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How would the boys plus Jaehee react to MC being the kind of person who refuses to wear pants at home?



  • “It’s not like it’s anything you haven’t seen before!!”
  • You stood in front of your bright red boyfriend, pantless and proud
  • “I-I know, but…”
  • He trailed off, his eyes still focused on your bare legs
  • You tapped your foot, waiting for his response
  • “My eyes are up here,” you sighed
  • His head shot up, his face even more red than it was before if that’s even possible??
  • “S-Sorry… I just… you’re just…”
  • “Yoosung,” you crossed your arms, “if I’m not embarrassed, you shouldn’t be either.”
  • “But… YOU’RE HALF NAKED!!!”
  • You smirked
  • “Well, I guess you’re right-”
  • You took a couple steps forward until you stood right in front of him
  • “-so let’s make us even.”
  • In one quick motion, you pulled his shirt up
  • As if on autopilot, Yoosung raised his arms to allow you to take it completely off
  • You smiled and ran one hand down his bare chest
  • “Better?”
  • He nodded, shocked into silence
  • You planted a kiss on his lips and turned around
  • Yoosung stared at you as you walked away
  • He let out a breath and ran his hands through his hair
  • “You coming?” you called out behind you
  • “O-Of course!!”
  • He basically sprinted to catch up with you


  • you were curled up on the couch trying to catch up on your favorite show when he came home from work
  • “Zen, welcome back!!”`
  • He set his bag down and gave you his an award winning smile
  • “You too comfy to come and give me a hug?”
  • “Of course not!!”
  • You stood up, letting the blanket fall off your lap
  • Zen’s eyes widened
  • “W-Where-I mean, your-you don’t-“
  • You crossed your arms, “Just spit it out!”
  • “WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?!?!” He gestured to your lower half
  • You shrugged, “I hate wearing pants around the house.”
  • He stare at you as if you just committed some sort of felony
  • “You hate pants?”
  • “…I’m pretty sure that’s what I said.”
  • He sighed dramatically and shook his head back and forth
  • “MC,” he held both his arms behind his back and began pacing, “let me tell you a little bit about pants.”
  • Oh god…
  • “Pants are a form of self-expression. Say that one day -and by one day, I mean everyday- I’m feeling good about myself. How would I express that? By wearing tight pants, of course! Or when I feel a little risqué? Pants with holes in them. Bad ass? Leather pants. It’s so simple! That’s what makes it art.”
  • “Did you just say… pants are art?”
  • “I’m pretty sure that’s what I said,” he smirked, mimicking your earlier remark
  • “Interesting,” you walked toward him, smiling innocently
  • Zen took a step back
  • “W-What are you doing?”
  • “Oh, nothing-” you quickened your pace
  • You stood in front of him and gave him a peck on the lips
  • “-just this.”
  • You grabbed the loops of his belt and pulled down
  • He stumbled backwards, covering his mouth
  • His once pale completion was BRIGHT RED it was actually the reddest it had ever been
  • Zen reached down and fumbled around, trying to pull up his pants
  • Your face was twisted into a cheeky grin
  • “Now that,” you looked down, “is what I call art.”
  • After that Zen had a nosebleed that lasted for DAYS


  • “Isn’t it the same as wearing a skirt?”
  • You shook your head at your naïve girlfriend
  • “Oh nonono, it’s much more,” you dramatically looked off into the distant, “…free.”
  • Jaehee rolled her eyes and began unbuttoning her own skirt
  • You watched as the fabric hit the floor
  • You looked back up at and waited for her to say something
  • “…Jaehee?”
  • Her eyes sparkled and her lips formed into a goofy grin
  • “I…I am a changed woman.”
  • She closed her eyes, spread her arms out wide, and took a big breath in
  • This was probably the first time she’s let loose IN HER LIFE
  • “I’m glad I converted you to team no pa-”
  • You were interrupted by the sound of your front doorknob turning
  • “You two should really lock your front door!”
  • Jumin walked into the room with a stack of papers, kicking the door shut behind him
  • “Jaehee, you left these at…”
  • He trailed off when he saw Jaehee’s skirt on the floor
  • almost IMMEDIATELY, his face turned bright red 
  • The three stood, petrified, Jumin staring at Jaehee’s legs, Jaehee covering her burning face, and MC gaping at Jumin
  • After a couple of seconds, each of them opened their mouths
  • “I think I should go-”
  • “I’m never leaving the house again-”
  • “Betrayed by the pants-”
  • They looked around, all of them making eye contact
  • Jumin cleared his throat
  • “I, uh… bye.”
  • He turned around and opened the door basically sprinting out of it
  • Jaehee stood in the middle of her living room mortified
  • “I am never doing that again.”


