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my college dorm packing list:

the school year’s winding down here, and I know a lot of you are about to start your first year of college. sometimes, this involves moving into a dorm, and there are so many dorm packing lists out there that tell you about so many “”necessities.”” this really easily gets overwhelming, so here’s the list of things that I have in my dorm right now that I really appreciate having!


  • two sets of sheets - make sure they’re the right size for the bed (often dorm beds are twin xl). i got two sets which included a pillow case, fitted sheet, and regular sheet. sometimes, the ‘college’ sets have pockets on the sides of the fitted sheets which can be super useful, esp if you decide to loft your bed!
  • pillows - when I was buying dorm stuff, i had the designer dorm room in mind (which is the goal for a lot of people when shopping, but it’s not super easy to attain. just stick to what works for u!). this, for me, involved pillows. i have 2 normal pillows (either i sleep on both or i alternate them out so no one of them gets too flat), and a smaller, soft decor pillow (i use this mostly to block up the space between the bed and the wall so my other pillows don’t fall off when i use them as a backrest haha), and a fourth, white fluffy square pillow (this one just looked cute, but i ended up using it as a desk chair cushion bc my chair didn’t come with one, it’s been a lifesaver!!)
  • comforter (tbh it’s always so hot in my dorm room that i hardly use this, and mostly just stick to the sheets haha, but it’s definitely important in winter)
  • extra blankets - just a couple lighter ones i use when i just wanna curl up or when i don’t need something as heavy as a comforter
  • foam mattress pad - !!!!! cannot stress this one enough. it makes my bed so comfortable. my dorm bed is now nicer than my home bed. i 100% recommend getting one of these (and make sure its the thick sheet of foam, not those weird cloth ones that make you feel weird when you touch it haha)


  • desk chair cushion (mentioned above) - wait until you see your room for this one, your desk chair might already have a cushion. if it doesn’t, get something to use as one. your butt will thank you, and it’ll make it so much easier to study. (also some people i know wanted to get their own desk chair - the rolly cushy kind - so if that’s what you want, go for it!)
  • desk lamp! - if you’re like me, you’ll stay up hours later than your roommate, and you need to be able to see. the kind i got was actually given away free from my uni, but it has usb ports and 3 different levels of intensity for the light itself, so it’s really nice!
  • cups/pen holders - stay organized. i brought a mug for this and ended up getting a few free cups at giveaways, and vases from flowers and things like that that I use to hold the pens on my desk.
  • misc desk organizers - to keep your study space put together and to keep all your stuff in a decent place (it’s so easy to lose things, even in such a small space)

closet/clothes storage:

  • hangers - i just got a couple packages (about 24 total i think?) which ended up being the perfect amount for me
  • sweater organizer shelves thing - these are everywhere at stores for dorm shopping. it’s basically a stack of box shelves. they also have drawers you can get for them, but i don’t have any of those. i just stuff my sweaters/cardigans/sweatshirts/extra sheets in there, it’s nice and saves a lot of closet space!

shower/hygiene supplies:

  • towels - i got 4 towels, just so i don’t have to do laundry as often. it ended up being a good amount for me. also a lot of people i know have washcloths, which wasn’t something i thought about but is a good idea if you use them!
  • shower caddy - a necessity! i use one of the bag ones, instead of the plastic ones, and i’ve heard a lot of people with the hard plastic ones wishing they had the mesh bag type (but obvs u do u)
  • dry shampoo - super useful for when you didn’t get a chance to shower and want to at least try to look a bit more cleaned up
  • laundry detergent - pretty straightforward. also hamper/laundry bag/dryer sheets/whatever else you need to get ur clothes clean (also stock up on quarters if you have to pay per load)


  • hobby supplies - i do a lot of crocheting/brush lettering/reading, whatever your hobbies are, you’ll wanna do them, so keep stuff in your room for it
  • wall calendar/white board calendar - useful for planning and remembering important dates (also i use this to keep up w what my roomie has going on bc we don’t talk about that sorta thing a whole lot but it’s nice to know when she’ll be back/out of the room/whatever)
  • whiteboard - i have a bigger wall mounted one, but i use it for assignment/meeting reminders and also as a study tool for before exams. plus it’s fun to doodle on when i really don’t feel like doing anything  haha
  • string lights - sure, they’re a classic dorm cute thing, but they’re also useful when you want just enough light to see, but not enough to keep your roommate up or be distracting. i use mine all the time, plus it makes the room feel more warm and homey!
  • i also have a 10 foot long phone charger which is my heart and soul i love it sm it’s so useful bc i plug it in under my bed in the corner and not only reaches up to my bed, but also over to my desk. 10/10 would recommend.
Retail Horror Stories. GO.

I’ll start.

One time this lady and her daughters came into our store and made an absolute tornado of a mess. I work at a shoe store so there’s a lot of stuff that are put into the boxes for packaging reasons. This stuff gets absolutely everywhere on the floor and on the shelves. Boxes and shoes are just strewn about.

One of the daughters, a younger age, starts trying to clean up after herself. Great. Awesome. How polite! But then her mom stops her and says in the most snarky tone, “We don’t need to clean. That’s what THE EMPLOYEES are paid to do. Leave it.”

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Can we get a makeout scene with Rick where they get caught by Morty & it turns into this hilarious thing? With a flustered reader, cocky Rick, & embarrassed Morty? lol

I read this ask and immediately knew exactly what I was going to write! I love these types of scenarios! they’re always pretty great!

It was a pretty regular day, Rick was tinkering around in his garage and of course, you were hanging out with him as always. Even if he didn’t say too much you just loved being close to him. You often watched as he tinkered around and you’d chuckle softly to yourself when you’d hear him start cursing if a certain thing didn’t go his way the first time.

Today was no different. You propped yourself up against the laundry machine as you sipped on a glass of iced tea, you watched in amusement as Rick would go around the small area, rummaging through some of his old boxes on the shelves to find whatever it was he was looking for but stopped mid-stride and looked at you.

“You look bored.” He cocked an eyebrow at you.

You hadn’t realized that you had drifted off into your own little world, staring at the cement floor that you were standing on. You snapped out of your daze when you heard Rick’s voice and looked at him with a small smile.

“I am a little bit..” you mumbled lowly.

“Then why don’t you go back to your place? You know I’m not, I’m not h-holding you, prisoner, here.” Rick crossed his arms over his chest.

“I know’s just..I want to spend time with you.. You’re always so busy.” You averted your gaze as a small blush crept up your face. It was still hard to show as some would say ‘cheesy’ affections towards Rick in fear of what he would say.

“Is that right?” You heard him say. You still made no attempt to look over at him.

You heard some shuffling and soon after you felt Rick’s hand on your face. You jumped a little from surprise and looked up at him as he ran his thumb across your cheek. “Well, I better entertain you then..” Your heart rate picked up at those words and you were finding it difficult to form words of your own. Although, not much could be said because he leaned in and kissed your lips softly.

