DAY 1: Greeting
“Hey, how goes it? Nice to meetcha~!

Base Class- Mercenary
A laid back but friendly mercenary who tends to go with the flow. Haku is very lazy but makes up for it in her skills and talents in combat, as well as luck. Aside from that she can become very stubborn and defensive when questioned. But is also rumored to be a pervert and a obligatory Casanova.

Critical quotes:
"Drop dead, gorgeous!”
“Time to take a dirt nap!”
“Sorry its not you it’s me!”

Other fun facts:
Will headbutt you in the crotch with her helmet
Cannot handle it when people cry
Loves boxed lunches eats a lot
Enjoys teasing Xander, but mostly making him smile
Very manly
Doesn’t work out that much but is super buff (genetics brah)
Comes from a Nohrian father and a Hoshidian mother

anonymous asked:

What kind of sandwich would the monsters(Sans, Paps, Undyne, Alphys, I'd add Flowey but XD) love to see in their lunch box?

i haven’t had a lunchbox since elementary school can college kids bring this back so i can have something to eat in class please


Dude, he’ll eat anything. You could just shove a frozen fish filet between two slices of bread & he’d eat it. The man is like a living garbage disposal, please help him.


Sandwich?? Now why would you need a sandwich, when you can just bring pasta!! You don’t even have to put it in a container, because that would cut down your pasta rations, just dump it directly into the lunch box & voila! Much more pasta than before!


She likes sub sandwiches. She doesn’t really know why, but she’d rather have a sub than any other kind of sandwich, so her house is pretty stocked with sub ingredients.


It’s a little bit weird, but she likes taking two pieces of toast & smearing either jam or peanut-butter between the slices. It’s probably an anime thing.

Bonus Flowey:

He’s not supposed to eat, but he still enjoys peanut-butter & jelly sandwiches, even if they’re not good for him anymore.

I see a lot of posts about things college students need and so often they list unnecessary things or tell you not to have things that really make college a better experience. With that in mind, I made a list of 5 things all students need as well as what students who live on campus and commuter students need. This is from my personal experience as an engineering major as well as what my friends have told me they’ve found useful.

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“You girls are unique individuals with strong opinions and independent minds.”