Things To Do After Top Surgery

- Sleep shirtless

- Go for a run with no shirt on

- Grow chest hair

- Go to the beach only in board shorts

- Buy more douchey shirts

- Skinny dipping??

- Mow lawns with my guns out as well as my amazing pecks

- Get rid of these damn tan lines

- Actually go outside to tan

- Get a massage from a girl without feeling even more stressed

- Lay in front of a fan on a hot day in nothing but boxers

- Show off my six pack that I have yet to form

- Work out my upper body even more

- Just put a shirt on in the morning and go

- Shirtless selfies

- Be dysphoria free

- Feel comfortable in my own skin

More headcanons about Seijoh
  • Oikawa secretly hated Matsun and Makki at first bc he didn’t like sharing Iwaizumi with them
  • Matsun and Makki secretly hated Oikawa at first because they thought he was a diva. they were right, but they don’t hate him anymore
  • Watari loves to cook and always brings food for everyone for away games, because he is an actual angel
  • He once gave Kunimi a lesson but Kunimi ended up setting the oven on fire. Kunimi is not allowed in the kitchen anymore
  • Kindaichi also likes to making food but he can only bake. anything he tries to cook is either undercooked or burnt to a crisp but he makes a mean croissant
  • Matsukawa owned still owns a pair of heeleys
  • Once a pair of neon green boxers showed up in the clubroom. everyone was too embarrassed to bring them up, so they sit there. no one knows how they got there. no one has claimed them yet
  • Hanamakki cries during cheesy romcoms
  • Once Oikawa hosted a horror movie marathon to encourage ‘team bonding.’ it did not go well. in fact, it went Very Bad
  • Yahaba always has everything you could ever need with him. first aid? he’s got bandaids galore. hungry? take your pick from these twelve kinds of snacks. need to bury a body? here’s a shovel
  • He owns a fanny pack. Kyoutani made fun of it until Yahaba bought one for him and he learned how convenient it was. now they are the Fanny Pack Duo
  • Kyoutani has the biggest hands of anyone on the team. Watari has the smallest
  • Kunimi tends to lose his team jacket, so he steals whichever one his closest to him (usually Kindaichi’s)
  • The entire team grew stronger when Iwaizumi was vice captain thanks to his hardcore conditioning workouts
  • Makki thought that, thanks to the workouts, he might finally be able to beat iwaizumi at arm wrestling. he was wrong


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Sagging Tip #56: Tight ‘n’ Baggy

If you want to add some extra composition and style to your underwear you can try out a tight ’n’ baggy combination. Wear some form-fitting boxer briefs and put another layer of baggy boxer shorts over them. Be sure to wear the boxers lower than the briefs. For an optimal design use plain briefs with contrasting patterned boxers. Also make sure that there’s much more fabric of the boxers showing than fabric of the briefs.

sleepover w/ steve headcanons:

-steve saying the whole time hes not gonna sleep but passing out the second his head hits the pillow

-steve waking u up at two in the morning asking if he can order a pizza

-steve flirting with u the entire night

-u flirting with steve the entire night

-steve stealing all of the covers and then kicking them off the bed in his sleep

-him sleeping in just his boxers to show off his muscles but then getting cold and having to put some clothes on

-steve spending the whole time trying to make u laugh bc ur laugh is extremely contagious

-steve talking in his sleep

-steve rolling over in his sleep and wrapping his arms around you

-him waking up super early and waking u up super early bc hes bored without u talking to him

-u two having an overall great night

thepoodlepack replied to your post “Unpopular opinion time: if a dog is so soft that it flinches, grovels,…”

My god how is that unpopular

You would be surprised just how many gun dog breeds are intentionally bred to be marshmellows. My (admittedly limited) experience with borzoi and igs has been the same, and many show bred boxers I’ve met are this way too. I absolutely cannot stand it.

I know, I know, I like confident protection dogs with a lot of backbone and thus my viewpoint is a little harsher, but how can that be ANYTHING but a nerve problem? How is it beneficial to have a dog that the average layperson feels compelled to ask “is that a rescue/was it abused” after watching the way your dog interacts with you?


