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Deamus and 22 "what's with the box?"

22. “What’s with the box?”

“Uhh… what’s with the box?

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m movin’ in!” Seamus pushed his way past a dumbfounded Dean into the cramped apartment and set the aforementioned box down on the coffee table. Dean blinked a few times.

“I’m sorry, you’re what?” he said.

“Movin’ in!” repeated Seamus. “Now you said this place had two bedrooms. Where might I find the second one?”

“It-it’s being used for my studio,” stammered Dean. “I’m sorry, what do you mean, ‘moving in’?”

“Mm. Yeh’ll probably need to keep that. That’s alright. We can share,” said Seamus, opening the box and starting to take out knick-knacks. “And what do yeh mean what do I mean? I’m movin’ in! Shackin’ up! Roomin’! Sharin’ living quarters.”

“When did I agree to that?”

“Yeh mentioned the other week down at the pub.”

Okay. Dean did remember that. “Yeah, as an eventuality,” Dean backtracked, running his hands through his hair. “When I got a bigger place. Not now!”

“Oh,” said Seamus, stopping what he was doing. Then he shrugged and went back to unpacking. “Well, yeh didn’t mention that bit.”

“I’m mentioning it now!” said Dean, walking over and starting to put Seamus’ things back in the box.

“Well, it’s too late now,” said Seamus, taking what Dean had just replaced out of the box again. “I already sublet my appartment.”

“You–?” Dean couldn’t believe this was happening. “How on earth did you find a tenant that fast?”

“Gave it to me cousin. He’s been couch surfing for a while now.”

Dean was about to protest again but they were interrupted by the arrival of Ron Weasley at the door holding another box.

“Where do you want this one?” called Ron.

“Over in the bedroom,” replied Seamus. “Those should be me clothes.”


“Seamus, how much did you bring?” asked Dean, unsure of whether Seamus’ outrageous plan was even feasible.

“Just the essentials. I left most of it with Fergus, he didn’t have a lot of stuff.”

“Remind me how a carved shamrock sculpture is ‘essential,’,” said Dean, holding up the offending object.

“It’s an heirloom!” protested Seamus, snatching it from Dean’s hand and moving to put it on top of the telly.

“You bought it at a flea market last month! I was there!”

“Well, it’s going to be an heirloom.”

“Seamus, there’s no room,” said Dean. Seamus turned to look at him.

“Yeh gonna kick me out, Thomas?” he said gravely. “Let yehr best friend roam the streets with nowhere to say?” He looked at Dean expectantly.

Dean groaned. “No, I won’t kick you out,” he conceded.

“Excellent,” beamed Seamus. He marched over and gave Dean an emphatic kiss on the cheek. Dean felt his face heat up. “Yeh’ll see. It’ll be brilliant.”

“Well, it won’t be boring,” said Dean, rubbing his cheek.

“Seamus!” came a voice from the hallway that sounded suspiciously like Hermione Granger. “Where do you want Harry and me to put these other boxes?”

“Be right with yeh!” called back Seamus, who cast a final grin at Dean before heading back out to help.

Dean took a long look at what was no longer going to be his bachelor pad.

Yeah. Things certainly weren’t going to be boring. 

beyond the glass and purple storm, ah these
glorious days of silence become eidolons.
it’s time to put them back into the box of myriad past
and meet these new illustrations;
if you walk between two worlds, where fine waves
nick the shore, of submarines and birch-trees once
young, and meet the giant who held the door—
you lie among lavenders, you become disrobed red fox,
you face death in a veil, you step inside the portrait.
when her shadow swirls, i say
the word thrice to paste dry leaves on wet pages
then burn my tongue with emperor’s dialect.

her ordinary black hairpin falls to the ground
with promises of autumn and rain—beans darkening
in the sun, dragonfly under
her arm, and her riddled leonine hands;
i drift off to sleep imbued with oblique reveries:
knee deep in wetlands—day by day, the house decays
in decorative designs of rosary, sea green, dunes,
handwoven tapestry, and mild wilderness.
three portions of the windowsill display her phthisic
petal gloominess, observing, sifting, holding
onto her hairpin—i place it back in her hair.

