My pencil bag and bullet journal are always with me, so I thought it’d be fun to share what I carry around. Do I need all of this stuff all of the time? No, but I don’t know where else to put them so as to not lose them, especially the smaller things, so they just go in my pencil bag.

Famethyst weapons

I was wondering what the weapons of the Famethyst Quartzes are.  We know from Bismuth that a whip isn’t a common Amethyst weapon, and we know from the Rubies that gems of the same type don’t necessarily have the same or similar weapons, so apart from “probably not a whip” you can imagine a whole range.

Some that I imagine, based on my personality headcanons/fanfic shared with @molded-from-clay and assorted others:

8XJ/Jay: I always imagine there’s a romantic, chivalrous streak in Jay.  She expresses it a little coarsely because she’s still an Amethyst, but a rapier with a twirly basket hilt out of Three Musketeers-land seems appropriate.

Sharky/Cheeky: A kanabō, like an oni.  She likes to make a loud gross “sssschluck” noise as she pulls it out of her cheek.  

Skinny Jasper: In one fic I gave her a small knife that was basically a boxcutter but I think it’d also be a lot of fun if she had a weapon that let her engage from a distance with stealth, like shuriken or darts.

Carnelian: fuckin’ two-headed battle-axe that looks way too big for her right up until she slams it into your knee (Carnelian fights like a Discworld dwarf, making the most of short stature to knock taller opponents to the ground)

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Stories From My Career at Barnes & Noble, Part One

Part Two

  • College-age boy dressed as a wizard looking for a book on healing crystals.
  • Man who flicked water on my co worker because there were no paper towels left in the men’s bathroom.
  • Multiple accounts of people trying to use their old Borders Rewards cards in place of a B&N membership.
  • Prank caller asking for a book by “Seymour Butts.”
  • Middle-aged man sitting in the Newsstand area eating a 7-11 Big Gulp slurpee with a spoon and doing nothing else.
  • Small child that ate a Godiva chocolate santa right out of the foil…in the middle of the register aisle.
  • Multiple instances of me asking male customers if they need help, being denied, and then watching them approach my male co-workers with a question about a science fiction/fantasy novel.
  • Being scolded by a nun for selling Playboy magazine.
  • Cutting myself with a boxcutter, holding my bleeding hand, and being asked by a customer if my register was open.
  • Soccer mom that reported me to a manager for asking her to step to the back of the line after she cut in front of five people.
  • Almost daily instances of finding books from the Love & Sex bay in the Children’s department.
  • Elderly European couple that steals chairs from other people’s tables so they can put their feet up with pillows they brought from home.
  • Multiple instances of going to the bathroom and hearing someone talking to themselves in the neighboring stall. (This literally happened to me twice today.)
  • Elderly man that told my manager to tuck in his shirt.
  • Different elderly man universally known to the staff as “Membership Guy.” 100% believes that you are out to steal all his information and ruin his life by asking if he’s a Barnes & Noble member.
  • A coworker asking Membership Guy if he found everything alright, to which he replied, “why the FUCK would I be up here if I didn’t find everything alright?!”
  • The time a dude from Texas Roadhouse came in gave us free bread and cinnamon butter.
  • Woman whose cafe order totaled $6.66 and bought an extra cupcake to avoid “bad juju.”
  • Elderly man with a painted on mustache and off-kilter wig that tries to show everyone YouTube videos of his nephew’s band. The fact that you’re in the middle of making five drinks at once will not stop him.
  • Man who ferociously denied donating to our annual book drive because “the government has taken enough from him.” (?????)
  • Dude that asked me to help him find a book called “100 Nights of Great Sex” while his wife looked on with dead eyes.
  • Woman that told me I was “shit at my job” for being unable to find a book that she didn’t know the title or author of, only that it was white.
  • Regular customer known as “Monopoly Guy” because he always wears a top hat. Constantly hits on one specific female employee and frequently calls to see if she’s working. Was once caught jacking off in the parking lot by a co worker.
  • Woman that blatantly refused to leave the store after close because it was raining.
  • Drawing one of the manager’s names for our annual Secret Santa exchange and buying him Managing for Dummies, which he quickly whited out to say Managing Dummies.
  • Being rolled around on a V-cart by a co worker.
  • Woman that continued knocking on the window after close and demanded we let her in because she had a gift card.
  • The number one item most frequently stolen being Magic the Gathering cards.
  • Elderly woman buying romance novels and loudly announcing “since I’m not getting any, I might as well read about it.”
  • Redneck man reporting the head cashier to me because apparently asking him if he was a Barnes & Noble member was “being a bitch.”
  • Woman that demanded I ring her up over the phone and then bring her purchase to her car.
  • Mall Santas repeatedly coming in for a coffee break in full costume.
  • Catching a (now unemployed) co worker reading manga on the clock. Every. Single. Day.
  • Woman that asked me to help her find a book while I was washing my hands in the bathroom.
  • Two college boys looking for books on “growing indoor plants.”
  • A man that called the store just to ask where the nearest RadioShack was.
  • Watching a co worker get yelled at for using the credit card in the customer’s hand instead of the one in her purse.
  • Being asked to make an “iced hot chocolate.” After explaining to the customer that what they were asking for was chocolate milk, they furiously repeated “NO. I want an iced hot chocolate.”
  • Woman that demanded the corporate number and my name after telling her that she couldn’t return a book with a receipt from 2009.
  • Being tearfully hugged by a widowed dad for finding him books to help him teach his daughter about puberty.
  • Performing the yearly missing child drill with an Elf on the Shelf doll labeled “Bob.”
  • The managers hiding Bob around the store during the holidays and awarding prizes if we find him.

