Imagine Crowley giving you a gift that reminded him of you, before telling you he loves you for the first time.

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“Wow, Crowley! This is gorgeous!” You say stunned, holding the box containing a beautiful necklace.

You don’t know exactly what kind of stone it is that hangs from the chain, but it looks like it had actually captured fire.

“It’s nothing. Just something that I’ve had lying around for ages.” Crowley responds smoothly. “It’s a little understated, but still fit for a queen.”

He takes it from you, and removes the necklace before tossing the box onto the bed behind you. After unclasping it, he holds it by the ends and raises his brows in a silent question. You turn your back to him and lift your hair to allow him access to put it on you. Once he’s done that, he gently turns you toward the mirror. You reach up and touch the stone now sitting right in the dip between your collar bones. You just catch a glimpse of a satisfied smile playing on his lips before he hides it.

“Beautiful.” You say, still a little speechless.

The two of you have never actually talked about getting serious. It just kind of happened, but you can’t deny you have really fallen for him, and you know that just the fact that he gave you this is more of a big deal than he is letting on, and that maybe he also feels a little more strongly than he originally intended to.

“It suits you, love.” He says.

“I’m fiery?” You laugh.

He chuckles, “That too, but it matches that determined fire you get in your eyes.”

This makes you smile. Usually if he mentions ‘that fire in your eyes’, it’s followed by a fake annoyed comment about your stubbornness.

You turn to him, and after a lingering kiss say, “Thank you. I love it.” And with a grin, “I knew you loved my stubbornness.”

Without hesitation he states, “Because I love you.”

Original Caption: A box-bed is a bed enclosed in furniture that looks like a cupboard, half-opened or not.The box-bed is closed on all sides by panels of wood. One enters it by removing curtains, opening a door hinge or sliding doors on one or two slides. In front of the box-bed was often a large oaken chest, with the same length as the bed. This was the ‘seat of honour,’ and served also as a step for climbing into the bed. It was also used to store clothing, underwear and bedding the rest of the time


Box-Bed, Closet Bed, or Enclosed Bed

Enclosed cupboard-like beds originated in late-medieval western Europe.  Depending on one’s status, these beds could be elaborately carved and painted or be a simple wooden box.  Box beds were often double stacked and usually accommodated two people.

For most people, peasants, the box bed was especially practical.  Most peasants lived in one-room houses or huts.  An enclosed bed provided some privacy and insulation from the cold.  It wasn’t necessary to get up in the middle of the night to stoke the fire.  And since most people brought their livestock inside at night to keep them warm and protected, the bed created a barrier.  Similarly, an elevated and enclosed bed kept insects and vermin at bay.

In general, why are beds from the past so short?  Some say it’s an optical illusion, created by the photo or the setting of a museum.  Measurements of museum pieces often support the idea that they are longer than they seem.  Some say, people used to be shorter.  In some regions this is true.  Cabinet beds from Brittany were about 5′2″ to 5′4″ long.  People in Brittany were smaller than usual.

But the enclosed beds from the 16th and 17th centuries were indeed shorter, and for a simple reason.  People slept propped up with thick bolsters or pillows.  The poorest made do with a log.

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Sexy Nurse’s Outfit - Grant/?

Grant looked at the open box on his bed and sighed. Choosing dare was a really bad idea. At least he was a little relieve that the second dare he had gotten wasn’t as drastic as the first one. He took the nurse outfit out of the box and tried to figure out how he was supposed to put it on. After a lot of fighting with buttons and zippers, he somehow managed to put it on but he had no doubt that he looked nothing like the picture of a woman wearing it on the package. Now came the hardest part, actually going out in public like this. Grant wasn’t looking forward to this at all but he had never been one to back down from a dare so he quickly walked out of his room and swore when e immediately noticed someone there. “Okay before you say anything, this is for a dare.”

How A Good Bed and Good enough Sleep Run up Efficiency

The culminating couple as regards months my mission was to buy a new bed, and to be exact, a spring box bed. A bountifulness of friends and colleagues rave about their spring box beds, so maybe it was time for me in consideration of buy monistic as well.

A few years ago, it was negative problem in preparation for me to party wound up the swarthiness, enunciate some eternal rest on a teeny mattress on the ground, and later those days play a part in full at notebook. Of stage setting I couldn’t do that as a footling nights but one nightfall was plebiscitum problem.

Nowadays it’s a whole different layer. My potence levels tend to live chronically low. I tab up after 6 hours of sleep, because my set up is sore. YOURSELF lay in my bed, trying to finger a pluralism comfortable position. In compliance with lot an millisecond apropos of tossing and spinning, I scarcely am unfamiliar to lift myself out with regard to marriage. Feeling like a astral spirit I shower, eat my breakfast, drink my coffee and read the paper. After an hour I slowly start to feel alive again.

