boxers and socks

BTS - walk in on you dancing.

Request: Hi , can you do bts reaction to coming home and seeing their s/o having the time of her life by listening music and busting some dance moves only in their boxers , socks and bra 😅 thank you . 


Seokjin was going to find the cutest thing in the world. You were dancing and singing loudly in your room. The music ends and you hear him giggling. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” You scream shy. “Oh, nothing. You don’t have to be shy. It was so cute, baby.”


He came home and you were in the living room, with your headphones singing and dancing. And with nothing but panties and bra. He looked at you and smiled. “YOONGI!” You scared when you saw him. “Hi honey, practice ended earlier.” “I’m seeing.” “By the way, you were super sexy dancing.” “Oh, of course.” You laughed.


You were dancing happily when you noticed your boyfriend staring at you. “Since when are you here?” “Just arrived.” He laughed. “Uh, okay.” You put the song on again. “Come dance with me.” You said. “Wait, I have to look just like you.” He took off his clothes, just being boxers. “COME ON.”


As everyone knows, Namjoon is not the best dancer in the world, neither are you. But that didn’t stop you from dancing around the house. The music echoed through the house along with your voice singing fervently. Namjoon laughed at the scene. “Baby, you dance very well!” “STOP!” “What a butt!” He looked at you, who wore only panties and bra. “You are a pervert.” “And you’re hot.”


Jimin came home and heard the loud music coming from his room, he went there and saw you dancing on the bed. “Jagi ?!” He laughed louder than the music. “Hi baby.” “Are you having fun there?” “YES!” “Come here.” He opened his arms and you jumped into his lap. “Ew! you’re sweaty.” He said and you laughed.


For him, this was going to be the best thing of his day. See his girlfriend dancing and singing only in underwear. When the song was over you turned and saw him smiling at the door. “How long have you been there?” You asked. “Enough time.”


He was going to be surprised (in a good way). When he opened the door and saw you dancing and singing, he smiled. You haven’t noticed his presence, so he just stood there, just looking. “Baby …” he said after long minutes. “Oh sorry.” You tried to cover yourself with your hands. “No need to cover up! I’ve seen your whole body.” He laughed. “I know, I’m shy, you know.” “Yeah, I know, and you’re the most beautiful thing in the world.” He kissed you.

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What Kyle was (probably) like when he was alive:


- he was totally on the football team

- a giant dork

- he drummed on every flat surface

- was a fuckin’ sweetheart who helped everyone

- in addition to Toto, listened to r&b/rap
- “give me that - toot toot - give me that - beep beep””i’m gonna kick you out Kyle”

- danced in his boxers and socks

- go to car guy

- tutored others part time

- hella athletic

- sang Fergie when cleaning

- wore layers and layers when cold

- “call me mr flinstone i can make your bedrock””god Kyle get a girlfriend”

- called everyone bro or dude

- did everyone’s laundry

- frisbee all day every day

- never told anyone what happened at home

- liked looking at art

- sweaty football practice

- “l-l-l-l-lick me like a lollipop…”

- mumbled under his breath

- sarcastic comments

- lots of nights alone when the boys went out

- ‘studying’

- more like procrastinating

- “g-l-a-m-o-r-GAH I DIDN’T THINK ANYONE WAS HERE”*holds duster to chest*

- blushed super easy

- “she moves her body like a cyyyclone””dude wtf”

- embarrassed his frat brothers

- all the time

- to the point where they left him places

- tried ‘dancing  sexy’ and failed

- cooed over dogs

- “i want your body…need your body…as long as yo with me don’t need nobody…”

- took lots of instagram pics

- dank tons of Starbucks

- Toto jam sessions

- trying to be a wingman

- “you like  the barteeeeeeenderrrrr””really T-Pain, Kyle, really?””you do”

- complaining about how buildings were built

- going on a 3am milkshake run


“I have electrosensitivity. When I’m exposed to electricity, it’s like one thousand scorpions stinging me. It’s like every description of fire in the bible. There is no ‘off the grid.’ Because the grid is everywhere. So I live ‘between the grid.’ I have a lot of memorized safe spaces. I’ve tested all the stoops in the neighborhood, and this is an especially good one because it has a lot of wrought iron going into the ground. I wear seven layers of shielding clothes. I wear silver sterling boxers. I wear conductive socks. And nobody protects me because they think I’m imagining things. They think that they can decide how much I can take. Some people even point their cell phones at me. It’s like they’re punching me without punching me. Even after I explain the science, I get pigeonholed as crazy. The bigotry is maddening. Because even if I remove all my quantified evidence, and I say that I believe it hurts me; that should be fine. I have the right to choose how much radiation I’m exposed to.”

sick day Couture

-nothing but a giant t-shirt

-ur bf’s hoodie on a long drive when he realizes ur running a fever

-every single blanket you own

-boxers and fuzzy socks

-whatever you happened to be wearing when you came home and collapsed on the couch

-whatever your caretaker decides to dress u in bc you’re too weak to dress yourself

-whatever you decided to throw on to see what your s/o is doing in the bathroom at two in the morning

-head towels and cold compresses

-sweat pants! sweat pants! sweat pa

-a t-shirt in freezing cold weather bc you gave your coat to your sick shivery s/o

-slippers and a sherpa blanket 

-pockets stuffed full of tissues

only us {bughead}

A/N: I’m Riverdale trash, and Bughead is my favorite ship on the show. The title is inspired from “Only Us” from the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack, which is so beautiful btw, and the song reminded me of Bughead. 

