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A Sentimental Gift

You were warm as a bug in your knitted [letter] sweater that Molly had so graciously made. It seemed high time to the Weasley’s that you’d receive your very own sweater. You joined them for the holidays for years now. Ever since your first year to be exact. You had grown up in an orphanage and the ladies were more than happy to give you away once your letter had been mailed stating that you were indeed as strange as they had thought.

You had met Molly first at Kings Cross Station and she remembered very well the little frightened girl with the biggest of all doe-eyes. Trying to give you the boost of confidence, she gave you some good advice and sent you off to find her twin boys, saying that they would take good care of her. Little did she know, you actually would and would eventually become part of the family. 

“[Y/N],” George hollered over the sound of Harry and Ron yelling over the game of Wizard’s Chess. 

Pushing off from your spot against the counter, you followed the sound of your name being sung by a pair of boys who could easily get under your skin and not at the same time. You found them sitting in the living room by the fireplace, their eyes gleaming and glittering with mischief. 

Walking cautiously towards the ginger-haired twins, you cocked a brow in their direction. “And just what do I owe the pleasure of having you two sing a rather beautiful song of my name?” 

Fred leaned his lanky body forward, yanking you by your hand to sit with them on the floor in front of the blazing fire. “Come, join us, [nickname]!” 

Huffing and crossing your legs, you felt a little weary of their chipper mood. You were no exception to their pranks despite having told them the next time they decided to dye your hair purple and or make your skin turn bright orange, you were going to hex them into the next year. “What is this about, children?” 

George chuckled, “You’ve given us your present, now, it’s time for us to give you ours!” Pulling out a small box from behind him, he held out in front of you. “Go on.” 

Shaking your head, you became fearful. “Um, I don’t-”

Fred rolled his eyes, “-blimey, dear. We aren’t going to prank ya. Promise.” 

George nodded, “Promise, love.” 

Hesitantly reaching for the small box, you could feel your heart racing. You had witnessed a lot of different things come from small packages when it come to Fred and George. Just last month you watched in horror as Angelina become covered in a sticky pink goo from opening a package similar to the one in your hand. 

“Seriously, [Y/N], it’s not a prank.” Fred murmured.

“I assure you, it isn’t.” George added. “We took into consideration your threat the last time we pranked ya. Gave us a bit a hell for it and we love you too much to have our friendship end.” 

“Couldn’t imagine living life without ya, [nickname].” Fred smiled. 

Sighing, you undid the knot the kept the lid on the box. You clamped your eyes tight in fear of getting anything gooey and sticky in them as you took the lid off the container. After hearing the boys sigh in irritation, you decided to open your eyes. 

What sat in the box was not a prank in any sorts. You could feel your heart swelling with happiness and appreciation. Pressing your lips together, you looked up at the boys who were anxiously awaiting your expression. 

“I love it.” You whispered. 

The boys high-fived one another as they began to gush about how long it had taken them to find you a present. It was absolutely perfect. It was a bracelet with a gleaming gold band, with four beautiful gems. The two in the middle were jet black while the two on the outside was a scarlet crimson color. Immediately you knew this was ode to your obsession with Phoenixes. 

Slipping it on, you marveled at how beautiful it was. 

“But wait,” Fred said in a tone that made you narrow your eyes.

George giggled, “there’s more.” 

Fred took your hand and placed it near the fire, “You’re mad!” You yelped but watched anyway as a flame broke apart from the fireplace and danced on the band of your bracelet, making the crimson gem glow fiercely and the dark gems grow even darker. “Oh!” 

George nodded in approval, “We’d figure you’d enjoy that perk.” 

Fred nudged his brother, “See, we did pick a good one. Georgie was nervous you wouldn’t like it.” 

“Oh but I do.” You brought your wrist to your chest and looked at the twins with loving eyes. “I love you two so much!” Lunging forward, you attacked the both with a hug, giggling when George yelped in fear of his hair catching on fire and Fred cursing loud enough for Molly to scold him for. 

getting real with u

Last week, Tyler Shields, one of my all time favorite artists and I finally had a photoshoot together that we’d been talking about for years. Literal years. We ended up shooting all different looks and we took some photos I’m really proud of. 

