China Box Office: 'Kong: Skull Island' Opens to Muscular $72M
The Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment blockbuster scored Hollywood's second-largest opening in China this year.

Kong: Skull Island roared into the Middle Kingdom over the weekend, earning a muscular $72 million, according to studio figures.

The big bow gives the Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment film claim to Hollywood’s second-largest opening in China this year, behind only Resident Evil’s surprising $94 million February debut.

Opening on 18,000 screens, Kong easily cast Disney’s Beauty and the Beast aside. BATB added $12.4 million in its sophomore outing, bringing its two-frame total to $73.4 million, according to Beijing box-office tracker Ent Group.

Kong, directed by Jordan Vogt Roberts and starring Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson, also laid claim to China’s all-time biggest March launch in IMAX, with $6.5 million from 387 giant-format screens. By midweek, Kong should march past Godzilla — Warner Bros. and Legendary’s last hit monster flick together — which grossed about $77.6 million in China in 2014.

Kong’s greatest test will be endurance. For over a year, Hollywood tentpoles have tended to open huge and crash hard in China. But the monster movie reboot, which was co-financed by Chinese internet giant Tencent and has local marketing support from Legendary parent Dalian Wanda Group, has some good timing on its side. Kong’s second weekend will coincide with China’s three-day Qingming (Tomb Sweeping) Festival, a popular moviegoing holiday. The U.S. blockbuster won’t have any Hollywood competition in frame two, but it will be interesting to see how it fares against Perfect World Pictures’ local action-thriller Extraordinary Mission, directed by Alan Mak and written by Felix Ma (the duo behind Hong Kong classic, Infernal Affairs), and Beijing Enlight’s The Devotion of Suspect X, an adaptation of a best-selling Japanese mystery novel by Keigo Higashino.

The rest of April is shaping up to be a busy season for studio releases in China. Paramount’s Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson, will open April 7, followed by Universal’s The Fate of the Furious on Friday, April 14 and Sony’s Smurfs: The Lost Village on April 21.

Sources tell THR that Lionsgates’ Power Rangers also has been cleared for an April release, and state distributor China Film Group is currently working on dating.


‘Hidden Figures’ beat 'Star Wars’ at the box office this weekend

  • It was a close race that looked deadlocked Sunday, but Monday morning brought good news for Hidden Figures
  • The film won the box office this weekend and is officially the no. 1 movie in the country.  
  • This is the win that will make Hidden Figures a success not just at the box office, but also with the Oscars. 
  • And most of all, as star Taraji P. Henson noted on Instagram, it again proves movies about women and people of color make money. Read more

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Yall need to stop boycotting Spilt

Okay, I usually don’t come on here with my own opinions but I feel the need to speak up. And fuck all yall haters.

Split is the most mental illness empowering movie I have ever seen.

M. Night Shaymalan used great care in handling both illnesses displayed (DID & PTSD) throughout the film. James McAvoy’s performance is well portrayed, chilling, and beautiful. I never felt like his character was a bad person. What I saw was a good man struggling with an illness in his brain and trying to live in a world that broke and triggered him constantly.

The movie itself is, at times, hard to watch but that is expected for a Shaymalan film. In true Shaymalan fashion, this movie is filmed in an artistic way that forces you to face some hard truths without actually having to shove it in your face.

I honestly feel that every person with any kind of mental illness needs to see this movie. I personally walked out of the movie last night feeling empowered and even more accepting of myself because for once the characters with mental illness had the upper hand in both bad and good ways and I had witnessed a movie that not only understood how things can be for a mentally ill person but was able to display both the up and down sides of the illness.

And to top it all off there is a surprise at the end that completely turns the film on it’s head and even changes the world that you believe the film is in.

So basically what I am trying to say is don’t bash this movie until you have seen it. Go see it and if you still feel like it displays mental illness poorly then hate on it all you want.

I, however, want to thank Mr. Shaymalan and his cast and crew for a tense, beautiful, well researched and well put together peice of cinema. This is what movies were meant to be. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” will easily hold on to the No. 1 spot at the box office in its second weekend in theaters, making $23.6 million on Friday to reach $252 million domestic and soar past the $500 million global milestone in just a week, reaching $541 million worldwide. Disney now estimates that the film will pass the $300 million domestic mark by the end of the weekend, which would make “Beauty” the sixth film to pass that mark in just ten days.
Box Office: ‘Hidden Figures’ Takes $1.2 Million in Thursday Night Expansion
Fox’s historical drama “Hidden Figures” took in $1.2 million from 2,250 new locations on Thursday night previews as it expands into wide release. “Hidden Figures,” centered on a group of female Afr…
By Dave McNary

Fox’s historical comedy-drama “Hidden Figures” took in a solid $1.2 million from 2,250 new locations on Thursday night previews as it expands into wide release.

“Hidden Figures” has been forecast to pull in between $16 million to $18 million this weekend as it moves to 2,471 locations Friday. The awards season contender has a modest $25 million budget with a cast including Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae and Kevin Costner. Pharrell Williams wrote several new songs for the movie.

2016 Korean Box Office

2016 Korean Box Office Top 15 (Admissions)

1. Train to Busan 부산행 11,565,479
2. A Violent Prosecutor 검사외전 9,707,581
3. Captain America : Civil War 캡틴 아메리카: 시빌워 8,677,249
4. The Age of Shadows 밀정 7,500,422
5. Tunnel 터널 7,120,508
6. Operation Chromite 인천상륙작전 7,049,643
7. LUCK-KEY 럭키 6,975,295
8. The Wailing 곡성 6,879,908
9. The Last Princess 덕혜옹주 5,599,229
10. Doctor Strange 닥터 스트레인지 5,446,192
11. Zootopia 주토피아 4,706,158
12. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 신비한 동물사전 4,652,898
13. The Handmaiden 아가씨 4,287,839
14. Kung Fu Panda 3 쿵푸팬더3  3,984,812
15. Pandora 판도라  3,935,743

Yes, the running Zombies on the train to Busan ruled this year’s box office.

