boxers and dress shirt

The Fitting (Part 12)

(You respond to Jungkook’s request that you start dating for real.)

WARNINGS: 8500 words of angst.  That is all.

The message notification on your phone jolted you awake and nearly caused you to fall out of bed.  You were lying right at the edge of the mattress with Jungkook’s body pressed tightly against your back.  When you first fell asleep, you were both lying in the center of the large bed, but as the night wore on, you would roll an inch away from him to sleep more comfortably and give yourself some breathing room.  Although he was sound asleep, Jungkook somehow sensed your movement away from him and his body would immediately close the gap between the two of you until, eventually, there was no more room left to move.

Carefully, you slipped out of bed, grabbed your phone, and headed towards the bathroom.  As expected, the text message was from your cousin checking up on your date last night.

10:17am (Seulji)  How did it go?  Was it fun?  Did you fall in love with him yet?

10:20am (You)  It went fine, he’s a fun guy but it’s just not the right time for me.

10:21am (Seulji) What?  Why?  I need details.

Details.  You wondered if he would tell your cousin about the fact that you were seeing someone else or if he would just let it go.  You didn’t even want to think about the conversation you would have to have with Seulji once she found out that you had another man all along.

10:23am (You) I have to jump in the shower right now.  I’ll talk to you about it later.

You set the phone, face down, on the counter and could hear two more messages come through but you didn’t bother looking.  Instead you turned on the water extra hot and stepped into the steaming shower, hoping to wash off your lingering guilt.

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•Girls in dress shirts
•Girls in bow ties
•Girls in boxers
•Girls in suspenders
•Girls in snapbacks
•Girls in cargo shorts
•Girls in dresses
•Girls in sweatpants
•Girls with tattoos
•Girls with piercings
•Girls with colored hair
•Girls with short hair
•Girls with long hair
•Girls with glasses
•Girls in general

~To gay to function~

Favorite scene of s11: Scully strolling into the kitchen on a Sunday morning wearing one of Mulders dress shirts while Mulder makes coffee in his boxer shorts...

Because CC won’t give us any smut anyway

anonymous asked:

Blurb/One Shot Idea: Y/N & Harry have been dating/hooking up for months and have become quite close. Close enough that Y/N spends most of her time at Harry's house. Harry realizes that he wants to a have a serious relationship with Y/N and decides to make it official. He buys Y/N something that she really wants and always talks about & he asks her to be his girlfriend.

i didnt plan this but 1.3k. oops? not that good? super fluff. :)

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Aim to Please (NSFW)

Originally posted by official-hartwin

Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: I fucking love this gif, I want this image of his little shithead face on everything. This boy is ruining my fucking life.

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Hump Day

A/N: okay so I decided to write @lucifer-in-leather this fic since she said she was in her feels for something like this, so I took a shot at it. Also no need to inform me that it’s bad, I know, I wrote it at 3am so ya. Oh, and this is also my first time doing something like this so there’s that too.

Warnings: Dry humping, sexual content, that’s about it. Nothing too extreme

Words: 1,529

Paring: Crowley x reader

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

It was the middle of the day and you were sitting at the table in the bunker reading a book on demon lore. Everything had been calm and peaceful inside the place you called home up until the Winchesters had returned back from their hunt, irritated and tired.

Noticing right away of their mood you opted to escape to your room in hopes of peace and isolation. With book in hand, you rushed to your room staying silent and making no movement towards the brothers with the exception of a slight head nod towards the younger Winchester when passing by him.

Your intention to relax in the comfort of your room alone was quickly halted when upon entering your room and laying eyes on your boyfriend, the king of hell himself, sitting at the end of your bed with his hands firmly placed in is lap, as if he was waiting for you.  

Hello love, not chatty today I see. Oh what, did you miss me love” remarked Crowley, with a smirk forming on his lips as he looked at the demon lore book in your hand.

You sighed as you tossed said book on your desk and walked over to straddle his lap, throwing your arms around his neck. “Oh you wish and Sam and Dean weren’t feeling good so I just decided to not speak and go to my room. And speaking of my room, what are you doing in it?

What? Can a king not visit his beloved queen when he has the time to?” Explained the demon king as he ran his fingers through your hair while starring lustily into your eyes, earning a pleased sigh from you. The sounds you made were always driving him insane but he couldn’t get enough.

Caught off guard, he started leaving kisses on the side of your jaw quickly traveling down your neck at a painfully slow pace following with a little nipping on your neck and on your collar bone, gaining a breathy moan from you. You could just feel his smirk on your skin and decided it was his turn for teasing.

You decide to stop his teasing and take control by placing one hand on his cheek and the other tied up in his hair and with that, you slammed your lips into his, kissing him passionately.

Crowley had surprise plastered all over his face but that didn’t last very long and was quickly replaced with lust in his eyes and him reciprocating the move.

Deciding to take the teasing up a notch, you grabbed the lapels of his jacket and pulled him closer to you as you rolled your hips over his growing bulge in his suit pants, earning a low growl from him.

You smirked as Crowley grabbed your hips and followed your movements, using his hands to control the speed and movement of your thrusts.  

Still kissing him, you stopped your thrusts for a minute and removed one of your hands from his lapels down to cup his erection, causing Crowley to tense up for a moment at your sudden action.

