boxers and socks

  • Tim: *At the Batcomputer waiting for results, dipping Oreos in his coffee and wearing nothing but boxers, knee high socks, and a SuperBoy shirt. His hair is in the messiest low pony and his nails are still painted black from the last time Cassandra did them while he was sleeping*
  • Damian, looking at him with disgust: Drake is a disgrace to this family.
  • Jason, sighing dreamily: I know
Poker Face?

Reggie x Reader 

Warnings: SMUTTY like no joke, if you don’t like sexy time, don’t read!!!

Requested: Can you write a Reggie x reader where they’re dating and they  play strip poker (smut)

A/N: I’ve never played poker before, so I don’t really know how the game works I’ve read about it online to get the jist of it so I’m pretty much just guessing. 

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Friday Nights alone with Reggie Mantle were often the highlights of my week. It was always after the game that he would take me back to my place for a movie night, or something along those lines. My parents work night shifts so they don’t mind Reggie coming over to keep me company. 

Tonight was no different, we were celebrating a big win for the end of season game. I ran onto the pitch along side other students, and into the arms of Reggie. Other players ran past smacking him on the shoulders congratulating him on the game. He picks me up by the waist as I jump towards him and I nuzzle my face into his neck. Still holding his helmet in one hand he tightens his arms around me and lifts me further into the air with excitement. “Congrats,now how do we celebrate?” I enchant towards the caramel skinned boy in front of me. I reach up and place a kiss on his lips softly. I hear the other team mates whistling and cheering some chanting about Reggie being ‘whipped’. I just laugh and pull away. 

“There’s a party at Thorn-Hill tonight, everyone who’s anyone is going to be there, so your presence would be highly appreciated” Cheryl Bombshell added into the mix, turning towards me, giving me that sickly sweet smile of hers. “Actually y/n and I have plans tonight, right?” Reggie says looking towards me with wide eyes. I nod my head towards Cheryl directing my eyeline towards her “Right” and just like that I was whisked away, by the boy still wearing his football uniform. 

We get back to my place, and I realise this was going to be no different from our other Friday nights. “Why didn’t you want to go to the party,Reg?” I ask politely getting my keys out to unlock the door. The streets were dark and silent. It seemed as though the entire town had escaped to Thorn-Hill for the night and we were the only two people left gallivanting the streets. “I had something in my mind that I wanted to try out, and I didn’t think you would wanna play in front of bunch of people at Cheryl Blossom’s Mansion”Reggie replies with a sly grin contouring his face. His fingers fiddle with the end of my shirt as I unlock the door, pushing it open, I turn around to face him with a confused yet amused look on my face. “play?” I mutter and stumble slightly into the doorway of my own home. 

I walk into the living room and Reggie heads towards the bathroom,carrying his bag, presumably to change. He returns a few moments later wearing a pair of sweats, a t-shirt and a baseball cap, holding a deck of cards in his hands. He brings it up and waves it a little a smug smile plastered on his face. I look between him and the cards and tilt my head in confusion. “Strip poker” he states abruptly. I go wide eyed and stand up from my place on the sofa and walk towards him with a sultry  stare. “so this is what you meant  by play?” I ask lightly biting my lip, it didn’t go un-noticed.  

“Okay then” I nod and move the coffee table into the middle of the room, grabbing a couple of cushions for us each to sit on, either side of the table. He throws his jersey at me and I look at him blankly. “Just in-case you need the extra layer” he teases. “and what makes you think I’m gonna be the one needing the extra layer?” I whisper gently in his ear removing my shirt in front of his eyes and replacing it with his football jersey. He takes in a noticeable gulp before sitting down at the table,shuffling the cards. 

Many Items of clothes removed later, I was left in the Jersey and my underwear and Reggie was sat there in his boxers (Oh and his socks, we can’t forget his socks) “Your poker face really is awful Reggie Mantle” I state calling him out only to antagonise him more. To be truthful, Reggie hating losing, and he hating losing to me even more. He knew it would be something I would hold against him for weeks. I look at the cards in my hand and realise my shirt is probably coming next “turn” Reggie mumbles in concentration. He places his cards down to show, three queens and two tens, an otherwise perfect set. I shamefully place down my cards consisting of a jack, ten,four, six, and and an ace, he royally kicked my butt in this round. He looks at me with a smug expression. His tongue sticking out of his mouth. I clap my hands at his deal and stand up ready to take off the jersey but am stopped by a pair of hands reaching for mine.He pulls me round to his side of the table and tugs me down so I’m sitting in his lap. 

