boxely valley

Logan Paul's Assistant AU - Jack Avery (Part II)

Rating: PG


“Okay, so, now we head down to the studio, where we’ll record,” Logan tells the boys, but you stay right next to them.

“Are we shooting any of the video today?” Daniel asks.

Logan nods. “Yes, a lot, I think. If we’re going to beat Jake in this, we have to finish it.”

Corbyn raises his hand as a joke, but Logan still calls on him. To you, these six have a better relationship than any of Jake and his friends.

“Yes, Corbyn.”

“What’s for lunch?”

Everyone bursts into laughter, and you even have to put your hands over your mouth to keep from giggling. Corbyn looks around.

“That’s a serious question,” he says. “My breakfast was slim.”

Without thinking, you remember something.

“I have granola bars in my car,” you tell him. “I always had to carry them around for my last, uh, last boss, if you-”

“Yes!” Corbyn throws his hands up. “Which one’s your car?”

You drink down a little bit from his excitement, and Jack pushes his friend back.

“Dude, you’re scaring her,” he tells Corbyn. He turns to you. “Don’t trust him with the keys.”

You look at him. “I’m not going to trust you, either.”

“Oooh,” all the boys chorus (along with Logan) as Jack smiles at you.

“Touché.” He puts his hands up. “You got me there.”

You look at Logan. “Can I go get those or-”

“What’re you asking me for?” He asks. “You can do whatever you want.”

Your eyes go wide, and you stand still for a moment.

“But I’m-”

“-my assistant when I need you,” he tells you. “Right now, I have five of you. Go get the bars.”

You nod and look around, trying to remember how you came in. You start to walk to a hallway when hands come on your shoulders. You flinch but find out it’s only Jack.

“Ease up,” he tells you. “You we’re just going the wrong way.”

You got red in the face and nod before heading the way he turns you. You head through the house and to the front door, unlocking your car from afar. When you get there, you open the trunk and grab the box that holds smaller boxes of Nature Valley granola bars, balancing them on one arm as you close your trunk. You lock your car and head back towards the house, thankful that someone sees you and opens the door wide for you to go through. You thank them and head back to Logan and the others.

“-and apparently, we’re the ‘Walmart One Direction’,” Zach says to Logan’s camera solemnly.

All of a sudden, the five burst into a song, singing, “You’re not so perfect, you’re not so perfect” over and over.

You’re amazed by their harmonies, which are much smoother and gentler than Jake’s fake ones. You stay in the background until Corbyn spots you.

“Food!” He runs towards you and looks in the box, then back up at you.

“Do you have, like, every kind of Nature Valley bar in here?” You nod. He smiles widely. “Guys! This girl is gold!”

“I agree.” Jack smiles at you, and you look down, blushing.

“You guys do realize this is our house and we have food here we can eat,” Daniel says.

Corbyn waves it off as he takes a bite out of a granola bar. “There’s too many people in the kitchen.”

Daniel rolls his eyes but still grabs a bar.

“What’d ya guys say to Y/N?” Logan asks.

“Thanks, Y/N,” Jonah says to you.

“Yeah, thank you,” Zach adds.

“You’re the best, Y/N.” Corbyn takes another bite of his granola bar before giving you a hug.

“Thank you for the food, Y/N.” Daniel smiles. “And sorry for Corbyn.”

Jack ruffles your kinky-curly hair. “It’s great to have you, Y/N. thanks.”

You nod and shake your curls out, causing the boys to chuckle at you before Logan looks at you.

“So, boys, why don’t you serenade Y/N with your new single?” All five look extremely excited.

“Yes!” They all stay quite as Daniel grabs his guitar and they start.

“Look at us,” Daniel sings. “We could paint the perfect picture. About us, from your head to toe I’ll feature.”

Zach now steps out of the line. “They follow us. Yeah, we make them believe it’s fiction. They believe it, so I guess it must be real.”

Jack takes a step up as Zach steps back. “I can read your mind, I know what you’re thinking.”

The way he looks at you makes you warm inside, yet silly at the same time for thinking ridiculous stuff.

“I could spend my time, feeling all the reasons.” He winks at you, and you blush again.

The rest of the song goes by until they end it, and you set down the box you clap a little for them.

Logan aims his camera towards you. “So, Y/N, your former boss was my little sister, right?”

“Yes,” you reply as you bite your lip.

“Well, one a scale of one to ten, who sings better? These handsome boys-” he motions to the five “-or your former employer?”

You scoff. “That isn’t even a fair competition. They can actually keep a beat!”

“Ooh!” The boys all smile and laugh as you realize what you just said. You cover your mouth, but Logan holds up his hand for a high-five. Of course, you give him one.

“Sick burn, bro, from a girl you fired for what?” Logan looks at you.

“I, uh, I wouldn’t help him diss someone with more talent in their pinky than he has in his whole body.”

“Ooh! Another sink burn! Take that little bro!”


End of Part II

Gifts were passed all around and
I could’ve swore mine was wrapped in sandpaper and trimmed in shackles
While others unwrapped eternal bands meant for two
Mine opened to a barren landscape with a lonely sunrise
Time crawled on all fours before I realized it was more than an empty box
It was a valley hidden in mountains with a honeymoon solitude
These selfish hands failed to untie Your heart curving in the ribbon
So they could plant fragrant blooms
This greedy skin failed to touch Your satin promises
So it could feel the fertile soil within
These clouded eyes failed to see Your gift so carefully concealed
So they could enjoy a sky yelling its colors
Gifts are passed all around and I forgot no two are the same
I’ve unwrapped a beautiful season to fill with a garden bursting forth towards You
—  A gift is never a punishment /// djspookyrosebud

This wasn’t suppose to happen…I wanted to make sketches and I just kept going and I was half way done coloring when I realized what I was doin’.

Oh well, I drew the Bachelors. I might do the Bachelorettes!

I like the slimes. They are just a handful of jelly. Too cute- expectantly the ones with stars!

I think I drew dino right. Well have the dino. And of course Steven as a farmer. He’d so rock that straw hat.

i think my favorite thing about winter in the mountains is the sound that it makes

that whistle of the wind as it gets boxed up in the valleys, the crunch of the snow as it settles into place or slips down the side of a mountain, the crack of a tree under the weight of the ice

when you’re so bundled up that all you can hear is your own breathing and harshest gales