Pulse Percussion Open Ensemble – “Obsessed”
@ SCPA Finals, Coussoulis Arena (CSUSB)
2012 PIW Bronze Medalists – 87.975  

(I’m the vibraphone player on the very right!) 
Wish us luck in Dayton :) 

My pal James Hance never ceases to amaze me. If you don’t already, go follow him @jimjeroo.

He and I are teaming up for the Chapter Six/November Box. I can’t wait!!

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Okay, so EverymanHybrid hasn’t updated in a few weeks, but this video–it just gave me a bad feeling when I saw it. And after seeing that picture of Jeff on their twitter, the feeling just got worse. Where are these guys going with this storyline? 

Tentative Box Split - Tsukiuta. The Animation - Rubber Strap Collection - Six Gravity
  • Ordering from: Amiami
  • Release date: Nov 2016
  • Boxes currently ordered: 0/1
  • Price: 670JPY/SLOT (Approx. $6.30 USD) + SHIPPING
  • My box split host and feedback can be found HERE :)
  • I will only order 1 box and can only order a box as long as its available on Amiami!
  • If we are unable to get 5/6 slots confirmed, I will cancel the split.
  • Raffle fees will apply if there is one slot still unclaimed by the confirmation deadline!


Price: 670JPY/SLOT (Approx. $6.30 USD) + SHIPPING


Confirmation deadline: Sept 25, 2016

  • Kakeru Shiawsu: OPEN
  • Hajime Mutsuki: daiixchi
  • Koi Kisaragi: OPEN
  • Haru Yayoi: heroizumi
  • Arata Uduki: the-obsessions-i-have / heroizumi
  • Aoi Satsuki: OPEN

(The Procellarum rubber strap collection box split can be found HERE.)

Ready to be tentative or confirm for a slot? Great! Please submit the required information by clicking HERE :) (For first time participants only! If you have previously submitted your info, please just send me an ask/message.)

slice of life 🍕 hudwilde

If Rachel was home things would have gone a lot differently. First of all, there wouldn’t have been something to help with Finn’s friendship debacle because Rachel Berry liked to argue more than anyone and that meant that their friendship would have been fixed. Secondly, Kitty wanted to talk to someone about the whole ‘Finn said he likes me’ thing so badly and all she had was a twisted up tongue about it until she came home. Third, she probably wouldn’t be on her way over to Finn’s new apartment with two pizza boxes and two six packs in a large brown paper bag. Thank God that Lima got its crap together and listened to the importance of Uber.

A lot of bad things could happen when there were two adults together who both loved pizza and beer and also occasionally talked about how they wouldn’t mind sexting each other or how one of the parties (re: both of them, in all actuality) had had fantasies about the other in compromising positions. Especially when the two parties also had extenuating history. But, Kitty wasn’t going to focus on any of that. She was going to push way the inner-Rachel voice that told her this was a bad idea. Instead, she was going to go and try to make her friend, Finn, feel better – even if that meant just a literal night of Netflix and chill.

She was dropped off in front of the building and was able to put the paper bag on one arm and the pizzas in the other and ‘booped’ the buzzer with her nose to be let inside. “I have your lame pepperoni, perv. Let me up.” And up she went to the stranger apartment that was theorized as a bachelor pad, but Kitty was pretty certain it was still only a couch. Yikes.

Heroism was commonplace on Kakazu West [the afternoon of 9 April]. Both machine gunners took their weapons out into the open for better fields of fire; one of them, SGT James Pritchard, fired six boxes of ammunition and killed many Japanese charging up the west slopes of Kakazu West before he was mortally wounded. When ammunition was exhausted in the mortar section, which was supporting the company from a position at the base of the steep cliff north of Kakazu West, SSGT Erby L. Boyd, section leader, volunteered to go to the rear through the fire-swept gorge for more ammunition. He was killed in the attempt. PFC Joseph Solch stood up in full view of the enemy and emptied three BAR clips into their midst, killing fifteen Japanese. Solch was the only survivor of six men who earlier in the day had knocked out a spigot mortar at the base of the reverse slope of Kakazu West, after watching four enemy soldiers pull the huge launcher out of a cave on a 40-foot track, fire the mortar, and pull the launcher back into the cave.
—  Okinawa: The Last Battle
She won’t be easy to love she will get angry, and sad, and she will feel like you don’t deserve her. But you will love her. You’ll love that she has six different boxes of cereal open in the cabinet, and that she sleeps with old loose t-shirts. You won’t mind when she wakes you up just to double check that you still want her, and  you’ll kiss her and tell her to stop worrying. She will keep worrying. She will lay awake and hope to God that you don't leave because she is going to think that you find it weird that she has 6 different boxes of cereal open, and that she rather sleep in old loose t-shirts. But you will love her. You will spend months convincing her that you do, but eventually you will stop trying, 
She has been through this before and she knows it’s coming. You will love her until you don’t.
—  r.j.