“memoirs past silence and common hairpin”

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*Michelle had planned a date for her and Past at a somewhat fancy restaurant, but seemed much more nervous about it than usual, a small box hiding in a pocket on her dress* "H-hey Past, are you ready to go?" (@apageofbreath)

“yep I’m all good!” *Past said wearing a beautiful dress sitting up happily in her wheelchair.*

*Xander whom had been very fatherly to them for the years they lived with him knew Michelle’s plan.* “See you later girls”


“Y/N, you’re not quitting over this” 
“Watch me” collecting the files from the table post-meeting, you tried to avoid looking at him as you shoved all your emotions into a box and locked them away.
“I know people hurt you in the past, but I won’t do that” the sardonic laugh that left you was bitter and cold, as bitter and cold as you’d been towards him for the past two weeks. 
“Uh huh, sure” you straightened up and turned to leave, surprised by his sudden presence directly in front of you. 
“Can we talk about this elsewhere?” 
“I’d rather not” you went to move past him but his hand on your arm gave you no choice as he moved your conversation to his office. Practically dragging you through the halls, ignoring the questioning looks from people as you protested in the form of small huffs and a stern pout until the door shut behind you and your back was pressed up against it, “Uhm, do you mind!?” 
“Not at all” his hands tucked into his pockets, had you confused, the silence only deepened your curiosity, “Tell me why you’ve been avoiding me and be honest” 
“I really hate that tie you’re wearing” resorting to humor to distract from the serious nature of the discussion usually worked, however that only worked on people with senses of humor. 
His stoic expression pressured you to break but you had a will stronger than steel, “I can’t put up with Reid’s hair anymore, it’s just ridiculous, that’s why I’m quitting”
“I didn’t ask why you were quitting, I asked why you’ve been avoiding me” you scoffed and rolled your eyes, slipping out from between him and the door, moving to pace his office, your hands running through your usually untouched hair. 
“I’m not scared you’ll hurt me, Hotch” your voice was timid and soft, “I know you’d never hurt me, I don’t want you to think that so please don’t take my behaviour personally” you still refused to look at him as you spoke.
His hand landed on your back gently, you instantly flinched away as if the affection hurt you, “Don’t, please” you sat on the edge of his desk, hands clasped behind your neck. “The truth is, I’m scared I’ll hurt you”
“Why would you think that? We’ve known each other for years, you’ve never-”
“I’m sorry, I just can’t do this right now” shaking your head, you tried to hide the tears that threatened escape as you sat the files on his desk and headed towards the door with your arms crossed in a sad knot. 
“Tonight” he stated it as a demand rather than a question, “Come over, we’ll talk about everything, that night, but you’re not quitting” nodding, you opened the door and finally made eye contact with him for the first time in days.
“Yes, sir” your voice was filled with pain and sadness, thinly veiled by a sarcastic tone that he could see right through.
He knew it wasn’t going to be easy, convincing you to open up and be honest with him but you didn’t run away this time, you didn’t get angry, that was progress in his book.

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pls help how can i add it to my adblock list??

ok! so!

i am gonna be operating under the assumption that you’re using adblock plus in google chrome, but the procedure should be similar in other browsers or with other adblockers.

find your adblocker settings. i have the adblock plus badge in chrome at the top right corner so i can just right click and hit options, but if you don’t, you can also go to 3 bar menu > settings > extensions > adblock plus > options (below it)

when you get to the options page, click Add your own filters, and in the box copy and paste


and hit Add filter after each.

that’s it! the audio should go away.

Chapter 85: White Box

Feel free to copy and paste my summaries to other sites as long as you give me credit.  Please keep in mind when copying and pasting that I may continue to correct errors and tweak details after it is posted.

Here is the release from Helvetica Scans.

Pg 1: Credits (If reading on Helvetica Scans)

Pg 2: Hirako stands behind Kaneki and asks him if Arima passed away.  Kaneki pauses and says that he has.  He tells Hirako that he killed him and that if he comes any closer he will do the same.  Hirako steps forward.