You knew he wouldn’t be able to take the teasing for much longer before he would just take you right then and there. Not caring if the Winchesters heard.

Just as things started to heat up Sam knocked on your door. Making you bring all actions to a stop and facing away from Crowley towards your door.

Y/N, are you okay? You seemed really quiet earlier and I just wanted to make sure you were all right.

You sensed the concern in his voice and you lifted yourself off of Crowley’s lap and walked over to the door but not opening it.

Uh, ya Sam I’m all right just kind of in the middle of something. What about you two. You guys seemed like something was wrong, what was up?

Crowley crossed his arms and rolled his eyes at the conversation between the two of you. As he was waiting for you to finish talking, he decided that this moment would be the perfect time to get back at you for teasing him so viciously the way you did.

Without making a sound he simply walked over to you and bent you slightly down, grabbing your hips to take control and stood closely behind you. Behind you, you could feel his dick print through his pants rubbing up against your ass covered by your jeans.

You tried to follow what Sam was saying but his voice kept fading out as Crowley groaned and switched between thrusting at and rubbing his clothed dick in circular motions over your ass.

While caught up in trying to pay attention to what Sam was saying on the other side of the door and the growing heat in your core caused by Crowley, you didn’t hear him snap his fingers leaving you naked.

You quickly noticed the absence of your clothes as the room fell a few degrees, causing your nipples to tighten up. You used everything in your power to ignore the sensations Crowley was making you feel but you were quickly failing.

Crowley’s hand snaked over to the front of you to cup your breasts. You fought to suppress a moan as he fondled them and played with your nipples. All of a sudden he halted his movements but as soon as you heard his belt buckle clink against the leather of it, you knew exactly what was happening.

As Crowley unbuckled his pants you used the spare moment to lie to Sam and tell him that your stomach started hurting and that you were going just lay down and to make sure no one comes in. Sam understood and bid you farewell as he got up and went to off to go see what dean was doing.

You felt a bit bad for lying and not listening to Sam about what happened and getting rid of him but your thoughts were interrupted by Crowley’s comment.

Moose is a big boy Y/N, he can take care of himself. With that said, don’t we have something to continue, love?

You were going to say a sarcastic comment but as you were about speak, sensations from Crowley dry humping you again filled your head. Only this time, you had one less layer between you.The feelings that he was giving you couldnt be from his movements alone and you figured he was using his demon powers somehow to keep you from feeling too much pleasure.

Crowley had swiftly unbuckled his pants and pushed them down, letting them fall down to his ankles. His suit jacket quickly following but his dress shirt and tie remained intact. Now Crowley was only in his dress shirt and tie with his black boxers briefs.

You on the other hand were completely naked and were holding yourself up against the wall leaving Crowley to do whatever he wanted.

Crowley rolled his sleeves up, revealing his expensive looking silver watch. “Goddamn Y/N, you’re so fucking beautiful love, and you feel even better.” said Crowley as his hand raised and came back down hard on your ass, giving you a stinging pleasure and surely leaving a mark. 

Crowley knew that he was driving you crazy with his teasing and he knew that it would drive you crazy to leave you without letting you come first, but that was exactly his plan.

Crowley grabbed your hips hastily and started in a ‘up n down’ motion mixing it with thrusts.  Increasing his speed and slowing down repeatedly to drive you crazy and to give him the pleasure.

After a minute of repeating his actions they started to become a bit faster and erratic as he felt his release approaching and with that he instantly removed his boxer briefs.

As soon as you felt his bare cock on your ass you let out a loud moan. Your moan was the last thing he needed to push him over the edge and with a quick jerk of his cock and a groan, he shot his load all over your back.

Crowley let a breathy chuckle as he snapped his fingers cleaning up the mess he made on your back and making all of his and your clothes appear again.

Standing up straight and crossing your arms, you turned to face your boyfriend.

What about me!” You pouted. Crowley took a step forward and lifted your chin so that your eyes met his. You swallowed anxiously as you waited for him to speak. Smirk on his face he explained.

You don’t tease a king Y/N. That’s my job. Maybe if your a good girl for your king, I’ll come back later give you your release.” He explained simply with a wink before disappearing in thin air to god knows where.

You let out a sigh and grabbed your demon lore book as you hopped on your bed, thoughts of what might happen later flooding your mind. This book really was making you miss him now.

Now all you had to do was wait for your king’s arrival. If only you knew of the night Crowley had in-store for you.

Highly Recommended

“Hey,” Mike says casually one morning, dropping onto the couch and flipping open a file. “Can you write me a letter of recommendation?”

There’s nothing but silence in the room - No typing or tapping of a pen or even breathing, which is strange. Harvey’s been loud and clear with his behavior, but maybe he didn’t think Mike had the balls.

“Anywhere in particular?” he asks calmly.

Mike shrugs. “I’ve been thinking about investment banking. Learned enough about M and A I’d guess.”


The continuing silence convinces Mike to look up in a way no amount of argument could have. Harvey has no facial expression, not anger or sadness, though a muscle twitches in his jaw, and there’s something strange about the way he’s sitting, tight and too still.

“Harvey?” he asks softly. “Can you?”

Shaking himself, Harvey nods. “Sure. Should be done before you leave.”

“Cool. thanks.”

He nods curtly. “You’re welcome. Now get.”