You had to admit you were taken back by the sudden action, it wasn’t like Rick to initiate kissing. you weren’t about to ask him why though because you didn’t want it to stop. You let out a very small yelp when you felt him grip your legs just under your butt and lift you so you were now sitting on top of the laundry machine. Your arms slung over his shoulders before you tilted your head, trying to deepen the kiss.

You let out a small soft groan when you felt Rick slip his tongue into your mouth pushing it against your own. You felt his hands on your hips and he was pushing you back a little more onto the laundry machine. your leg instantly spread apart so that Rick would be more comfortable.

This was risky, very risky. Usually, when this sort of thing happened it happened in the comfort of your own home. Out of sight and there for out of mind of others but it happened so suddenly you really didn’t want it to stop at all. Your brain was slowly forgetting where exactly you were right now.

Rick moved to kiss down to your neck and that’s when you heard it. The loud horrified shriek coming from the other side of the garage. your body froze as you stared wide eyed. Rick forgot to close the garage door and there, standing in the opening was none other than Rick’s grandson Morty. you tried to shrink yourself behind Rick’s form to hide from the younger boy, your face flared up into a bright shade of pink.

“It’s called knocking.” Rick looked over his shoulder, rolling his eyes before a very playful smirk adorned his features.

“K-K-Knocking!? K-Knocking!!? Are you freaking kidding me Rick!! The-The-The garage door is wide open for, for everyone to see you both!! Is, Is that our neighbor!? Jeez, Rick, this is messed up!!” Morty yelled horrified.

“W-Wait… We can explain..” You stuttered out as you pushed Rick off of you so that you could get off of the laundry machine. 

“E-Explain what!? H-How-How-How Rick had his tongue jammed down y-y-your throat!?” Morty grimaced at the thought and shut his eyes.

“N-Nevermind! I don’t want to picture it! Gross!” Morty blindly started to bump into things as he tried to make his way to the back to get through the door.

“Better hurry up Morty- I wasn’t finished with her.” Rick grinned wickedly and you gave him a small smack to his shoulder.

“D-Don’t tell me, Rick! Jeez! Ugh.. I need bleach for my eyes!!” Morty finally felt his way to the door and twisted the knob open. “Y-You’re lucky I d-don’t tell mom!”

you covered your face with your hands in complete embarrassment. You wouldn’t be visiting the Smith/Sanchez house for quite awhile now.

Me: *Finds a spell jar for motivation and focus*

Me: Oh! This is going to be really useful! *Likes and Reblogs it*

Me: *Lacks motivation and focus to make said spell jar*


If you guys still haven’t seen my latest video where I show you this DIY, be sure to watch it! 100 views in 4 days! 

The Making of the Shoebox House, Part 2

For the further decorations, I started by sewing two pillows. I used liquid glue on the edges again to keep the fabric from fraying after I cut it.

I sewed them together with a blanket stitch and filled them with cotton stuffing.

I tried one with the stitch on the outside and one on the inside. I’m not sure which I like better.

For September’s shelves, I folded printed paper into an origami pattern…

…to get these little cubes.

For Saturday’s shelves and the kitchen shelves, I used white cardboard from a cereal box. I glued the shelves onto the walls by tilting the box to help them stay in place easier. At this point, I also glued the beach print to the inside of the lid.

Next, I printed out several book covers at a small size.

I cut out long strips of paper measured to fit inside with my cutter and glued one stripe to the inside of each book’s front cover.

I folded the paper strip in a zig zag pattern and then added glue to the back to create the pages of the book.

With that done, I added the pillows to the beds and placed them back in the room.

Then I added the decorations, adding the side table with the pin and clock again, adding books to the shelves and putting the shell and white pawn on top.

On Saturday’s side I added the magazines, flowerpot and black pawn. With these details, I felt happy about the bedroom. That only left the lower room.

To be continued.

My Messy Artist

Jughead x Reader


Requested: Anonymous-  Can you do an imagine where jughead is fond of a art student?? And he’s kinda shy about it?

A/N: okay so I’m thinking of posting twice a week now because I liked posting on Wednesday idk, what do you guys think?

Words: 3027

Warnings: N/A 

Originally posted by wwhatfinn

I sat alone in the art class swirling one of my paint brushes in a clean glass of water trying to think of something to paint for my last portfolio piece. I had to come back after school to paint and draw for my portfolio because it was considered an outside project by the school because I was only a sophmore so most days I stayed after school and spent my afternoons painting and drawing.

Usually I start right away but today I had run out of ideas so I sat in front of my easel mixing paint colors and stirring the water in my glass, trying to think of something to paint. I suddenly jumped at the sound of the door slamming open, “Geez,” I said before turning in my seat to see who had caused the huge commotion, “Want to pick up the door there buddy?” I chuckled as the boy stood there looking quite sheepish.

“Sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be in here.” He chuckled nervously, “Do you know if I can find tape in here?” He said quickly before I could answer his first sentence.

“Depends, you’re not going to use it for anything kinky are you?” I smirked and hopped off my seat in search for tape.

“Oh with who?” He smirked and followed behind me, “You and I are the only ones here, everyone has left.” He said watching me pull boxes off the shelves and rummage through them.

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Headcanon: Jason Todd

Hi! thank you for this request! It was fun to write honestly! Also one of my favourites to write about! Hope you enjoy it! 

ps: as you can see, I’m trying out different styles of posting the requests up! and now, because of doing this, I can put the ones that I have done in queues too just in case I get too busy to post. Though I’m still not sure how I feel about queues.

  • Jason can be very annoying with his constant teasing of how short you are. He likes making jokes about how you can even fit in his pocket because you’re “fun-sized” / “pocket-sized” but despite his teasing, he absolutely thinks you are the most adorable person he has ever seen!
  • Jason also likes how tall he feels when he’s right next to you and expect him to have his arm around your shoulders all the time – sometimes he does this to tease you: “you make a very good arm rest, Y/N.” But he loves how you fit perfectly under his arm.
  • Sometimes to be silly, you will ask Jason to do push-ups with you seating cross-legged on top of him. This started off as a joke but Jason realizes it actually helps him a lot and gives it some sort of a challenge. So you end up watching your iPad on his back or even reading a book as he does his push-ups.
  • Unlike most other, you are a pretty chill person. There was that one time when Jason and you were on a date, some random person commented about how adorable it was that he was spending some time with his sibling. But Jason would correct them because you aren’t his sibling?? This caused the person to think that you are middle-schooler instead and you might have been offended on some other time but, this time you double over from laughing so hard.
  • “Babe! It’s not even that funny – come on!”
  • Jason likes seeing you wear his clothes because they look super big on you and it’s really adorable. So Jason would leave his sweaters, jackets even t-shirts lying around. Not that you mind at all because you happen to like wearing his clothes too. Even his shorts.
  • Although sometimes Jason annoys you the most when he starts to move things like the freaking cereal box to higher shelves though he doesn’t do it on purpose – Jason is just subconsciously putting things back at his height. When you tell him about it, he starts to put things as close to the floor as he can, if not on the floor. This makes you even angrier!
  • Though rest assure, when the two of you are the supermarket and you want something that’s on the very top shelf, Jason will not hesitate to help you at all. He knows better than to embarrass you in the public!
  • YOU LOW-KEY EMBARRASS HIM INSTEAD BY HANGING ON TO HIM. You like getting piggy back rides from him too.
  • His nickname for you is “shorty” – very original – but it started out as a joke then it just became a very affectionate nickname. You refer to him as your Giant.