I got a few questions about my kooky little engineer, and coincidentally I was working on this earlier today. People on Skype have heard me use this combination as a descriptor, so have it in picture format!

Prof. Bombshard’s a very interesting mix of brilliant minds… take this combination as you will.

I know the meme’s supposed to have six boxes instead of three, but with the way my brain comes up with characters, I got stuck. I’ll update this if/when I figure out the other three.

[Walking into HQ with 6 boxes of donuts in tow (figure that shit out.), I cascade through the lobby cautiously, careful not to drop any while making my way over to the elevator, waiting a moment with a few interns who’ve already pressed the “Up” button. Stepping on it once it arrives, I press the 9th floor button on my way in and move to the back, creating enough space for everybody to fit into the small space, getting off at my stop and making my way into an empty conference room, sitting the boxes down finally and spreading them out before opening one up and pulling a chocolate glazed out for myself and heading in the opposite direction to my office where I send out a mass email to everyone on my computer.]


Ay, it’s some donuts up here in the west conference room. I only bought six boxes for y'all fat asses so I don’t know how long they gon’ last. They down one already, I know that much. So, don’t be fightin’ me when you don’t get none, shoulda’ checked ya’ email.

Warmest Regards,

anonymous asked:

MLT be a food snob? Like boxed mac and cheese is a disgrace to him and he just loves good wine and good food.


I wrote him this way in UIFYA for a reason.  Harry eating mac and cheese?  Are you crazy?

But I’m willing to be he has like six boxes in his pantry.

Hey guys! I own an Apothecary called BrownSugar Voodoo !
I do tarot readings:
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Dirty Harry by Gorillaz from Demon Days (2005)

I need a gun to keep myself from harm
The poor people are burning in the sun
But they ain’t got a chance
I need a gun
‘Cause all I do is dance

In my backpack
I got my act right
In case you act quite difficult
And your resolve weaken
With anger and discontent
Some are seeking and searching like Nimoy

I’m a peace-loving decoy
Ready for retaliation
I change the whole occasion to a pine box six-under
Impulsive don’t ask why or wonder
Orders given to me is:
strike and I’m thunder with lightning fast reflexes on constant alert
from the constant hurt that seems limitless with no dropping pressure

Seems like everybody’s out to test ya
'Til they see your break
You can’t conceal the hate
That consumes you
I’m the reason why you fill up your Isuzu

Chill with your old lady at the tilt
I got a 90 days visit
And I’m filled with guilt
From things that I’ve seen
Your water’s from a bottle
mine’s from a canteen

At night I hear the shots
Ring so I’m a light sleeper
The cost of life,
it seems to get cheaper
out in the desert
with my street sweeper
The war is over
So said the speaker with the flight suit on
Maybe to him I’m just a pawn
So he can advance
Remember when I used to dance
Man, all I want to do is dance

I need a gun to keep myself from harm


(since anon doesn’t want to see me cleaning, well these are just the results) I found six freaking boxes. There was more, but I put them to good use. Even though they were jacked up XD

I found a bunch of shoes that I didn’t even know I owned…so I’m just going to give them away to family, or charity, or you know.