We both posted them and the response has been pretty cool.

Seems like a lot of people were stoked to see a different body type (than usually represented in the media) embracing herself. 

I want to get real with you. I have tried for my entire life to be skinny. To look like girls I see in magazines, on instagram, etc. I did my first juice cleanse at 13, was on Jenny Craig when I was 14, bulimic by 18. You name it, I’ve done it. 

I got bullied my whole life, but pretty intensely in middle school for my weight: fake youtube accounts were created to comment on my videos, boys writing on my facebook photos, honesty box (god, remember honesty box?!?!) prank phone calls - i mean… it got bad. So bad my parents made me switch schools. 

Eventually, I got to a point where losing the 10, 15, 20 lbs wasn’t worth it. Thinking about my food intake, my waistline, most importantly, what other people were thinking about my waistline, was consuming me in every single aspect of my life and I was miserable. For all of high school I didn’t show my arms to anyone because one time in middle school someone told me I had man shoulders and fat arms. I lost weight, I gained weight and my happiness didn’t change! There was NO correlation. At all! Like at ALL! I could be skinny, hungry and still miserable. Or I could be less skinny, still hungry, still miserable! And I was so sure that being skinny would make me happy/make people love me/make all of my wildest hopes and dreams come true. Eventually I realized that idea was WRONG. 

It hit me recently that I, and I alone, am responsible for my own happiness. I get to decide whether or not to wake up and look at my body like it’s something awesome, or terrible, or fine, or disgusting (or as my favorite 7th grade troll says “disgutsing”). People will say shitty things. They will. Because someone said shitty things to them. Because they are unhappy with themselves. Because they’re mean. Because WHO CARES. They will say shitty things and usually it has nothing to do with you. So I’m trying really hard to wake up and choose to see my body as exactly what it is - mine, and the only one I’ll ever have. It lets me walk, and dance and sing and move and run and go to soulcycle and pilates and also lay on the couch and watch SVU for hours. I get to decide to love it or hate it. And that decision changes, sometimes every 14 seconds. I don’t wake up feeling confident everyday. I don’t. Not even close.

I got the feeling after reading some comments and messages (lovely ones!) that some of you might be feeling the same things that I feel and I wanted you to know, you’re awesome. You’re not perfect. No one is. You’re you! And you’re better at being you than anyone else in the world. So figure out what you love about being you and embrace that. And the things you don’t love so much, embrace them too. Because life is so much better when you do. I spent years believing other peoples thoughts about my body, thoughts that they probably didn’t think twice about shooting into my brain like evil little arrows. Thoughts that have lived in my brain for 15 years, thoughts that built a home and had kids and rescued a dog. 

But, I’m trying something new. I’m trying to start believing my own thoughts about my body. Which is that I am so lucky and thankful that it works so well (especially after lots of years of me treating it like total shit) 

So today I’m starting small, I’m waking up and choosing to just be stoked that I can pick up my guitar and write a song. My body lets me do that, and in my opinion, that’s pretty awesome! So good morning, your body lets you be you - don’t let anyone take that away from you. You’re awesome. Now, go out there and be your bad self.



Requested by @ivoryrosespn:  Could you write a Harry imagine where you are celebrating his birthday and you get him a pair of baby shoes? Can this be placed after the war when you’ve settled down and been married for a while. (Fred is still alive) And all of his friends come over? Thanks love.

It was Harry’s birthday, a time of year you always tried to make special to make up for his lack of birthdays in his childhood. He always insisted that he didn’t want to do anything, but his inevitable smile told otherwise. 
This year was destined to be particularly memorable. You had just found out that you were pregnant - only you and Hermione (who had made the Pregnancy Test Potion for you) knew about it. You were roughly 8 weeks in. 