And lastly (for now, anyway)…

  • Being forced to wear the ridiculous costumes for Friday night storytimes.

thebonnielassofyvie  asked:

Hi! Could I please have option 1, where Jasper thinks he’s the biggest Bellarke shipper, but surprisingly it’s actually Murphy, or if you have too many prompts maybe a gifset with Bellarke and Wicken parings? Thanks!

hello, Eponine! yes ofc you can have a fic =D



Jasper Jordan is many things. 

He’s rash and impulsive. He’s energetic and enthusiastic. He swallows without chewing when he’s hungry. He can be oblivious and selfish at times, but he always has good intentions. He’s loyal, but he holds grudges. He’s a little too into High School Musical, in a way that precariously toes the thin line between ironic and unironic.

But the one thing Jasper Jordan is not, is blind

He’s seen it ever since the first day of college — when he’d walked onto that courtyard, and saw a small, curvy blonde scowling at a broad-shouldered man with a head full of dark curls and a lazy smirk.

Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin are meant to be together.

“No, you’re not blind,” Monty had said in their dorm room later that night, “but it’s possible you you’re just a little too optimistic.”

“Aha!” he’d yelled, one finger jabbed towards his friend. “You said I’m not blind!“ 

What? The important thing was, he’d been right.

And he still is. Because after four years of him telling everyone that Bellamy and Clarke belong together, he’s finally being proved right. After four years of scheming to set them up on impromptu dates, of poorly disguised hints and pointed suggestions that were really only translucent at best, of being told to ‘shut up, Jasper’ whenever he crows over their obvious mutual attraction and respect and adoration, Jasper Jordan is finally receiving his vindication.

Because they finally are together!

Well. They’re living together, at least.

