boxers shepard

My brother’s pups. I watch them when he’s at work. Teddy (left) is a boxer/lab/shepard mix and a crazy lovable boy. Shadow (right) is a corgi/chihuahua mix and a cuddly little girl.

As many of you know, My husband & I are trying to foster JAX, a male Boxer/German Shepard mix who came into our lives bc he is madly in love with our female AKC/fixed Doberman, Ginger.

And I want to makes these distinction betw their pedigrees

  • how society values them, 
  • what experiences/trauma they have experienced 

simply due to DNA and where they were born.

Notice when you strip away racism, sexism, lgbtism, you can see the 

raw dynamics of dependence & domination

and yes it’s a glimpse into the underlying forces you /we are experiencing.

Jax maybe a bigger dog but his demeanor is so shy he runs from my 10 lbs Terrier.  Ginger, is the silver spoon Princess.  She’s an aggressive, alpha female, and we have never let her experience bad things from dog fights, human cruelty, to bad weather or food shortages.

I can’t blame her for her arrogant personality that hates milk bones and thinks everything, all food, all toys are HERS, even if she isn’t using them.  I do wish I could expose her to a bigger dog to kick her ass, as long as she doesn’t end up at the Vet, which there is no $$$ for.  

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This is my baby boy Beau. He is about a year and 5 months now. He’s a German Shepard/Boxer mix and the most smart, amazing, energetic dog I have ever seen.

enkindle this

Requested by @renlyslittlerose: mshenko: Shep comes home with a pair of awful Blasto undies and keeps making Enkindle jokes whilst wearing them.

Kaidan heard Shepard climb out of bed upstairs. There were several muffled groans and the sink turn on. He kept to cooking the bacon currently in the frying pan. Shepard had come in late the night before from an undoubtedly annoying meeting with the Council, and they hadn’t had any time together since the morning before.

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dreamingdick  asked:

we were fooling around in my car and you accidentally left your sexy [Candian Pride] underwear in the back seat which one of our friends finds just as we’re about to go on a really long, awkward road trip

(also requested by biotickaidan​) NSFW

“You have got to be kidding me,” Shepard groaned, kicking off her boots. She glanced down at Kaidan, between her legs. His shirt was off, and she’d just slid him out of his jeans. And what she found under was rather… well… it was very Kaidan.

“Shepard, if you’re going to make fun of my underwear, I’m not having sex with you. That’s the deal here.”

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This is my baby doll Ali ( like Muhammad ali) she is a mastiff, Rottweiler,German Shepard, and boxer mix. She’s a trouble maker for sure that’s why her nickname is devil dog . But I love her anyways.🤗🤗🤗

| h.s | - After so many years..

Requested: no.

Words: 930 words.

Storyline: You and Harry used to be really good friends before his life changed, and you were left behind, you always kept an eye on him through social media but when you bump into him in London, you don’t know what to do either run away, cry or laugh.

A/N: My first Harry imagine baes. There will be a part two because i am enjoying it way too much.

 My writings.

[Y.N] p.o.v

I was sleeping when i heard my alarm go off, today was Sunday, and Sunday meant not doing anything and stay at home watching re runs of Criminal Minds while eating fast food, but for some odd reason i forgot to turn the alarm off and here i am trying to make the noise go away without getting out of bed, but that wasn’t happening it just didn’t stop so i got out of bed and turned it off myself murmuring an i hate you to your phone before going back to bed.

It’s been one hour since i got back to bed and i just couldn’t get myself to go back to sleep, checking the time seeing it was 9:00 am, i decided on going out to get some breakfast and walk the dogs. Getting out of bed i made my way towards my closet thinking of what should i wear today, it wasn’t cold but it wasn’t warm either,  so quickly picking up some black skinny jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a leather jacket, i put it on the bed and made my way towards the bathroom, to have a quick shower.

Getting out of the shower was even worse than getting out bed, it was colder and i didn’t have more than a towel on. I quickly started drying myself and i got dressed, my hair was still wet so i plugged in the blow drier and got to work. By 10:00 AM, i was all ready to go. I picked up my purse with my phone, money and keys and made my way towards the living room where i saw my two dogs on top of each other licking each other, when they heard me in the room they quickly shot up and made their way towards me, I loved these dogs to death, i found both of them on the streets when i was a kid and i took them to the shelter and one week later i came back with my parents to get a dog and i saw that everyone was going for the cute dogs, but no one was getting the Boxer and German Shepard so my family took them home, and have been with me ever since.

Walking around London with two dogs isn’t exactly easy, they are good dogs but sometimes they get distracted and start going faster than they are suppose to, and that was what was happening now, they started running towards someone in particular, that was weird because they usually never did anything like this, they weren’t too keen on strangers , i didn’t know what was happening i just kept running towards them when i saw them licking someones face, like their life depended on it. I made my way towards the stranger about to apologize when he lifted his head up, my breath caught up on my throat, my eyes went wide, and i just stood there frozen in place not knowing what to do.

Harry’s p.o.v

I was walking down the street in London, me and the lads had a few days off before we have to start going back to the studio to start the album, now that Zayn had left we had to put a lot of effort into it for the fans, letting them know that we are still here and we want to make them proud. I was walking towards a cafe that is in a secluded area where i could be Harry just for a few minutes, when i saw two dogs barking and running towards me , they looked so familiar, one minute i saw them running and now i was here on my knees in front of them, letting some strangers dogs lick my face. I heard someone calling out to them, and i looked up from the dogs to see [Y.N] there. She looked more beautiful than the last time i saw her, and that was 3 years ago. She stood there not knowing what to do, her breathing unsteady, her eyes wide open and frozen in place. And here i was not knowing what to do either, in the middle of the street in London, people walking past us, not looking up from their phones, too consumed on their social media to acknowledge the world around them. I quickly came to my senses and i approached her slowly, i didn’t know if she was going to run away, slap me across the face for not contacting her all these years , she just stood still, so i slowly wrapped my arms around her and brought her into my arms. She didn’t hug me back, but i put a little pressure on the hug and she wrapped her arms around me and buried her face in my shirt.We stood there like one minutes when i heard her crying, i didn’t know what to do so i just hugged her a little bit tighter. I was about to let her go when she whispered something.

“Why did you leave me?”

And all i could think about is, why?. Why did i leave her. She was my sanity, she was my rock, she was my world, and i left her, i couldn’t give her a respond because i didn’t have one, i don’t know why i left her, i just felt the need to, so instead of replying to her, i continued hugging her, containing myself because if the tears that were welling up in my eyes felt down, there was nothing stopping me of becoming a mess.