The Weasleys, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Dean and Seamus all gathered in your house, waiting for Harry to get home from work. The room was decorated with a generous helping of streamers (courtesy of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes). Hidden away in the kitchen was a cake in the shape of a snitch, which was just like the one Harry had received when he came of age. A pile of presents sat in the middle of the room on the coffee table. 

It wasn’t long after everyone had arrived, that Harry was due home. Sure enough, you soon heard the lock click. Everyone quickly quietened down. You went to greet him in the hallway, giving him a quick kiss and whispering a ‘Happy Birthday’ in his ear. He smiled. 

You walked into the living room, and everyone shouted ‘surprise’. Harry nearly jumped out of his skin but quickly recovered. He broke into a smile and laughed as he caught sight of his friends. A moment later Molly Weasley walked in with a cake lit with candles. A questionable sounding rendition of Happy Birthday was sung before Harry’s numerous presents were handed to him. From the twins a box of pranks, from Hermione some books, from Luna and Neill a plant with the ability to keep away nerves amongst many more. You saved yours for last. You had left it in your room, and as you went to collect it, you felt the nerves in your stomach surge. When you re-emerged you exchanged a fleeting look with Hermione, who smiled reassuringly at you. With a shaky breath you handed over the small parcel. You were painfully conscious of all the watchful eyes around you. A moment of confusion passed before he understood what the present signified. Baby shoes meant… A baby! His eyes widened and met yours. “Is it- Are you-?” he stuttered. You nodded happily. “What is it?” exclaimed Ron, unable to see what lay in the wrapping paper. Harry raised the tiny pair of shoes for the rest of the room to see. “Looks like I’m gonna be a dad,” he grinned.

anonymous asked:

Can you do andreil trying to annoy the shit out of kevin and/or aaron! What you did earlier with the pro game + kevin made me laugh sm!

okay i love andrew and neil messing with kevin so here is 1600 words of them doing just that!

  • so i know i’ve written about andrew and neil messing with kevin when they’re all on pro teams but let’s imagine all the shit they get into messing with him while they’re still at PSU
  • there’s two main ways they do this, on the court and off the court
  • off the court it’s way too easy to mess with kevin (since they all share a room after all)
  • once neil and andrew are together and the foxes realize that they’re actually together, not just having sex, kevin get’s very cautious anytime he goes into the dorm or the house when they’re in colombia
  • although kevin’s brain is mostly always occupied by thoughts of exy, he starts to learn when he shouldn’t go back to the dorm
  • after every time kevin walks in he gets annoyed and upset but can’t really do anything about it and is forced to go hang out with nicky in matt’s room which is one of kevin’s least favorite things to do (nicky won’t tolerate any exy talk, of course kevin hates spending time with him)

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Darth Vader's glitter box
  • lectorel: You know the ‘ship your enemies glitter’ thing? Imagine the rebellion doing this to Imperial bases. Every time they get a delivery: glitter. Every time the cooks unseal the various boxes of pre-made foodstuff: glitter. Every time some ensign receives an unexpected package: glitter.
  • Everywhere they go: glitter.
  • fialleril: No but imagine Luke sending a box of glitter to his father.
  • lectorel: *cackles* Maybe in the year between ESB and ROTJ? Part of his coming to terms with the fact his father is Darth Vader? ‘Dear dad, have a box of glitter. I made sure it was black, like your soul. Luke’
  • fialleril: Although he’ll never admit it to anyone, Anakin saves that box of glitter and he treasures it. And years later someone is going through a collection of Imperial relics for a museum or something, and there’s this box of glitter. A mystery for the ages.
  • lectorel: Darth Vader is probably the first person to respond positively to being glitter-boxed. His minions are utterly confused why he’s in such a benevolent mood when his gloves are *shiny* from clinging glitter. No one dares ask.
  • fialleril: For weeks he leaves a trail of glitter in his wake wherever he goes. No one has the guts to say anything, though, and they all get used to pretending the bridge doesn’t look more…sparkly than usual.
  • lectorel: I’m willing to bet there’s at least one fool who makes a ‘Darth Glitter’ joke within earshot of Vader. When the fool gets choked only *half* to death, everyone is terrified to the point of not daring breathe wrong lest Vader remember his temper. (And meanwhile, in his heart of hearts, Anakin is suppressing the urge to compose sappy poetry about how his son is *the most adorable little shit ever*)
  • fialleril: Luke is angry enough to send him a glitter box in revenge. That means he *cares*.
  • And then there's that awkward moment when Vader goes before the Emperor and Palpatine is in mid-monologue when he suddenly has to stop and say, "Lord Vader, is that...glitter?"
  • And Vader just replies, "Yes, my master," and spectacularly fails to elaborate, but inside he's grinning.
What kind of vines they would produce/enjoy:

(Also featuring you!)
Allies + Canada, Featuring 2p!:
America/Alfred F. Jones- Eagle screeches over every god damn thing you could imagine. Pranks on the other countries (mostly Canada.)

Canada/Matthew Williams- All nature, stunning nature. Occasional re-vine of an eagle screeching. (That‘s where America fucking gets them.)

China/Yao Wang- Every single panda/kitten/puppy ever photographed.

England/Arthur Kirkland- Historical documentary types of things.  

France/Francis Bonnefoy- Victoria secret ads. Victoria secret ads. VICTORIA SECRET ADS. Pranks on England.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky- Cluster fuck. Sometimes it’s kittens, sometimes it’s a polar bear attack. Sometimes it’s two kangaroo’s beat boxing. ‘Pranks’ on the Baltic’s.

2p!America/Allen Jones- Protests and vegetarians recipes. Not to mention pranks on Matthew, and you. Especially when you’re sleeping.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- Allen’s pranks gone wrong.

2p!China/Xiao Wang- 50% people break dancing, 50% possible murders.

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- All pastel and beautiful mansions. Pastry’s and ways to make baked good better. Occasional one of Allen’s pranks going wrong and him getting a freshly made cupcake in the face.

2p!France/Francios Bonnefoy- Poetic smoking and uses for a ridiculous amount of wine glasses.

2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky- Has no fucking clue what vine is, watches over the Baltic states shoulders. Is not amused.

Allies + Romano

Germany/Ludwig- FITNESS, FITNESS, FITNESS. Examples include: How To Do Fingertip Pull Ups Correctly, How To Make A Protein Smoothie When All You Fucking Have Is Pasta, and How To Run A Mile In 60 Seconds. ‘Accidental’ shots of you in athletic shorts.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas- Him trying to sing/serenade to you. Pasta recipes for his viewing public. And what happens when you mess with Germany. Occasional shots of you sleeping on his chest and he couldn’t help but share how beautiful you are.

Japan/Honda Kiku- Pretty art, some of it his, some of it nature, mostly anime clashes.

Romano/Lovino Vargas- While he’s in half of Italy’s videos, he doesn’t have one himself.

2p!Gremany/Lutz- CATS. I can’t stress that enough. Cats in costumes. Cats eating. Cats playing with their kids. You with cats. Cats.

2p!Italy/Luciano Vargas- Knives and their many, many, many uses. These cans range from tooth picks to…well…I’m sure you can imagine.

2p!Japan/Honda Kuro- Gore. Upcoming horror movies, in progress Hentai sketches. Very classy though. You might resemble some of the sketches, but he’d never admit to it.

2p!Romano/Flavio Vargas- Fashion blog. Who’d hot, who’s not. Him always being the very hot. Several videos of you as an unwilling model.

Cartman’s Headed Home

But first….

Sheila Broflovski: Eric, sweetie, your ma’s here.

Cartman: Coming!~

-A Few Hours Later, at the Cartman Residence-

Cartman: *texts picture with the toothbrush to Kyle* Heheheheh….this’ll be fucking great.

Marry Christmas - Terrornuckel

This was so much fun to write, I hope ye enjoy, send more prompts at your leisure. Also, the title is not misspelled, I’m just punny, lmao.

