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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” Printed Boxers 


Osomatsu-san “Sixth Grade” Rokunensei Cheese! Kinhagashi  Book Package!

umm…someone measured their thighs and found out ichimatsu is the thickest…but i’m wondering - what is this merch???


Ah! I’m sure everyone’s seen this floating around tumblr by now, and it’s a pretty interesting piece of merch! (To the Anon who asked about these a while ago, I’m sorry it’s taken so long to answer this!) And one I like since it confirms my belief that Ichimatsu is kinda chubby, haha. ^^ Anyways! I’ll explain it all with a lot of pictures, so get ready!

Those paper dolls are actually part of the magazine/book in the “Sixth Grade” package that was released on June 30th.

^The package comes with the book, some boxer shorts, Matsu cards, and the paper dolls, of course. ^^

(And other stuff, but I haven’t seen any pictures on it…)

(^The book cover–I believe it’s a picture book?–showing the sextuplets looking at the souvenirs of their past–YES, ICHIMATSU IS ABOUT TO STAB KARA WITH THAT PROTRACTOR and Choromatsu kinda cares, but he’s not gonna stop it.)

(^The boxer shorts)

(^The Matsu cards)

(^The different outfits for the paper dolls!)

(^And for reference, the base paper doll for Osomatsu!)

So there you have it! Although I’m not sure why the paper dolls seem to be the most popular out of this… ^^; I wasn’t expecting that, haha. (Ah, if you’d like to see more, check out @no-kara-no-life’s post!)

Now that you know what it is, I’m sure you’d like to know how you can get it. ^^; 

CD Japan: 1700¥
Tokyo Otaku Mode: 20.99$