please don’t take any of this seriously

My same sex otp:

Kacie x Lauren for their love of mangas that nobody’s ever heard of

My opposite sex otp:

Kacie x Dave, they bond over their love of red pandas.

Also, they have a daughter together already.

My most hated pairing: 

Kacie x Ceri ew gross

My same sex unusual otp: 

Kacie x Marisol for their love of cute things and cooking

My opposite sex unusual otp: 

Kacie x Rhaeme because they can be GT John together in kawaii yaois

My crossover otp:

Kacie x CuteRoulette

My brotp/friendship otp:

Kacie x Mel because they’re both adorababies

Character headcanon: 

She’s going to kill me for this.

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

The new natural…. by tinuviela featuring cotton tea towels ❤ liked on Polyvore

Morgan no sleeve shirt, 64 CAD / Maje pink skirt, 310 CAD / Cutout shoes, 18 CAD / HOBO green purse, 115 CAD / Fantasy Jewelry Box vintage style jewelry, 21 CAD / Free People head wrap headband, 22 CAD / Lips makeup, 7.30 CAD / Painted fabric chair, 1,460 CAD / Shabby Chic cotton tea towel, 6.59 CAD / Floral, 18 CAD