  • He’s just really confused by the “no pants” concept
  • “Are you too poor for pants?”
  • “No.”
  • “Did you run out of clean ones?”
  • “No.”
  • “Do you want to have sex?”
  • “…Not right now.”
  • “Then why are you standing in the middle of my living room without pants?”
  • You sighed and flopped down on the couch
  • “Because it’s comfy!!! You should try it.”
  • He gave you a strange look and walked back into the bedroom
  • When he came out, he was wearing a casual shirt and his favorite set of cat boxers
  • “This is… interesting.”
  • He sat down next to you and put his arm around your shoulder
  • “I guess I can see the appeal, it’s much less restricting.”
  • “Exactly!”
  • “…You know what would make this even better?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • “If my lovely wife would go and pour me a glass of wine, so I can truly relax.”
  • You glared at him before standing up
  • “Fine.” 
  • he better hope you don’t spit in his glass… again


  • Well then you’ll fit right in his favorite saying is “Home is where the pants aren’t!” 
  • 9 out of 10 video chat meetings, he doesn’t wear pants
  • “But, Seven, that’s yourboss!!!”
  • “I know, but I won’t be able to concentrate with those… leg prisons on!!”
  • He huffed and turned around, walking into his computer room
  • Giving his shirt a quick dust, he plopped down in front of the monitor
  • He turned the camera on and smiled
  • “How you doing today, boss man?”
  • You shook your head as you watched your pantless husband carry on a conversation with his superior
  • “…And I wanted to congratulate you on this myself, Agent 707.”
  • “Congratulate me on what?”
  • “You got the promotion.”
  • Seven shot up out of his seat and waved his arms in the air
  • His smile soon turned into a frown when he saw his bosses face
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • His boss sighed
  • “Where are your pants?”
  • Seven’s eyes widened and he tried to sit down
  • He reached his arm up and felt around for the mouse
  • “I-I’m gonna have to let you go, I’m having some technical difficulties.”
  • “…Interesting word choice for one of the nation’s best hackers… Goodbye, Agent 707.”
  • As soon as the monitor clicked off, you burst out laughing
  • “Long…enough… no pants… told you so,” you said between laugh
  • The only thing that made the situation funnier is that he was wearing his “property of MC” boxers

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what a grump

sleepy Link in cat boxers was one of the most popular drawings I’ve ever done so I wanted to do a MidLink one

(also their coffee cups are the color of each other’s eyes UwU)

Your owner (M) 4.1

N/B: Now, this is usually the last part four of the “Your owner” series, but this instalment can be read without the other parts. So relax back and enjoy the first of two part filth. If you want of course you can read the other three parts here.


Genre: smut


Members: HoseokxY/NxSomeone ;)

Warning: voyerism,pet play,dd/lg,threesome, bi relationship, rough, spanking. That’s it for now

Shock. A state caused by not understanding or not believing a situation you are in. That’s the most simple way to describe how you felt. Again caused by the handsome rusty haired boy. Except now, he wasn’t rusty haired. Black. His hair, ears and tail were black.

“What the fuck is going on here!?”

It was actually pretty absurd situation. You were standing at the door holding a tool from your mothers garden ready to fight whoever threatens your Hoseok. While the scene in front of you didn’t need any sort of fighting or saving. Hoseok was perfectly fine, his clothes were all over the floor and another man was casually sucking hickies on your lovers skin,also with nothing more than boxers. They were both works of God. Their thighs were huge and strong. Their shoulders wide, back was also muscular. The blonde also had a tail and ears similar to Hoseoks, yet different. His ears were pointy, while Hoseoks weren’t as pointy. His tail was long, short haired, in contrast to your pullies fluffy and shorter.