“Right.” It wasn’t like he was expecting some dramatic last supper. A few paces past Donna’s desk he imagines the sound of glass shattering, and when he whirls around, Harvey’s standing, fists clenched to his sides, deep inhales shifting his shoulders, but he’s facing the window. There’s no way to tell -

“What did you do?” she asks, soft, no judgement.

“It’s time.”

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Good Girl Ch 18: Keeping Me Little

“Please baby? Do it for your daddy Tao!” Tao whines as we roll back and forth on his bed.

“Daddy, do you really need me to shower with you? The movie wasn’t that scary,” I tease the older boy.

“That’s because you were latched on to Xiumin hyung the whole time, I was kind of jealous, you clung to him for dear life.”

I roll my eyes at him, “Maybe if you weren’t such a chicken, I would hold on to you.”

“Such a mouth on you today, maybe we need another scary movie to keep you little.”

Keep me little. That has been their main focus ever since they found out I’m not such a good little girl. After my oppas left, I was still in my, I guess the best way to put it would probably be, big girl mind set. I mouthed off, even slept in my own bed by myself for a night, something my daddies did not like one bit. They wanted me little, and one of the few ways to make me little is to scare me, which is why for almost a whole week we have been watching all sorts of horror movies so that I would become the little girl they want.

“No,” I pout, “I’ll be good.”

He gives me a peck on the lips, “Good, now lets go shower.”

I groan as he pulls me off the bed into his bathroom, it reminds me of Kris’s bathroom, dark, covered in clothes and accessories. He quickly undresses both of us, becoming naked in front of them has become a lot easier now, something I never thought I’d say. We step into the shower, I’m still unable to work the fancy showers they have so I can only wait as he tries to pick the perfect temperature. When one is good enough he allows me to step under the water with him. We take turns washing each other with his body wash, he happily begins washing my hair when he suddenly tenses and screams, cling to me.

“What?” I try to see past time but he has me held up against the wall.

“There’s a ghost!” He yells holding me closer.

“Stop trying to scare me!” I push him away only for a second when I see a figure outside the shower. “Daddy!” I yell clinging to him.

“Hyung!” He screams. The bathroom door busts open followed by the glass shower door. Kris is standing there, his chest heaving, dressed in only a t-shirt and boxers.

“What the hell is going on?” He yells as he scans the situation, Tao and I holding our naked bodies together.

“Kris!” We both yell, going to him at the same time, wetting his clothes.

“You guys, what is going on?” Kris asks softer this time, he rests a hand on the small of my back while he holds Tao away from him.

Again, we yell together, “There’s a ghost!”

“Seriously guys? I told those guys watching a scary movie on your night with her was a bad idea,” Kris groans, he looks at me, “Your hair still has shampoo in it. Tao if you can’t bathe her properly, you won’t be allowed to do it again.”

“But the ghost,” Tao pouts.

“Finish washing her hair,” Kris steps away from us to leave.

“Wait!” Yet again, we both grab on to his hands.

I put on my cutest face, “Daddy Kris can you wait outside the shower for us?”

He scoffs, “Seriously?”

“Pretty, pretty please?” I beg.

He raises a brow at me, “What do I get out of this?”

“You can sleep with us tonight!” Tao offers.

“Fine,” Kris sighs, “Now you can go finish your shower.”

Tao and I smile as he closes the shower door but stays right on the other side like a guard. We quickly finish our shower, Kris hands us both a towel, he actually wraps mine around me personally. Tao grabs the pair of pajamas he picked out for me off his bed and quickly helps me pull on the cream silk nighty.

“I prefer when she wears a t-shirt,” Kris comments as he eyes me from where he is laying on the bed.

“She looks adorable in either, but I prefer her own pajamas,” Tao pecks my lips. I lay back on the bed, rolling across most of it to find Kris looking at his phone, while Tao goes to get himself dressed. Being stuck in between wanting to get back to my normal self and wanting to stay little so I can acted childish without being weird is one of the biggest struggles of my life. After a minute long debate in my head, my little side wins, allowing me to roll on top of Kris, purposely getting in the way of his phone, without feeling stupid.

“Does someone want attention?” Kris teases, putting his phone down on the nightstand.

Lying front to front I rest my chin on his chest to stare up at him, I nod.

“I’m happy to give you all the attention you want, that is, after I send a few more emails out,” He kisses my forehead before reaching for his phone again, holding it higher so I’m not in the way. Slightly annoyed I switch over so I’m on my back staring up at his phone that he quickly clicks to the home screen on.

“Top secret?” I question as I stare at the basic back round on his phone.

“It’s something for only big kids to worry about,” Kris’s voice is very firm. “How about you go play with Tao?”

Just as he says that Tao comes back into the room with a towel around his neck, “Is little Joo being needy?” The panda boy teases as he sits on the edge.

I roll off of Kris to go lay by Tao, “He’s doing top secret things that I can’t know about.”

“I think it’s time for bed,” Tao walks over to the light switch and turns it off, leaving us in darkness except from the light of Kris’s phone. Tao comes back to bed quickly, slipping both of us under the covers. Tao sleeps like Baekhyun, with his head in my chest, his arms around my waist while mine go around his head. It feels a lot different from the others who lock them selves around me while they sleep, keeping me from even going to the bathroom without waking them. Sleep isn’t far when Kris finally puts his phone down twenty minutes later, before snuggling up behind me. I can’t help but smile when he peppers my head with kisses, burring his face in my hair, enjoying the smell of my hair and my warmth.