Pg 3:  He approaches Kaneki and lowers his hood, telling him that he has no intention of fighting.  He looks at the wound on Arima’s neck and tells Kaneki that he’s a bad liar.

Pg 4:  The other members of Squad 0 ask Hirako if they can pay respects to Arima.  He says yes and they gather around his body and cry.

Pg 5:  Hirako tells Kaneki that they were children of the Garden and looked up to Arima.  Kaneki asks Hirako if he was a child of the Garden as well but he says he is only a subordinate.

Pg 6:  He replaces his hood and tells Kaneki to come with him out of Cochlea.  He tells Kaneki that Arima ordered Squad 0 to assist him in his escape.

Pg 7: The scene changes to the CCG ship outside of Rue Island.  Matsuri relays information over the radio while overlooking a scene of carnage, where several investigators including the Chief lay slain.

Pg 8: He tells Houji that Special Class Marude followed his superior to the grave after the deal of the Chief at the hands of an unknown enemy.*  He says that he will take over general command and then sits on the ground and tosses the gun to the side.

Pg 9: Matsuri begins crying on the ground over his father and saying that he won’t forgive Marude. The scene changes to Urie else learning of the Chief and Marude’s deaths, which was shown at the end of Chapter 79.

Pg 10: Urie tells Saiko that Mutsuki isn’t there and says that they’ll go back to Houji.  He wonders what the hell is going on.  The scene changes to investigators facing Tatara (the member of Aogiri). It is stated tha over 100 investigators including 15 special class and 30 associate special class members died to exterminate the “Chi She Lain’s” leader Yan.

Pg 11: The investiagators state that they believe that Yan’s younger brother (Tatara) is even more dangerous. Houji tells Akira to operate under that assumption that he will die. The scene changes back to Kaneki underground, asking if Squad 0 will aid in his escape.

Pg 12: He says that it was the plan from the very beginning.  Kaneki asks Hirako if he can pay his respects to Arima as well.

Pg 13:  Hirako extends his hand and says that Arima asked for Kaneki to have it.  Kaneki takes the necktie pin in his hand (that he gave Arima for Christmas) and says that he never got to see him wear it. Kaneki begins reciting a poem that features Ainu, similar to the one that he used to calm himself down while fighting Arima in the original TG.

Pg 14:  Kaneki looks down on Arima and continues to recite the poem.

Pg 15:  A scene of a checkerboard (a common motif throughout all of Tokyo Ghoul) filling up with white tiles is shown as Kaneki completes the poem.  He thinks that Arima is the person who killed him, the person who named him, and the person who entrusted his hopes to him.

Pg 16: Kaneki thinks that that person was Arima and an image of Haise/Kaneki walking beside Arima is shown.

Pg 17: Kaneki thinks that Arima was his teacher/role model and his father. He says that he was blessed and kneels at Arima’s head.

Meeting Diana

This is my first hiddleswift story. Requests are always encouraged. My ask box is always open for requests.