(after this there will be a tiny video of the result lol)

Got to the new bev like at 3 before 2 and there was a line so definitely wouldn’t have made it on time for Day of Wrath by 4. Plus they did a raffle for the kids which was super cool. One kid dressed up as the Tin Man won something. I think a DVD or a toy. Then they showed a Disney short where Donald Duck played an old duck but oddly still sounded like his younger self. I missed most of that short because I was in line for popcorn. Their popcorn is the best in LA and they honored my request for added extra butter greatly! Next time I’ll bring cash to tip em. Felt a bit guilty about that.

Then they showed trailers for the Goonies, National Velvet, and a 70’s movie about Noah’s Ark, the title escapes me.

When Amazon had a sale for the Wizard of Oz box set from like six years ago I pounced on it and never saw watched except to see if the movie played. I might’ve seen one of the extras. I just knew I wanted to see it on the big screen first which as far as I know I hadn’t done before. The movie has been re-released many times since 1939 and most of my memories of five years old and younger are scant but I’m pretty sure I didn’t see it in 1989. I’m more confident I saw Snow White as a kid in the theaters. Anyway The Wizard of Oz was my dad’s favorite movie as a kid and my mom liked it too so we watched it anytime it was on TV. My dad liked to tell me and my sis when we were older we kids loved the munchkins the most. And that sounds right because seeing it again every moment J that scene came back to me.

It’s such a great movie. There’s no fat in the movie. No scenes linger on for too long but it doesn’t feel rushed either which I think is due to its judicious editing style. Medium to long takes, judicious use of close ups and then boom, boom, boom editing when it’s needed.

One thing seeing the movie with a theater filled with kids is you forgive em a bit for blurting out stuff like I think one kid was like what happened when Dorothy got struck by a rock (?) from the tornado. That was scary. I muttered to myself omg when the uncle and aunt agreed Margaret Hamilton could take Toto to his death. Damn that scene to me. Dorothy freaks out and then luckily moments later Toto escapes. Phew. I was like okay when does Toto come back because I had forgotten exactly when and I was not happy lol.

Those owls or birds that looked something from Spencer’s Gifts spooked me. They’re at the start of the Wicked Witch’s land.

There were so many birds in the movie and in unexpected places. That was weird and cool.

I love all the songs in the movie. Pretty much everyone gets a song except the Wicked Witch. I forgot about Billie Burke’s odd song at the start of Ding Dong the Witch is Dead and that sequence is so great and detailed even the coroner got in a couple lines because the mayor needed proof of the death. Such a low key morbid movie.

Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion was soooo funny. I was apprehensive about him getting a song after the wonderful If I Only Had a Brain and If I Only Had a Heart, all of which felt like the kind of songs I’d hear in a Marx brothers movie in rhythm and comedy. He’s all tough and Dorothy bops him on the nose and that whole scene nearly had me on the floor.

Same thing with Frank Morgan as the Oz/Professor whatever his name was. His whole thing of rattling off why you’re no better for having a physical brain or a heart or courage had the adults roaring. I thought for a second he was going to say something about bleeding hearts but he and the movie thought otherwise. Same with Auntie Em’s name for Hamilton as she leaves with Toto. Wouldn’t have been Christian of her to say what she wanted to say.

I loved how square a lot of the look of the movie is and then we get doses of scope in places. How the hell did they do that Oz sequence where they’re all tiny and the Wizard is like an optical ghost. Just crazy.

I also liked how in sync the gang’s skipping during The Lion’s song was.

What a beautiful looking movie and the practical effects were cool. Even the goofy part where the Wicked Witch leaves her castle and zips around for a while until finally going the right direction. That was fun.

So many memorable lines from the movie. My faves:

“Put em up, put em up!”

and “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

Glinda says something about the smell of sulfur also but I don’t know the exact quote. That was a gem to me. Billie Burke was hilarious as always.

Just a great, great movie and, gulp, I guess proof that remakes can be okay after all.

Great cast all around, everyone was great especially Judy Garland. She got put through the ringer in the movie and she also takes charge a bit too. Very cool role.

Lastly, there’s no better mining of a death scene like the one by Hamilton’s Wicked Witch. That was gold. And all the deaths in the movie were accidents! And they lead to parties! What a world, what a world!

See it again if you haven’t seen it in a while. 80th Anniversary is coming up too.