“Good night baby and I’m sorry for not giving you my attention. If it helps at all, you are the center of attention in all of our lives now.”



“Baby, I’m going to need you to wake up now,” Tao shakes me a little more aggressive than needed, pulling me up into a sitting position. The bright light blinds me as I try and open my eyes, confusion for being so waken so suddenly and with such coldness in his voice. “Get dressed, I’ll be back in a minute,” Tao orders before quickly running out, dressed in a nice suit I’m reminded of the first night we met. But I push that memory out of my head as I scramble out of bed to find a stack of clothes for me on the night stand.

It’s only been two weeks but I hesitate dressing myself, feeling like an idiot for getting confused on how to dress myself. After a few mores seconds of my own stupidity I manage to get pull on the pair of holy blue jeans, an over sized gray sweater and a cute lettermen jacket to go over. On the floor next to the bed is a pair of tan timberlands that look way too small to belong to the boys. I drop to the floor to examine them, finding warm socks inside, I take a guess and figure they are mine, getting me to pull the on. Tao comes in a few minutes later, grabs my hand without a word and pulls me out of the room.

“What’s wrong?” I ask as I’m dragged to the front door where the others are waiting, but Kris, Luhan and Xiumin are missing.

“Good morning beautiful,” Lay kisses my cheek but even with that smile on his face I can tell something is off. They all seem cold.

“We are dropping you off at our company’s headquarters where the hyungs are.” Suho explains why I’m being thrown into the familiar van and driven into the city. The drive is quiet, which is surprising when I have Chanyeol and Baekhyun on either side of me, holding onto my hands mindlessly. We pull up to a massive glass building with people coming in and out and more walking up and down the street. I haven’t seen anyone but the boys since Friday night so going back into the real world feels weird. The van door slides open and I’m kicked out of the car on to the street, I glare back at the boys to find all of them with a warm look on their faces.

Suho smiles softly at me from the drivers side, “We will pick you up a little later, we just have to deal with some trouble. Go to the front desk and tell them you are here to see one of the hyungs alright?”

I nod, “Be safe.”

“No promises,” Kai gives me a grin before closing the door. I gulp when I see some kind of switch flip on them threw the window. Their warm smiles disappear replaced with a cold expression that makes me shiver. I watch them drive away before turning to stare up at the building. When I feel as if I stared enough and I can’t feel my fingers, I slip inside the heavy doors, stepping into the beautiful lobby. Finding the front desk isn’t a problem, but from the way the girl behind me is staring at me, I have a feeling she is going to be. I walk up to the desk resting my hands on the high counter that stops just below my chest, making me feel like a child.

“Can I help you with something?” She asks without even an attempt at a smile.

“I’m here to see Xiumin, Kris or Luhan.”

She scoffs, “Do you have an appointment?”

“I think so, I’m not sure.”

She rolls her eyes at me before looking down at the computer screen in front of her, “They are all booked, so try again later.”

“I was told to come in here and ask for them, so please call up there and ask for them,” I ask with as much politeness I can have with this bitch.

“I can’t call up every time some girl comes in here claiming to be dating one of them. If you are so close please call them yourself,” She smirks triumphantly.

I glare at her, “I don’t have my phone with me.”

“That’s unfortunate, please try again later.”

I huff, “Just give me the phone I will call up.”

“I will not be fired because of you.”

“Fine, if anyone asks you can just say I beat you up or something and you couldn’t stop me. If I’m lying you get to see me be taken away by security.”

She hesitates taking the offer, “Or I could call security now and watch you get carried out?”

I shrug, “That works, too. But what if I’m telling the truth, are you really going to loose your job because you are too rude to make a phone call?”

I can’t help but enjoy the glare she gives me as she picks up the phone to dial, “Hello Insoo-ssi, I have a guest down here who says she has a meeting with one of the chairmen.” She pauses, “Her name?”

“Jooyoung, if they hear it, they will know,” I answer; I watch her echo my name.

“She claims that if you tell them, they will know her.” She laughs, “I know I’m probably getting involved with some bitter ex but humor me.” There is another pause, longer than the others. After about another minute I can’t help but smile when the girl’s eyes go wide and she gulps nervously. “Yes, sir, right away.” She hangs up the phone before bowing deeply, “I’m so sorry for my rudeness, will you please accept my deepest apologies.”

I nod, “Yea, you are forgiven. Can you take me up?”

She nods right away, coming around the desk to lead me past security to a bank of golden elevators. We go to the lone one on the farthest wall, she pulls out a gold card and scans it to open the doors. After waving me in she press the button before stepping out, again bowing deeply. I can only imagine what was said to her, I kind of feel bad for the poor girl.

I stand in the golden elevator in kind of a sleepy trance, my mind tries to fully understand what could be going on, and what time it is. From the way they are dressed I’m guessing it’s related to their other business, something for only big kids to worry about. Oh god now I’m doing it to myself.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts by the elevator doors opening to see two handsome men that I’ve never saw before. We all stare at each other a minute, one is taller than the other, with bleach blonde hair and a jaw that could cut a knife, he looks more like a model then a business man. The smaller one is handsome but pretty, something about him weirdly reminds me of Xiumin.

