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Found this old photo stuck in a book that my dad owned. It was “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu oddly enough. The bearded fellow giving me a choke hold is my big brother James. He is retired now, and living in South Fort Worth TX.
I still have most of my fathers belongings in boxes out in the garage, I have not had the heart to go through it yet. I need to, it’s been many years since he passed, but I just keep putting it off each time the thought comes around. Maybe it’s because once I finally go through whats left of his belongings, then that will be the end of it. And I just can’t go there yet.


[You might already have read the text here. I just really wanted to make some pictures for these text prompts] @simmingwiththetide

31. “Sorry I fell asleep on you last night. You’re just really comfy.”

Magnolia moaned from the tapping sun-light against her face, wondering how long she had been asleep. She quickly became very aware of the fact her head was resting ontop of someone’s chest. Thinking back to the night before she remembered how things had taken a turn. She had needed a friend and had honestly expected to call Bea or Fawn. Whenever she needed someone it would always be Bea or Fawn. But last night without giving it great thought the person she ended up texting was lying beneath her now, sleeping soundly. Christian.

She peeked around her living room, finding netflix still on her tv screen and empty chinese takeout boxes spread out on her coffee table. Christian turned his head, his lips so close to her face now every time he drew a breath the warmth of it hit her face. She glanced up at him; he really was adorable when he was sleeping and she had to admit he didn’t smell too bad either.

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"On yourselves you can remain stuck in a box / Imma break out and then hide every lock" - also from Bitch don't kill my vibe. Harry is up to something and I'm loving it.

lesssss goooooo

Anonymous said:LOL i loooove when you answer with the *armpit fart louis gif*. This is my reaction everytime i read articles about biribiris and her family 

hahahaha its like when people used to respond hahaha.mp3

i was literally standing outside the shower waiting for the water to warm up but here’s the real one

said:hey you can tell it is getting bad when Harry is upset. This is war especially when Harry is upset that they are picking on his hubby.

Dark Harry is so realllll

Anonymous said:So I’m assuming that we won’t get any break over the weekend right? Like we need to wait until Monday?

no we dont know anything lol. Just wait and see what happens and stop trying to figure out WHEN it will happen lol

Anonymous said:Look inside my soul and you can find gold and maybe get rich / Look inside your soul and you can find out you never exist / And I can feel the changes, I can feel a new life / I always knew life can be dangerous / I can say that I like a challenge and you tell me it’s painless / You don’t know what pain is (…) Tell me your purpose is petty again / But even a small lighter can burn a bridge / Even a small lighter can burn a bridge / I can feel the changes". Lyrics to Bitch don’t kill my vibe.

im up for it

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There was I fic i was reading about a box that Dan kept different things such as the manchester train ticket, skybar receipt, muse tickets, pinof questions etc. I remember he takes out the box and then the author gives a story behind each item. I think it was on ao3. I hope you can help me find this thankyou!

it’s not on ao3 but is it Momentos? (if not, does anyone know?)


Concept: I’m laying on your lap while you play with my hair and our puppy snuggles against your leg. Chinese take out boxes are stacked neatly on the coffee table. A rerun of our favorite show is playing in the background. We don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow except in bed with each other. The bad feelings have left and we’ve finally made it.


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