Blurb; Post-College Bughead deals with some news

“It’ll be us, and only us.”

The aroma of pancakes filled the NYC apartment the two shared, and Jughead was the culprit. Jughead was only in a pair of boxers and socks despite it being the middle of winter, and he was happy about it. Betty woke up to the scent of vanilla and cinnamon, being welcomed by her smiling fiancé flipping and frying flapjacks. 

“How’s my little hypersomniac?” Jughead mocked in a sarcastic tone, continuing to make breakfast for the two of them. 

“You think you’re so cute don’t you” Betty retorted, emerging in Jughead’s “S” Shirt, and some fuzzy socks. She yawned, embracing Jughead from behind. Jughead pouted as he began plating their pancakes,“Why are you always stealing my shirts??” 

“They smell like you, and you won’t let me wear your beanie. So, you brought this upon yourself, Jugster.” Betty replied carrying the pancakes to the dining room table, while Jughead poured the coffee.

“You smell good too, but you don’t see me in your lingerie Bets.” Jughead countered, joining Betty at the table. Betty playfully rolled her eyes, beginning to eat her Pancakes. 

Betty furrowed her eyebrows, realizing something, “But you can’t compare a piece of lingerie to a tee shirt, silly boy.”

Jughead raised his eyebrows, sipping his coffee before saying “When you’re wearing them, they have the same effect on me.” Jughead smirked, watching Betty pretending to swoon. 

“Well, I won’t be able to fit in my lingerie anymore. So, you’ll be seeing way more of the tee-shirt look.” Betty said, sipping her coffee. Nervous as to what Jughead would respond with. 

“And why’s that, Ms. Cooper?” Jughead furrowed his eyebrows, eating his pancakes. 

Betty avoided his question, eating her breakfast, avoiding eye contact with her soon-to-be husband. Jughead sensed her tone of worry, rubbing her hand with his thumb. 

“Are you sure you won’t be mad?” Betty looked up with apologetic eyes, meeting Jughead’s worried expression. “I won’t be upset, I promise.” Jughead intertwined their fingers, smiling at her. 

“I..I missed my period two weeks ago. I took a pregnancy test at work the other day, and it came back positive.”

Upon hearing that, Jughead nearly spit out his coffee. “Y-You’re what?!” He shouted, unable to keep the smile off of his face. Jumping out of his seat, he tried to collect himself. Sitting back down, he clasped his hands together trying to keep it together. 

“Are you sure you’re pregnant?…”He asked furrowing his eyebrows. “Did you go to the doctor to check? Is the baby okay? How pregnant are you? Did you tell anyone?” 

Betty chuckled, “Babe, relax. I went to the Doctor’s yesterday, and I’m definitely preggers. The baby is fine, and I’m about a month along. I didn’t tell anyone else.”

Jughead smiled, rushing to Betty’s side. He kissed her, and proceeded to kiss her belly. “I’m so happy, and I love you. You’ve never looked as beautiful as you do right now.” 

“It’ll be us, and only us.” Betty replied kissing Jughead, whilst rubbing her belly. 

 A/N: I had so much fun making this! Let me know if you guys liked it. Hopefully I did Bughead justice. Please feel free to request other stories for any ship on Riverdale! 

I think in a perfect world Bert and Cec would have their own show.  

They’d do Bert and Cec things like being slightly annoying but loveable at the same time.  Get wasted in the pub.  Say the word “toffs”.  Eat tea and crumpets with Aunt P and get her slightly smashed.  Read letters from Phryne as she flies in the rusty plane while they slide on the tiles in the parlour dressed in boxers and socks.  Have catch ups with Dot and Hugh while Hugh whinges about life and then goes fishing leaving Dot to be the housewife, mother and all around slay Queen (because we all know he will now…).  Carry Jack home after he cries into his whisky glass and gets three sheets to the wind.  Build stuff with Mr B- I don’t know what, but he seems like he could build things.  And just be the Red Raggers times a thousand.  

And it would be called The Bert and Cec Hour.

It’s science.

Danny now has a full outfit.

Fenton boxers, (the) striped pink pants, a It’s Not Gay If He’s Dead t shirt, and now white vans.

He just needs socks and he’s good to go.