While Hoseok got startled by your appearance, sooner than he expectedyou,and squiezed his partners waist, the other one just meowed lowly and continued. A meow. Of a cat. He was a hybrid, a cat hybrid. Hoseok cleared his throat loader and the cat finally got the hint, leaving, his apparently, lovers neck and turned annoyed at you. “I heard her a long time ago, but she has no saying in what we do. She is not a hybrid. She isn’t entitled on an opinion wheater I fuck you or not.” the blond one looked you from head to toes, hissed, making it clear that he doesn’t exactly like you and stood up to get dressed.

Your feeling were all over the floor. The garden tool fell on the ground with a tud sound. Confusion by what was going on, anger because you couldn’t understand it, frustration with the cat hybrid and arousal. You felt yourself getting wet at the scene of your dog hybrid with another hybrid. The thought of them doing naughty things in your bed was printed in your mind. Your panties brushed on your core making you embarrased that instead of angry at him for cheating, you wanted to join him.

“Y/N, I can explain. I know you are probably angry with me and I’ll understand if you would like me to leave and never come back…” Hobi looked at you, obviously guilty, yet the buldge in his boxers cried for attention. The cat let out a sarcastic laugh from the other end of the room, while bottoning his shirt. “As if you’ll miss this house. You’ll come live with me, my handsome canine. I’ll…” the dog growled, making the cat flinch. “Shut up, Taehyung. She is a human. She doesn’t understand the world as we do and as a matter of fact my heart is just as much hers as it is yours.”

Both you and the cat hybrid, Taehyung was his name allegedly, couldn’t belive what you were hearing. That wasn’t something either of you had heard until now. Both of you thought there was no one else but yourself.

The face Hobi was making was one of fear and full desperation. He was afraid that one of you will leave him and he loved you both so much.

Hus ears fell down in a guilty manner. You could read him like an open book, love and fear was stamped on his features. And anger left. You weren’t angry anymore. You couldn’t be. Not at him. You just wanted to understand. His world was different and you knew that. When you signed up for this relationship, strange things were bound to happen. “What’s going on Hobi? I can’t understand if you don’t tell me.”

Taehyung left and annoyed “huff” in the air. Truth to be told, he was jealous that a human loved Hoseok and he had no human to love him. Taehyung wasn’t just a normal cat, yet he never received just the same amount of love as Hoseok. He didn’t hate you. No. Actually the exact opposite. He almost instantly fell in love with your scent, warm eyes and little to no arrogance. A fragile woman. But he won’t let you know that. He couldn’t like the woman of his lover. And while debating over getting out of this house and staying, Hoseok started to explain.

“This is Taehyung. He is my animal partner.” the blonde man looked at the dog with a disgusted expression. Animal sounds so barberic. “Okay,not animal. My hybrid partner. He is the cat of the Kim family. You know,the richest family in town. I guess one day he’ll tell you the rest.” the cat looked unbelievably at the canine. As he will ever tell you something like this. “You, love ,are my human partner. A hybrid has no sexuality and it isn’t entitled to only one partner. I love equally men and women. I can fuck both a girl and a boy. I can make both you and Taehyung cum.” those words aren’t one you or Tae predicted, which made both of you blush. “Still, I’ll understand if you want me to leave. It’s different in the human world and you may not angree-” he couldn’t finish his sentence because you threw your school bag on the floor, got on the bed, locked your legs around Hoseoks waist and kissed him deeply. You needed that. You needed your hybrid and if the had one more partner, good. Then more the merrier.

The sexual tension could be sliced with a knife. The dog wasted no time in kissing you back and soon both of you totally forgot about the presence of a particular cat who was watching at the door his man with a woman.

The tent in his pants became unbearable. You both looked so hot. You had managed to push Hoseok on his back and were hovering above him, still kissing and fighting for dominance. Your pink tennis pleaded skirt has risen and Taehyung had a master view at your butt and those cute black panties, on which there was a small wet spot, he just wanted to rip in pieces just to get what’s inside of them. And the smell. The smell of sex. His favourite one. Hoseok was just as hot, his almost naked form underneath your small body whining and moaning. The sheets of the bed were previously thrown away when the two hybrids were having their fun. Taehyung had to go if he didn’t want to fall deeper in an ocean he wasnt sure his boat could handle.