“You must be lost,” The tall one says with a soft smile. I don’t know why but I shrink into myself, feeling my childish side rear her head.

“What in the world is a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?” The smaller one asks, putting his hand out so the door doesn’t close.

“I’m, um, here to see the chairmen,” I answer meekly, staring down at my hands.

“Miss. Jooyoung?” Another man is behind them; he is a lot less intimidating with his soft features and warm smile. “Ah yes, it is you, I’m Mark. Please come in, they will be right out to see you.” He reaches past the two men to lead me out of the elevator into the smaller lobby.

“Are you close with them?” Blondie asks as him and his friend follow us into the lobby’s small sitting area. Mark sits me down in a large comfortable chair before turning around to deal with our followers.

“Sorry Sir, but I’m under strict orders not to let anyone near her,” Mark bows.

“We just asked a question,” The small one snaps back.

Mark gives them a fake apologetic smile, “Please forgive me, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave. If you have any issues please talk to my bosses, they would love to talk to you about it.”

“Fine, we will go, no need to get the broom,” Blondie raises his hands in defeat, a small smile still on his face. “It was very nice to meet you Miss Jooyoung. I hope we can meet again.” He gives me a small bow that I stand up to return.

“What a shame, I was hoping to get to know such a cute little thing like you. Definitely next time beautiful,” The small one winks at me before wandering away after his friend. I don’t know why, but I feel bad, like I did something wrong for becoming so meek in front of them. But something in their presence makes me feel like this, not the same as the warm feelings from my daddies; they feel more threatening. My alarms aren’t going off full force but that uneasiness is there; my hands are trembling.

“Little one?” Xiumin calls out, stepping out of one of the three double doors in the room.

“Xiumin oppa,” I answer, trying my best to shake the dirty feeling off of me. Xiumin comes over to me, placing his hands on the arm rests, caging me in to look me over.

“They saw you didn’t they?”

I nod, guessing he is talking about the two men from before.

“Are you okay?” He strokes my cheek gently, he holds my hand when he notices the shaking. “Mark, could you get her some hot tea with plenty of honey? I’m taking her into my office, tell the others when they are done.” Mark nods, giving me a concerned look before rushing off to do that for me. Xiumin picks me up and carries me across the lobby into his office, setting me down on the amazingly comfy couch. He sits down next to me, an arm around my shoulders, worry written all over his face. “Did they say something bad to you? Did they hurt you?”

I shake my head, “They didn’t do anything bad to me, I don’t know what it is but they scare me.”

He holds me tight, kissing my head, “It’s okay baby.” He leans away to look at me, a proud smile on his face, “Those alarms of yours’ are amazing. Keep listening to them.”

“Who were they?” He opens his mouth to respond but I cut him off, already knowing what is about to come out, “Someone a little girl like me shouldn’t worry about.”

Xiumin nods, “You’re getting so smart.”

“So it’s probably pointless to ask where everyone ran off to?”

He pouts cutely, “Why? Am I not enough for you?”

I giggle, “Of course you are good enough.”

“The others will be back in awhile, probably after lunch time, but how about some breakfast? Mark will bring us something to eat,” He kisses my forehead before getting off the couch to go back to his desk.

“Aren’t you going to sit with me?”

He shakes his head, “I need to finish some work first, then you can have all of my attention.”

I huff, I hate being little. I hate how much I want his attention and even with his promise of later, I’m annoyed that I don’t have it now. Never have I ever been such a spoiled brat when it comes to attention, I’ve always preferred it be on anyone but me, yet here I am with my heart breaking at the fact that I’m not the center of his attention or any of my daddies right now.

God what the hell is wrong with me?

Tension - Request

Requested by @phanisnotonfire1:  Can you make a Imagen where Sherlock has had so much Sexual Tention towards you and He finally Looses it and is really rough but at the end Mrs.Hudson walks in.
And anon:  Can I request a smut one shot with Sherlock in his purple shirt of Sex where the reader teases him(wearing a few things) when he tries 2 concentrate&he just can’t take it anymore and has sex with her on his leather Chair?thanks!!

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,177

Warnings: Smut - rough, unprotected (this is fiction, wrap it up guys!).

A/N: Today’s work was so tedious I needed a release and this was just perfect.


Originally posted by gingerbbatch

Sherlock was sitting at his desk. His eyes were focused on the microscope in front of him, trying to get as much information as possible from a small particle of dust he had found at the victim’s front teeth.

(Y/N), on the other hand, was bored and Sherlock wasn’t of much use so she decided to have fun by herself.

She walked out of the room and walked towards him like she didn’t know what was going on. Sherlock couldn’t help but to look at her.

“Are those fish nets?” He asked, looking directly to her legs.

“Maybe, do you like them?” She inquired flirtingly, showing off her net-covered legs.

“Yes, they are… lovely.” And so he turned back to the microscope, ignoring her once more.

(Y/N) sighed heavily and went back to the room before going out once more, this time with a tight shirt with a low cleavage and red lipstick. She prepared some tea and walked back to Sherlock with the cup in hand.

“You changed your shirt.” He observed as he took the cup and drank from it.

“I thought this open looked better with the tights.” She replied nonchalantly, “Do you agree?”

“Yes, of course.” Yup, he was still ignoring her.