All Time Korean Box Office Top 15 (Admissions)

1. Roaring Currents 명량 (2014) CJ E&M / 17,615,057
2. Ode to My Father 국제시장 (2014) CJ E&M / 14,262,199
3. Veteran 베테랑 (2015) CJ E&M / 13,414,200
4. Avatar 아바타 (2009) 20th century Fox / 13,302,637
5. The Host 괴물 (2006) Show Box / 13,019,740
6. The Thieves 도둑들 (2012) Show Box / 12,983,841
7. Miracle in Cell No.7  7번방의 선물 (2013) NEW / 12,811,213
8. Assassination 암살 (2015) Show Box / 12,706,360
9. Masquerade 광해, 왕이 된 남자 (2012) CJ E&M / 12,323,555
10. King and the Clown 왕의 남자 (2005) Cinema Service / 12,302,831
11. TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War 태극기 휘날리며 (2004) Show Box / 11,746,135
12. Train to Busan 부산행 (2016) NEW / 11,565,479
13. The Attorney 변호인 (2013) NEW / 11,374,861
14. Haeundae 해운대 (2009) CJ E&M / 11,324,545
15. Silmido 실미도 (2003) Cinema Service / 11,081,000

2016 was a really interesting year for a Korean movie / drama fan.

Some US companies like 20th century Fox and Warner Bros started to invest in local Korean films like The Wailing (곡성) and The Age of Shadows (밀정).

Meanwhile, Korean film companies jumped into the Korean TV drama industry. Descendents of the Sun (태양의 후예) was produced by NEW (Next Entertainemnt World which produced Train to Busan) and Dokkaebi / Goblin (도깨비) was produced by Studio Dragon, one of the affiliated companies of CJ E&M Group.

Most of all, Studio Dragon (CJ E&M) took over the TV drama company established by the writers of Six Flying Dragons. It means their new Sageuk drama (the sequel to Six Flying Dragons and Tree with Deep Roots) may be broadcasted by tvN channel which is also an affiliated company of CJ group. But it remains to be seen.

Alexander Hamilton never became president, but he was the king of the Broadway box office in 2016 as “Hamilton” nudged past Disney blockbuster “The Lion King” to top the chart at the end of a year that saw the musical explode into the pop-culture stratosphere and sweep the Tony Awards.

“Hamilton” earned $105.5 million in 2016, beating “The Lion King” ($103.2 million) by a nose. The show’s hugely profitable year comes as no surprise, of course, given the ultra-high demand for tickets and the rising prices of premium seats. Over Thanksgiving, “Hamilton” became the first Broadway show to earn more than $3 million in a single eight-performance week.

Although Broadway bookkeeping mostly follows a season calendar that begins and ends in May, the year-end box office tallies nonetheless provide a good mid-season snapshot of the health of the Broadway industry. With  box office measured in weekly increments that run Monday through Sunday, bookkeepers at the Broadway League are counting the week ending Dec. 25 as the end of the 52-week year, with the 2017 calendar year beginning this week. (Bookkeepers will consider 2017 a 53-week year, as is periodically necessary to line up 365-day years with 52-week windows.)

“Hamilton” and the 19-year-old “Lion King,” which had been the biggest earner on the street for the previous three calendar years, were the only two shows to earn more than $100 million in 2016. Another of Broadway’s consistent hot tickets, “Wicked” ($89 million), followed them on the chart,  with Disney’s “Aladdin ($78.2 million) and “The Book of Mormon” ($70.6 million) rounding out the Top 5.


The overall Broadway cume for 2016 rang in at a calendar-year record of $1.37 billion, which tops the $1.36 billion reported in 2014 and the $1.35 posted last year. Attendance hit 13.3 milllion, another best-yet total for a calendar year. […]
Disproving the 'black films don't travel' Hollywood myth
Prevailing Hollywood wisdom is that international audiences won't see movies about the African American experience. But is that true?
By Tre'vell Anderson

“Every time there’s a success, it gets swept under the rug,” says Jeff Clanagan, president of Lionsgate’s Codeblack Films, which primarily produces films with African American casts. “It’s almost like there’s an asterisk on it. They chalk it off as an anomaly.”

Disney’s ‘Moana’ Sailing Past $600M At Worldwide Box Office Today

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ plucky Polynesian navigator is set to sail across the $600M global box office mark today. The Ron Clements/John Musker-helmed Moana is pushing past the milestone following a strong $6.3M No.1 opening in Japan last frame. The domestic gross is $247.6M and the international box office is $351.8M through Wednesday.

Moana, which stars newcomer Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson, debuted domestically on November 23 last year with $82M over five days to become the No. 2 biggest Thanksgiving holiday opening of all time behind only Frozen. Internationally, it had a staggered release with France leading at $35.4M through last Sunday, followed by China with $32.7M, the UK at $24.6M, Brazil’s $22.3M and Australia’s $18.9M.

(Moana has also made $5M in New Zealand. That’s as much as Rogue One.)


Resident Evil Final Chapter Release Dates :

#Usa 27 January
#Philippines 1 February
#HongKong 2 February
#Singapore 2 February
#Spain 3 February
#Uk 3 February
#Ireland 3 February
#Sweden 3 February
#Belgium 4 February
#Italy 16 February
#Kazakhstan 16 February
#Russia 16 February
#China 18 February