The way Eddie handles this turd of a crowd is fucking genius.His sense of humor, his passive aggressive behavior, “Mmmmm your dirt is my fucking food, don’t you understand that by now?”, “I would play your favorite song but I keep getting interrupted by a fucking shoe” “I got a shoe, I got a shirt, I need some boxers’’.. ‘’Oh no, somone show some balls I need some pants, and a cap and some shorts”, “Someone throw up a gun, so I can shoot you all….fuckers” ..Classic right there.. 

Stormycal’s Masterlist


KEY: (nsfw) = smut/dirty/sexual topics

a/n: requests are currently open, but please keep in mind that I can be very selective about what I choose to write about. if your request is not written, please don’t take it to heart, I just had trouble writing it to the best of my ability!


Sex with Calum (nsfw)

You’re sick and he comes to comfort you



Getting him pumped up for the show (nsfw)

He’s sweaty after a show

Pillow fight

Car sex (nsfw)

Whipped cream (slightly nsfw)


Treehouse Escape

Calum playing hide and seek with your daughter

Cigars (nsfw)

Lost In Music

Whipped Cream (sort of part two - nsfw)

Badboy!Calum // part two

Chemistry (nsfw)

Reunited (nsfw)


“Please don’t leave me, Calum.” // sad version :: part two

“I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong.”

You’re still nervous in your relationship 

“Did you cheat on me?”

“Y/N! Where is my flannel? I swear to God.”

“What’s that in your bag? Is that…? Tell me it’s not.”

Calum makes you insecure // part two


He insults you about your weight



First time having sex and you cry (nsfw)


You watch porn with him for the first time (nsfw)


Bar fight

Close as Strangers

Mystery Girl


Calum’s back muscles


You get into a fight with him

Calum catches you masturbating (nsfw)

He physically hurts you

You tell him that you’re a virgin

“Oh, Daddy.” (nsfw)

Thigh riding (nsfw)

He calls you a name that offends you

You tell him about your insecurities (plus size!5sos)


First date with him

He finds out he’s your first boyfriend

Gang!Calum gets arrested // part two // part three

Happy New Year

Body shots (slightly nsfw)

Catching Feelings

He cuddles you for the first time


You get your period on him

Stunning (nsfw)

He makes you cry

You’re caught fooling around with him

Broken bass

My little girl

You accidentally hit him in the balls

Ready (nsfw)


Luke has two sides in his sex life (nsfw)


You leave him while he’s still on tour (slightly nsfw)

Cheating rumors about you and Luke’s relationship

You fight over a FIFA Game with Michael

Tattoo artist!Luke

He sees you for the first time

“Why haven’t you proposed to me yet?”

You keep on stealing his food

Lazy Morning Sex (nsfw)

He catches you masturbating (nsfw)

Being Luke’s pregnant wife would include

You watch porn for the first time (nsfw)


Not Enough Charm

He comes home from tour

Jealous Luke (nsfw)

Sub!Michael and Sub!Luke (nsfw)

Going to the state fair with Luke would include


Being newlyweds with Luke would include


Autumns with Luke

CEO!Luke on Valentine’s Day

“I’ve missed you so much, princess.” (nsfw)

Luke picks you up from the airport

“You lied right to my face.”

“Why are you being like this?”

He wants you back after you broke up


Big Boobs (nsfw)

Makeup Artist (nsfw)

You’re both celebrities and he cheats on you // part two

Daddy!Luke (not nsfw - father Luke)

He faints on stage

He cheats on you while being drunk // part two

On the Down Low

Fake relationship

He physically hurts you

Arzaylea abuses you

He cries when he holds your baby for the first time

8 Days

First Time (nsfw)

His aunt tweets a picture of you two

You think that he likes your twin sister more // part two

First Date

Luke makes you cry

You’re his younger sister and you hook up with Michael (nsfw)

You’re sick

So Much More (nsfw)

You get your nose pierced with him


Your child wets the bed


Princess (nsfw)


Photography sessions

Being upset with him

He takes a picture of you

You have a nightmare and he’s there to comfort you

Dominant!Ashton (nsfw)

Ashton suggests a new game (nsfw)

Hard, rough sex (nsfw)

Tutor!Ashton (nsfw)



Insecurities (nsfw)

Staying in

Mornings with him (nsfw)

Butt Grabs (nsfw)

Working out with Ashton

“I love you so much and it scares me.”

“If you really loved me you would fight for me.”

