boxers and dress shirt

•Girls in dress shirts
•Girls in bow ties
•Girls in boxers
•Girls in suspenders
•Girls in snapbacks
•Girls in cargo shorts
•Girls in dresses
•Girls in sweatpants
•Girls with tattoos
•Girls with piercings
•Girls with colored hair
•Girls with short hair
•Girls with long hair
•Girls with glasses
•Girls in general

~To gay to function~

Let’s Play

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This is Part 2 to Dinner Party. Reader wakes up only to end up needing to be patched up again. It taking a very interesting turn when Sam and Amber come up missing.

Dean Winchester X Reader.

Warnings: Cursing, blood.

Readers POV

I woke up to throbbing. No not throbbing more like pounding headache and a throbbing body. Every inch of me hurting. It hurting just to breathe. I tried to sit up by failed when a digging burning shot threw my back and arm.

I groan making me biti my lip. Looking around I only see Amber sleeping in the bed beside me. Remembering last night I forced myself to sit up my mind going to the worst thing. Hearing a door open I grab the closest thing to me for a weapon it being the telephone.

Looking up I meet the familiar face of none other than Dean Winchester. Him dressed in nothing but boxers and a T-shirt his hair messy from sleepy.

Seeing me he quickly runs toward me dropping to the floor to wrap his arms around me making me drop the phone. A ring coming out by it smacking the ground.

“Never ever ever do that again you hear me?” He asks pulling away but still holding onto my arms.

“Uh okay.” I say softly confused.

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DESTIEL BECOMES CANON at the end of an episode like dean and cas kiss and the screen cuts to black executive producers jeremu carvman stay tuned for scenes from next week’s sooperbloop

THE NEXT EPISODE starts with a shot of dean walking into the bunker’s kitchen and he’s wiping sleep from his eyes and maybe wearing his robe and when he gets to the coffee pot cas is already there in nothin but his disheveled dress shirt and boxers and so dean props his chin on cas’ shoulder and squeezes his hip and knocks his forehead against cas’ cheek and is like “hey”

and sam comes in and is like “did i miss something”

and dean and cas jump apart all awkward and dean scratches his head while cas just squints and dean’s like “we, uh, this is uh–it’s kind of uhhh”

and sam shakes his head and waves them off like “don’t hurt yourself. so there’s this case…”

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Steve won Nancy back by inviting her over when his parents are out of town. Tells her to sit in the living room and a minute later comes sliding back into view on his socks in shades a dress shirt and boxers while lip syncing into a broom and recreating Risky Business for her she laughed and gave him another shot (happy v day)

This is adorable yes yes yes all about this Valentine’s fluff

Space Issues

Aria and Ezra are sleeping peacefully in their bed, Ezra holding Aria close right on the edge of the bed. He’s dressed in a t-shirt and boxers, and she’s wearing one of his shirts.

Aria wakes up in the middle of the night, then loses her balance as she nearly falls off the edge of the bed. Ezra is pressed up against her, leaving Aria no room.

She gently nudges him. “Ezra?”

“Mmmm?” He’s barely conscious.

“Can you move over? I’m falling off the bed.”

“Mhmm,” he replies, but doesn’t move at all, and instead squeezes her tighter. This doesn’t help, and she’s very uncomfortable.

“Move over, babe,” she repeats, becoming increasingly irritated. This time, she elbows him with more force, but he still doesn’t wake up. “I don’t have any space.”

When he doesn’t move, she sits up and climbs over his body to sleep on the other side. As soon as she settles in, he is awoken by the realization that she is not in his arms. This time, he rolls over and looks at her with a confused expression.

“That’s my side,” he tells her.

“And you’re on my side,” she points out.

Awake now, he looks over and realizes he’s almost to the edge of the bed. “Indeed I am…”

Aria doesn’t move. She just wants to go back to sleep. When she closes her eyes, he nervously asks, “Umm, but can I have my side back?”

Aria opens one eye and gives him her death glare. Why did she marry him?

He’s about to explain why he needs his side, but he doesn’t have a valid excuse. He just does. He can’t go back to sleep knowing he’s on the wrong side of the bed.

Aria sits up and climbs over him while he scoots over to give her room. In the process, she accidentally kneels on his ankle that was hidden under the covers.

“Ow!” he squeals.

She snuggles into the covers and closes her eyes with a smirk on her face. “You deserve it,” she mutters sleepily as she drifts off to sleep.

Ezra spoons her from behind, falling asleep instantly. Aria will want to kill him if he does it again. He does it at least once a week.

But she’s glad she married him.


It’s still dark out when Chris carefully slips out from under warm
covers, careful not to stir the sleeping blond still sleeping. Let him
rest for as long as he can– and let Chris prepare a surprise while
his partner remains clueless to romantic intent. The door is closed
soundlessly behind him, bare feet sneaking their way into the kitchen.
The light above the stove’s flicked on, ingredients and other equipment
gathered in as quiet as fashion as he can manage. It’s a relatively new
undertaking for him, which shows in the time spent. The sun’s risen by
the time he is done, placing everything on a tray, topping the display off
with the cheesiest little extra he could think of. This’ll do nicely. A glance
at the clock reads 8:47AM. Should be a decent enough time to rouse his
boyfriend from slumber.

The door to the bedroom is opened by elbow, Chris shuffling in dressed in
boxers and a loose shirt, tray in hands. Soon he sits on his side of the bed–
tray placed beside him– shaking Leon gently with a murmur.
Good morning,
I got you something.
He smiles at the groggy rumble coming from Leon, eyes
fluttering open to shoot him a look, yawing.
Alright big guy, I’m up. With that
the blond shifts, sitting up in the bed. While rubbing sleep from eyes, the tray is
put on his lap. On it a freshly baked waffle breakfast with toppings in small bowls
on the side. Strawberries, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, and powdered
sugar. Two cups of coffee are included, as well as a small vase with a single rose.