“Don’t take the Jersey off just yet, It looks good on you” He whispers brushing the hair out of my face. bringing his lips to meet mine. I lean forwards and instantly tangle my hands into his black hair.Tugging at the roots towards the back of his head. His hot plump lips meshed with mine,in sync moving in and out of rhythm.     

His hands reached down to my legs where he lifted me up and placed me down so I was straddling his waist. His rough calloused fingers ran up my legs and placed themselves on my hips where he held me still. He leaned back so he was leaning against the couch more comfortably and brought his lips back to mine deeply. The kisses were hard and fast and at times sloppy, but that was just the way I liked it. I gasped suddenly as I was picked up,Reggie standing to sit himself down on the couch rather than the floor, bringing me to sit straddling him once more. His lips move to my neck leaving hot open mouthed kisses on the skin. Leaving a trail down where he meets my jawline sucking on the delicate skin, making me gasp for air. 

His hands lift up the Jersey at either side of my hips where he holds the curves and pushes them forwards,encouraging me to rock my hips gently. I do so earning a satisfied groan fall from Reggie’s lips. I place my hands on his naked shoulders and lean in for another kiss, my mouth already thirsty for more attention. As our lips join again, I roll my hips once again a little harder to meet his and continue the action gaining more gasps and breathy reactions from the pair of us. 

The sloppy kisses and building friction between us was more of a celebration than any after party could ever master. Reggie swiftly flipped us so I was laying on my back on the couch, him above me,breathing heavily, a thin layer of sweat had built up from our actions. Not to mention he was already sweaty from the game. 

He raises the shirt up so it’s just above my belly button and kisses his way from under my chest to my pantie line. His eyes look up through his thick dark eyelashes to meet mine as his cold fingers loop themselves into my panties, I nod slowly and he places another kiss on each hip bone before pulling my panties down my legs and onto the floor beside us. He settles in between my legs again and wraps each leg over his shoulder, his strong hands holding onto the tops of my legs. “You okay beautiful?” he asks quietly and i sigh contently nodding my head,he doesn’t even have to do anything and I’m putty in his hands. “So much better than Thorn-Hill” he mutters more to himself as his face disappears in between my legs. 

His tongue swirls over the budding bundle of nerves,and he presses light kisses on it just to be a tease, before taking it in his mouth and sucking on it, I let out a gasp and my hands go straight for his hair, his locks damp from the sweat raised from both the game and our activities. One of his hands moves itself from its place on my hip and and follows his mouth down to where I needed him the most right now, His finger lightly teased my entrance before sliding all the way in and stilling. I let out a short gasp of his name when he began sliding his middle finger in and out, occasionally swirling it around. His mouth still proceeded too press kisses to my clit, adding to the knot tightening in my stomach. My grip in his hair becoming tighter as he moves his hand faster. 

“Reggie” I gasp getting his attention, his face comes up and I gesture for him to bring his face up to meet mine. His fingers still working inside of me, Reggie comes closer to me, pressing his lips hard against mine, I wrap my arms around the back of his shoulders holding him in hug. My back arches and I moan the knot tightening to the point of release. I pull his arm away from me and he looks at me with both confusion and concern. Only to be replaced by a smirk  when my dainty fingers reached for his boxers. I pulled them down as far I could get them being underneath him. His shaft hit his stomach, I took it in my hands gently and slid my hands down it a couple of times before directing towards my entrance. 

He took matters into his own hands, pulling my legs towards himself, I let out a shriek of excitement, he leaned down and kissed me softly, I felt him sliding in, stretching myself out I gasped for air once he had fully pushed all the way in. Many of the boys always made jokes about mine and Reggie’s sex life, saying things like how ‘he’s an animal’ and ‘he must tear you apart in the bedroom’ and when occasionally that can be true, for the most part. Reggie preferred  to make love, he liked taking it slow making it raw and passionate, that was just one of the things I loved about him. 

One of my hands wrapped around his bicep while the other went straight for his hair. Reggie placed both hands on my hips and gently rocked his hips back and forth setting a rhythm that was pleasing for the both of us. He groans out my name into the crook of my neck and scatters a few kisses in the area. I feel the knot tightening again and becoming loose as my release is coming on. I can tell Reggie is getting close due to the breathy-ness and his tired limbs. with a few more hard fast thrusts Reggie moans into my ear, his movements becoming slopping, my stomach tightens and I feel the knot untie a sense of relief washes over my body. 