Witches on a budget, I’m telling you, go to thrift stores. (I mean, if you want to. But I strongly recommend it.)

90% of my candle holders and candles in every conceivable color are from the local thrift store. One of them was literally a sealed package of witchcraft-specific candles with ritual instructions inside. I’ve found devotional statues, wooden boxes and shelves perfect for altars and witchy storage, all the interesting jars ever, seashells, stones, altar cloths and tarot deck cloth wraps, offering dishes, chalices, witchy books, tiny picture frames for ancestor pictures, and more. Most witchy things I see don’t even buy but leave behind because I don’t need them or they’re not relevant to my specific practices, but I’m always floored by how great they might be for others.

This post was inspired by the fact that I just bought handkerchiefs for devotional embroidery I’m going to work on, and an oracle deck in its original packaging (in a grab bag of other stuff I’m about to sort through, so maybe there’s more witchy stuff too!), for a total of $3. I’m serious. Just during a brief trip to my local Goodwill.

So, in conclusion, thrift stores? All the witchcraft supplies ever. Do some basic cleansing (usually just a quick mundane wash for things that have an interesting and safe energy to begin with) and you’re good to go.

If you want, reblog and tell me about your own thrifty witchy finds!

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How about todomomo getting caught (either by aizawa-sensei or another student) making out? I think this would be hilarious XD

Note: Hope you enjoy! School festival version :) Sorry its been eons since this ask was sent and I only finished it now. Mainly humour + fluff

In which Class A does a maid cafe

“So it’s time for our last annual school festival, everyone,” Iida fixed his glasses as he slid the door behind him to a close. All eyes were on him. Through the window, crisp autumn fog and dewy grass greeted the start of their morning.

“Iida spill it,” Kaminari called out, “What are we assigned this year? For the past two years, we weren’t able to get what we wanted.”

“I don’t want anything to do with this,” Bakugou added, chin on his desk, “I fucking hate school festivals. Last year, we had to do the shitty …what was it again? Julio and Romiette?”

“Romeo and Juliet, Kacchan.”

“Shut up Deku, I knew that, I fucking played Julio.”

Iida tapped his fingers impatiently on the wooden surface of the podium, waiting for the troublemakers to quiet down. When he saw Bakugou snap his mouth shut with boredom emitting from his expression alone, Iida straightened up.

“This year, we got EXACTLY what we wanted. After all, we are third years, so we get first choice.”

Kaminari’s gasp was the start of the domino effect.  Everyone cheered and clapped with happy faces all around. The Class President held his hand up to calm his audience down, clearly having anticipated their uproar.

“Since, we will be doing the ‘maid café’ theme this year, why don’t we start by delegating tasks?”


“Hurry! Kirishima, please set up the rest of the tables on the left side of the class!”

“I got it Iida. Let Hagakure and Ojiro know that they forgot candles on some of the tables.”

With only 15 minutes to spare, their class was almost ready. A makeshift tent, which was really just a bunch of chairs stacked up with a large curtain hanging over, collapsed; yells of profanity broadcasted across the room. Under the chair tetris came Bakugou, pulling his black tight skirt down to hide more of his skin. His bare shoulders were covered with white lace and frills while the rest of him became adorned with flowers from his floral apron.

“Oh my god, he actually wore it,” Kirishima mused, tears falling from laughter. His eyes widened at the idea that just popped in his head and took out his phone to snap pictures along with a few others. The subject of entertainment was wrestling around like a wild beast in a cage.


“You reap what you sow,” Jirou raised her arms, securing her own apron, “who told you to fall asleep when we were discussing the roles. It’s your bad luck that the only position left was the sixth maid.”

The boy was red with anger and embarrassment, “WHY CAN’T I JUST BE A HOST LIKE ALL THE OTHER SHITHEADS.”

Jirou shook her head, the knot behind her neck finally made tight enough, “Because the maid outfit was the only thing that’s left! How many times did Iida tell you, holy crap!”

Bakugou didn’t bother to reply and grunted. In the corner of his eye, Kirishima pushed his phone in front of Kaminari, pointing at the screen. Kaminari covered his mouth, chuckling, and whispered into his friend’s ear, prompting the latter to nod incessantly. Something was brewing amongst those two and Bakugou wasn’t ready to find out.

Jirou looked over to the back corner of the room. Below the dangling banners, portable stove tops and grills now replaced the normal desk formation. Yaoyorozu stood there, fixing Todoroki’s uniform. Todoroki, being one of the hosts along with Kaminari, Kirishima, and Midoriya, donned a silver neck tie over a white dress shirt with black pinstripes. Opposite of him was Yaoyorozu wearing the same outfit as Bakugou (except looking a thousand times more attractive, Todoroki must say) and she had her hair done in a bun.

“Todoroki, I think it looks better now,” Yaoyorozu pressed the wrinkle out of the front of his tie, “If you have trouble with it again, let me know.”

“Thanks,” The fire and ice hero said, “Sorry, I’m not really good with ties. My sister used to always do the Windsor knot. I have no clue as to what it even is.”

It’s these types of small talks with him that made her happy.

“Of course! I’m always here to help!” Yaoyorozu answered, cheeks glowing, “I must allow Tokoyami and Sato to take their positions now.” She did a slight bow out of habit and continued, “Let’s have fun together!”

“Ah, sure,” Todoroki smiled back.

The two stepped away from the cooking station just as Tokoyami and Sato entered. No one knew how good Tokoyami’s yakisoba and Sato’s dorayaki was until they were the first to volunteer for the chef roles. After the first taste test, everyone knew they were fit for the job.


When Kaminari opened the door signalling the start of their business, there were already parents and students from other departments in queue, waiting to be seated. Iida was in his element, shuffling his ‘staff’ along (he insisted that he was the café manager) and made sure operations went smoothly. Midoriya had a crowd of girls surround him whenever he took orders to Uraraka’s obvious dismay, who acted like she didn’t give a rat’s ass but actually did. Bakugou kept screaming at Monoma to leave but achieved the reverse effect instead.