Maybe if she was as observant as he was she would’ve noticed how his whole figure stiffened at the sight of her, or how Sherlock pressed his legs together after five seconds of her waltzing around the flat. Maybe she would’ve noticed the hungry stare Sherlock gave her while she prepared tea, or the thin layer of sweat that was starting to cover his skin.

(Y/N) went back to the room to put something else on… Or, most likely, remove something else.

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Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes

Summary: Storms are scary enough as it is. But what’s scarier is waking up panicking in the middle of one.

Word Count: 1699

Warnings: fluff, a panic attack, feels, storms

Notes: It may be valentines day and although this fic isn’t exactly themed to match the holiday, it should be fluffy enough to suffice. It’s a little drabble fic I thought was cute to write when I couldn’t sleep, so I hope you all like it as well:)

This fic was edited by the hilarious and talented @doujinshidan; thanks Sage for dealing with my late night nonsense:P

As always, I love feedback more than I love myself, so ask away! And of course, enjoy:)

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Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this basically smut filled fic! Inspired by THIS post that @arathewallflower tagged me in :D

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Game Night

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Let’s Play

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This is Part 2 to Dinner Party. Reader wakes up only to end up needing to be patched up again. It taking a very interesting turn when Sam and Amber come up missing.

Dean Winchester X Reader.

Warnings: Cursing, blood.

Readers POV

I woke up to throbbing. No not throbbing more like pounding headache and a throbbing body. Every inch of me hurting. It hurting just to breathe. I tried to sit up by failed when a digging burning shot threw my back and arm.

I groan making me biti my lip. Looking around I only see Amber sleeping in the bed beside me. Remembering last night I forced myself to sit up my mind going to the worst thing. Hearing a door open I grab the closest thing to me for a weapon it being the telephone.

Looking up I meet the familiar face of none other than Dean Winchester. Him dressed in nothing but boxers and a T-shirt his hair messy from sleepy.

Seeing me he quickly runs toward me dropping to the floor to wrap his arms around me making me drop the phone. A ring coming out by it smacking the ground.

“Never ever ever do that again you hear me?” He asks pulling away but still holding onto my arms.

“Uh okay.” I say softly confused.

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After Dinner pt.1

Our first official dinner date went well. The food was excellent the staff was superb, and the atmosphere was impeccable. Throughout the night there were looks, touches and conversation that hinted at the sexual tension between us. At times it was as if the restaurant was empty except for us, when the already thinly veiled innuendo was at its most apparent.

The drive to my hotel suite was highlighted by your nervousness. Your laughter at my stupid attempts at humor tried to hide the anticipation in your voice. Your gasp as my hand made its way to your inner thigh betrayed your attempt at being calm cool and collected. Playfully with a nervous quiver in your voice you asked me if I knew how wet I made you… you grasped my bicep with both hands and stopped a moan by biting your lip, as I grabbed your inner thigh, your eyes pleading with me for a deeper touch, as I grinned slyly at your reaction. My fingers moved, teasing you as we drove, but never quite giving you what you wanted.

As we make our way hurriedly through the lobby it was all we could do to keep our hands off of each other. People turned to look, some smiled thinking how much in love we must be, while others turned away uncomfortable at our behavior.

Thankfully an empty elevator provided us with a temporary outlet. Pressing you against the back wall of the elevator with my palm on your cheek, our mouths and tongues tore at each other as my hand gently slid beneath your short dress finding you without panties and your pussy practically dripping from being so wet. The doors opened to an empty hallway as the sounds of your moans were muffled against my lips. If the hallway had been full we wouldn’t have noticed, alone in our own little world.
Hurriedly we stumbled down the hallway, still locked in an embrace. Hands touching, grabbing and stroking as I managed to get the key card to unlock the door.

As we practically fell into the room, clothes began to hit the floor, I pushed you to the bed as I stood there already down to my dress shirt and boxers. “Make yourself comfortable Kitten…” I say as I turned to go into the wash room, and I heard you reply, “Hurry back Baby!”
I listened to you outside the door moving restlessly around the room, and I waited… 2 minutes, 5 minutes. “God I want to fuck her hard”, I thought to myself as I worried whether I had left you alone too long.
Now, after a couple more minutes that seem like hours, i have finally emerged from the wash room. Still wearing my shirt and boxers, but with my cologne refreshed and my composure collected. The lights have been dimmed and music, slow and sensual but quiet, fills the room. I smile as my gaze falls to you. You have found the instructions addressed to you that I left on the pillow and you have obeyed perfectly. I am delighted at your compliance, your acceptance of my lead. This is new to us both and the excitement is almost overwhelming.

Your smooth skin is shimmering in the pale light, contrasting with the red velvet ankle cuffs that you willingly put on, spreading your legs out. From this position my gaze is drawn from your ankles up to your pussy which is still glistening wet with passion. Your arms are free at the moment and I can tell by the way the sheets are wrinkled at your fingertips you have been at war with your desire, trying not to touch yourself, just as you were instructed in the note.

“Are you ready for the real fun Kitten?”, I ask as you turn your head to the sound of my voice, unable to see with the black blindfold covering your eyes. I hear a slight but trembling “yes…” escape your lips as I take a few more steps to your side.