Reggie collapses on top of me, pushing my fowards so he can slide in lay behind me on the couch. He presses a kiss under my ear and pulls the jersey down so its covering me up. 

“Well that’s one way to celebrate a football” Reggie smiles and I shake my head laughing and lean up to kiss him  again. 


Rocket- Tom Holland x Reader Imagine

Y/N- Your name
Y/L/N- Your last name

Warnings: I don’t know if this qualifies as like soft smut or not but maybe a lil. Sexual themes? Idfk.

After an intensive day of filming on the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was agreed amongst the cast that you all deserved a nice dinner out. While Jacob and Tom were finishing up a scene Tony, Laura, Zendaya and yourself were kicking back in Toms trailer as it was the biggest. ‘Biggest trailer for the biggest ego’ Zendaya would always joke.

And she wasn’t joking, about the size of the trailer. It was like a small apartment. As you entered there was a modular lounge to the left, a fully stocked kitchen to the right. In the bathroom there was a shower and a bath with jetts. There was a double bed in a compact bedroom at the back. Seeing as it was the most accomodating of everyone’s trailers everyone would usually hang out in there.

‘This scene is taking a long time hey?’ Zendaya questioned.

Sitting on one of the bean bags, you turned around to face Zendaya, Laura and Tony who were sitting on the lounge.

‘Yeah it’s 6:55 now. I made the reservation at Downtown for 7.’ you replied.

‘They better get a damn move on I’m hungry man.’ Tony complained.

On Tony’s last word, the trailer door flew open and Tom rushed in followed by Jacob. Tom immediately started removing his last costume- a simple blue sweatshirt and a pair of black jeans- regardless of the fact that everyone was watching.

‘We’re sorry, they had trouble with the wires so we had to wait till they could get new ones in. How long do we have to get to the restaurant?’ Tom inquired.

‘About 30 seconds’ Laura stated, slightly disappointed.

‘Shit, sorry guys. Would they hold the reservation if we were 20 minutes late?’ Jacob asked.

'I don’t know, Y/N made the booking. Would they hold it Y/N?’ Zendaya asked you. You barely heard or noticed any of this exchange as your eyes were focused on Tom the whole time. The cast had become close over the time they had known each other so it wasn’t abnormal to catch each other changing every now and then. That didn’t stop you getting overly distracted by the fact that Tom was standing directly in front of in nothing but his red plaid boxers and black socks. You sneaked a geez up and down his torso, disgustingly toned and defined as it was. Daydreaming about how his the soft skin of his chest would feel against your fingertips you didn’t realise that everyone was waiting from an answer from you.

Laura however had noticed exactly what was holding your gaze ever so perfectly. Nudging you gently in the shoulder. 'Y/N? The reservation?’

You had been flung back into reality much to your dismay. 'What about it?’

Laura gave you an eye as if to say 'I know what you were up to.’

'Would they hold it if we were a bit late?’ Tony asked, now frustrated from hunger.

'Uh no. They’re really strict with reservation times.’ you confirmed.

Now clothed in a pair of blue jeans, a tight black t shirt that complimented his arms tremendously, and his old brown boots, Tom chimed in.

'Y/N darling I’m really sorry. I know you went to a lot of effort to get that booking.’


You and Tom became quite close during filming. Both fresh to the industry you and Tom bonded over the new experiences and exposure you were both getting. Coffee dates to run through lines was a common thing for you to do together, by you were careful to never call them dates in front of him. You didn’t want him to know you wanted him as more than just a friend.

Admittedly you had often thought about what it would be like to straddle his lap. To pull his shirt off over his head feeling every muscle it grazed against. Inhale the scent of him you found so much comfort in. However, both of you being up and coming actors, it wasn’t a good to get involved with each other. The media could tear down relationships and quickly.


'Did you guys just want to come to mine? I’ve got the barbecue, there’s beer. We can have a cook up?’ Tom suggested.

Happy that plans had been redeemed although slightly changed, everyone agreed and made there way to the parking lot.

'Who’s going in who’s car?’ Zendaya questioned.

Laura stepped in quickly. 'Jacob and Tony and I can come with you? Yeah? And uh, Y/N can go with Tom?’ Laura looked at you with a sly smirk on her face.

'Sounds good to me’ Tom said happily.