“I could’ve sworn your eyes were green…”

“Please… you’re scaring me.” // part two // part three

Rough (nsfw)


“Please don’t leave me.”


You watch porn with him for the first time (nsfw)

He catches you masturbating (nsfw)

Black is Beautiful (nsfw)

Single dad!Ashton

Promise Ring

You catch him talking about your sex life

You think that he’s going to hit you


You’re sick


He compares you to his ex // part two

Bathing suits

You get into a fight (big brother!ashton)

Being a bigger girl and dating him would be like…

The Silent Treatment


Showering with him

Michael being your first boyfriend

The Game (nsfw)

A date with shy Michael

He talks about you guys’ relationship

Insecure Michael


Art major!Michael

Shower sex (nsfw)

Sweaty sex (nsfw)

“Please don’t leave me.”

Jealous Michael (nsfw)

You watch porn for the first time (nsfw)

Michael finds out that you have arachnophobia

Bowling with Michael

He checks up on you

Bestfriend!Michael (nsfw)

Silly (Michael)

“Who made you cry?”

Sub!Michael and Sub!Luke (nsfw)

“It’d be great if you dropped that topic.”


Being roommates with Michael would include

Making breakfast with him

“I was only joking, Y/N.”


“Listen, Y/N… I love you so much. Please stop crying, I’m sorry.” // part two

“Have you lost your damn mind?”

“Your boobs are so squishy.”

Big Boobs

You catch him talking about your sex life to the boys // part two

“Wow, you’re really pretty.”

Truth or Dare // part two 

“It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna get better.”

“I hate you so much I can’t even stand to look at you right now.”




“You promised you wouldn’t do this anymore.”


Jack’s approval

Relaxing night in with Michael


Matching Hair


You’re on your period

How Michael would be in bed (nsfw)

Safe word (nsfw)

He admits his feelings for you

Sick days with Michael would include

Michael meets your child

Baby’s first word

He forgets your birthday

Broken Home

You get your period on him

Michael catches you masturbating (nsfw)

He proposes

Thigh Riding (nsfw)

“Waited so long to finally hug you.”

Single dad!Michael

You shower for the first time together


Bad boy!Michael


Baby Girl (nsfw)

Meet and Greet


Missed You

Road Trip

Surprise (nsfw)

Accidents Happen

Seven Minutes in Heaven


All For Him (nsfw)


O T H E R 

Rough sex with Lashton (nsfw)

4/4: He finds out you’re very ticklish

4/4: Greaser!5sos asking you out

4/4: Breakups

4/4 Hogwarts!5sos

4/4: College!5sos 

4/4: 5sos on Christmas

4/4: Their reaction to your nipple piercings (nsfw)

Blurb for Nisa

4/4: You have a big ass (slightly nsfw)

4/4: You have a fear of spiders


M O O D B O A R D S 

Winter Luke

Calum + Green

5SOS + Tan




Adam walking into Monmouth one day and Ronan has installed a punch bag and he’s punching away furiously at it shirtless and barefoot in a pair of boxer shorts showing off his seriously impressive arm and leg muscles and there is sweat dripping down the lines of his tattoos on his back and Adam is just staring like hgnnghgnnngh

Imagine a seductive night with Chibs. *SMUT* **REQUESTED**

You were laying on your bed, waiting for your old man. He walked in the bedroom and saw you laying there with his favorite piece of lingerie, covering so little but so much. He then had a smirk on his face, walking towards you slowly. You bit your lip seductively and he watched as your lip bounced back. It felt as if everything was in slow motion.

“Holy shite.” He whispered to himself

He then walked to you and kissed you, hard and long much like himself. He then took off the piece of lingerie that was covering all of your most savory parts. He removed his pants and boxer showing that he was so hard for you. Especially after not seeing you for a week long because of a run.

He then crawled on top of you kissing you softly, you wanted him so badly, and he knew it. He hovered over your entrance and you whined, wanting to give it all to you.  you were getting impatient so he then entered you abruptly, making you scream. Chibs then thrusted in and out of you softly, making sure you knew how much he had missed you. Everything was slow, even the sound of your moans was drawn out, which chibs loved. You came after a while, him following shortly after.

“Ah love ye."  He said with a heavy accent.

"I love you too Chibs.” You said breathing heavily.

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