My fingertips brush your side, sliding backward as my nails trace slowly from your hip up your side, underneath your arm until I firmly grab your wrist. holding your arm above you, repeating the same motion on the other side until both wrists are together and bound in red matching velvet above your head. I kiss you deeply, gauging your hunger by the intensity of your kiss, as I bite your lower lip and pull away, leaving you breathless. Stepping back I see your chest and your magnificent breasts heave, as you take in the smell of my cologne, your head tilting listening for a sound indicating where I might be.

You hear me open a drawer off to your right. Tilting your head again trying to find me. Your breath quickens ever so slightly more in anticipation, wondering what is in store.

The first swipe of the feather catches you off guard, as it dances across your left breast. You feel it touch your nipple, teasing before it disappears. The next touch is across your right inner thigh, making squirm and lightly moan at the unexpected contact in a completely different area. You feel it flutter across your freshly shaved mound. Gently it teases your lips and tickles your clit before it disappears again. Each touch of the feather tickles and excites you to a new level. Your breathing is noticeably different, with each random dance it does across your flesh, you breathe in shallow panting breaths. With each assault you twitch with increasing vigor as deep moans escape your lips. “Am I still making you wet Kitten?”, I ask as I put away the feather and reach for your soaked pussy.

Hungering for my touch, you thrust your hips up, arms and legs rebelling against the red velvet bonds. Your bottom lip quivers before you bite down on it muffling the loudest moan yet, followed by a pleading “yesss…..” , as my palm cups you, feeling your nectar soaking my hand. You squirm and grind against my hand as I rub my palm in circles. “You understand this pussy belongs to me now Kitten,” I quietly say, more a statement than a question. Again a whimpered “Yes…”, escapes your trembling lips as I see your body squirm and wriggle.

I feel you quiver under the touch of my calloused hand as I rub more firmly. I bend over you, feeling your rapid breath against my face as my lips move to your neck. The fabric of my shirt, although soft, feels like sandpaper against your hard nipples. Instinctively your hands jerk against the bonds intent on trying to grab me and pull me close, not remembering they can not move, only knowing I am within reach. New waves of shudders pass through your body, causing you to twist against the velvet as I suck along your neck, whispering in your ear to hold your orgasm until I say you can cum. I bite your neck gently as I move down to your shoulder, and your breath changes to interrupted gasps, as my mouth travels further down to your breasts, nibbling your nipples before moving to stomach and then your hips. My tongue moves to the crease of your hip, and you push yourself in my direction frantic for my lips to touch your wetness, moaning, begging for release. You squeal as you feel me bite your inner thigh at the same time I slide two drenched fingers inside. Your hips immediately begin bucking as you fuck my hand hard. As you moan loudly I hear you beg me to let you cum. “Please…..” As my tongue moves to your sensitive swollen clit, I feel you beginning to spasm against my fingers. I slowly circle it with my tongue, licking the length of your hood slowly before lightly sucking on your button. I feel your grinding take on a different strength as I realize how close you are. I rise up so I can see your face, still massaging your pussy as you grind against my hand harder. I place my other hand on your neck, knowing there is no holding you back and I growl, “Cum hard for me Kitten!” Your back arches as you pull hard against the restraints. You have no idea what the sight of your sweet passion is doing to me as I watch your face. The emotions, fear highlighted by trembling, agony with gasps and squeals, ecstasy with its deep moans, and fulfillment with smiles and giggles. Watching you ride the waves of your orgasm, your body writhing back and forth, trembling and shaking as I continue to hold your neck and work your pussy, makes me full aware of my own needs. As your body begins to calm i lean forward to whisper again in your ear. “You have given me your first orgasm Kitten, now I will take the next.”


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(fluffy Jinki trying to help your anxiety)

You stood at the counter making your morning coffee with an aching pain in your legs though the reason why made you blush like an innocent girl. When you made love all night with Jinki, you couldn’t help but glow in the mornings, even when your legs hurt from all the action. A daze swept over you as you poured the hot water in to your coffee and stirred it; you thought about Jinki’s heart warming smile, his protective hands, the softness of his lips as he kissed you everywhere. You were completely, madly in love, no one could argue with that. 

Your delicious boyfriend entered the room with a dramatic yawn, a large stretch of his arms, dressed in a large white shirt and grey boxer shorts, not even bothering to hide is morning glory. However, his erection and his beaming smile dropped instantly when your look of love turned in to a look of paranoia. Suddenly, when you saw him, your mind told you one day he might not look at you with such desire, one day he might stop loving you, one day he might leave you. The thought of Jinki leaving you made your heart crack apart. 

“Jagi! Are you okay?! What’s wrong Princess?” 

He hurried over to you and placed his warm hands gently on the sides of your cheeks, gazing in to your eyes and trying to read you.

“Ah..yeah I’m okay. I must be out of sorts this morning.” 

You replied quietly but even you knew Jinki would know that was rubbish. Jinki shook his head at your attempt to lie to him. 

“That’s not true baby, you know that. Something is wrong. Please tell me. Is it something I’ve done?” 

It was more like what he might do in the future. You just couldn’t help being paranoid. Having Lee Jinki was the best thing in the world, even a miracle. With him, you had everything. You couldn’t bear to lose him, to be alone and without his love. Looking down, you broke your eye contact with his deep, sad, puppy dog eyes.

