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Remember Me

Summary: You knew Sam when you were eighteen years old, and now you run into him again.

Word Count: 2300ish

Warning: Smut, angst

A/N: Not gonna lie. Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams came on in my car and this is what happened. Oops. Hope you enjoy!

“Sam? Sam Winchester?”

The man turns around, lips breaking into a nervous smile as his eyes focus on you instead of the boxes lining the shelves of the cereal aisle. “Y/N? What are you…I mean, hi.”

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Witches on a budget, I’m telling you, go to thrift stores. (I mean, if you want to. But I strongly recommend it.)

90% of my candle holders and candles in every conceivable color are from the local thrift store. One of them was literally a sealed package of witchcraft-specific candles with ritual instructions inside. I’ve found devotional statues, wooden boxes and shelves perfect for altars and witchy storage, all the interesting jars ever, seashells, stones, altar cloths and tarot deck cloth wraps, offering dishes, chalices, witchy books, tiny picture frames for ancestor pictures, and more. Most witchy things I see don’t even buy but leave behind because I don’t need them or they’re not relevant to my specific practices, but I’m always floored by how great they might be for others.

This post was inspired by the fact that I just bought handkerchiefs for devotional embroidery I’m going to work on, and an oracle deck in its original packaging (in a grab bag of other stuff I’m about to sort through, so maybe there’s more witchy stuff too!), for a total of $3. I’m serious. Just during a brief trip to my local Goodwill.

So, in conclusion, thrift stores? All the witchcraft supplies ever. Do some basic cleansing (usually just a quick mundane wash for things that have an interesting and safe energy to begin with) and you’re good to go.

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Witch tip

Thrift stores. You can find almost anything there! 🙌🏼 I know it’s been said but seriously ~ you’ll be finding affordable beautiful one of a kind vintage items 😍 I’ve found seashells, crystals, cauldrons, chalices, books, mortar and pestles, boxes, spice shelves, books, candles, an altar cloth or decorations plus sooo many jars! 🌙🎀🔮✨

Sometimes Customers Don't Suck

I don’t post much to this blog, but I’m one of the few shoe store anons. I complain about people hitting me with boxes mostly; it happens more than you think.

Yesterday (12/29) I wasn’t even due to come into work. Lately our hours are being cut and even though I was given the day off because I had a doctor’s appointment, I offered to come in from 10 to 1:30. Short shift, I know, but I’m pretty desperate here.

1:15 comes around, my back hurts from moving boxes down the shelves - “rolling” for those who know the company - and I make a round to see if any customers need any help.

Now, when I saw this older couple, I debated whether or not helping them. I’ve been here since July so I know how some customers work by this point and usually older people are slow; I don’t mean that as an offensive term, but it’s true.

I glanced at my watch for the five-hundredth time, walked up to them and put on that fake smile and forced out, “Are you guys finding everything okay?”

The old man muttered something about how his shoes felt good and he really liked them; Rockports are nice shoes and the ones he already owned were at their breaking point.

That’s when his wife said, “Well, since he likes these shoes, why don’t we just get a black pair also? Ma'am can you help me please find his size; you know more about the store than I do.”

Now, I’ve never had a customer say please to me so it was kind of shocking, but I nodded my head and it didn’t take me long to find the size. He tried on the shoes and since they were made of a different material, they were a little tight so he went a size up.

They decide on both shoes, and since they were an elderly couple, I offered to carry them up to the register after I finished packing them up in the boxes.

The wife tells me yes and then adds on to that statement, “It’s so nice to have a sweet young lady help us out. I like meeting people who are as kind as you.”

Now, lately, my depression and bipolar disorder have been acting up while I’m at work, so her saying those words made my entire day ten times better. I probably won’t ever forget those words because that’s one of the most important things that someone has said to me in a long time. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the rest of the day.

Most customers suck, but helping people like that couple make working in retail kind of worth it.

td;lr: I helped an elderly couple at work and an old lady told me that I was sweet and it was nice to meet someone as kind as me.


D.I.Y. Jewelry Box Wall Art 

 Whether you want a showcase display, storage box ,or jewelry box, this is a great D.I.Y. project that incorporates all those things in one awesome wall art! So check it out and try it for yourself! 



Created By Solny

‘Boxroom’ decorative set

Created for: The Sims 4
Cleaning stuff and some furniture to place it on for decorating storage room or whatever you want.
Set contains 9 objects:
- standing rack (with lot of slots)
- small end table
- wall decorative shelve
- wire box with slots
- decorative vacuum cleaner
- standing broom with scoop
- gloves with sponges
- household detergents
- cleaning spray

All objects have from 2 to 4 color variations and can be placed/stacked by themselves. But you can use bb.moveobjects cheat to place objects more freely.