“When will I ever get the chance to see YOU OF ALL PEOPLE in a maid outfit?!”  Monoma had said with an arrogant grin chiselled onto his face. If it weren’t for the law, Bakugou would’ve straight up strangled him alive.

Around 1pm, the smiles began to peel off their faces. Rush hour was still in session and everyone was beyond fatigued.

Tokoyami was running out of soba noodles too, which was the bestselling item.

“Can someone run to the storage,” the birdman was stirfrying while speaking, eyes not leaving the pan, “I’m almost out.”

Bakugou scoffed, “Hell no, I ain’t leaving this mothereffin’ room in this girly shit.”

Tokoyami wiped the sweat with the back of his hand, “Come on man, I need it.”

“I’ll get it.”

It was Todoroki.

He pushed away his many fangirls who had their notebooks and pens extended in hopes to get his autograph, and Yaoyorozu came forward also, noticing Tokoyami’s concern.

“I can help you carry as well, Todoroki.”

“Just stay here,” the boy suggested. Thinking about how more guys would ogle Yaoyorozu in maid attire irked him. She should stay here, away from the halls where the perverts roam. Though he still had Mineta to worry about.

Yaoyorozu blinked a few times, unsure of why he was so adamant on her staying.

“You two should both go. I saw two big boxes of noodles in there and one guy can’t carry them all,” Tokoyami replied, obliviously destroying any forms of hope that Todoroki had.

He wanted to object some more but that would make it too suspicious. Todoroki sighed. Guess there was no other way.


“Yaoyorozu, do you see it?”

The two of them were scrutinizing every word that was printed on the cardboard boxes which lined the shelves. None of them said soba.

“No,” the girl tiptoed a little, “if you don’t mind, how about I climb onto your shoulders and you lift me up? I think that’d be easier.”

Did she forget about how short her skirt was? Being in such a small room made every motion of their bodies graze against each other. He could feel the warmth of her breath tickle his neck.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Todoroki quickly turned his back to her, afraid he might say something stupid. Images of Yaoyorozu in my head, begone!

“Why not?” Yaoyorozu was pouting, “Tokoyami is relying on us! We must find it!”

Her sense of responsibility would be the end of him. And her.

Before he could prepare a counter fit for a lawyer, Yaoyorozu let out a surprised yelp, arms swinging to maintain balance. Todoroki’s fast reflexes caused him to spin around, reaching to catch her flying form. Falling face first, her body weight settled on him. Given the gravity of the situation, it was lucky that Todoroki plunged backwards onto a pile of empty flattened boxes with Yaoyorozu (skirt lifted and her apron in disarray, amongst other things) in his arms.

“Crap,” Todoroki rubbed a growing bump on the back of his head. That hurt more than when Bakugou kicked him in the shin yesterday.

Yaoyorozu supported herself up from his chest, accidentally pulling his tie loose, “I’m so sorry! Are you alright? I tripped over a broken tile on the floor and –“

“Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, “Todoroki grumbled, “Just be careful next time.”

The girl’s gaze lowered, having no care for herself, and noticed that they were literally pressed together, faces barely centimeters apart. She picked up her head, examining his translucent irises. They were the prettiest thing she had ever taken a note of, and he stared back at her. They were so close and in such a compromising position. So damn close.

Her mouth began to open agape, wanting to bring the discomfort to a permanent close. But rather than listen to whatever she had in mind, Todoroki leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers. Yaoyorozu’s chest heaved once. Her eyes grew wide, thoughts spiralling into a mess that she had no desire to reorganize. The boy held onto her waist tighter, as if he wanted her to know that she was his alone, and after a minute, he pulled back. Both of them hurried to catch their breath, smiles teasing.

“I want…more, Todoroki, “Yaoyorozu gasped, “Please-“

Her sentence fell to an abrupt silence as he flipped her over.

“I guess Tokoyami’s gonna have to wait awhile.”

His tone was sensual and his voice aroused her interest even more than usual. Within seconds, their lips touched again. She wanted to ask him if he was enjoying it himself, but decided the way he let out the deep moan just now answered her question. Annoyed at the tie that fastened around his neck, her nimble fingers untwisted the knot, hauling it off him. He looked relieved at the sudden freedom and found his hand trailing up her skirt.

The tips of his fingers stopped right below the string of her thongs and both of them reciprocated their horror in the middle of tugging breaths.

What is that horrifying sound outside the door?

The door slammed open, hinges about to give in.

“YO GUYS, DID YOU-“ Bakugou cried out, right leg lifted from the kick on the door. He still had his maid outfit on but that wasn’t what he had issue with at that very moment.

“What the actual …fck,” His voice became feeble. The two, still lying on top of each other, stared back at their intruding guest, wondering what to do next.

Bakugou’s fight or flight response surged, retreating away from the obscene sight that he just laid his bare eyes on.

“Wait!” Yaoyorozu cried as Todoroki scrambled to get himself upright, “It is not what you’re thinking!”


“Calm down! Nothing happened!” Yaoyorozu said again, taking a glimpse at a quiet Todoroki. She extended an arm to catch Bakugou’s shoulder, “Could you listen?”


Disgust was etched deep on his face and Todoroki finally took a step forward, hands reaching down to grab the tie under him. Bakugou didn’t faze him one bit.

“If you choose to tell the others, I don’t really care,” was all Todoroki uttered, and began to drag Yaoyorozu along the halls; she, however, was flabbergasted at his implication.

Bakugou watched as they left, silenced by Todoroki’s straightforwardness. He thought for a second whether he was trying to provoke him. Bakugou could make anything related to Todoroki a challenge.

The reflections from nearby windows that whirled by the two made Yaoyorozu even more stunned. They were a mess. Unkempt hair and clothes dishevelled. Frankly, everyone else was upstairs enjoying the festival so they had time to gussy up.

She took a glance back at Bakugou’s receding figure and wanted to giggle. He looked like an angry lost lamb in an apron about to explode.


“Job well done, everyone!” Iida shouted as he did a bow in front of the class. The students slumped down on chairs and empty tables with however much energy they had left from the day’s work. Smiles gleaming, a few people gave each other a thumb’s up.

“Tokoyami, we are so sorry,” Yaoyorozu turned to apologize and Todoroki did a nod, “And Bakugou, thank you for grabbing the boxes at the end. We couldn’t find it at all!”

Bakugou didn’t face them, arms crossed. Yaoyorozu was quite good at acting.

“They were underneath the shelf, not on the racks,” Bakugou groaned, and his voice turned more like a whisper, “not that you two were looking for them anyway.”

“What did you say? I didn’t quite hear you.”

“Shut it, I didn’t say nothin’.”

Todoroki did a lopsided grin. Bakugou was probably too embarassed to tell anyone about his encounter. Either that or he actually had a heart. 

“Speaking of which, you know that your picture is being circulated as the newest mobile wallpaper right?”