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writing prompts list #35
  1. “Are you okay?”
    “If I don’t need to bend down, I’m somewhat fine”
  2. She didn’t care to put her body in the line of fire, get a beating if that meant that she had a change to get something she wanted. 
  3. He’s my ride or die guy. We’ll go to jail for each other, we bleed and fight for each other, so lying never was a problem for us. 
  4. Just push through, she kept repeating to herself. 
  5. Do you know what my mom says about monsters under the bed? That sometimes they’re more afraid of us sometimes than we are of them, and if we don’t scare them, they will protect us from bad dreams. 
  6. “You’re supposed to be my spotter.”
    “I am. But I just have a wandering eye.”
  7. Why are you cutting fruits with a throwing knife? 
  8. She’s knows not to get involved.
  9. “Don’t let him beat you up, alright?”
  10. “What happened?”
    “Taxi hit me. And it hurt.”
  11. “Why did you hit me straight to the nose? “
    “Couldn’t aim anywhere else than your ugly face”
  12. Girl, about your age, about his height, red hair. Have you seen her?
  13. Just how I want to spent my fucking night. Removing glass from my best friend’s head and stapling it up. 
  14. She has internal damage. She’s couching up blood. 
  15. Good luck figuring her out. 
  16. Don’t you know that you cannot trust anybody.
  17. I was a mistake anyways, right? You never wanted a child, specially not a girl.
  18. “Why are you going through my backpack?”
    “Well, your TV doesn’t work and you were talking to the lovely british guy, so.. Why do you have a mini duct tape rolls here? Where did you get these? Oh my.. This is my boxcutter!”
  19. Wait, he knocked you out? Actually knocked you out?
  20. You’re only fifteen, you can’t owe that much money to people
  21. “What happened?”
    “Just imagine musical chairs with guns and a rocket launcher.”
  22. Her pissed off Russian girlfriend beat my ass
  23. Okay why’s the woman crying? Who made the woman cry?
  24. Now I know who I’m stabbing after class
  25. “Do you know how hard it is to fix a kid’s game?”
    “No I don’t know. What is she doing here anyway?”
    “She’s like unofficial godmother.”
  26.  “What now?”
    “You’re going to put that gun against my head, and pretend you never loved me.”
  27. You don’t con us.
  28. “Why the fuck is the airport bar so expensive?”
    “So you wouldn’t be wasted and thrown up all around the plane.”
    “That’s not supportive best friend attitude.”
  29. “What do you define broken?”
    “What did you break?”
  30. Boiling gin is always bad idea
  31. They said she’d be tougher than this
  32. “Why won’t she go down? I‘ve already broken at least three of her ribs.”
    “Just keep hitting her. That laughter will go down quick.”
  33. You have one of the most fucked up converses I’ve ever seen
  34. She will run, you know that. She knows the risk of her getting caught.
  35. Words of advice, newbie, stay on her good side 
  36. “You wear the same Halloween costume every year!“
    “Drunk Wonder Woman is a classic at this point among our group”
  37. understand what she is. most of the times she doesn’t care what happens to her. 
  38. “She has the tiniest bed ever”
    “It’s not even tiny, it’s just made for people under 6’ and you’re like twice as that big”
  39. Funny thing about con men is the fact that they don’t bluff every often
  40. Excuse me, Matt, let me crawl in peace
  41. Uhm, okay, great to have you conscious again, but stay down so you won’t get shot 
  42. Everyone to my fucking house. NOW!
  43. Let’s see what I’ve in my arsenal of why to not date Jade: I have commitment issues, I may have a criminal past.. 
  44. “He got my hand locked”
    “So you dislocated it?”
  45. why I’m blamed by his stupidity? 
  46. Okay, okay I know I’m in trouble but give me a second
  47. Maybe this will work, I mean his eyesight is not so good anymore or her leg doesn’t keep up very good 
  48. How did you cause a blackout?
  49. They know you’re coming. So just give up. Don’t come.
  50. “You made a play date to two almost fifty year olds?”
    “They need a better working relationship.”
    “They don’t even work together!”
My Stage Management Kit

Alright, so some of my regular followers might have noticed that I have a silly tag system (or they’ve just noticed random tags that don’t seem to make sense).  For general theatre posts, often tech, I tag “techrider.”  For resources and references, I tag “pencilcup.”  And for most of my own posts, I tag “smkit.”  You know, to be cute.  But this time, I’m actually posting about my SM kit, and I’m pretty stoked, so I might just tag all three ‘cause what the hell, it’s my blog and I can screw with the system all I want.

Meet Samson:

Samson is a product of Artbin, made of a durable cloth material with (I discovered) luan siding.  Notice the sweet rolling luggage-style handle and the nice big snaps keeping the two pieces together.  The top has its own carrying strap, and the bottom (wheels attached) has two comfortable handles for hauling this beast in and out of my trunk when moving spaces.  Hopefully won’t have to move him much this summer, he’s not light.