“Y/N, stop.” Hoseoks voice was low and raspy, from the lack of air. He looked deep in your eyes,finally letting the beast only Taehyung has seen and felt. Catching your hands from underneath you, he sat on the bed with you on his lap. “I need you go and properly say hello to Taehyung, ask him to stay with us. Be a good girl and use your manners. Come on.” you looked at him strange, afraid,he had never talked with this voice, to which the black haired only looked with anticipation. Seeing he wasn’t kidding, you stood up from Hoseoks lap and went face to face with Taehyung.

The cat was at least a head taller than you so when you looked up to him Taehyung almost lost it. Your lips parted, big round eyes looked at him, his breath hitched, two small hands got a hold of his Louis Vuitton dress shirt. At the beginning he looked annoying and small compared to Hoseok, but now you started noticing how handsome he was, taller than Hoseok, with bronze skin, his lips thicker, his shoulders broad , his hair, ears and tail in a color kissed by the sun. And somehow you lost all confidence and Taehyung felt his power rising and a smirk covered his face.

“Hello, Taehyung. I…would you stay with us?” your face fit in his hand perfectly when he caressed it. Soon his own face was so close to yours his breath spreading across your face. “You want me to stay little one?"he tsked” I’m not convinced. You hated me ten minutes ago and now you want me stay? Why?“ Honestly, you didn’t know why too. Hoseok told you to say it, but now that you’ve actually said it, you felt yourself really wanting him to stay. "I…I want to get to know you.” he didn’t pull away from you. His eyes narrowed. “How do you want to get to know me?” truth to be told you weren’t listening anymore. All that mattered were the two pairs of squishy lips that were ready to destroy your body. “Kiss me.”

Fire burned in the eyes of both hybrids. They have had each other in every way possible,Hoseok on top, Taehyung on top, Hoseok being dom or the other way around, but the thought of having a girl,someone to call their girl, in every way possible made them go insane. For both of them to have the dominance was such a drug. Taehyung dove in your lips showing exactly all emotions that were bundled inside him. Making sure you knew he wasn’t falling behind on Hoseok. The kiss was rough, yet sensual. Teeth and tongue collide in a beautiful mess.

Hoseok was going wild on the bed. The dog felt his dick getting harder like a stone. He wanted to be part of all that was going on. He couldn’t contain himself anymore. Hoseok felt the beast taking over him. A sadistic smile appeared on the canine face. “Both of you on the bed,now. Come on my kittens.”

Taehyung,unlike you, knew better than to mess with Hoseok when he was in his dominant mode, still he was a cat. His nature was just as wild, so he decided to play it his own way. He pulled away from your lips, holding your hand in his and climbed on the bed pulling you next to him.

“Y/N, you haven’t met me in this state, but let’s say it this way. I control the situation. Taehyung knows what that means. So, you"Hoseok pointed at Taehyung ” have tenminutes to prepare both of you for what’s to come.“

Taehyungs eyes widen. His heart beat so fast. He knew he had to fight time now if he doesn’t want to be hold responsible in what’s to come.Kidding, he was really calm and collected on the inside, but acted like a mess to entertain himself. Hoseok simply left the room. "Ten minutes Taehyung.” he sing sang before going downstairs.

The cat pulled you under him. His hands pinning yours undreneath him. “I will destroy you if you don’t listen little one. He may be the boss,but you are beneath me in this case. Now you listen to me or we both get in trouble.” your panties were a pool. You were a mess damn it. Your breath came in fast but small huffs only at the thought of Taehyung and Hoseok having their way with you. You didn’t know what you were doing or where this might take you. But hell, you won’t miss it. The cat stood up his tail swinging excitedly between his legs. He was undressing himself fast and neatly. Unbottoning the Louis Vuitton shirt, pulling down the Gucci pants. He felt you looking at him without doing anything. “Stop looking at me and start undressing kitten, because I swear I won’t take your punishment for you.” you started pulling your top over your head, showing off your chest, covered in pair of those kitten bras. Not that you expected this to happend, it was just that you felt like wearing it, apparently being the right choice for the occasion. A groan left the cats lips. A cat bra. A matching cat set. He knew your panties were the same. God, he had never been this hard. “Faster! Or I’ll fuck you into oblivion and leave only a mess for Hoseok.” without thinking anymore you undressed fast leaving only your underwear. He was right. It was matching.

