boxer dressed as a boxer

•Girls in dress shirts
•Girls in bow ties
•Girls in boxers
•Girls in suspenders
•Girls in snapbacks
•Girls in cargo shorts
•Girls in dresses
•Girls in sweatpants
•Girls with tattoos
•Girls with piercings
•Girls with colored hair
•Girls with short hair
•Girls with long hair
•Girls with glasses
•Girls in general

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They are running for their ice creams

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Q: Usually, when you post photos, will you “p” them first?

Yixing: Will use filters. 

Q: Latest stuff you’ve posted in your Moments? (T/N: a WeChat feature)

Yixing: Don’t use Moments. 

Q: How often do you change your WeChat profile pic?

Yixing: Don’t change it. 

Q: How many points will you give for your vocal skills?

Yixing: Depends on the situation. 

Q: Who was the last person you called on the phone?

Yixing: I forgot. 

Q: What’s that one song you really have to pick when you go to a KTV?

Yixing: Forever Love 

Q: Use one word to describe your looks.

Yixing: It’s alright.  

Q: How many jin is your idol baggage?

Yixing: What’s an idol baggage? (T/N: They’re asking him how much his idol image weighs for him e.g if he doesn’t care if he goes out without makeup and such.) 

Q: How would you express your love to your family?

Yixing: By actions. 

Q: When you’re not working, what do you usually do?

Yixing: When did I have not any work?

 Q: Your favorite dish?

Yixing: Hunan cuisine.

 Q: That one food you will never eat?

Yixing: Don’t have any. 

Q: Use one word to describe your clothing style.

Yixing: (Anything) comfy.

Q: Tracksuits or Suits?

Yixing: (Anything) comfy.

Q: T-shirt or Dress Shirt?

Yixing: (Anything) comfy              

Q: Briefs or Boxers?

Yixing: Guys should wear boxers right… 

Q: In your closet, what’s that one fashion item you have plenty of?

Yixing: Slip-ons.

Q: In which city do you wish to settle down?

Yixing: Changsha. 

Q: Did it ever happen where you said you’re going out and you actually went out on a trip?

Yixing: The only spontaneous trip I have is going to my schedules.

Q: Playing video games or playing basketball?

Yixing: Depends on the situation.

Q: Coffee or Tea?

Yixing: Recently, it’s tea.

Q: Would take a shower in the morning or at night?

Yixing: Would shower at both. 

Q: What’s the style of the interior design in your home?

Yixing: It depends on what style the hotel has, the hotel is my home.       

Q: Recently, what do you dream of?

Yixing: Recently, my sleep has been pretty good.

Q: When did you find out your natural gift for acting?

Yixing: I’ll probably find it in the future.

Q: What’s the hardest script to act?

Yixing: (It’s) very long. 

Q: Supposing that you don’t work in the show business, what career would you go for?

Yixing: A producer behind the scenes, in the field of music.

Q: In a relationship, are you active or passive?

Yixing: Depends on the situation, can be both.

Q: What’s the most romantic proposal do you have in mind?

Yixing: If I tell you now, by the time I get to propose I can’t use it anymore, and I’d have to think of a new one again. 


Knowledge of freedom || +daywalkingvampire

James was old. Older than the other Omegas that were held in cages, held like the Omegas they were. Ever since creation Omegas have been looked down upon. They have been claimed against their will, raped, trained and sold in auctions. 

The Omega was dressed in a pair of white boxers, boxers that were stained and stinky after all the years he had worn them and there was a collar wrapped around his throat, tight and uncomfortable, reminding him of his fate. The fate of being sold to an Alpha that’ll either acquire him as one more Omega, one more body to bear pups or he’ll be sold to someone who’s bored and needs an Omega to beat on. There was no other possibility. 

He was trained to tend to his Alpha’s needs, trained to pretend to be caring, trained to be obedient and spread his legs for whoever owned him, even when he wasn’t in heat, trained to obey. James had always been treated differently. He was special, they told him. His eyes were bright orange and his tail had a different shape than other Omega’s. Probably the only reason he hadn’t been taken by anybody yet. They kept him separated from the others, kept away to not be sullied.

The Omega was worth more they way he was… untouched. James didn’t know if it was good for him or bad. The others already knew what would await them, he didn’t. 

Today was the day. He’d be put on display again. The last two times, he’d only been put on display to make people notice him, make people want him, so they’d come to the auction they’d actually put him up for sale at. This time, he’d go home with someone else. He’d get out of the cage, which was good, though he’d end up in another cage, a bigger cage, but still a cage, probably even worse. 

