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the-palefaces asked:

Hi :) do you possibly no any Fics involving street racing or were one is a boxer/street fighter? Thank you ๐Ÿ’›

I hope that answer is what you want! :)

Cutie and the Boxer

Fight For Me (in progress)

Box of Rain

The Boxer (not much boxing going on, nice genderswap fic though)

The Battle is Now (my eyes are closed) (violence!)

all we do is drive

You Made A Slow Disaster Out Of Me


Virginia: This is probably a long shot, but my local animal shelter is overflowing with wonderful dogs (and cats, in fact nearly 300 cats) who would all love to find homes. Most of the pups there a hounds / hound mixes and pits / pit mixes, but there are a few babies that really stand out. I’ve added pictures of some of beautiful dogs. Most of them are purebreds although some could be mixes. These dogs would love to find good homes! They are located at the Shenandoah Valley Animal Shelter in Lyndhust, VA The adoption fee for them is only $25! 

New @canelo stencil by @allinboxing in the Arts District.
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Here we have the two treasures of my Sapphire Pokemon! Once I found out there were bunny pokemon and the second I ran into one I HUNTED THEM DOWN FOR AT LEAST FIVE HOURS. It was totally worth it in the end tho.

Here we have Lottie and Boxer, who are siblings without parents. These two are polar opposites but somehow mesh together very nicely despite their ten year age gap. Lottie is the worrisome older sister who is busy working, taking care of her younger brother, and trying to keep up on her own education – juggling the role of mother and father for Boxer. She is hardly ever NOT stressed and sleep is something of a nonexistent thing.

Boxer is a hyper, adventurous, and outgoing little boy who tends to get himself into trouble more than Lottie would like. He was too young to remember anything about his parents when they died, so he only really knows that Lottie is his sister and caretaker, the best one he could ask for.


Lee Chen-Dao 李承道 

Using the realistic techniques employed in classical painting tradition, Taiwanese artist Lee Chen-Dao captures subcultures of contemporary pop and youth culture. Subverting the traditional gender roles, women act in the dominant role of sexual interactions with men dressed as action figures, to echo the continued struggle by women and other minorities for equality. 

  1. 戴著面具的女孩, Girl with the Mask, oil painting, 53x80cm
  2. 王子的下午茶, Tea Time
  3. 情人, Valentine, oil painting, 53x80cm
  4. 夢裡我們這樣相見, See You In My Dream, oil painting
  5. 英雄救美I, Not the Hero Type I, oil painting, 116x72.5cm
  6. 午夜藍調, Midnight Blues
  7. 舉杯邀明月, Moon
  8. 木馬騎士, the merry-go-round, oil painting, 53x80cm
  9. Cat Fight, Love Kicks, 2013, images posted with permission of the artist.

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