Yaoyorozu and Todoroki exchanged knowing glances as Bakugou chased the red riot hero down. 

Their secret should be safe for awhile. 

Seokjin Scenario: Push and Pull.

Request: A scenario where you & jin are both single parents who meet a grocery where you both unfortunately fight over a meat on sale. Jin gives up upon realizing how cute you looked and you both always “accidentally” met up time to time at the grocery until you guys become friends sharing the same sentiments as single parents. An unexpected love story blooms between the 2 of you through your kids who were daycare friends. Also can the kids be 95z if its okay?Tnx*u*

Genre: Fluff / Family

How dared he? You looked offended at the hand holding the same meat package than you, but the thing was that it wasn’t any meat , it was the last one at the shelf, it was your son’s only favorite, and it was on sale nonetheless. You weren’t about to give it up just yet because you’d promised it to Jimin for dinner, and if he hadn’t insisted in getting one of those little children carts for himself  you would have arrived first than that man, he seemed apologetic but decided and you took a deep breath, smiling charmingly to him with your best friendly smile.

–Hi, I’m sorry, but I really need this for tonight – you told him, his eyes focused on you, he had nice eyes and he seemed like a nice guy too, then he smiled as charmingly as you did, nodding to your words and still holding the meat.

–Hi, I really need it too… – the man said and Jimin who had been holding onto the edge of your dress with one little hand gasped.

–Oh… but it’s my son’s favorite – Jimin was your best played card right there, if the man cared to look down at your son sucking on his lollipop how could he say no to those precious eyes and chubby cheeks? Jimin was a little angel looking from you to the man with attentive eyes.

The man looked at Jimin then and you saw his decision faltering a little. –It’s my son’s favorite too and he’s such a picky boy to eat…– the man sighed and then you saw his son, a lanky boy most probably around Jimin’s age, peeking behind his father’s legs, with his hair sticking up weirdly in some places and mismatched clothes, sucking on a carton of banana milk and inspecting Jimin interested. He was oddly cute and then you understood the man, you’d been trying to get Jimin to eat properly too and that could sometimes become troublesome with a five years old kid.

–Are we not having dinner tonight mommy? – your son tugged at your dress and Jin felt like a villain, you laughed softly and ruffled his hair with a comforting smile.

–Of course we will Jiminie, just maybe not what you wanted –

There was a sad expression taking over your son’s face and Jin sighed once again, it wasn’t like he went around checking out every mom at the super market but you were quite the sight, and if he’d seen you before seeing that meat then he would have most probably stayed frozen somewhere in the path to the refrigerators. Your look combined with your son’s cuteness was a rather strong contender. Your son was cute and Jin was certain that he got it from you, you were too pretty and he felt like a dumbass.

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How to Maintain an Organized, Productive, and Efficient Study Space


  • More space
  • Less distracting clutter
  • Is simply just a great habit!
  • Clear space = Clear mind
  • Less stress
  • Your space just looks nicer

Lightly organize and tidy up after a study session or a day of work

This is a really easy way to maintain and care for your study space! Instead of waiting for the clutter to build up into a jungle, you can do small cleanings every evening before bed or whenever! I personally like to do this when I’m packing my backpack for the next day before bed!

Deep clean periodically

Deep cleaning your space is absolutely essential in maintaining it to the fullest! Get rid of unneeded junk, rearrange things, and put things where they belong! I have a whole post about deep cleaning and revamping your study space! Check it out here!

Design an organized, efficient, and productive study space

I have a whole post on this! Check it out here! Long story short, you need to have a good standing foundation before even thinking about maintaining it!

Avoid clutter by storing your belongings through drawers, boxes, bins, shelves, and more!

If you have shelves or drawers, please take advantage of that space! Drawers and shelves can help you organize and declutter any mess you may have! Just make sure to clean those out once in awhile too, just to make sure that you are using them to the fullest! This is because over time, things can build up and your drawers will eventually turn into piles of junk!

  • If you have any questions or tips that you would have added to this post, please send them to me here! If you want to request a new advice post, please submit them here! To see more of my study tips and advice, click here!
  • Sorry if this post was really short compared to my usual posts! This is because I’ve already done two posts on how to create a study space and how to organize/revamp one! This is just a short overview of how to keep your study space in tip top shape! Thanks for understanding, and stay tuned for the next post!

Some helpful advice posts:

How to Create a Study Space

How to Organize and Revamp a Study Space

I used to work in the shoe department of a store that rhymes with ‘holes.’ I soon learned that the worst customers in the world are white mothers, doubly so at back to school time.

I was reshelving some shoes that a very nice customer actually put their stuff back in when I got a warning over my headset that I was getting four moms with their kids were heading my way. Now, what proceeded to happen was four demanding mothers pulling every size they can find from both the kid’s and women’s section(which are on opposite sides of the department) and pooling these shoes in the middle of the department.

After a hellish hour of enduring their verbal abuse and treating me like their personal man-servant(And degrading my appearance when they thought I couldn’t hear them), They finally left with a giant mound of shoes, boots, wedges, and then a separate mound of boxes that I had to re-sort, re-box, and re shelve because a group of moms decided they didn’t like our selection. 

Thank God our LP was watching because those moms got caught trying to steal new shoes not just for their kids, but for themselves as well.

Just fuck customers, fuck self-entitled moms, and fuck people that talk shit about employees behind their backs!

Compliments And Complements

Originally posted by 0chlophobia

Pairing: Hannah Baker x Fem!Reader

Request: “I was wondering if you could write a Hannah baker x fem reader for your prompt 28 “you look sexy in these glasses” Thank you! I absolutely love reading your stuff!:) Have a great day:)”

“Pls do more Hannah Baker imagines!!! I can’t think of any ideas to request right now tho lol but I’d love to see more imagines with her”


28. “You look sexy in these glasses.”

Word count: 1.421

Posted: 13th of May 2017

A/N: Another Hannah imagine is up! I was posting this last night, but I fell asleep before finishing it. I was so tired and I am so so sorry! I hope that you enjoy this one and you can always send me some feed backs about it. I hope you have a nice day and thank you for requesting!

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests of my prompt imagines! Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name. A little bit of swearing

It was your free day and, luckily, you haven’t got any extra school activities to attend to. You needed a break from school because you were so stressed for your homework and group projects, for your needy teachers and for some shitty students that kept on fantasizing about the ass and the body of your girlfriend, Hannah.

“Hey, (Y/N).” You shook your head to bring yourself back to the reality. You looked at Hannah, who was sitting on the driver’s seat, and she had her sweet and lovely smile, one of the things you really loved in her. “We’re here.”

“Oh, sorry.” You laughed a little bit and you left a quick peck on her lips, earning some soft giggles from her. “Let’s go.”

“Yup.” You both got out of her car and you entered the mall with your hands tightly intertwined.