They pulled him out from behind the curtains, chain connected to his collar leaving him no choice but to follow the person pulling him out and through the lines of the rich Alphas, making a show and giving people the chance to look at him themselves, look at what they’d buy. 

After the walk around the room, he was pushed down on the stage, forced to sit and wait while the auction master took bids. 

He hardly listened, hardly looked around, keeping to himself, trying to pretend to be somewhere else, in his cage. He was safe in his cage; he liked being in that cage.

He looked up, though when he heard the auction master point to the winner of the auction. The winner of him. He didn’t have a chance to look at whoever bought him, since he was dragged back to the room he’d been held in before, boxers ripped from him before a bucket of water, cold water, was emptied over his head, making him gasp and whimper before he was dried off roughly, dressed and ready for take-off, for his owner to come and fetch him. 

James didn’t look up as he was dragged out to a car and shoved inside, no choice whether he wanted to or not, nothing. He scrambled to the end of the seat and curled up on himself, waiting for whomever to get inside, too. 

Imagine you and Loki living in the same apartment building. Late one night, the fire alarm goes off and everyone is forced to evacuate. Loki didn’t have time to dress and ends up standing beside you in just his boxers. You find it very distracting trying to not stare at him or glance down because those boxers do not leave much to the imagination.

Much to your dismay, Loki doesn’t seem the least bit fazed by your growing embarrassment, even seeming to enjoy the red blush on your face.

Sensory Defensive Clothes

One of the things people don’t seem to understand about the Spoon theory* is why relatively simple tasks like getting dressed or feeding yourself might take a lot out of you, especially if you are an able bodied individual who appears physically capable of dealing with day to day life.

There are a ton of different factors that can go into that kind of problem, including issues with pain and exhaustion and executive function and far more aspects than I am necessarily aware of and capable of enumerating. I’m certainly no expert, and I wouldn’t dream of representing someone else’s experience. I’m not going to bother trying to be all inclusive here because everyone has different challenges and needs, and I can only speak to my own.

What I am going to do, however, is share with you the process that I just went through while trying to get dressed and trying to work out appropriately sensory defensive clothing (relevant issues: Autism, sensory processing disorder [SPD].) This is not hyperbole. It’s not theoretical. This just happened within the past half hour** as I was trying to prepare to go out to eat with a friend:


Situation: Going out to dinner

Physical condition: My body has been objecting to any contact with my skin whatsoever. I can’t handle pressure, so carrying a bag is out. My waist and thighs are especially sensitive right now.

Parameters: Avoid having a waistband; avoid objectionable texture; avoid putting pressure on skin; find clothes appropriate to a dinner out; accommodate need for wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses (it is moving into summer and the sun is bright enough to make things problematic on a bad day), headphones (to block out auditory input), and a stim toy

Pants have a waistband, so those are out

Leggings have a waistband AND tend to have texture issues, so those are a no go

Skirts also have a waistband

Okay, so we’re looking at a dress

Next step

I have a lot of stuff I need to carry, but I can’t handle a bag today, so I need pockets.

Fortunately, I’m a fan of pockets. Most of my dresses have pockets. Big pockets. Pockets that can handle a lot of stuff.

Unfortunately, full pockets place pressure on my legs. I did that yesterday. It hurt. I can’t handle that again today.

Okay, so how to counteract that pressure?

Petticoats should create a buffer

Except petticoats have a problematic texture. I can’t handle touching those. I guess I need something between my skin and the petticoats.

So a slip, then

But not a skirt style one, because that has a waistband

Slip dress, petticoat…

Wait, petticoat has a waistband

Okay, under the rib cage is less sensitive, and the petticoat has a very stretchy band

If I raise it so the waistband is up there, I should be okay? And there’s still coverage under the pockets

Okay: slip, petticoat…


The petticoat is brushing my legs

My legs are sensitive

I need another buffer

Can’t do leggings or pants…

Boxer briefs? They’re snug and soft and not so tight around the waist, so it might work?

Okay, boxer briefs seem to work

Boxer briefs, slip dress, petticoat…

Nope, still brushing my legs

Can’t handle that

I’m out of ideas

Screw it, I’m going to suck it up and hope that boxer briefs and slip dress provide enough of a buffer to my dress to keep it from being TOO torturous




* I linked to this page rather than the original post because this one is inclusive of mental illness. Some people also opt for separate terminology for the mental health versus physical health groups (cope versus spoons.)

** I started writing this in the immediate aftermath, but I had to break off when it was time to go to dinner, so it actually got finished a few days later.