“Aight. Meet you guys there.’ Zendaya said as everyone hopped into the two cars.

As the other car sped off, Tom began to follow. The air conditioning in the car was blasting which made you shiver slightly.

'Are you cold?’ Tom asked you.

'Just a little.’

'Sorry love’. He turned the air conditioning off.

'You could have left it on. I don’t mind.’

'Can’t have my girl getting a cold can we.’

My girl? What the fuck? Did this little bitch just called you my girl.? You assumed you were having a delightful dream so you remained silent looking out the window.

'Uh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean my girl as you’re MINE yanno, to own or anything’ Tom began awkwardly. 'Because you’re not an object. I just meant as like my friend. Cos we’re uh just friends. And you’re a girl’.

'Tom it’s okay.’ you forced a laugh to lighten the mood, slightly disappointed by the mention of the 'F’ word.

'Did you wanna put your music on?’

'Yeah sure.’ You grabbed your phone out of your purse and plugged in the AUX cord. Going through your music you hastily put your general playlist on shuffle.

“Let me sit this ass on you

Show you how I feel

Let me take this off

Will you watch me?”

Suddenly the tension in the air, turned to sexual tension. You heard Tom clear his throat and start focusing even more on where his hands should be sitting on the steering wheel. You however were having an existential crisis. You could leave the innuendo ridden song on and live through it, or skip it but have him know that you it made you feel awkward and nervous. What to fuckin do?

“That’s mass appeal

Don’t take your eyes

Don’t take your eyes off it

Watch it, babe

If you like you can touch it, baby

Do you, do you wanna touch it, baby?”

After what seemed like a million years later you pulled into the driveway of Tom’s Atlanta house. Taking the AUX cord out of your phone, you rushed out of the car, and down the side of the house out to the back patio you had been to so many times before. Tom walking behind you, you pulled up a garden chair to sit with everyone else who had already helped themselves to Tom’s fridge clearly.

'I see you guys found the beer perfectly well then’ Tom said dropping his keys on the outdoor table.

'We did man, so grateful. Truly.’ Jacob complimented jokingly.

'Uh huh, sure bud.’

Tony and Laura came out through the screen door with sausages and buns in hand.

'Let’s get this shit going!’ Tony cheered, throwing the sausages onto the flaming barbecue.

'Yes Ton! Music though, we need music.’ Zendaya added making her way to the speaker.

'Y/N has some decent music’ Tom said suggestively. He looked at you biting his lip slightly. You glared back at him. What was he getting at?

'Did you wanna put yours on Y/N?’ Zendaya asked you.

'Uh yeah, here you go.’ You passed her your phone.

Scrolling through your playlist Zendaya was pleased with what she saw. Starting out with a random RnB song, you had a sip of your beer, relaxing as best you could.


Hours passed, the party had moved inside after it started raining and an excess of alcohol was consumed. Jacob had gone home earlier because he had an interview early the next morning. You had ordered Tony an uber home after he managed to throw up in a pot plant. Tom was now sprawled out on his couch, back against the arm rest. Zendaya and Laura sat against the bottom of the couch in a conversation of their own.

You could handle a few drinks, so you were tipsy at the most. You sat at the opposite end of the couch that Tom sat at. Your legs stretched out, leaning carefully against the side of his hip.

'This has been a good night guys. It was no Downtown five class meal but it was a good night. I’m glad I got to spend it with you guys.’ you said cheerfully.

'It’s been dope. Laura and I were thinking, we should go to a club. It’s only 1 o'clock, the night is still young man.’ Zendaya chimed, turning to face you and Tom.

'Yeah let’s go! It’ll be good! Laura added.

'I think I’m just gonna go home soon. I’m kind of tired. ’ you replied.

'Yeah uh, I wanna get some sleep in, you guys go though. Have fun!’ Tom agreed.

'Alright then. Well our Uber’s pulling up now’ Zendaya informed.

'See you guys later, thanks for havin us Tom’ Laura yelled. 'Later you two!’ Zendaya added, with what you thought was a wink.

As the two girls closed the back door behind them Tom smiled at you. 'So it’s just us now then.’

'Looks like it baby boy.’ you replied, maybe a little drunker than you thought you were. You shifted so your feet sat on his upper thigh.

'What did you call me love?’ Tom asked you, amused.

'I called you baby boy. If I’m your girl, your my baby boy. My tommy boyyy.’ You were definitely smashed.

