boxely valley

I also jumped on @1211am’Mayor’s Fave Things meme!

Since Skye isn’t a thing per se, lol, I put her in the pic with my Mayor since shes her fave villager and bff <3

This was actually kind of tough since I have SO many favorite items in the ACNL games so I had to really narrow it down.

Cinnamaroll Tray+Table, Skye’s pic, Jacob’s ladder/Lily of the Valley, Corner Box Sofa (Pink), Peaches, Pink bunny balloon, Sweets player, Cupcake, the Moth Orchid and as seen as the background - Pink carnations.

coswhythehellnot  asked:

hey i wanted to ask could you suggest some angst/fluff sherlolly fits. thanks.

Hello! I love this question! Here are some great angst/fluff/romance fics:

Zephyros - Imogen74 (rated M) (this is a WIP but I am loving it so far!)

Repercussion Series - MajesticMoments (rated K) (there are 3 parts to this series, Tecnnicalities, Daytrip, and Domesticity. They are mostly just angst, but I love them. Actually, just about anything post-S4 written by the lovely MajesticMoments is amazing!)

A Reckoning - librarianmum (rated M)

A Vicious Motivator - darnedchild (rated M)

One Week in Sussex (or: The Seven Stages of Grief with a Dying Detective) - MissMollyBloom (rated M)

The Coffee Cup and the Suitcase series - feralandfree (rated T) (there are 3 parts to this series, The Coffee Cup and the Suitcase, The Valley of Boxes, and Who’s Afraid?)

An Absence of Color - hobbitsdoitbetter (rated T)

And Still, It Moves - miabicicletta (rated T) (I love this fic so much)

Winds of Change - WritingWife83 (rated T) (this one doesn’t have much angst in it, but it’s still such a beautiful fic!)

I Told You So - WritingWife83 (rated T) (same as Winds of Change, there isn’t much angst, but there is some internal struggle)

Some of these fics might lean more towards just angst, or just fluff, rather than containing both, but they are all really really good fics! They can all be found for sure on, and most likely on AO3 as well! Enjoy!

2008 Red Car Wine Company Box Car Pinot Noir

Just enjoying this California Pinot before the train comes! This is a true California Pinot with full and ripe fruit. Ripe raspberries, red cherries, and even a hint of black cherries on the nose. Loads of ripe raspberries and mixed berries on the palate with a sprinkle of cinnamon and molasses. 

3/5 bones


Pinot Noir

14.5% abv

Russian River Valley, California, USA

This wasn’t suppose to happen…I wanted to make sketches and I just kept going and I was half way done coloring when I realized what I was doin’.

Oh well, I drew the Bachelors. I might do the Bachelorettes!

I like the slimes. They are just a handful of jelly. Too cute- expectantly the ones with stars!

I think I drew dino right. Well have the dino. And of course Steven as a farmer. He’d so rock that straw hat.


I’ve not seen this on Tumblr so I don’t know if it’s common knowledge. There are boxes hidden around the valley that you can unlock!