DreamWorks Execs Have An Incredible Reason For Why Their Films Are Unpopular
An investment analyst asked DreamWorks execs why they'd gone creatively astray; this is what they told him.

“During a meeting with investment firm analyst Benjamin Mogil of Stifel Nicolaus, DreamWorks explained to him that sometime between 2012 and 2014, kids stopped watching animated films as much as they used to, and now only very small children watch animated films.

Curiously, at the same time that DreamWorks was struggling with its “adult” animation problem, other studios were wholly unaffected. Disney scored its biggest hit ever with Frozen which appealed across a broad demographic range; Illumination had its biggest hit ever with Despicable Me 2; Pixar scored its third-highest gross worldwide with Monsters University; and Warner Bros. enjoyed an unexpected breakout smash with its broadly appealing The Lego Movie.

Meanwhile, DreamWorks is pivoting its approach to feature films, and will dumb down its output to reach a younger crowd. They’ll do so with projects like the upcoming Trolls, based on the 1960s Danish toy fad, and a film adaptation of the children’s book Boss Baby, starring a tiny, bald, stressed-out businessman.”

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‘Inside Out’ Flips Box Office Records Inside Out!
Pete Docter's latest smashes opening weekend box office record for an original film.

“Pete Docter and Pixar entered the record books this weekend with a massive opening for Inside Out. The film connected with audiences in a big way, grossing $91.1 million, an all-time record for both an original animated and live-action movie.

Let’s put it into perspective: the previous record-holder for a completely original concept (in other words, not a sequel, remake, or adaptation) was James Cameron’s Avatar, which opened with $77M in 2009. In animation, the record holder was Brad Bird’s The Incredibles, which chalked up $70.4M during its first weekend in 2004.”

Pitch Perfect 2 directed by Elizabeth Banks joins the elite list of films directed by women to have a #1 opening weekend. The last film to hold that distinction was 50 Shades of Grey in February. Before that you have to look all the way back to 2008, when Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight topped the box office, for a film directed by a woman that opened at #1.

Incidentally if estimates hold Banks will also hold the record as the woman with the second highest box office opening weekend narrowly beating out Catherine Hardwicke for Twilight.

"Jurassic World" breaks all Box Office records

“Jurassic World” breaks all Box Office records

“Jurassic World” is the 1st movie ever to crack $500 million in 1st week

“Jurassic World” had a massive opening weekend in the cinema world, and it just keeps on getting greater.

The film, which appeared to an expected $204.6 million in North America, opened to $307.2 million abroad, conveying its overall opening weekend to $511.8 million.

That figure not just makes it Universal’s biggest film…

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Box Office: 'Ted 2' Stumbles to $32.9 Million Opening, 'Jurassic World' Tops With $54.2 Million
The party wasn't as wild the second time around. Universal's "Ted 2" debuted to an underwhelming $32.9 million across 3,442 theaters, roughly $15 million less than most analysts expected the pot-sm...
By Brent Lang

Jurassic World three-peats at the box office this weekend

For the third week in a row, Jurassic World claimed the top spot at the domestic box office with $54 million. It was a too-close-to-call contest between Jurassic and Inside Out on Saturday, but Sunday ticket sales again gave Jurassic the edge over Inside Out’s $52 million. Newcomer Ted 2 debuted in third place with $33 million.

Jurassic World has now already become the biggest movie of 2015 so far, eclipsing Avengers and has become the fastest movie to reach the $500 million milestone at 17 days. 

In its third week of release, Jurassic World became the fifth highest grossing movie of all time domestically, passing Star Wars: Episode 1 and trailing just behind The Dark Knight.

Internationally, Jurassic World has earned $735 million thus far, combined with its domestic receipts for a worldwide total of $1.24 billion.