During the first months of your relationship, you were both afraid to hold each other’s hands in public because of people’s prejudices, but then you became more confident as the time passed by. You would still get some dirty looks from the people or you would still hear some judging mumbles behind you, but you would just shrug them off. You loved Hannah and you would never be ashamed of her, of your relationship, because you hadn’t got a reason to be one and you were proud of what you had with her.

“Finally, relax!” You heard Hannah exclaiming. You let out a heavy sigh of relief as you agreed with your cheerful girlfriend. “We both needed this.”

“I know, right?” You both laughed thoughtlessly as you lingered your relaxing day together.

You were happy that you’ve got some time to spend with Hannah. At least, she would stop thinking of those bullies, of the list that someone evil has created. She was giving weight to herself for something that those assholes have done and she wouldn’t stop thinking of it. Sometimes she would even feel observed by the people, while they fantasized of her butt. People sucked, didn’t they?

“What would you like to do, babe?” Hannah happily asked and it was obvious in her voice that she was so excited to spend some time with you too. She appeared less pensive and less absorbed in her thoughts.

“What do you suggest?” You smiled at her as you passed by different type of shops and restaurants. You never planned your dates with Hannah, you’ve always went with the flow and followed where your feet led you. It was unpredictable, more fun and less delusional.

“Wait,” She suddenly stopped in front of a shop and she tightened her grip on your hand to stop you. “Mum is planning on buying some eyeglasses and she asked me a favour, to look for something that might fit her well or something that doesn’t cost that much.”

“Sure!” You smiled at her and she smiled back at you before she dragged you to the store in front of you. “Olivia’s eye-sight is getting worse?”

“She told me so.” She raised her shoulders as she answered you. She then left your hand and headed to one of the shelves full of glasses. “She’s aging too fast because of the store, the stress.”

You nodded your head as you roamed your eyes around the shop. You were surrounded by different shelves with some different type of eyeglasses and sunglasses. There were shelves with boxes of contact lenses too, divided by their colours.

“Babe, how do I look with these?” Hannah called your attention and you smiled at her while walking towards her. You admired as the glasses enhanced her face and her eyes.

You look sexy in these glasses.” You honestly complimented her and she formed a big and wide smile on her red and full lips. You knew that she felt confident whenever you would give her some compliments and you loved her even more because she wasn’t one of those people who brag about their looks and their beautiful features.

“Flatterer!” She bit her lip as she tried to hide her red rosy cheeks. She was blushing and you couldn’t help but smile because of it.

“I was just stating the truth, my lady!” You rolled your eyes as you gently nudged her.

“Fine!” She raised her hands in defense and you both let out some loud laughs. She tried other different glasses, forgetting that she was looking at them for her lovely mother.

“These glasses would complement me to admire your ass better, Hannah!” You both turned around to reveal yourselves Marcus Cole, one of the maniacs who has always spat rude and sexual comments after the list at school.

“You would complement that trash bin if you threw yourself in there, Marcus!” You sassily replied as you defended your now hurt and sad girlfriend. How could something go wrong just like that?

“Wow, what a great compliment, (Y/N)!” Marcus smirked as he noticed how annoyed you were. Hannah took the glasses off her face and she stood beside you as she observed Marcus carefully.

“Get over yourself, Marcus!” You rolled your eyes as you lividly slapped Marcus on one of his cheeks. A loud and sharp clack was heard in the shop as you dealt with your aching and throbbing hand. You saw Marcus with his eyes wide open as he dealt with the sharp tingling sensation on his face. Your little group gained some attention from the crowd and they gave you some dirty looks because of it.

“(Y/N).” Hannah softly murmured to say that you didn’t have to do such thing.

Marcus was so rude to Hannah and you couldn’t stand that. Hannah was always the passive one, the one who’ve just received insults and abuses from people and she would never defend herself.

You were the exact opposite, you would always defend yourself with some heavy words, but words weren’t always enough to stop people from being annoying and assholes, they would always cross your line, if you ever let them to, even just once.

“You would pay for this, (Y/L/N)!” Marcus threatened you as you tightly grabbed Hannah’s hand. You bumped Marcus’ shoulder as you walked pass through him.

“What would you do, Cole? Humiliate me in public, just like what I did to you right now?” You harshly asked him and you waited for his answer but he remained silent. “You better behave yourself, if you don’t want to lose your fucking valedictorian shit title.”

You dragged Hannah out of the shop, while she silently apologized to the people in the store, and you continued on walking angrily, not taking care of the stares of these curious people. Why didn’t they mind their own business?

“Hey!” Hannah sweetly stopped you as she caressed your hand. “Thank you for defending me.” She gave you a sweet kiss on your cheek, calming your rage a little bit.

“Anything for you, beautiful.” You faced her and you gave her a true and wide smile. You might have made a scene in front of some people, but you didn’t care about it. You did it for Hannah and you believed that you just did the right thing. “Just don’t listen to those maniacs, okay?”

“I will try!” She suddenly wrapped her arms around you and you hugged her even tighter. “I love you, Babe.”

“I love you too, love.” You replied as you left a sweet kiss on her cheek. You hugged each other in the middle of the mall and you didn’t care of what people might think of you.

“You are the best!” Hannah whispered in a sweet voice and you admitted that she made you smile with those four words, shooing the anger that your body emanated.

“Flatterer!” You playfully said and she shook her head.

“I was just stating the truth, my lady.” She said as she copied what you had said to her before. You both let out some soft and contagious laughs to shake the bad thoughts off, you should be happy and not sad.

In fact, you were happy because Hannah was with you and she was happy because you were with her. Only God knew how much you completed each other’s lives. She was weak, but you helped her to be strong, you helped her to stand up for herself and to be brave. You helped her to be a better person and you saved her, you saved her from drowning in a sea full of shitty stuffs from shitty people.

100 Dungeon Types #16: Basement

…it’s a basement. No, there’s no hidden path behind a bunch of crates that have been shoved into the corner, and even if there was there’s no chance of it leading anywhere special. Get out of our house.

Man, the decoration tilesheet is starting to fill up. Gonna have to start sorting it out soon.

ExR Week Day 1 ~ Painting

To say he was surprised to find Enjolras on his doorstep at 11am on a Sunday was an understatement, but there he was clear as day.

“Enjolras?” he said, not quite keeping the question out of his tone, and causing Enjolras to look at him quizzically. Before he could say anything in response Grantaire got ahold of himself enough to ask, “What are you doing here?”

Enjolras blinked at him and Grantaire was suddenly very aware that he’d neglected to put a shirt on in his hurry to answer the door. In his defence the heat all day had been unbearable.

“Is this a bad time?” Enjolras asked. He was dressed for the weather, shorts and a cropped t-shirt, but aside from his skin looking a little darker even than usual the heat didn’t seem to be phasing him all that much. In fact the sun seemed to be agreeing with him quite nicely. 