Creator Notes
Sims 4 Base Game Game version
Can be found: decor/misc surfaces/end table decor/wall decor

Lightning (Mercy76 Week)

Lightning flashed through the night and through the windows as Angela walked down the well lit hall. She stayed as far from the windows as she could and hugged the files she carried harder as the thunder followed.

Just her luck to only be stationed here for a few days and at the same time a storm, one of the worst the facility has seen in months, decides to show up, she thought.

The rain picked up again playing a quicker version of its song comprised of taps against the windows and small splashes in the puddles. She followed suit and picked up her pace until she reached a secured door at the end of the hall. Scanning her temporary badge slid the door to the side revealing rows of shelves with boxes containing the medical files of the Overwatch members in the region. The door closed behind her and she started to look for the ‘H’ section. Another lightning strike came through the only window on the wall and broke her concentration making her misstep and catch her breath.

“Hello?” came a voice a few sections down. “Someone there?”

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Lost Home

The room was silent. No hiss of the air filters, no ticks nor clicks of the pipes in the wall; not even the soft pops of the walls expanding or contracting at night.

Corso stared at the ceiling of the foreign room. Not that he could see it, really. There wasn’t any night light; the room windowless. The darkness swallowed up the pillars of boxes and stacks of shelves he knew were organized in a haphazard pattern that left a narrow path from the bed to the door. What was in the boxes, he didn’t know, and didn’t ask.

It seemed like Captain Shade wasn’t sure herself what was stored in her guest room.

He hadn’t wanted to snoop.

Time dragged on. He rolled over and tried sleeping on his belly. His other side. His back.

All he was aware of was how dark and silent the room was. And that he couldn’t sleep.

Corso fumbled for the light switched and winced as the shock of brightness nearly blinded him. He felt for his pants and dragged his way to the door; intent on water.

He found his way to the narrow little kitchen and into the cupboard full of mix-matched cups, selecting a tall, narrow one and filling it up from the tap. Even the water on Coruscant tasted different, he reflected.

A sound.

Corso peered through the doorway at the other end of the kitchen.

Rain lashed against the windows of the living room; staining the walls in a coalescing pattern and leaving behind the silhouette of Captain Shade standing at the big window. She was still in yesterday’s clothes, sleeves rolled up and boots discarded in the middle of the floor. The narrow neck of a whiskey botted was held between two of her fingers.


She didn’t move. “What?” she asked flatly.

“Captain, are you alright?”

All that could be heard was the crescendo of the rain against the window panes. Corso remained quiet, and after a moment, went to put his water glass in the sink.

“It was my dad’s freighter.” Captain Shade’s voice warbled. “He left to my mama. And when she… It’s mine now. Mine. And I lost it to Skavak.” Her shoulders dropped; she raised the whiskey for another sip. “I lost my home.”

“What about this place?”

She snorted humorlessly. “This isn’t a home, Farmboy, it’s a rest stop. Storage.” Captain Shade’s silhouette turned to look at him. “It’s not my freighter and it’s not my mama or dad.” She crossed to him, the faint kitchen nightlight bringing shape to her features. Circles were dark and under her eyes. Such a contrast and prominent against her near-white skin and the shimmering remnants of tears. She stared at his water glass for a moment before pouring a generous amount of whiskey into it.

“So your freighter’s your home, Captain.”

“What I’ve got left of it.” She took another swig of alcohol and shook her head as if to knock away the nostalgia; and threw herself onto a lumpy-looking couch. “Couldn’t sleep too?”

He sipped the whiskey and remained in the kitchen doorway. “Nah, it’s too quiet.”

“Stick MT in there with you and it won’t be.”

“Where did the lil’ bugger get off to?” Corso sent a quick glance over his shoulder to confirm that the mini-atromech wasn’t about to run into the backs of his ankles.

Captain Shade smirked. “In my room with Goldy. I think they’re both powered down for the night.”

Corso sat down on an empty fuel cell across from her. “Why aren’t you sleepin’?”

She raised the whiskey in salute, sardonic smile twisting her face. “I miss my home.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

acrylicmeme  asked:

Okay, I know it's not really the same as the other asks you get, but like, I've recently taken in a cat and I want to know how to turn her favourite room in the house into a huge kitty haven that she'll love, but I don't know how to decorate it or where to find decent cat toys and furniture.