Brock loved christmas eve, in fact, he always had. But this year, it was his very first christmas eve with Brian, since his boyfriend had moved in with him at the beginning of the year. Of course, they had spent christmas together before, but this time, it felt completely different, more special, knowing they would wake up together on christmas morning in the same house, their house.

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luke-warm-batteries  asked:

Has ang of you guys been a prank war?

Stan: Kyle and Cartman have unofficially been in one since the 4th grade…

Kyle: What the fuck Cartman?!

Cartman: Sorry, Kyle. I’ve let your kind exist far too long, it’s time to exterminate the jew scum.

Kyle: ……..

*confetti explosion*

Kyle: …you mother-

Cartman: AHAHAHA that was fucking sick dude! You practically pissed your pants!

So I was in our garage looking through a lot of my childhood stuff and I come across my old prank box. Among the numerous gags and tricks, I find the fake turd my friend made for me one time. Hear me out, this is no cheap plastic fake looking poo pile. This is a hand-shaped mixture turd of oatmeal, sawdust, paste, and who knows what else. Anyway, this thing looks legitimate. Thinking that I was going to take it inside and frame the dog, I put it in the waistband of my shorts since they didn’t have pockets and don’t give it a second thought.

Eventually I go back to the house and being too distracted by all of my cool gadgets I found, I completely forget that this turd is still tucked away in my shorts.
As I walk around my house, I don’t notice the turd slipping out little by little from my waistband. I walk into the living room where the entire family is seated watching a movie, and just as I call attention to everyone asking what was on, the turd escapes out the bottom of my shorts and drops to the living room floor. I’m pretty sure my mom shrieked a little because it fell on the new carpet. Soon, everyone’s faces go from completely horrified, to bright red from laughing so hard. Eventually I’m able to calm everyone down from their laughing fits and am able to explain, but now I’m pretty sure my mom wrote it down in my scrapbook to make sure it I never forget the moment I shat a turd in front of the whole family.

Prank call


// Request box open. //

Prompt - Dan prank calls you during the Sprinkleofglitter video

One-shot 6


“Alright, who are you going to personally victimize next?” Louise asked, still wiping away the tears from the last call.

“I know who,” He smiled, scrolling through his contacts, “I’m going to call Y/N, who’s gone with Carrie, and say that I’ve gotten a pet spider.” He tapped call then put his finger to his lips.

“Y/N is going to kill you.” Louise whispered, as the phone continued to ring.

“Hello?” You said on the other line, “Y/N? Love?” The phone went silent for a bit then your crackled voice reappeared, “Yes Dan?”

“Listen, I’ve gotten a surprise for you, and I just-I really have to tell you right now.” He widened his eyes and made a nervous expression while waiting for your reply.

“What is it?” You asked warily, he took a small breath, “I’ve gotten a pet spider.” Silence followed, and all that was heard was ruffling on the other line.

“Wait, what? Did you say spider?” You nearly shouted when you came back on, “Yes, I just-I saw it from the store window and it looked nice so I-“

"Dan, no.” You replied, “No, no, no. There is absolutely no way you are keeping that.”

“But I-” Dan tried to say, but you just heard static on your side of the phone, “Y/N? Are you still there?” He looked at Louise who shrugged and looked at the camera.

“Yes I am. Dan, take it back, I don’t want that anywhere near me.” You said, fear edging at your voice.

“But, I already bought it. It has a cage and everything, it won’t even touch you, I promise.” He tried holding in his laughter from the panicked sound of your voice. “Dan, seriously i’m not joking. Take it back, or let it loose or anything, but don’t keep it. I’m not coming home until you get rid of it.”

“But what if-”

“Nope. I’m staying here, until you get rid of it.” You said voice beginning to raise, “I’m not moving, either you get rid of it or i’m not stepping a foot inside the-”

“Alright, alright calm down. I didn’t actually get a spider.” He interrupted laughing a bit, “It was for Louise’s video.”

“So there’s no spider?” You asked.

“No there isn’t, you were freaking out though.” He laughed, Louise grabbed the phone, “Y/N did you seriously believe Dan would be capable of bringing a spider when you’re terrified?”