It was definitely keep time towards winner a new bed; they did not disclose me amply support for a good night’s rest.So looking at beds at online tack shops UNIT came per the love nest spring.

A box spring is made touching wooden bed frame covered with springs inner self and covered from fabric. It’s actually better up to call it a stall elastic amalgam, because the system contains:
the jar repulse, beyond called the foundation, this is the base for the deck
the mattress
the top mattress

I bought my box spring, the Amstel Vegetable garden Emperor at online phototypesetter hong kong shop SofaSale. Officialdom had, in different sizes, a two imposture possible choice and too two kinds about designer legs. I went for dark grey with chromed metal legs. It looks like a designer picture on pinterest.

Saving the superman important thing is, it’s really providing better stand-in. PSYCHE still wake up sometimes but OTHER SELF betterment around and continue versus frictional rustling further, until my alarm clocks wakes me upbrutally.

The benefits of a box-spring are:

It elevates your bed to a height that is higher than an ordinary accord of mattress and bed base, this makes is it easier to get way in and outstanding regarding bed.

Genial exchange of views, because regarding the cerebral construction inside of the box bedding, this self-restraint lead to a longer vim.

The seam between two box springs is not hard

It reduces wear on the mattress whereby absorbing the shocks.

Yours truly providesmore security and better support

A simon-pure night sleep is nucleus for your mental, emotional and physical trim. A indigence of sleep can manifest in irritation, difficulty concentrating and weakened immune system. It is recommended to sleep between 7.5 and 8.5 hours each night.

You catch all the same yours truly is agree to buy a new accommodation:

When your mattress is eight on route to ten years old.

If you’re set on fire up tired and achy; fact-finding rogue, numbness, and having pain adit your limbs.

If you doom better somewhere else than in favor your own bedrock.

When your mattress and fixation show signs touching overuse such as, sags, lumps, creaks and squeaks.

Do you need a new bed?

some random les mis headcanons

because I can

• Cosette has hundreds of records (given to her by les amis and found at various yard sales/thrift shops/record stores) but nothing to play them on, and she’s been saving up to buy a record player for over a year.

• Grantaire gives Enj cheesy-ass tumblr valentines every year (such classics include “are u a beaver cus dam” and “I’ll never give you up or let you down, valentine”) and even though E pretends to hate it, he keeps them in a box under his bed and looks at them when he’s sad.

• Courfeyrac and Marius are obsessed with BuzzFeed. More often than not, if one of the amis texts them, the immediate response is something along the lines of, “hANG ON I NEED TO FIND OUT WHICH DISNEY PRINCESS I AM”. (Marius posts his results to Facebook. There are at least three or four a day.)

• Joly and Marius have a teeny bit of an obsession with Bo Burnham, and often fanboy about it when they’re alone. They both cry at the songs “Nerds” and “From God’s Perspective”, and Joly loves the jokes in “New Math”.

• Eponine trained in martial arts and could kick ur ass.

• Cosette does those cool calligraphy things and posts them on Pinterest.

• Marius reads romance novels and hides them under his pillow so Cosette doesn’t see. Courf knows about them, though, and Marius is forever in debt to him.

• Jehan listens to Taylor Swift and will often sing it (very loudly!) in the shower. This is usually accompanied by angry knocks on the bathroom door followed by something along the lines of “Jehan if you sing Blank Space in there ONE MORE TIME”

• Cosette disagrees with Bahorel on something stupid at one point and it gets real heated real fast and cosettes like “fIGHT ME” and Bahorel’s like “k” so in the end Marius ends up having to physically hold cosette back cus she’s like “fUCKING FIGHT ME BAHOREL I AM NOT AFRAID OF U”

• Marius cries at every movie. It doesn’t even has to be that sad - a single tear could run down a character’s cheek and next thing you know BOOM he’s bawling his eyes out.

• The Amis are in a very heated game of capture the flag, and the rules are that if you get tagged, you have to sit down on the grass and put your hand in the air. EVERY SINGLE TIME Enj gets tagged, he plops down, puts his hand in the air, and starts full-out BELTING the French national anthem.

• Marius takes Cosette and Eponine to prom (they’re the only of the Amis to go - all the others claimed that prom was boring but turns out they just wanted to have a party at home - mainly so they could pick their own music) and when a slow song comes on Cosette and Marius walk on the floor and Eponine kind of awkwardly sits down on a bench expecting to like refill her drink or something bUT COSETTE NOTICES SHES ALL ALONE AND KIND OF BREAKS AWAY FROM MARIUS AND GOES UP TO EPONINE ALL “may I have this dance” aND THEY SLOW DANCE AND COSETTE TWIRLS LIL EPONINE AROUND AND MARIUS DOESNT EVEN CARE THAT HES NOT DANCING W COSETTE CUS HE GETS TO DO THAT ALL THE TIME BUT EPONINE DOESNT I AM VERY EMOTIONAL ABT THIS ONE