Taylor’s POV-
The past couple of weeks have been the most exciting and terrifying weeks of my life. Tom and I have been seeing each other for two weeks. After hanging out for a few days at my Rhode Island home Tom and I made our way on my private jet to Nashville to hang out for a few days. During those days Tom met quite a few of my friends. He also attended Selena’s Nashville Concert with me. At that time he met my younger brother Austin, my high school best friend Abigail, and one of my newer friends Kelsea. The next day after I met some fans at the education center named after me at the Country Music Hall of Fame with my parents we made our way back to my home in Nashville.  There we had lunch and they got the chance to meet Tom for the first time.  Tom handled everything exceptionally well. My dad is very protective of me and he usually does not do well meeting my boyfriend’s but he took to Tom straight away. My parents were a little concerned with the age difference between Tom and I at first but after Tom assuring both of my parents that he has the purest of intentions with me they seemed to relax around him.
After meeting my parents, Tom asked me if I was ready to meet his mom, his sister and his niece. I told him yes immediately because nothing had ever felt right to me. So on the day we were ready to leave we got on my private jet and flew to London. During the plane ride, Tom told me all about his childhood and what it was like when he was growing up. Eventually, Tom and I fell asleep in each other’s arms. I was the first to wake up. Now the nerves are beginning to set in. I want Diana to like me and I want her to feel comfortable with me being with her son. As I was getting lost in my thoughts about my nerves and anxiety, I felt Tom wrap his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I didn’t notice that he had awakened because I was lost in my thoughts. We were then told by the on board flight attendant told us we will be landing in about 5-10 minutes.
As soon as we landed, Tom grabbed my hand and we grabbed our carry-on bags and we made our way to the car waiting outside for us on the tarmac so we could make our way to Suffolk where Tom grew up and where his mother still lives to this day. Tom held my hand the entire time. This is just one of the few things that make me feel incredibly safe with Tom. Tom and I put our bags in the trunk of the car. Tom got into the driver’s side and I got into the passenger’s side. We had our security detail follow behind us in a standard black SUV driving behind us as we make our way towards Tom’s hometown. On the way there we made one stop. Tom stopped to get gas and also to get us both a cup of coffee.
Tom came back with our coffees and we continued on our way to Tom’s mother’s home. As we got closer and closer to his childhood home I could see Tom getting more and more excited with every mile we passed.
As soon as we got to his mom’s home we allowed security to get our bags so we could approach the door quicker. Tom raised his hand to knock on the door but before he could knock the door opened. His mom pulled him into a tight embrace which lasted for a couple minutes. As soon as they both pulled away from the hug, Tom pulled me closer into his side and he pointed to me and said” Mom, this is my girlfriend Taylor Swift, and Taylor darling this is my mom Diana Hiddleston”. I reached my hand out to shake her hand but she reached out and pulled me into a warm motherly hug. Once we both pulled away from the hug I told her it was lovely to meet her and she told me that the pleasure was all hers. We made our way into the house and Diana showed me where we would be sleeping and allowed us to get settled in. She even allowed us to take a nap knowing we had had a long journey.
The journey was long but I was so glad to be here and to be here with Tom was even more amazing. Tom and I cuddled up on the bed to take a small nap before hanging out some more with his mom. After our nap we made our way to the sitting room where his mom was sitting waiting for us. She asked us if we would like to go for a walk on the beach. We happily agreed and we made our way outside and onto the beach for a beachside stroll. Tom and I noticed a few paparazzi taking picture of us but we focused our attention on spending time with Diana. The approach we have taken in our relationship is that the press can take their pictures and make up their stories but we are just going to live our lives and be ourselves no matter what the outside world says. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding our relationship, mostly due to how fast I moved on after my break up with Adam. But you just can’t help when you connect with someone.
As we made our way across the beach, Diana started telling me stories about Tom from his childhood. Some of these stories made Tom blush as red as a tomato. I love seeing Tom get embarrassed he is so adorable. I guess I can count this as payback for the stories my parents told him from my childhood. At least at this point, Tom’s mom was not showing me pictures of a young and naked Tom to further his embarrassment. As the sun started setting and the cloud’s got dark we made our way back to the house. We had a little bite of supper and then we all went to bed because tomorrow we would be meeting up with Tom’s sister and his niece.
As Tom and I cuddled up in the bed we started talking about how today went. We both felt that today went splendidly. Tom told me he was glad to see his two favorite girls getting along so well.
The Next Day-
Tom’s POV-
I woke up this morning with Taylor asleep and entangled in my arms. She fits against me just like a puzzle piece. She is a puzzle piece that I never want to be missing. Today is the day that Taylor meets both my sister and my niece. Taylor is such a trooper to make this trip just to meet my family and to have it be so soon after we started dating. Taylor proves with every passing day that I was right to pursue her right after she became single. She has given my life more meaning than ever before. She makes me feel like I have someone to impress and someone to come home to and I can’t wait to see where this relationship takes us together.
I start to feel Taylor stirring in my arms. She opened those beautiful blue eyes and smiled up at me. I love that it does not take much to make Taylor happy.  All it takes to make Taylor happy is just to treat her with respect and to love her and face the world with her and not maker her hide from the world. I leaned down and give her a soft and passionate kiss on the lips.
A couple hours later-
Taylor’s POV-
Tom’s sister Emma had just arrived and she is just lovely. She is also a hugger just like her mom. Tom’s niece Mia started out being shy but she quickly warmed up to me. I love kids they absolutely warm my heart.
We then decided to take another walk on the beach. Tom and I held hands and kept our heads held high as we saw the cameras flash. We knew they were taking pictures of us and gossip stories would follow but we just held our heads high and we enjoyed our time with Tom’s family.

