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Please help!! Signal boost this far and wide!
Even if you’re not in Georgia, sign the petition and make a phone call (or send an email) if you can. Don’t let my sweet baby (along with many others) be unfairly labeled just because of their breed and the state they live in. This woman is ridiculous and we won’t let her get away with this nonsense.


it seems like today isn’t your time to shine friend

Imagine Loki is staying with you and your dog keeps stealing his boxers out of the laundry basket. He wonders where they are disappearing to, but then he finds them in a pile in your room, as that’s where your dog sleeps. But he thinks it’s you and confronts you. You are about to explain when your dog once again comes running through with another pair in her mouth, looking very proud of herself. 


snuffy loves rolling in the grass but only when the attention is on her.. (submitted by @kkaisuke)


I’ll just sit here and listen as you try to explain yourself.


THIS IS THE CUTEST CHRISTMAS AD EVER!!!!!! And to make things better it has Foxes in it!!!