be able to wear what they want without being slutshamed.

#julietsimms #sorrymyfeminismisshowing #actuallyimnotsorry #fuckyou

@thejulietsimms , you’re fucking gorgeous. Fuck what others say, and lookin’ good in them Dolls Kill threads 😘😍

also sorry but if u actually think tanaka would peep in a girls changeroom, you need to reread from chapter fucking one and actually PAY ATTENTION to his character this time. 

remember when he came out of the club room without pants on cause hinata took his by accident and a girl called him a pervert for showing his boxers? he immediately covered himself and went back inside sheepishly. 

hes not a fucking sex criminal. hes not a womanizer. 

you really think saeko would let that fucking slide????????? fuck right off. 

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Hi I'm Banzai. I get hit on for stripping to my boxers and showing my bulge. I also use ohmygod a bit more than I should...

true and true ;3


Slow Show- The National

“I want to start over, I want to be winning
Way out of sync from the beginning
I wanna hurry home to you
Put on a slow, dumb show for you and crack you up”

I don't normally post things like this, but I'm mad and this needs to be said.

Does anyone else find it really fucked up that women cannot do anything without someone finding a way to sexualise it or attach it to sex?

Let me explain.

Everything for a woman is sexualised, everything we say, do, wear or enjoy is sexualised. 

The clothes we wear aren’t just clothes, but they represent sex. 
Young girls are being told to cover bra straps, when young boys are still allowed to show their boxers. Young girls are told not to wear skirts or swimsuits around uncles or grown men because its ‘not right’ when those men shouldn’t be seeing anything sexual in a child, yet young boys aren’t told not to go topless. 
Your skirt length isn’t personal preference anymore, oh no. Its a measure of your sexuality or how sexy you are. So is the type of blouse you wear or how tight or well fitting your trousers are or how high your heels. Because as a women, we don’t get to say which of our clothes we consider sexy and which we consider clothes we can just wear, its already predetermined and taught to us what is and what isn’t.
Your underwear is sexualised even when it shouldn’t be. If a woman buys a thong or something made of lace or anything considered ‘sexy’, theres no way its because she likes it or because its comfortable, but its because she wants to look sexy, or because she’s a slut or its for her boyfriend/husband. If the lace of a pair of knickers shows above her jeans its ‘cheeky’ or ‘teasing’, but no one batts and eyelid if a guy wants to buy himself nice fitting good quality underwear, if the waist band is seen its not ‘teasing’. All womens underwear is some how marketed buy saying it makes you look sexier, not that its just comfortable or good quality, its sexy.

When it comes to compliments you have to deal with them all related back to how attractive you are.
“I love intelligent women, its sexy” - is what is behind most compliments that women hear about their intelligence. If you’re complimenting a woman on her intellect, based on the fact its sexy or attractive rather than you actually think she’s intelligent and admire the intelligence for what it is, you’re not complimenting her intellect, you’re sexualising her.

When it comes to hobbies or interests they get sexualised too.
I ride a motorbike, I have to deal with people saying that they think its cool that I ride because women on bikes are sexy, because they have the image of me in skin tight leather and my ass sticking out and my boobs resting on the tank while I’m in heels with the wind blowing my hair. 
They think its cool because they think its sexy, not because motorbikes are cool and its nice to see women making a hobby that predominately male more diverse.
If you like to dance, people immediately think about your body, they compliment what you can do based on the fact that its sexy, when you think of women dancing you think of either tight fitting outfits in a club, dancing dirty on the dance floor, or a posh elegant woman who looks sexy in her evening gown.

If you enjoy being a housewife, or cooking lots, or cleaning even that can be sexualised as being the perfect housewife who serves her husband, because its sexy for a woman to ‘know her place’. 

Makeup is purely marketed by sex. Makeup is never advertised for women to buy it because they enjoy using it, we’re told makeup makes us SEXY. makeup is what we’re told we put on so the world thinks we look sexy when in truth, most of us wear it because we like how it looks or makes us feel, not for the thoughts or opinions of other people.

I can’t leave the house without being sexualised for being a woman. regardless of how I’m dressed or how I look or how I act, I have random blokes in the street shouting out at me or harassing me by telling me that I’m sexy, or that I have the perfect lips to give them a blow job, or yelling something else sexually explicit at me. I am sexualised just for being a woman. 
I don’t get to choose when to be sexy, because thats decided for me wether I like it or not.

Theres nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy, or look sexy, or do stuff because it is sexy. but the fact is, as women, we don’t often get to choose what we want to be sexy, because we as a gender as automatically sexualised, we don’t get to choose if the skirt we are wearing is sexy or not to us, we’re just told it is or made to feel like it is, regardless of our feelings on it.
we don’t get to enjoy things just the way they are, as hobbies or activities or clothes or doing something, because theres always someone who will turn it into something sexual when its not.

women have a right to feel sexy when they want to, to sexualise themselves if thats their choosing. but its THEIR choice. NOT the choice of others around her who decide when something she’s doing is sexy or not. 

I don’t normally post things like this, but I’m so tired of people assuming that things I wear or do are purely sexual. Its like because I’m a woman they can’t see why else I would do it if it wasn’t sexy, or hot or appealing to the genders that Im attracted to. I feel like women don’t get to control their sexuality anymore because whats sexual is already decided for us, we’re taught from an early age that normal things are sexual, our entire lives we’re marketed things to make us ‘sexy’ and its wrong. 
Sexuality is something individual to every person, regardless of gender and we live in a world where thats more and more understood each day, but still, despite this, women still have to battle constant sexualisation of normal things.

(Im not saying men don’t suffer from being sexualised, Im well aware that they are and they don’t deserve it either, but I’m not a man. So I’m writing this talking about women, for women. If you’re going to leave comments about “but men…” please just write your own post about what they face, because its equally important and deserves a post of its own, rather than being some foot note at the bottom of this)

I just hate it when I’m just wearing loose jeans and sagging around the house because I’m home and no one else is there and I’m doing anything and too lazy to grab a belt to keep it up so its just really low and my boxers are showing and then i go and try to grab my jeans to pull them up and then like nope that wasn’t jean that was skin. like oh look my dick is hanging out my boxer hole while my jeans are low and sagging. like oh world look that’s my dick. that’s a dick not jean 

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well waiting takes long so I'll tell you now. Um maybe more crop top photos of you in boxers showing your booty? maybe nakie behind.

Aha I only just saw this!

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"Are you actually wearing my underwear right now?"

The young blonde immediately jumped up, turning to face the older man, concern and fear and embarrassment all flashing over his face. They were out grocery shopping and he’d kneeled down to grab something from the bottom shelf - apparently the hem of his boxers were showing.

“I just- y'know man, I dont have many clothes- I’ll wash them- buy you another pair-”

Is this the part where he got kicked out? Beat figured it would happen eventually, but not over a pair of boxers.

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What kind of underwear you wear? :)

Boxer breifs/anything that shows off my awesome ass to be honest


Boxer showing you the ending riff off “Change Of Winds” - if you like it go and check the full song on YouTube or anywhere!
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