Tom sat up holding your legs on his knees. 'I’m your boy then am I?’ he had your eyes locked on his now and he wasn’t losing them any time soon. You could taste his breath on yours he was so close.

He unexpectedly started running his hand up the side of your leg, moving slower and slower as he got further up your thigh. His hair was in the curls you loved so much, and as he moved in further to meet your face you gained a little confidence, taking your hand through the curls just at the nape of his neck.

'This is good. I like this’ you said looking through your lashes into his deep brown eyes. Placing you only your back, Tom parted your legs, crawling through to place his head above yours. Resting his hand under the back of your neck to support you his lips connected with yours.

His lips slid down further, dragging steadily down your neck. Your hands had slid down out of his hair and to the hem of his shirt where they now crept around the plane of his back. You felt every muscle as they flexed with his movements.

Placing tender kisses along your collarbone and supporting your back Tom pulled you up onto his lap. You kissed his cheeks and his shoulders making his eyes rolls back.

You gained more and more confidence as he took his shirt over his head revealing his fascinating torso.

'Let me dance for you.’ you whispered in his ear. ’

'What are you talking about darling?’ he mumbled pulling back a little to look at you.

You crept up off his lap, sauntering over to the free space in the middle of the lounge room. You could stand up straight but admittedly you felt like you were gonna fall head first into the coffee table. You looked him in the eye and began to peel your shirt over you head as seductively as possible.

'Let me sit this ass on you

Show you how I feel

Let me take this off

Will you watch me?’

You sang as you winked at him. Tom’s smile grew wider and wider as he sat back to take all of you in. You walked slowly back over to him you lifted his chin with your finger, throwing a leg either side of his lap once again.

'That’s mass appeal

Don’t take your eyes

Don’t take your eyes off it

Watch it, babe

If you like you can touch it, baby’

You took his hands and placed them on your hips, giving him silent permission to roam your body.

'You keep surprising me everyday Y/N Y/L/N’.

'I’m glad I do’. You kissed him, biting his bottom lip. He moved his lips down to the top of your chest, and you pulled him closer, not wanting to let him go any time soon.

'Yeah so um, Laura forget her purse.’ you had from what sounded like Zendaya’s voice. Both you and Tom turned spun your heads towards the door to find both Laura and Zendaya.

'I did! I really did, and uh, I’m just gonna grab that quickly’ Laura said with a giggle picking her purse up off the coffee table.

Mortified was an understatement. You quickly threw yourself up from you former position hustling to find your shirt on the ground. Tom had grabbed a pillow covering his lower torso for reasons that were implied.

'We were just talking. We weren’t like DOING anything, um, that wasn’t what you probably think it was.’ you said defending yourself in the midst of the most unfortunate moment.

'Hey! What happened to me being your baby boy?’ Tom inquired with a smirk.

Zendaya and Laura both looked at you with raised eyebrows. You had been caught, in one of the most joyous moments of your life.

'Well uh, Z I think uh we should get going. You think?’ Laura said enthusiastically.

'Yeah. We’ll see you two tomorrow’ Zendaya grinned at you in praise.

As the two girls left Tom turned back to you, pulling you by your hand back towards him.

'Now where were we darling?’

• • • •

I am so aware that this is shit but I spent ages on it so whatever. Let me know if you enjoyed it 😘

BTS - walk in on you dancing.

Request: Hi , can you do bts reaction to coming home and seeing their s/o having the time of her life by listening music and busting some dance moves only in their boxers , socks and bra 😅 thank you . 


Seokjin was going to find the cutest thing in the world. You were dancing and singing loudly in your room. The music ends and you hear him giggling. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” You scream shy. “Oh, nothing. You don’t have to be shy. It was so cute, baby.”


He came home and you were in the living room, with your headphones singing and dancing. And with nothing but panties and bra. He looked at you and smiled. “YOONGI!” You scared when you saw him. “Hi honey, practice ended earlier.” “I’m seeing.” “By the way, you were super sexy dancing.” “Oh, of course.” You laughed.


You were dancing happily when you noticed your boyfriend staring at you. “Since when are you here?” “Just arrived.” He laughed. “Uh, okay.” You put the song on again. “Come dance with me.” You said. “Wait, I have to look just like you.” He took off his clothes, just being boxers. “COME ON.”