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Excuse me,how the fuck do I write fanfic on tumblr?

so first you don’t write it in like, the tumblr text box thing, write it in notes or word or google docs or sm, and then you paste it into the box. at the top you should do the summary and word count and trigger warnings, and then you should do a read more and post your fic under it! also tag it with like, phan and phanfiction and if there’s any big tropes in your fic, and then sumbit it to @phanfic to help get your fic out there and read :] that’s what i did at first and it really helped me! :D

also i’m feeling very validated atm bc my mom’s gay friend gave me two huge boxes of lesbian novels, i had assumed i was way past “accepting myself”, i’ve been gay since i was 7 or 8, and i didn’t think i was gonna care (i mean, other than about having new books to read) but it was really exciting sorting through them today bc i have never seen this much gay fiction in one place 

i can see myself sitting out by the pool at work (where there’s a pool) with an anthology of lesbian smut in one hand, and the mtg novel “guildpact” (the one with teysa on the cover) in the other hand 

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What is a box set mv?

a box set is basically a set of different rooms that a music video is filmed in. sm used to be notorious for doing using box sets, but they cut down on it last year starting with red velvet’s “ice cream cake”. some of the more recent examples of their box music videos would be: the dance version of taeyeon’s “why or the performance version of exo’s “monster.

a majority of shinee’s past mvs were filmed exclusively in box sets (as were the mvs were other sm artists), like: “lucifer” and it’s fancy futuristic car show box set, “sherlock” and it’s fake library / museum box set, “hello” and it’s mini apartment complex / village box set, so on and so forth. they’ve also have mvs that were split between being filmed in a box (mostly for dance scenes) and outdoors, like: “replay” and “a.mi.go”.of course, box sets aren’t exclusive to sm. 2ne1′s “i am the best”, kara’s “step”, 4minute “crazy”, wonder girls’ “be my baby”, and sistar’s “touch my body” are a few non-sm examples. people like to rag on box videos but they’re really not bad … at all. it’s more a matter of how they’re done, like if a set is built well or built to suit a concept properly they can turn out amazing. (sunny hill’s “the grasshopper song” is one example of that.)

When will people finally wake up to the fact that film stars who can open a movie is a concept that no longer exist in Hollywood? If you take a look at the box office number of the past couple of years you’ll realize that NO ONE in Hollywood can open a movie solely on their own anymore. I’m not even talking about Tom’s contemporaries like Fassbender and Cumberbatch. Even Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr, Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt (together in a movie) have had box office flops in the recent years. People have stopped going to movie because of who stars in them. The only sure fire way for a studio to make money off a film now is FRANCHISES! which is why we’re seeing all these sequels, prequels, and reboots.

Take a look at some of the biggest Flops of 2015, almost all of them had A-list stars in them.

Pan with Hugh Jackman was a flop.

Mortedcai with Johnny freaking Depp was a flop.

Aloha with Bradely Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Emma Srone was a flop.

Serena with Bradely Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence was a flop.

By The Sea with Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie was a flop.

The Gunman with Sean Penn was a flop.

in 2014 Downey produced and starred in a little film called the Judge, which was also a huge box office disappointment.

If all these people cannot open a movie on their own, why on earth would any one expect Tom to be able to?

He just starred in one of the best received mini-series of the year, earning him an Emmy nomination along with 11 more for the series. And that’s just the Emmys. I have no doubt that he, and the show, will have a lot more of those when the BAFTA nominations are announced, and maybe even the Golden Globes.

And how come all those people doubting Tom’s career never mention Chris Hemsworth? almost all his movies aside from the Thor franchise have been Critical and box office failures. And he’s not doing interesting Indie and genre films like Tom. He’s doing huge big budget movie with big name directors, like Blackhat and In The Heart Of The Sea.

