boxers of evil

Boxer Calum Pt. 2

His first thought when he woke up to an empty bed was that you had gone to the bathroom, then maybe the kitchen, but soon he realized you were not to be found in the house. You had probably gone to the store to pick up something.

Once an hour past of him groaning on the couch in pain he sent you a text asking where you were and if you could pick up something for his bruised ribs.

After two hours had passed with no response, he got worried. He continuously tried to calm himself down with thoughts of coffee dates with friends he must of forgotten about, Calum had gotten hit pretty hard in the head last night.

Three hours came and he started to flip out. He called y/bf/n with no answer. He called his friends to see if you had stopped at one of their flats but none of them had seen you since last night.

Four hours later he called your parents, who absolutely hated him but knowing you were safe was worth a phone call to your mother. After a twenty minute conversation with your mother, she told you that she had not seen you in quite some time.

Calum being immobile, was living in hell not being able to drive a car, but soon an idea dawned on him. He maneuvered into a standing position and walked slowly into the bedroom.

He moved into the small walk in closet you two shared and turned on the light. The empty box gave truth to his fears.

You had left him.

The box on the floor contained your important things, like your old stuffed animal from your childhood, some paper work, and a photo album of you and Calum. All of them gone.

His first coherent thought was to go beat the living snot out of the punching bag that he had put up in the basement, but that was what had gotten him into this mess in the first place.

He couldn’t believe that his fighting had actually affected you so much that you left him. Every time he had went on tour you promised him you wouldn’t leave him, and to think that him being away from you for months at a time was easier to handle then him getting hurt all the time he did spend away was a completely new thought to him.

He stood in the closet for almost an hour trying to comprehend a life without you by his side and anything he thought of doing without you was almost painful.

Deciding that you were more important then him boxing he pulled off the shorts he had on and changed into a pair of his loosest fitting jeans and a black shirt. The process taking so much longer because of his smarting rib cage. Knowing that you would be hiding at a friends house he quickly drove over to the house, ignoring his aching body. He even stopped and bought a dozen roses knowing they couldn’t hurt his quest.

After having the door eminently slammed in his face by y/bf/n, he knew you were there. For a while Calum knocked, knowing you could hear him quite well because of the small size of y/bf/v small apartment. But after some time with no answer he sighed in frustration.

Soon a good idea popped into his head. Why not serenade you?He had the perfect song as well.

Chasing cars by snow patrol.

Mid way through the song he hears something light touch the door handle and he starts putting every ounce of sadness, confusion, and desperation he has into singing this song for you.

As the last syllables leave his mouth you slowly open the door, peaking your head through the crack.

“Baby, please, please come home. If its what it takes I’ll quit fighting. You are more important than getting to fight. Just please come home.” Calum says begging you with his eyes.

“I don’t want you unhappy because of me.” You mumble quietly.

“It would be hell on earth if you left me babe, so please just come home to me. I promise this is the last time you have to nurse me back to health.” He smiled at you and you let out as small chuckle.

“That’s not the part I mind so much.” you sigh unsure of what to do.

“So what do you say baby girl? Come home with me?”

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