As everyone knows, Namjoon is not the best dancer in the world, neither are you. But that didn’t stop you from dancing around the house. The music echoed through the house along with your voice singing fervently. Namjoon laughed at the scene. “Baby, you dance very well!” “STOP!” “What a butt!” He looked at you, who wore only panties and bra. “You are a pervert.” “And you’re hot.”


Jimin came home and heard the loud music coming from his room, he went there and saw you dancing on the bed. “Jagi ?!” He laughed louder than the music. “Hi baby.” “Are you having fun there?” “YES!” “Come here.” He opened his arms and you jumped into his lap. “Ew! you’re sweaty.” He said and you laughed.


For him, this was going to be the best thing of his day. See his girlfriend dancing and singing only in underwear. When the song was over you turned and saw him smiling at the door. “How long have you been there?” You asked. “Enough time.”


He was going to be surprised (in a good way). When he opened the door and saw you dancing and singing, he smiled. You haven’t noticed his presence, so he just stood there, just looking. “Baby …” he said after long minutes. “Oh sorry.” You tried to cover yourself with your hands. “No need to cover up! I’ve seen your whole body.” He laughed. “I know, I’m shy, you know.” “Yeah, I know, and you’re the most beautiful thing in the world.” He kissed you.

Requests are open! Feel free to ask. 

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Headcanons for being the female best friend of the Marauders

- Sneaking into the boys’ room after dark.

- It’s always re-arranged so that you use James’ Cloak to get there.

- Cuddle piles.

- It starts with you cuddling one of the boys, usually Remus, and one by one Sirius, James and Peter come to join in. Before long, no one can tell whose limbs are whose and everyone is a little bit uncomfortable in their position but also completely content.

- Sneaking out to Hogsmeade after dark.

- Helping them create the map.

- Becoming an Animagi to support Remus.

- Keeping Remus’ chocolate stash topped up.

- Putting two extra bars in there when you ‘borrow’ one when you’re on your period.

- Speaking of, the boys Mother Hen you to the nines when you’re on your period.

- James supplies the blankets, Peter supplies your favourite snacks, Remus supplies the hair stroking and the cuddles and Sirius supplies the pranks to make you laugh. 

- Actually, wait. All the boys supply you with cuddles. All the time.

- You borrow their clothes all the time.

- James: “Y/N, have you seen my - Oh.”

- It gets to the point in fourth year that you’re wearing James’ (clean) boxers, Remus’ woolley socks, Peter’s hoodie and Sirius‘ trousers.

- They pretend not to notice.

- They do.

- By fifth year, no one has their own clothes - you’re always borrowing each other’s.

- You’ve either got three kickass brothers or three amazing boyfriends - rumours of both types circulate the school and you definitely don’t help yoursleves.

- When Remus first got wind of the rumours he smirked and greeted you with a kiss on the cheek the next morning at breakfast. Sirius kissed your other cheek, James hugged you tightly and Peter gave you a watery smile.

- Sometimes you’re convinced Remus and Sirius are married to each other.

- They are.

- Sometimes you think James, Sirius and Remus are all married to each other.

- This is also true.

- Getting James, Sirius and Peter out of detention with Remus.

- Summers are always spent at the Potters.

- Any potential partners you have will have to go through all four other Marauders.

- So you don’t get to date much in Hogwarts.

- Not wanting to date any of the marauders because you don’t want to rik our friendship with any of them.

- On a particularly drunken night, Sirius suggested a five-poly relationship.

- No one really denied the possibility, but no one did anything about it either.

- Trying to stop them from bullying Snivellus too often.

- Helping James woo Lily in later years.

- You stick to each other like glue. 

- When Remus came clean about his being a werewolf, he told you last. You told him you didn’t care about his furry little problem and his answering smile was adorable. He definitely didn’t cry.

- The Events That Shall Not Be Named never happened.

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Worlds Away - Ch 2

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Genre: Online Dating!AU

Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

Word Count: 6.8k

Warnings: Dirty talk, Smut, Angst, Language, Slight Dom

Plot: You met Jimin through your favorite online video game. Finding out that he lived on the other side of the world from you. You both quickly fell for each other, and dealt with the issues that come with online dating. Although, some temptations are too hard to turn away. Especially when your significant other is nowhere near.

A/N:Thank you all so much for patiently waiting. I know this is late, and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I will try my hardest to be on time with the next chapter. Let me know what you think! -B

Jimin cards his hand through his hair as he walks down the busy Seoul streets. He adorned a black face mask, and sunglasses to try to be as unnoticeable as possible to the people mindlessly passing him as he heads to the address his company gave him. A coffee shop…how typical… He thinks; annoyance etched on every crevice of his face as the company told him of their plans.

