Mom wore me out today so I’m pretty tired, but I got to meet the SWEETEST boxer-pitbull mix today! He had the biggest, happiest smile and these beautiful bright eyes! He just wanted to be loved and scratched, especially on his back above his tail, and he made all these happy sounds and he licked my chin. I just wanted to roll around on the floor with him. I love my kitties, but happy dogs like Gunther make me so happy too.

My princess Callie needs a $1000 surgery to amputate her tail before the infection can spread and take her away from me. Please, if you can help with even just $1, it will help towards keeping my guardian angel by my side. We appreciate it so much! If you can’t contribute monetarily, please just share this post and spread the word. Thank you! We love you!
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Our new puppy, Arya, just sprained her knee on a couch cushion and the vet bill was ridiculous. We've only had her for 3 weeks and, assuming that she's going to keep injuring herself at this rate, we'll need all the help we can get. Arya means the world to us. She's mine and Adele's first dog to...

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“Janus is a total ham and always a huge hit. When approached, he calmly sits and patiently waits to be pet. Janus would do best in an active household as he is medium to high energy. When he goes in his kennel, he is quiet and well behaved. He loves his toys but you cant leave things that could be perceived as toys lying around.”