It’s the sappiest and cheesiest display. One that has Chris beam at his
significant other, kiss pressed to stubble cheek.

Happy Valentine’s day.


i think this is important since sometimes it totally sucks to be a girl. 

-get dressed up if you want, but yoga pants and a tshirt are still cute

-if you have acne or anything, cover it up with a little makeup (guys don’t get that)

-if you’re in a mood, just say it’s your time of the month and no one gets pissed 

-LOTS of hairstyles!

-in school, girls are typically favored (as long as you aren’t bad) ((maybe this was just my school?))

-.Our friends don’t say hello to us by punching us on the arm

-. We get yummy chocolates and flowers from guys

-SLUMBER PARTIES!  Guys just dont know how much fun those are.

-We dont have to stuff boxers in our jeans.  ( How can that possibly be comfortable?)

-maxi shirts/dresses. enough said

-balding is seldom a concern.

-you won’t be judged for being emotional or for crying in public (ok maybe crying in public is a stretch)

-when men get their heart broken, they only get a pat on their backs and a “It’ll be okay” from their pals (maybe even a hug if they’re lucky). We get an entire army of friends ready with tissues, chickflicks and chocolates (and enough hugs to last us a lifetime). 

-manipulative skills on point

-Petite girls are cute. Short guys are in a pretty bad situation… 

Greetings || Ophelia + Jacob

Leaning back in the chair, Ophelia used the tie of the man dressed only in an open dress shirt, tie, and boxers to draw him forward. “You,” she crooned in a soft accent, looking deeply into his eyes, “dance with her,” she pointed to the young red-head, dancing to the music in only her lace bra and panties, a small line of blood seeping down pale neck. Turning to regard the person that entered through the door, Ophelia smiled, wiping the corner of her mouth. “Can I help you?” she asked, fixing her hair.

His hands, His smiles, His love

Request: Can you do a Deanxreader where you reader is really down so to show how much Dean appreciates her he makes sweet sweet love to her (but only a wee bit of smut more fluff) and then picks out her clothes (his shirt & sweats/boxers) and dresses her, kissing her whole body. Lots of giggles and fluff please??

A|N: Thank you for the request 😏 it was fun. XD sorry if its short

Author: Jazzi

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warning: Only a small amount of smut. Mostly just a lot of fluff. Some language. 

Summary: Dean makes you feel like the prettiest woman in the world.

You’d been feeling like crap all day. Under appreciated wasn’t the word to describe the way you felt. You covered your head with a blanket and slept for most of the day.

“Baby?” Your boyfriend Dean said, walking and sitting beside you. “Are you okay?"he asks. You nod slowly not saying a word. He removes the blankets.

"Dean stop it!"you say, rolling around so your back is facing him. You feel his hand wrapping around your waist and his body pressed against your back. He smiles, nuzzling into your neck. You relax and let him cuddle you close. "I’m just not in a good mood.” You say. 

He nods. “its okay. Just talk to me about it,"he says, "what’s going on?” He cuddles closer, listening to you describe how bad you’d been feeling that day. He decided he knew the best way to make you feel appreciated and wanted. 

He slowly made love to you. Gentle and slowly, planting small, loving kisses all over your body. Every kiss, every thrust, every thing he did was with the sole purpose of making you feel good. When he was finished, he went to his dresser. You covered your body, cuddling in the blankets. You watched him, smiling. He was only wearing boxers. He looked good. He always did though. Dean was the perfect man. He came over to you, with his clothes in hand. He kisses you gently smiling, he slipped his boxers onto your body. You blush, kissing back, letting him dress you in his sweats and a t-shirt. They hung off you, almost too big. 

“I love you y/n."he told you. "you’re cute as hell in my clothes."he tells you, planting kisses on your neck and cheeks. You giggle, wrapping your legs around his waist. He smiled, beautifully. You studied his face, he smiled with his emerald eyes. From cheek to cheek. He looked happy right there with you. It made you so happy. You snuggled close to him and breathed in his scent. Dean certainly made you feel happy, loved, sexy, and appropriated.

Based on some details from that Sebastian Stan Buzzfeed interview, and also these pictures, have some Evanstan fic!

(I should be grading final exams. But it’s been like two weeks since I’ve managed to write anything, so I needed to try. I thought it’d be shorter. I should really know better.)

Title courtesy of Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” of course. Contains a morning-after, breakfast food, not-too-explicit sex in flashbacks, misunderstandings, confessions of love. 2,438 words.


I got the night on my side

“Morning.” Sebastian’s smile’s shy, sweet, hopeful as sunshine. He’s wearing his own boxers and Chris’s dress shirt, unbuttoned. He’s barefoot and his hair’s rumpled in late-morning light. He’s holding a spatula.

Chris gazes at him, forgets words. Feels thickheaded and clumsy and inadequate: sleep-fuzzy, baffled, bleary-eyed with the aftermath of the night before. Awakening, he’d needed a minute to recall why he’d been naked, what he’d done last night, and oh God who; and his heart had performed an odd unhappy quiver at the realization that Sebastian’d gotten out of bed and left without saying goodbye.

Sebastian hasn’t left. Sebastian’s standing in Chris’s kitchen surrounded by the scents of eggs and bell pepper and toast. Tentative excitement’s starting to fade from pale blue eyes. Chris hasn’t answered.

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do u ever think about how terribly peridot is gonna dress lmao

like alien pattern boxers, plaid shirt, that dumb tag necklace from her fave show, probably steals amethysts boots, plus snapback