He sighs as he reaches his destination. Standing under the neon signs that marked his last days of freedom for who knows how long. As he reaches for to pull the door of the shop open, out of the corner of his eye he spots the paparazzi trying to get the best sighting of him. He rolled his eyes at the thought of his company calling in an ‘anonymous tip’ as to his whereabouts, and who with. He never understood how they acted like they were so sly when they stick out like sore thumbs. 

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Dancing by myself / Clay Jensen imagine

Dancing by myself

Clay x reader

A/N: Not requested by anyone, but it just popped up into my head. Hope you like it! Request box is open!

It was the night of the Winter Formal at Liberty High and you were lucky to have your cute boyfriend Clay Jensen as a date. Since you were the one with a car, you decided to pick him up at his house. He felt embarrassed by that, but you assured him that it was okay and that you’d rather not sit on a bike with a dress.

However, you texted him 30 minutes ago that you were going to leave if he was ready to go, but he still hadn’t read it yet. The dance had already begun and you decided to just go pick him up anyway.

10 minutes later you parked your car at his house and knocked on the front door.

“Y/N!” Clay’s mother smiled happily as she opened the door. “Come in, come in. Oh, dear you look absolutely beautiful.”

You smiled sheepishly at his mother.

“I’ll go get Clay for you.” his dad said as he was about to climb up the stairs.

“Oh, no I’ll do it,” you assured him and climbed up the stairs yourself.

“Clay Jensen, you are such a girl, I was done getting ready at least an hour ago!”, you said but then heard music coming from Clay’s room. You silenced yourself and walked towards Clay’s door.

You peaked through the small door opening and had to put your hands in front of your mouth to keep from laughing.

There was Clay, in just a formal shirt, boxers and socks, dancing on some music while doing his tie in front of the mirror.

And he was singing along too.

You really had to stifle your laughter as you watched Clay do his hair in front of the mirror while trying to dance like Channing Tatum in some Magic Mike movie. Heck, that music IS from a Magic Mike movie.

“Well Jensen, you do make a real show of putting your clothes on. Isn’t strip music for putting your clothes off?” you said as you walked into his room.

Clay turned around and you had never seen someone put on their pants that fast.

“Y/N? I- I thought th-tha- uhm- who- uhm-“ Clay turned red as a tomato and tried to find his shoes on the floor.

“The dance has already begun so I thought I’d pick you up.” you smiled and Clay merely nodded.

Because of his embarrassment, he hadn’t had the chance to look at you properly. He was eyeing you from head to toe and this time it was you who blushed.

“You look beautiful Y/N.” Clay smiled as he walked towards you, grabbed your hands and kissed you on the lips.

“Thanks.” you smiled at him and squeezed his hands.

“Well, let’s go then.” Clay smiled when he was done tying his shoes and started walking down the stairs. You followed him and Clay handed you a corsage that matched your dress at the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh, it’s beautiful.” you said as he put it around your wrist.

His parents waved you goodbye as you both walked towards your car.

“Oh, Clay, one more thing.” you said.

“Yeah, babe?”

“Next time you dance like that, invite me over please.” you winked as you put your seatbelt on.

Clay turned into the brightest shade of red you knew and you kissed him soundly on the lips as you took off to the infamous Winter Formal.

~ The End ~

Wanted (Cat Hybrid AU Woozi)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hybrid! Cat woozi?

“Are you sure he’s the one you want?” the lady asks as you tell her the name of the hybrid you picked. This day in age everyone wanted a hybrid whether it was a puppy, a cat, a bird, fish, etc. They were kept locked away like regular pets which you found very wrong but you couldn’t change it. Today you wanted to take home one that no one ever seems to want at work. The grumpy hybrid named Jihoon. He wasn’t rude or anything, he just didn’t like socializing or trying to fake to be adopted. So people instantly labeled him as an unwanted hybrid. “He’s not that bad” you insist as you signed the papers. “No one wanted him. I don’t know why. He’s so sweet. It’s not fair to not be picked for being too old or not cute enough. I think they’re great and deserve a shot” you say as you handed her the paper. She quickly stamped it and handed it back to you. You gave her a smile heading into the back.