By that time Taehyung was only in his boxers and was looking for something in your drawers. “What are you looking for?” your voice came out small and weak in the massive man’s presence. “For this.” he pulled out a pink box with a purple ribbon. You’ve never seen this one before. “What’s that?” from downstairs Hoseok was shouting something, but you couldn’t hear him from the sound of your blood pumping your chest because of the killing man who was opening the box, not answering your question,only coming at you with the now opened box. When he was back on the bed in front of you, the cat pulled out a tiara with cat ears on it, but more shoking was the second item he pulled from the box. A tail. A butt plug cat tail. Taehyung’s smirked grew as did the wild thoughts in your head. “What do you want me to do with those, you sick cat?” you hissed at him, but the man only gentely put the tiara on your hair. “Didn’t you hear Hoseok? He said kittens. I’m not two kittens. I’m one and you are about to become the second.” “Don’t tell me you…” Taehyung’s hands held your waist and easily turned you around and pulled you on his lap, you facing the floor. “Oh little one, I will.” you started squirming on his lap trying to escape. The moment you felt your panties being yanked down your thighs and a hand came slapping your butt was when you stopped moving. “Did you listen to me? I told you to behave.” one more slap on the other cheek. “I told you to do what I say if you want Hoseoks anger to not fall on you like the holy spirit, but no, you must have to make it difficult, do you, you bratty little thing?” five more slaps were delivered and Taehyung felt your juices flowing down his thighs. Time was flying and without realising five minutes past and Taehyung had five to prepare you. And he did. At the end of the eight minute,he was going crazy from your moans while he was streching you and putting the plug,but he finally did it. And when he pulled up your panties that thank god had one of those cute little heart shaped holes so the tail went easily through it, you stood up the plug went deeper making you moan at the feeling. With your eyes closed, fighting the feeling of the plug, Taehyung pulled out the last thing out of the box and again gentely put it around your neck. The one you failed to see when he opened the bod. A beautiful collar. Lace and leather collide in a beautiful mix. It was made for him by the Kim family…no, he won’t think about them. He’ll think about now, what was to come, you, looking delicious and Hoseok, always the full meal.

The cat needed time to process how hot you looked. His eyes became black, his head fell low and his knuckles went white from holding it in a fist. He couldn’t touch you more than he was allowed to. At least not yet. “I will demolish you after Hoseok is done no matter how you feel. I…I will sent you to heaven and back. I…” neither of you heard the door crack and open and Hoseok walking in, with only his boxers on. “No kitten.” both kittens heads turned to look at the dog at the door. “I will demolish her. You will do as I say.”

Ten minutes. The ten minutes were over. The games were over. All the promises that were thrown for months. All the kisses,all the love. The dog looked as if nothing of that ever happend. The same sadistic smile covered his features making him look crazier but hotter than ever. “Well, well, well what do we have here? A kitten with a big mouth, that just never knows when to close it and a little pussycat that…god, you look so good! You even have a tail. You” he pointed at the other man “sit on the bed, hands behind your back and dare to make a sound. You won’t cum if you do, I swear. You my pretty,” he channelled his attention to you “come here. Let me see you. Taehyung was such a good boy he even put you a collar. Which reminds me, where is yours? ” Tae looked displeased with the question. Stupid dog, he thought, you know me ofr so long, yet you can’t figure out what I’m about to do. “I’m a big cat, I don’t need to…” Hobi only speared him a glance. “Put it on.” the cat looked even more displeased. “But…” “Do it.” growled Hoseok “or you’ll not only get a collar around your neck, but a leash too.” the cat flinched. He hated being on a leash. It made him feel weak. This was something he didn’t expect, yet it was only threat, right?The blond boy stood up and went to his Gucci bag and got out a black leather collar with a green and red stripe across, which was…Gucci.