How wonderful! A great place to start is by making sure you add scratching posts/boxes and adding shelves and/or a cat tree that she can climb onto. Scratching is an important part of a cat’s life and being up high makes them comfortable and gives them a ‘lookout’ sort of a thing. They also usually love cardboard box. As for where to get toys and furniture, you kind of just have to shop around… Petsmart usually has a decent selection but it’s pretty expensive, plus each store seems to carry different stock. The walmart near me has some really decent cat furniture too, which surprised me. A lot of regular, people furniture stores are starting to carry cat trees too, so that might be a good place to take a peek at. They’re also not that terribly hard to build, if you’re a little handy and have some basic power tools. Some wood from the hardware store and your choice of carpet and you could design your own and chose whatever style, shape and color you like.

If she’s a younger kitty, lots of loose toys that she can bat around is probably a good idea; balls, mice, anything that lights up or makes noise. Older cats will play with those too, of course, but probably not as often.

Most of my cat tag is outdoor catios, but you can still take inspiration from those :)


Request; “Hello, could you please do an imagine where peter (pan) accidentally takes a joke to far with y/n and he doesn’t know how to apologize so he tries to apologize with sweet gestures instead of actually saying sorry.”

“Of course, it turned out very fluffy, hope you enjoy~!^^” - Tiger Lily


  “Pan…” You groaned and glared at him.

Pan grabbed the box from the highest shelve in your small tree house and smirked. “I’m just stating the truth.”

  “Well…” You sighed and tried to find the right words.

  “It’s not easy being tiny I know.” He said and patted your shoulder.

  “I’m not tiny!” You stomped on the ground and Peter looked at you with widened eyes.

  “Oh, fire. I like fire.”

  “YOU ALREADY SAID THAT TO EMMA SWAN! FOR THE SECOND I AM JUST FEMALE AND YOU’RE JUST MALE WHICH RESULTS YOU IN MORE COMMONLY BEING TALLER THAN I.” You shrieked and reached out for him and grabbing the air and crushing it as if you were crushing him in your hands. Peter blinked completely speechless after your little explosion. “Please leave and duck before going out because your high sitting head might meet the doorframe.” Peter looked like he was about to say something but with a finger thrown at him you made him hurry out. You stomped over to your bed and threw yourself down at it. How dared he. You were absolutely not tiny…

You were sitting by the fire the next day, Felix handed you a loath of bread and you thanked him as you broke it in two before handing the other piece to Curly beside you. You hadn’t seen Pan all morning, but as the thought of him had just passed through your mind you saw him walk through the camp. You avoided his gaze and looked down at the bread instead. Then he appeared right behind you, which you were getting used to by now. In the start of you being there he always scared you by doing that. His hand appeared between you and the bread and your eyes widened when you saw what he held. Chocolate.

  “It goes well with bread… I heard…” He said and cleared his throat before quickly vanishing again. You held the chocolate in your hand and looked up at Felix who shrugged at you. Curly though tried to make you share the chocolate with him.

That evening when you returned to your tree house, you noticed that the shelf was a level lower now, and on it laid flowers and pretty crystals. You huffed, and passed it to get to your bed. Something told you that Pan was watching you, and you knew he hoped you would walk over and look at the crystals, but you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. How cheesy he had gotten. You accidently kissed when you, Peter and the lost boys had shared a bottle of what turned out to be rum. But he had never told you that he liked you, but this seemed to be proving that maybe, the kiss wasn’t one-sided.

The next morning you woke up to a bowl of berries and warm bread beside it. You sat up in your bed and shook your head as you couldn’t help but smile. Then you heard someone enter and you watched Peter walk in, his broad shoulders rolling back as he tried to seem casual. “So…” He began.

  “You are forgiven…” You said and chuckled. “Thanks.”

Peter scratched the back of his neck, eyes widening a little. “No it is I who should say thank you. I am sorry for making you upset, Y/N.”

  “Well there you go, you just said sorry.” You gawped and Peter chuckled.

  “I am a human being.”

  “I couldn’t guess.” You eyed him with a small smirk and then you both laughed. Peter went over to you, and sat down on your bed. The daylight’s rays came in through the window and lit up his green eyes. You loved to look at them. They held so many secrets. Peter looked at you too and you felt his hand on your arm, he pulled you closer and you raised you brows. He leaned in and closed his eyes and you frowned until you felt his warm lips on your nose. It was just a quick peck. Then he leaned away.

  “Now, Tiger Lily is asking for your help. She has been assigned to take care of the kids today.”

You shook your head. “I will have to tell some stories?”

  “And give them rides on your back, yes.” Peter chuckled.

You smiled and nodded. Then you watched Peter’s fingers play with your blanket and you breathed in deeply. It took a second for you to pull yourself together, but you reached up to cup Peter’s face and you leaned in and pressed a kiss to his soft lips. Peter embraced you and leaned into the kiss so eagerly that you both fell onto the bed.

It wasn’t one-sided after all.


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Tiger Lily.