You opened one of the doors to a room where a few of them were and smiled. “Jihoon” you say as he looked up “you’re kidding someone wants him?” the one beside him whined making Jihoon look down. “Yeah. Someone does” you respond rudely as you stuck your hand out for Jihoon and he nervously took it. “Who wants me?” he asks shyly. “I do” you told him as he looked at you in shock. “I like you Jihoon. Even if others think badly of you. I think you’re worth it” you tell him as he looks down with a blush.


“I know it’s not much” you state as you two look around your very decent apartment. You made good money working there so you could have a decent life for the most part. Jihoon nervously stepped in “this isn’t a joke right?” he asks as you shake your head no. He smiled before he wrapped his arms around you. You instantly hugged him back stroking his soft hair “this is your home now as well” you him as he pulls back. “Thank you” he says as you guide him in more.


You woke up the next morning you awoke to see Jihoon sleeping peacefully on your bed. He liked the bed much more than his old to the point he quickly fell asleep. You smiled as you reached over touching his soft cat ears and began rubbing it. He let out a soft moan as he never felt the sensation before. As soon as his eyes opened he seemed to melt into your hand more. His head turned as he let your fingers dig more “I’m glad you like it” you coo as he smiles. “What do you want to eat?” you ask him as he looked confused. “There’s more than just the hard food we give” you promise as he sits up. “Like what?” he asked as you got up. “So I planned a good day to take you exploring” you say as you open one of the doors in your room. You put pants, a long baggy tshirt, boxers, and socks out for him. “These are actually hybrid wear” you tell him as he looked at it amazed “this stuff doesn’t look cheap” he says as you shrug"I’m not the only being I have to worry about now” you tell him as you got to your closet and pull a jacket out. “Get ready” you tell him before pointing to the door connected to your room. “The bathroom is right there. Shower, there’s shampoo and everything there for you to use” you say as he nods.


You were amazed that he didn’t come out smelling like the mens products you bought. He smelled like cherry blossoms as he told you it smelled much better to him. You shrugged it off and allowed him to do as he wanted to be happy. As of now you were very much enjoying the look of curiosity your new friend had. His hand clutched yours tightly as you pulled him along. “This is what I think you would like” you say buying an order of cooked fish from a stall. He took it from you and took a deep breath before he took a bite. You watched he smiled eating another and another. He ate it so fast you worried he’d get the hiccups but you simply grabbed a napkin and wiped his mouth off. Then his fingers. “We’ll buy some fish from the market then” you say relinking your fingers with his.


He looked at a magazine cover in shock as he saw the hybrid on it “it’s Jeonghan” he comments as you look at it. “His owners thought he was just so pretty they made him model for companies” you tell him as he makes a sound. “I don’t have to do that right?” he asks as you shook your head no. “Good” he says as you handed him a bag that contained fish and other things. “Your old friend lives here” you say as you knock on the window of the book store and a head peaks up from behind the desk as Jihoon smiles rushing in without second thought. The two males smiled at each other before they hugged. Wonwoo happened to be the other stone faced male that no one would adopt until you showed a picture to your friend who instantly wanted him. “Hey Y/N” you hear as Mingyu came out from the back.


You guys sat across from the the two hybrids at a small restaurant you and Mingyu frequented when you were bored as they caught up with everything. They talked about what they have gotten to experience from the real world so far. Jihoon mainly about fish and your soft bed and Wonwoo went on about the smell of old books and sleeping by the window as the sun shined down on him. “So the grumpest of cats got homes?” Mingyu asked as you smiled “they aren’t bad hybrids. Most people just don’t want to look past the actual appearance” you tell him as food was brought out. “This for you guys” Mingyu says as the two males were about to dig in “but eat slow and share” he finished as they nodded picking up pieces of fish and other meats.

“What’s that?” Jihoon asked as he watched you pick up a piece of meat from your noodles “chicken” you say as you saw the light in his eyes. You smiled as you leaned over the table offering it to him. He quickly took it and groaned as you giggled. “Here” you say passing him the bowl. He looked shocked “what will you eat?” he asked “I’ll order something don’t worry” you promised leaning on your hands as he smiled picking up his fork and dug in. “You’re going to baby him” Mingyu hummed as you shrugged. “He needs love and I’ll give it to him” you respond as Jihoon took a sip from his water before continuing to eat. He would have a smile here and there as he enjoyed being able to experience things he was told by others he would never have. Now those teasers were still waiting to be adopted while he got to live in the real world.