“Yes!” You laughed, “He would do that and laugh while doing it!”

"OK, so now that we’ve cleared up that I don’t, in fact, have a spider….” He said, while grabbing the phone back, “Goodbye, love!”

“Bye!” You said hanging up and laughing.

Jeca Christmas Headcanons!
  • Beca hates wrapping presents. Hates it with a passion. They’re always poorly wrapped or in gift bags. However, she makes sure Jesse’s is carefully wrapped and always topped with a bow. Always.
  • Jesse bakes snickerdoodles for Santa every year, and Beca, without fail, manages to eat half of them before the clock strikes midnight on Christmas.
  • Jesse’s fallen off the roof at least once trying to put the lights up.
  • Jesse has to lift Beca onto his shoulders to put the star at the top of the tree, since she’s too short to do it herself. This tradition eventually replaces Beca for their kid.
  • Every year they make a snowman. Every year Beca sneaks out at night and adds boobs to it, unbeknownst to Jesse.
  • Jesse tried the box-within-a-box prank once, but it only pissed her off and now she won’t stop doing it to his presents even though he stopped after the very first time.
  • They play Christmas movies for the whole month of December..
  • Jesse tried stripping as Santa Claus once but all Beca could do was laugh for three straight hours.
  • They have a gingerbread house making competition every year and Beca takes it very seriously. Her houses are elaborate and pretty damn impressive, but she really doesn’t know why she tries so hard when Jesse’s has four walls, a caving roof, and half a chocolate snowman.
  • One time, Jesse had to bail Beca out of mall jail for telling little kids that Santa wasn’t real.
  • Beca rolls her eyes every time Jesse holds the mistletoe over their heads. (She loves it, nonetheless).
  • Beca always wakes up first on Christmas morning, forcing Jesse to wake up so that she could open presents.
  • Jesse drags Beca out Christmas caroling and grudgingly goes along with it, but she secretly enjoys it. Elf ears and all.
  • Beca tells herself that she wouldn’t be that parent, but when they get their first dog, she can’t help but dress it up in stupidly festive outfits. She eventually gets their kid to match.

anonymous asked:

I loove your writings!~ the saeran/mc/707 little fic got me especially intrigued, and i was hoping if you could make one like it but this time Seven's the one trying to get your attention bc you're being closer to Saeran lately :D

Thank you! That’s so sweet! I’d love too!

You and Saeran were giggling on the couch. He’d boop your nose when you least expected it and that made you giggle, and your laugh made him giggle. And when you didn’t react to the boop he’d tickle you. You would laugh so hard tears would form in your eyes and he’d kiss them away.

“Boop!” he said as he booped your nose.

You bit your lip to keep from laughing but your giggles tumbled out of your mouth. He laughed too and hugged you. He was so affectionate with you, it was almost sickening.

Seven’s eye was twitching like crazy from his spot on the floor. He was on his laptop making a game like he usually did with his spare time. This was so annoying. He wanted to be the one to make you smile and laugh like that. So there on the floor with giggling in the background he decided he would be the one to do that.

Day 1

While you were taking a nap Saeran went to the store. Seeing no sign of his brother, Seven slipped into the room. You were passed out on the couch drooling a bit. He chuckled and gently shook you awake.


Your eyes fluttered open. Sevens eyes widened. Were your eyes always that pretty?

“Hmmm? Seven? Do you need something?” you asked as sat up and stretched.

“I got this for you!” he said and held out a big rainbow slinky.

Your eyes lit up with joy and you grabbed it. “Oh my god!!! It’s been so long since I’ve had one of these!!! And it’s rainbow!!!! Oh my god I love it!!! Thank you Seven!!!”

You started to play with it a huge smile on your face the whole time. Seven smiled too. You were so cute. He sat down beside you and watched as you played.

Saeran came in with a few bags and heard giggling. He walked into the kitchen and set the bags down, than he went into the living room. He found seven and you on the couch. Seven had one end of the slinky to his mouth and the other end was to your ear.

“Come in Commander we need you. Over.”