Let’s open him up!

First glance does not do it justice–it is quite deep.  But let’s check out that neato zipper-pocket on the top flap:

That pocket is basically the size of the entire flap, but for now I’m just storing my headband and desk/clip/LED light.  ($10, Barnes & Noble, super sturdy bright light, I highly recommend it!)

Alright, and as for the rest of the top bin…

Bubba Zips, my stage management buddy, is coming along for the ride.  He loves the upgrade.

Time to unpack!

Here’s everything that fits comfortably in the top:

1.  Huge 4″ D-ring trapper keeper (regular binders are typical in stage management, but keep in mind that we’ll be in the elements this summer).
2.  Ruler, protractor, scale rule.
3.  Hole-punch.
4.  Spare water bottle.
5.  Bubba Zips.
6.  Umbrella.
7.  Clean rags.
8.  Main tape supply (spike, gaff, drafting, glow).
9.  Spike stick with scissors attached (thank you, Techblr!).
10.  Tape measure.
11.  Electric pencil sharpener.
12.  Gerber tool.
13.  Stun-gun (told you, public park).
14.  Personal medical kit.
15.  Outdoorsy things (bagged).
16.  Craft/sewing kit (bagged).
17.  Extended medical kit (bagged, large).
18.  Shakespeare reference book.

Moving on to the bottom, because we have a long way to go…

Electronics/etc. (shoe)box, office supplies box, office supplies bag, hardware box, toolkit, hygiene box, feminine hygiene bag, three packs of gum.

The pink-tab boxes (Artbin or something similar, I shopped around quite a bit) are fantastic.  Deep, sturdy, very strong.  The bags are nice as well, waterproof, clear-ish, and they smell awesome.

Basic toolkit:

…with more hardware-type things.  I’ve got rubber bands, glues, flashlights, lighter, spare screwdrivers, clips, a boxcutter, and one of those cool marker/cutter combo things.  Also a pen light, because you can never have enough little lights at the park.

This here is my electronics/et cetera box.  It includes (pictured above) another damn flashlight, spare scissors, fishing line, “other” tape, a table-clock, an AUX cable, and an iPhone cable (I don’t even have an iPhone…).  Pictured below, we have a box of batteries (AA, AAA, D), a speaker (compatible with the AUX cable), a Master Lock & keys, headphones, a USB-power adapter, and a flashdrive.

Next, we have a plethora of office supplies.  Post-its, tacks, sticky-tack, staples, clear and double-sided tape, eraser-heads, more rubber bands, tabs, paperclips, binder clips, page protectors, pens/pencils/highlighter, pencil sharpener, erasers, and a stapler.

Let’s see if I forgot anything…

Oh yeah, that quick-flick finger-moistener and the gluestick and white-out.

Next, the bag:  It contains less-used office supplies, like Elmer’s glue and a spare stopwatch, plus lots of stickers/labels.  Also a pack of notecards, and a pack of thank you cards, because you never know when you will owe someone a proper thanks!

Next up, hygiene…extra important when you’re working in nature!

Basic feminine hygiene is in an easy-go bag.  Here, we have Carmex, Wet Ones, Gold Bond, lotion, powder-scented antiperspirant, Colgate wisps, make-up wipes, facial tissue, a pack of bobby pins with hair-ties and barrettes wrapped around it, a scrunchie, a pack of Q-tips, Tide to-go sticks, and a brush/mirror combo.  Now let’s look under some of these things:

There’s also hand-sanitizer, baby powder, Listerine tabs, toothpaste, floss, a pencil-sharpener for makeup, a nail-clipper, tweezers, a lint-roller, and some cotton balls.

That’s all, folks!  Thanks for taking the tour.  Oh, and you know that tiny box of brads I forgot to pack yesterday?  Well, I packed away all the stuff again after these pictures, and realized I forgot that stupid little box again…so here it is, all alone.  Bubba is so disappointed in me.