Maxine “Max” Silverstone AKA “Boxer" from  Double Decker! Doug & Kirill

マキシーン・シルヴァーストーン / マックス(ボクサー)- 『DOUBLE DECKER! ダグ&キリル

Tranter ‘Manstopper’ solid frame revolver

Manufactured in England c.1870~80′s.
.577 Boxer/15x24mm six-round cylinder removable after getting rid of the cylinder axis and backplate, double action.

Full-brass .577 Boxer cartridges were allegedly made from shortened .577 Express cases and fired a 400grain/26gr/0.9oz round lead ball at 725fps/220ms. This was incredibly harder-hitting than almost all cap and ball revolvers, and more importantly than all the other small civilian cartridges often used in pistols of the time.