You couldn’t see the cat getting or putting on the collar because Hoseok attention was back on you and yours was on him. “I waited so fucking long for this. And I won’t miss a moment of it. You know what we’ll do today?” you shook your head slightly,“ We’ll make you feel good, but we’ll also test your limits. So, if you ever feel that your limit has been reached just say chocolate. Because neither of us is gentle lover. Our animal nature is going to take the wheel. I know you are not a virgin and that’s good.” your head shot up to the canine. He knew.

Suddenly he looked at you with even rawer expression. “I remember smelling him on you. I was ready to kill the bastard I swear. But it just wasn’t the right time. You weren’t ready for me. Now you are. Ah, one more thing. Me and Taehyung will mark you today. Which means that no hybrid will touch you different than us, smelling us on you.”

Taehyung wasn’t sure he heard right. Hoseok wanted to share Y/N between them two. “I-” tried to say the cat. “If she says yes, Tae,then it’s a yes from me too. I love you both, I’m not ready to lose either-”

You knew the cat for two hours. But you fell for him. You could see yourself coming home to both of them. And you could see yourself in him. The person you wanted to be. A confident girl. Gattering the little left courage in you you turned around facing the cat sitting on the bed “Kim Taehyung, prove yourself. Show me how much you want to stay. You said you’ll fuck me into oblivion. Do it. I dare you to do it while Hoseok watches.”

Both hybrids looked at you with one emotion - shock. 

Taehyung had a choice, to make an alliance with you and get back on Hoseok for all the times he tortured him or listen to Hoseok and you get in trouble. Actually, the option was one. The cat stood up from the bed, locked his arms around your waist, pulled you close to him and whispered. “I knew you were more of a kitty then a puppy. Let’s put on a show for our puppy, shall we?” and again kissed your lips shortly,pulling away and walking to the canine, making the puppy walk backwards until his feet hit the wooden chair your mother accidentally left in your room. He sat and Tae sat on top of him. And with the same passion kissed the dog. “You lost puppy. Your grave mistake was that cats always have a back-up plan.” he nibbled at his lovers neck. “Y/N, in the third drawer of your desk there are handcuffs,” the puppies eyes widen, no, everything but that torture. The sadistic smile fadded and Hoseok looked like a scared puppy ready to submit to all o Taehyungs wishes. “Tae, please. Please, no. Anything but that.” the cat laughed and continued to nibble exactly at the same spot where he was when you steped in the room. Hobi let out a muffled moan.

“Oh, I will do it dog and you will find a way to put up with it. What you said? I won’t cum? You know better than anyone, that I always cum. Whenever I want, however I want, with whoever I want and now I’ll do it in our princess cunt while you watch on this chair. And only after I’ve made her cum at least twice I’ll let you out. But, if you cum she’ll have to pay for it. If she cums without my permission you’ll be at fault. Am I clear, pup? Now, shall we begin?”

It probably sucks big time, but I like it. 



5 years ago today: I adopted Dance and Boxer! I didn’t know I’d be coming home with two cats that day!
The top photo is when I first got them when Dance was 2 and Boxer was 1.
5 years later and Dance is the chilliest cat in the world, and Boxer is a nightmare of climbing, screaming and destruction -_-;

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Companions AU Chapter 3

Lance woke up feeling much better than before, and stretched out in his bed with a yawn. He slid out of the sheets and padded over the the closet, checking his phone along the way.

4:27pm: Hey Lance, the surgery went great! Stop by the hospital when you can! :D

Prince Lancelot:
5:13pm: hey, just woke up, how’s he doing? I need to go buy some stuff before I drop by to bring him home :3

5:16pm: he’s still asleep, I have him on tranquilizers until you get here so he doesn’t freak when he wakes up in an unfamiliar place with weird people. And what do you mean, bring him home?? You adopting him or smth?

Prince Lancelot:
5:17pm: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5:18pm: LANCE

Prince Lancelot:
5:18pm: ;)

5:19pm: you’ve been hanging around Pidge too much =_=;;

Prince Lancelot:
5:20pm: ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Laughing, Lance put his phone down and went back to pulling on a fresh change of clothes. He had some shopping to do, after all.