“Oppa… I’ve fallen so hard and I love you so much…I just know one day you’ll stop loving me and leave me. I don’t know how I’d cope being without you. You’re just too good to be true.” 

You didn’t want to cry but a tear fell from your sore eyes and before you knew it, you were sobbing on Jinki’s shoulder, dampening the fabric of his shirt. For a moment or so, Jinki stroked your hair affectionately, helping you to calm down before making you look at him. 

“Where on earth did you get that idea from jagiya? You know my love for you is bigger than this earth. I don’t think I could stop loving you, even if I tried, which I don’t want to because you are my everything.” 

Even though he said it so sincerely, you still couldn’t help yourself from worrying and crying which visibly broke Jinki’s heart. He wiped the tears away from your face before kissing your forehead; you still managed to feel so many butterflies even when you were upset. 

“Please don’t cry baby. What can I do or say to prove to you, I’m not going anywhere?” 

Jinki asked in a concerned tone. The thought of marriage briefly passed through your mind but even you knew that it was too soon to be walking down the aisle. The honest truth was that you didn’t know what he could do. Jinki held you lovingly in his arms, allowing you to rest your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat and smelling his familiar cologne. 

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” 

He whispered repeatedly in your ear. Your emotions didn’t know how to react; your heart was racing over Jinki’s cute whispers as your mind worried about him walking out on you. 

“I love you too oppa. Please don’t leave me.” 

You uttered, closing your eyes and enjoying the feeling of cuddling his toned body. 

“I wouldn’t dream of it. I’ll be here, always. Don’t forget, you’ve made me fall crazy in love with you too. I worry if you’ll leave me but you own my heart. I just have to trust and believe that if you love me as much as you say you do, you’ll be mine forever.” 

You hadn’t thought of it from Jinki’s point of view, although you didn’t understand why he worried about you leaving him. However, flipping that thought around, he was confused at you worrying about him leaving you. Wiping your eyes, you looked back in to his sparkling, dark brown eyes that were glistening with adoration for you. With your heart fluttering, he brought his lips to yours and within seconds, everything was okay again. That’s what Jinki’s kiss did, heal all of your worries and wounds. 

“Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take you to the bedroom right this minute to show you my love even further.” 

You forgot how he woke up with an erection and a craving for you. Jinki smiled seductively when he saw you blush at his words. It was close to impossible to say no to an aroused Jinki who took such good care of you in the sexiest way possible. 

“I think my coffee can wait…” 

You hinted at him, wanting so much to be back in his arms, naked together. With that, Jinki grabbed your hand, eager to please you and keep the paranoia away.

Title: Welcome to Woodstock (Part 7.)

Character(s): Jude Fisher and Lennon Rose (original female character)
Summary: Jude asks Lennon out on another date.

Word Count: 3,118
Warning: SMUT!!!
Author’s Note: I can’t get enough of this character. JDM looks so ruggedly handsome like??? DAMN. Like honestly, this chapter is filled with smut! So beware. I hope you enjoy this! :)

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms)

The following morning, Lennon awoke in Jude’s arms. He had brought them back into his house for a night filled with intense passion. She couldn’t believe that he was even able to go multiple rounds.

She quietly stood from the bed, kissing his cheek and picking up his white button down shirt to pull on. Lennon watched him shift on the bed, moving to lie on his back. She let her eyes rake through his bare chest down to the planes of his abdomen before seeing a trail of hair disappear underneath the sheet.

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Let’s play a game. It’s a pretend game. Go to the mirror and look at your reflection. Now I’m gonna describe a situation to you. You ready? It’s the future. You’re 48 years old. Can you imagine that? You’re 48 years old… and you’re a failure as an artist. I mean, you haven’t completely stopped fighting. You haven’t completely given up the ghost, but…it’s been years and years, and your work hasn’t achieved any real acclaim. Of course you don’t care about acclaim, just as long as you get to keep working. Which is why you haven’t quit. But today you’re feeling particularly fragile. This morning… it’s morning, and you’re getting dressed for work. You work for your uncle selling cars… in New Jersey. It’s a long commute. You’re running late. You’re a car salesman. Used cars. And here’s where you have to use your imagination. What you’re wearing. Look at yourself. Imagine that you’re wearing… a dress shirt, boxers… black socks and nothing else. And you’re tying your tie. You don’t know how to tie a tie. You never learned how. That’s why you need me to help you. I’m your wife. Usually I tie your ties and hang them on the doorknob… so all you have to do is slip them over your head, but I forgot today, so… you need my help. And here’s another thing you have to imagine. You’ve gotten chubby over the years. Your hair has started to thin. Can you imagine that? And today’s one of those days when you look in the mirror… and you wonder if you have any fucking purpose at all in life. You’re having a moment of serious doubt. You’re scared. You’re terrified. And here I am. I’m standing behind you, tying your tie. You, a grown man in your boxers and black socks. I’m standing here like your mother, and I look down at your stomach and… you have love handles. They’re oozing out over your boxers. I reach down, grab them, give them a jiggle… and I say, “Darling… why don’t you take up jogging?” Imagine me saying that to you… just like that. Singsong, like a joke. And you say nothing. There’s nothing you can say. You just have to stand there until I finish. You just have to suck it up. And guess what. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. But it’s that humiliation that will connect you to the rest of us. It’s that feeling that will give your work meaning.
—  Louise, P.S. (2004)