And has Tom ever had a bad review of a film mention his acting skills or performance as the bad part of the movie? No. No, he hasn’t. It’s almost always the ecaxt opposite. Even in the Thor movie, critics, fans and average movie goers are all in agreement that Loki has always been the best part about these movie.

Till this day, whenever somebody mentions the MCU and its problems with villains, the only one excluded is Loki. Do people really think that would have been the case if it wasn’t for Tom’s acting talent?

Do people really think Tom is going to be hurting for jobs anytime soon? Even with ISTL, he not only was singled as the best part of the movie by literally every single critic. He proved to all the studio execs out there that he will stand by the project and promote it as much as humanely possible with no snark or negativity or shifting the blame on the directors.

Sorry for the long rant but the naysayers always get on my nerves. Kindly, fuck off with your negativity. And if you don’t think Tom is a good or successful actor, STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM. Jesus, people, no one is forcing you to go see his movie!

Absolutely true. Can I add George Clooney in Hail, Caesar? And yes, why does NO ONE ever mention Hemsworth? And yet he gets huge paycheques. Chris Evans can’t open a movie outside the MCU. He has huge box office numbers, but two more MCU movies than Tom to count towards that.

Can’t reblog this cause they blocked me for some reason but this is important! 

Source @insanely-smart

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I've been at camp for the past 3 and a half weeks with no technology, what has happened in the world/ the Star Wars fandom since then?

Yo I used to go to summer camp for 3 ½ weeks with no technology either!! Nice.

Anyway not much has happened
Everything is still crap
The UK voted to leave the EU (well England and Wales did - Scotland and North Ireland voted to remain)
JK Rowling released information about Ilvermorny (the North American wizarding school) on Pottermore and it has a lot of appropriation of Native American culture
The R/eylos and Donald Trump insist on still existing
People keep testing my patience

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary and John Boyega continue to be the only bright lights in the universe

Oh and my side blog turned a year old!

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how did you get your theme to do that in the site info section? i have the same theme but i cant figure it out. thanks !

I’m assuming you’re asking about the icons in this pic above. If not, you’re about to get a whole lotta help you don’t need. 

Alrighty, you’re gonna need to grab the codes for the icons you want from here (lgbtqa+ ally plumbob) and  here (game pack icons). Once you’ve gotten that code, you’ll need to copy and paste it into the Site Info box on your theme editor. Each of the pages linked above have in depth instructions on how to use them if I haven’t explained anything well enough. 

This lil pic should give you an idea of where.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to message me off anon, and I can try to help.

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I'm a personal fan of this figure, just paste this into google: One Piece SCultures Big Figure Colosseum Ura Zokeio Chojo Kessen 4 Vol. 1 - Luffy

Ahh, this figure!

I have this one, I definitely recommend this to any One Piece fan! They even made the roof of his mouth have grooves! The detail is beautiful as well as the colours!

Thank you for the suggestion though!

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When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes 💜 💙 ❤️ (100% optional, of course!)

@ladyamina: Not only does your love of Labyrinth, Queen, and the Princess Bride make me want to drown you in hugs (because you are literally perfect), you are always so full of encouragement and kindness, and you’ve helped so many people, both through your teaching and your beautiful words, and I am so happy that I’ve met you because I think you’re simply amazing and I always get a burst of happiness whenever I see you on my dash or when I get a message from you

@dictacontrion: Ah, Dicta. No Greater Victory was one of the first Drarry fics I ever read, and I remember wanting to scream because you captured Draco’s voice and his biting snark so fucking perfectly. And as I got to know you better (and fangirled for about 10 minutes when you first followed me, I have literally zero chill), I realized that yes, you’re incredibly brilliant and witty and won’t take any shit when it counts, but you’re also beautifully warm and sweet and get adorably flustered when your own amazingness is mentioned, and all of that just made me admire you even more. You’re an amazing writer, an amazing person, and you work so tirelessly to keep this fandom vibrant and well informed and I can never thank you enough for all that you do. You’re a gift to us all <3