First stop was the clothing store. He sorted through the Hybrid section first, looking for Maine Coon clothing. He selected a few soft long sleeve shirts and hoodies, as well as sweatpants and boxers specifically tailored to a Cat Hybrid like Shiro. He figured the Cat would appreciate softer clothing than the weird purple shirt and black boxers he’d been found in.

After that he picked out some clothes for himself and paid before lugging it all to his car.

His next stop was the grocery store. If he was going to let Shiro live with him, he’d best stock up so that the starving kitty could eat as he pleased.

Once he’d gotten everything done, he hurriedly put everything away inside his house, food in the fridge and Hybrid clothes in the guest room drawers.

He texted Hunk to let him know he was on his way and stepped on the gas. His phone chimed with two new messages, one an acknowledgement from the Vet and another from Pidge saying she had something to show him at her place.

He pulled up to the hospital and jogged inside, Coran already waiting for him by the reception desk. “Room 524, Hunk’s weaning him off the tranquilizers now.” The mustached man directed, Lance nodding his gratitude and hurrying inside the elevators.

He stepped into the room, fingers crossed. Hunk was examining a chart, face pulled into a slight frown. Shiro was asleep on the bed, bandaged up and peaceful.

“Hey, Hunk. How’s he doing?” Lance asked, sliding the door shut behind him. Hunk looked up and smiled slightly.

“You look better.” The Vet commented, lowering the chart to eye his friend approvingly.

Lance chuckled. “Thanks, but I’m more interested in how Shiro’s doing.” He asked, noticing the flicker of unease in Hunk’s eyes. “Hunk? Is something wrong?” The smile dropped from Lance’s face, and blue eyes scanned worriedly over the Cat Hybrid.

“Well… Shiro was definitely abused. Badly. In fact, I think he was part of one of those underground fighting rings, Lance. He’s at least twenty seven, and he’s an Omega. But there’s no sign of any sexual abuse, so my guess is he got away before they tried anything. If he’s lived this long, he was probably one of their top fighters.” Hunk listed off grimly.

Lance frowned. “That’s… not good. Do you think they’ll come for him? His old owners?” He asked, concerned for the Cat Hybrid he’d gotten attached to in such a short time.

Hunk shook his head. “I doubt it. In fighting rings, the prime fighting age is between the years of thirteen and twenty-five. If he hadn’t escaped he’d either have been put in a Hybrid mill or killed. Poor guy… he’s been through a lot, if all the scars I saw were any indication.”

Lance moved over to brush his fingers against Shiro’s forelock. “Well, I’m definitely keeping him now. He deserves better. When I gave him a bath and some food it was like I’d hung the moon for him, Hunk. Nobody, not even a Hybrid, should go through something as terrible as a fighting ring for the amusement of others.” He growled, free hand clenching into a fist.

His fingers brushed against Shiro’s cheek, and the Cat Hybrid’s eyes slowly fluttered open. Lance quickly changed his facial expression to a kinder one, not wanting to scare the injured Cat.

“Hey kitty, feeling better?” Lance prodded carefully, relief at the soft smile and nod he got in return flooding his chest.

Checking his chart, Hunk hummed idly and scribbled something down. “I’d like him to stay one more night here to make sure he doesn’t get a fever and that his arm heals properly. Sickness caused by infection often shows up when the body relaxes and lets its guard down. It’s just a precaution.”

Lance nodded. “Hear that buddy? You need to stay here and rest for a little while, okay? I’m gonna go and run a few more errands but I will be right back. I promise.” He soothed, ruffling Shiro’s forelock affectionately, eliciting a happy purr from the Hybrid.

He pulled away and began to leave. “Hunk will take good care of you and make you feel better, okay? I’ll be back.”

As he headed to his car, he wondered what Pidge wanted to show him.


From under a pile of rubble called writer’s block, a dusty chalk covered hand barely manages to push this chapter towards you. The writer isn’t entirely happy with it, but it’s all she’s got for now. She apologizes and hopes you enjoyed the short chapter.

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ooo if you're still doing requests could u do a fakehaus kovic please??? thank u so much :0 <3

I know Adam is usually the boss or sad badass of fakehaus situations but. Nerdy hacker boy Adam who never leaves the haus apartment and who helps with heists in a tshirt and boxers and has adopted 4 cats since moving in and is basically the mom/beloved housewife of the crew