“Huh?” Grantaire replied, before shaking himself and his head. Conjuring a smile he moved aside to allow his unexpected visitor into his home. “Not at all,” he said “Come in.”

If he had thought Enjolras looked out of place standing at his front door, it was nothing to how he looked standing in the middle of his lounge peering curiously around at the eclectic collection of junk that was scattered around the room.

Grantaire couldn’t account for it. Sure they’d been getting better recently. More civil. Even friendly on occasion. But they hadn’t graduated to visiting one another unannounced. Well, until now at least.

Grantaire shut the door and headed for the sofa, where a folded pile of laundry was still sat from the day before. He pulled on the first t-shirt he could find. Already regretting it. God damn the weather.

“To what do I owe the unexpected pleasure?” he said, turning back to Enjolras; who had apparently completed his inspection of the living room and was looking right back at him. At least he could blame his flush on the heat of the day.

“The rally next week…”

Grantaire groaned. Was that next week already? Whose godforsaken idea was it to hold a rally in the middle of June!

“Enjolras it’s going to be 37 degrees outside,”

“I’m aware,” came the reply, with a clear but unspoken ‘so what?’

“I know you seem to have a superhuman resistance to temperature but most of us don’t. Extreme heat and angry mobs don’t tend to make for good combinations,”

Enjolras frowned at him. Not the old ‘why do I even bother you’re impossible’ frown that was once followed by a sharp retort. They were better now, and this one was newer. Softer. This frown was 'i wish i understood you’ or perhaps 'i wish i could make you understand me’. After a few seconds of silence he took a deep breath and let it out.

“I’m not going to make you go.” and Grantaire sighed, knowing that he would. He always would. Enjolras continued “I came because Joly mentioned you used to paint a bit… That you might have some old supplies for making signs,”

'Used to paint a bit’. Honestly it was all Grantaire could do not to laugh out loud. He didn’t, but he wasn’t completely sure what his face had done, because Enjolras seemed to take it as some sort of dismissal, saying quickly, “Sorry. It was a long shot. I can buy some I just thought… If we… If you had stuff to spare but…”

“No no I do,” said Grantaire hurriedly, “I have some stuff you could use.”
Truthfully he had a whole studio full. Though he hadn’t been in there for a long time; except to dump other junk.

“Oh. It’s just you… Pulled a face,” Enjolras said, gesturing at Grantaire.

“What Joly said about me painting 'a bit’?” He headed out of the living room, beckoning Enjolras to follow “It was just a bit of an understatement is all. Given I dropped out of art school,”

“I didn’t know you went to art school,” said Enjolras, and strangely he sounded annoyed by this. Grantaire couldn’t help but laugh this time as he stopped at the door to the spare room, turned art studio, turned junk cupboard.

“There’s probably a lot about me you don’t know Enjolras,” he glanced at him, he looked annoyed about that too. Grantaire opened the door and stepped inside.

“Sorry about the mess.” he said, “But you should find whatever you need in here. I had all sorts of stuff.”

Mess was a bit of an understatement too. There was barely a few feet of completely clear floor. Canvases and boards and easels were piled along the walls and there were shelves and boxes crammed full of assorted other supplies. As Enjolras began to rummage Grantaire left him to it, heading into the kitchen and pulling the freezer open. He relished the cold air for a few seconds and then pulled out a tray of ice and reluctantly let the door close.

When he got back to the room he found Enjolras had swept whatever he didn’t need off to the sides, and was now standing with more things than he could possibly carry spread out across the floor. He was looking at it all as if trying to decide how to get it all out in one go. 

And if that wasn’t him all over. 

Grantaire shook his head and rattled the tray he was carrying loud enough to grab Enjolras’ attention.

“I made iced tea.” he said, and if the look on Enjolras’ face was anything to go by, he wasn’t quite so untouched by the heat as he appeared. He abandoned his collection of art supplies without a glance and almost downed the first glass of iced tea in one go. Grantaire smiled. It was always good to be reminded that Enjolras was just as human as anyone, despite apparently believing he could carry half of Grantaire’s art studio home with him if he just arranged it right.

“Thanks,” he gasped out holding the glass of ice to his head.

“There’s a joke here somewhere about Apollo being affected by the sun but since I know how much you hate that nickname I’ll stop looking for it,” said Grantaire. Enjolras rolled his eyes at him, and then turned his attention back to his pile.

“Gonna take a few trips,” said Grantaire, “How many signs are you planning on carrying anyway?” 

“Combeferre’s completely swamped at work so I was going to make him one too, plus I thought I’d take some extras for another time or in case… well in case I mess it up,” he blushed slightly as he said it.

“Not on the artsy side huh?”

“Not exactly,”

“Well,” said Grantaire, “If you don’t fancy walking to and from your flat five times, you’re welcome to make your signs here. I promise not to tell anyone if you make a mess of one.”

“You wouldn’t mind?” asked Enjolras, looking at him with a hint of relief in his eyes. Apparently he hadn’t been completely convinced he could manage the transfer in one go. Grantaire shrugged in lieu of an answer. “Thank you,” said Enjolras, and he reached out to grab the pitcher of iced tea from the tray Grantaire was still holding.

Enjolras had been at it for only fifteen minutes - fifteen painful minutes - before Grantaire gave in and offered to help. When he had meant when he said he wasn’t ‘exactly’ artsy, was that he was practically useless. Not only did he have almost no concept of prepping or planning, instead just diving straight for the paint (red, because why break the habit of a lifetime), he also apparently had no clue how big to make the letters so he wouldn’t run out of space mid-word, nor did he seem to notice that the words were going diagonally down instead of sitting straight. 

“I did say I wasn’t very good at this,” he said defensively as Grantaire snatched the brush from his hand and pulled the poor offended board away from him. 

“It’s fine, I can fix it,” said Grantaire, and he retrieved a second board for Enjolras to work on, “Here, and for Gods sake at least mark out what you want with pencil first before you go charging on,”

Enjolras just nodded, reaching sheepishly for a pencil.

They worked together in silence for a while, Enjolras spending much of his time sketching out letters then re-doing it when it still wouldn’t fit. Grantaire in the meantime was so caught up in what he was doing it was several minutes before he realised this was the first time he’d so much as held a paintbrush in almost three years. When the thought finally occured to him, he paused and pulled back, staring down at the brush in his hand. Enjolras must have noticed, despite the fact that he was still pouring over his own sign, because he chose that moment to speak.

“Why did you drop out of art school?” he asked, breaking Grantaire out of his revery. 

“What?” he asked, having barely heard him.

“I wanted to know why you left art school. Did you not like it?” Enjolras asked again, still not looking up at him. Grantaire slowly turned his own gaze back to the now almost entirely red board and lowered the paintbrush back to continue.

“I loved it actually. I mean… some of it was dull as dishwater, that’s school right? But I liked working on my projects,” 

“So if you loved it so much… why?”