@provocative-envy: Your writing fucking electrifies me. You manage to take characters who are only briefly mentioned in the books and flesh them out into fully realized, complicated people in just a few hundred words (how!), and you can make me believe in and adore any ship, no matter how much it may initially surprise me. Greenwich Mean Time is one of my favorite fics ever, and your Pansy is a fucking revelation. Sometimes I get so worked up about it that I want to sit people down and read it to them, just to make them understand Pansy. And more than that, god, reading your writing is an almost spiritual experience for me- every word just sparkles, your descriptions weave their way into my very soul and leave me breathless, and I constantly find myself rereading sentences or phrases and just- marveling at them. You really do “build palaces out of paragraphs,” and I am so fucking happy that Nightshade is being published!!!! You deserve it more than anyone, and I can’t wait to read it (probably in one sitting, because your writing is addictive). And you are seriously one of the sweetest people on tumblr and you’re also so funny and lovely and your baby is adorable (congratulations again!!!!!!), and I am just so happy for you. You’re amazing, and I’m so thrilled that all of these wonderful things are coming your way

@mxlfoydraco: My partner in angst and fellow lover of hard, difficult Drarry :) I’m so happy that we have people like you promoting well characterized, emotional, intense Drarry fics that tear into your heart and leave you reeling for days. And you’re always so supportive of Brotters (and other… unusual ships, ha), and I love that I can talk to you openly about them without fear that you’ll judge me. And not only that, but you love femslash and Scorbus too, both of which are very near and dear to my heart, and I love seeing how passionately you promote them

@technocolorpanda: My friend in sin :) You are always an absolute delight, and I love that I can share any fic or headcanon with you, no matter how fucking filthy, and you respond with unabashed warmth and enthusiasm and just want to hear more! Talking to you always puts me in a better mood, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your openmindedness. Also, your post about Scorpius and Draco skiving off preschool to go shopping will always be my favorite thing (and the thought of them carefully selecting matching hats is so adorable that I can’t help but squeal)

@a-eliz: You’ve supported and encouraged Brotters from the beginning, and every time I get a sweet comment from you, I feel ridiculously, goofily happy. Thank you so much, really- it means the world to me, and it really helps give me the courage to want to post more <3

@minheeboo-art: Your art is amazing, you’re the actual sweetest, and the fact that you were not only willing to draw Brotters for us but read the whole, filthy epic just bowls me over with gratitude. You’re incredible, and I am so honored that you’re helping bring out vision to life 

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deepfriedbrownies  asked:

Hi, I'm writing an essay on Thom's production style and was wondering if you could answer about the TMB live shows: do you think Nigel is running Traktor on his laptop because you can see his S4 and F1 in this picture tinyurl. com/jxov7s6 ? Are there other pictures that show this more clearly? And how would he sync all the hardware and perform a complete set (samples and all) on that? Would be great if you could link me to some pages with more proof to the setup (also in studio) used! :)

Hello there! If you check our Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes tag (and scroll past the Burn The Witch analysis), you’ll find several posts dealing with both the album itself and with the gear used for DJ’s shows.

For the DJ shows, most of the hardware is just being played live. Thom sings and plays his guitars, bass, synth, and even his Electro-Harmonix 45000 looper independently of Nigel’s software. I suspect that Thom’s Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine may be sync’d with Traktor via MIDI or Overbridge – allowing Thom to adjust the drum machine’s parameters and patterns while Nigel’s laptop sets its tempo (and controls its patterns as well). Primarily, though, Thom is performing on top of Nigel’s loops. Keep in mind, Nigel also adjusts to the sounds which he triggers in order to stay in sync, so it’s not entirely Thom’s job.

I hope it’s not too late for your essay, good luck!

s33youinanoth3rlif3  asked:

Hello. I am on a windows computer. I was wondering if there are any fonts in FireAlpaca that mirror Wingdings in word?

Wingdings is unfortunately non-standard (not Unicode).

If you have a good Unicode font (e.g. Arial Unicode MS) then it may contain Unicode equivalents to many of the the Wingding characters (although they will probably not be exactly the same in appearance). See for an equivalence table.

You will have to use the Character Map applet (included in Windows) to find and browse to the correct character, then copy and paste it into the FireAlpaca text box.