Grantaire took a breath. Normally he’d answer that with some sort of joke to move past it and with most of his friends that would probably work. This was Enjolras however, and Enjolras often didn’t have time for people avoiding things. He was upfront with people himself and he often expected them to be equally upfront. So Grantaire weighed his options. He could tell Enjolras he’d rather not talk about it, and Enjolras would almost certainly respect that. Or he could tell him the truth. 

He wouldn’t judge him would he? Not now. Not after everything he’d gone through that year. Everything all his friends had helped him through; even Enjolras… Especially Enjolras.

“Discovered I loved alcohol a bit more,” he said, trying to make it sound casual, trying to make it sound like it wasn’t a big deal. Enjolras finally looked up.

“I’m sorry,” he said, and he looked it, really genuinely sorry, “I shouldn’t have brought it up,”

“You didn’t know,”


Grantaire took a gulp of iced tea and as he swallowed he forced the memories down with it. Enjolras was still looking sorry, so he did the first thing that came into his head to make him stop. He reached out and painted a stripe of red from the top of Enjolras forehead to his nose. The squawking noise of protest he made and his scramble backwards was enough to dispel the lingering bad memories and Grantaire burst out laughing.

Enjolras stopped a few feet back glaring at him. It was hard to take him too seriously however with the strip of red halfway down his face. In fact it only made him laugh harder. 

In hindsight he should really have seen the retribution coming, but even if his eyes had been open he was laughing to hard to really do much about it when Enjolras came back at him, swiping a paintbrush across his forehead. From there sign making was entirely forgotten and it was only when Grantaire finally managed to wrestle the paint brush from Enjolras hand (his own Enjolras had knocked across the room a few moments before) that the fight subsided. Grantaire took stock of them both. Pushing Enjolras to the ground had seemed like the best way to incapacitate him and remove the paintbrush at the time but now he was severely regretting the decision. Enjolras was lying beneath him, flushed and breathless with laughter, covered head to toe with specks of paint in whatever colours Grantaire had managed to reach. He suspected he was in a similar state, though he doubted he pulled it off in quite the same fashion. God it would be so easy to lean down and kiss him right now. A small part of him even believed it might be okay. That Enjolras might welcome it. There was something in the way he was looking at him that said maybe… 

He pulled back. 

Enjolras followed him into a sitting position a few moments later. Grantaire avoided looking at him, he knew he was red beneath the streaks of paint on his face, but he could still chalk it up to a paint fight in ridiculous heat.

“We should get these done,” he said, his own sign was almost dry already, “Come on, I’ll write out your letters for you and you can paint them… You can stay inside lines right?”

Enjolras was quiet for a few seconds, then he cleared his throat, “I think I can manage that,” he said.

In the end, they made three signs. One for Enjolras, one for Combeferre and one Grantaire insisted was a spare in case for whatever reason they lost one, but he showed up with it at the protest despite no such need. Enjolras didn’t comment on that, and he was grateful.

It was three weeks later, and, thankfully, decidedly cooler the next time Grantaire opened his door to find Enjolras outside. He was even wearing a shirt this time. 

“Need a head start on your next protest sign?” he asked, but Enjolras shook his head.

“Actually I made my own this time,” he said, “You’ll be proud of me, the letters all fit and everything,”

Grantaire raised an eyebrow as Enjolras picked up a large piece of paper up from where he’d left it leaning against the wall. 

The words “Will You Go On A Date With Me!” were written bold and bright red. They were a bit uneven, and still slanted downwards, but Grantaire barely noticed, he was too focused on the words themselves.

Silence reigned for several seconds and Enjolras was starting to fidget slightly as Grantaire struggled to comprehend what was happening.

“Well?” he prompted after the waiting apparently became too much.

“Huh?” Grantaire replied, glancing up at him.

“Are you going to answer or would I do better to paint it on your head?”

“Are you serious?”

Enjolras fixed him with his most exasperated stare. 

“I mean… Sorry,” Grantaire said, “It’s just. Why? I mean when did you…”

“When we had that paint fight last time I was here,” said Enjolras, blushing slightly, “Afterwards I thought you were going to kiss me,”

“I thought about it,” Grantaire admitted, knowing he was bright red himself, 

“I realised I wanted you to,” Enjolras said.

Whatever self-control Grantaire had flew out the door the moment those words left Enjolras’ lips and he made as if to follow it, but instead he reached out a hand to Enjolras and pulled him into a kiss. It was three weeks late, and a little desperate for it, but Grantaire could live with that so long as he never had to wait three weeks to do this again. If the way Enjolras threw himself into it was any indication, that wasn’t likely.

As they pulled apart Enjolras eyes flickered over him, then paused somewhere around chest height, and, inexplicably he started to laugh. Grantaire blinked, for a moment thrown off, and unsure if he should feel offended. He glanced down and groaned. He actually liked this t-shirt, and now it was dotted with red paint.

“Sorry, I made it right before I came here, it mustn’t have completely dried” said Enjolras, calming his laughter, “But you know, you never did answer me,”

Grantaire was about to speak, when he had a better idea. “Wait there,” he said, darting back inside. He returned a few minutes later, and watched Enjolras’ eyes widen at the sight of a paintbrush bathed in green paint.

“No!” he said, backing away.

Grantaire raised an eyebrow, “I thought you wanted an answer?” he said, smiling.

“I changed my mind,” 

“Are you sure? I think you’ll like it?”

“Really, I’m okay,”

He tried to back away further, but Grantaire was too quick, reaching out with his spare hand to grab Enjolras’ and pull him in. Enjolras closed his eyes instinctively, but Grantaire instead adjusted his grip on his hand and took pity on him. When he opened his eyes again, they went immediately to the word in large green capitals on the back of his hand, but Grantaire said it out loud too.


Title: Abandoned

TITLE: Abandoned

Chapter no./One Shot: Part 2 of ? *I KNOW I said it was going to be a one-shot, but what can I say? It got out of hand.* 

Author: StarryNight35/StarryNightFantasies

Original Imagine: Imagine Loki witness a person abandoning a pet, he pays little heed at first, humans, of course, are fickle creatures, but on hearing the human use words like “runt” and “worthless” something in him stirs. Looking into the box human has dumped the animal in, he realises it is a small black furball. 

Rating: G (Some language) 

Notes/Warnings: Some language- a few F-bombs 

You can read it on AO3 here:

“So, is it Pet Smart or Pets Mart? And can you purchase animals here? Why do mortals need a store for everything? Why don’t you have just one place?” Loki asked. 

He was staring at the Petsmart sign as they headed across the parking lot, and Steve already knew this would be a trial for him. 

“I think it’s just Petsmart. Like, you’re smart for shopping for your pets here,” Bucky replied. 

“But like I said, wouldn’t it be prudent, er smart, to have one store for everything?” Loki countered. 

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