You giggled. You even had tears in your eyes from laughing so hard. “I-I’m here Lieutenant. O-Over.”

“Ahem.” Saeran cleared his throat.

You both looked up.

“Saeran!” You jumped and hugged him. He hugged back but glared at Seven as he did so. He was the only one who was supposed to make you laugh like that.

Seven just smiled.

Day 2

You and Saeran were chatting in the kitchen when Seven came in with a pizza box.


“YAY!!!!” you cried excitedly bouncing in your seat.

Seven opened the box to reveal pizza with your favorite toppings and olives.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH SEVEN!” you exclaimed as you hugged him.

“Of course~! Defender of Justice Seven Zero Seven always knows what to get!”

“Ummmmm…I don’t like these…” Saeran spoke up, poking an olive.

“Really? I love them!” you said. “Oh! You can feed me all your olives! Isn’t that a great idea?” you asked.

“That is a good idea.” he said after thinking about.

Seven looked a little disappointed, but just for a second. He watched in silence as Saeran picked out the olives and put them on your tongue. You would try and kiss him and he’d push you away.

“Not with that olive breath!!!”

“Awwww c’mon!!! Don’t you love wuv me???”

“Of course I- shit.”


“Just shut up and eat you adorable and lovable idiot.”

You bit into your pizza with a huge grin on your face. Seven had a defeated look  and Saeran just smirked.

Day 3

You were sitting on the couch playing a game while Saeran was taking a nap. Usually you would be cuddling him but you had to beat this level. There was always later but you wanted to do it now and get it over with.

Seven came and sat next to you. He peered at your phone and noticed you were playing Geometry Dash. You were so focused you didn’t even notice him. You groaned when you died. You wanted to give up but you knew you couldn’t.

“Oh hey Seven.”


You furrowed your brows in confusion. Did his voice just shake a little? Was he nervous?

“Did I ever tell you I taught myself how to play the guitar?”

Your eyes lit up. “Really?!”
“Yeah! You wanna sing a song with me?”


You put your phone down and scooted closer to him as he pulled his guitar out.

He started to play and you recognized the song immediately. You bounced in your seat a little as he began to sing.

“Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you. I drink too much and that’s an issue but I’m ok.”

You gasped. He had only sung the first line but it was already beautiful. He had such a nice voice. You snapped along and he continued singing.

“Hey, tell your friends it was nice to meet them but I hope I never see them again. I know it breaks your heart, moved to the city in a broke down car and, four years no calls. Now you’re looking pretty in a hotel bar and I, I, I can’t stop. No I, I, I, can’t stop.”

You blushed a little at the next lines.

“So baby pull me closer in the back seat of your rover that I know you can’t afford. Bite that tattoo on your shoulder. Pull the sheets right off the corner of the mattress that you stole from your roommate back in boulder. We ain’t ever getting older.”

He played and sang the next two lines and than looked at you. Your eyes widened a little. You agreed to this but what would he think of your voice? You took a deep breathe and began to sing.

“You, look as good as the day I met you. I forget just why I left you I was insane. Stay, and play that blink-182 song that we beat to dead in Tucson, ok.”

Now it was his turn to gasp. Your voice was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard. He felt his heart flutter and a blush come to his face. No! He had to focus on playing.

In the next room Saeran heard you singing and got up. Your voice was so pretty, it made him just want to kiss you right than and there.

“I know it breaks your heart. Moved to the city in a broke down car and four years, no calls. Now I’m looking pretty in a hotel bar and I, I, I can’t stop. No I, I, I, can’t stop.”

Saeran came in to see you both singing together.

“So baby pull me closer in the back seat of your rover that I know you can’t afford. Bite that tattoo on your shoulder. Pull the sheets right off the corner of the mattress that you stole from your roommate back in Boulder. We ain’t ever getting older.”

Seven turned to you and looked in your eyes. You blushed a little at his closeness.

“We ain’t ever getting older.” You sang together.

That’s when Saeran stepped in. “MC! That was beautiful!”

You blushed. “O-Oh you really think so?”

“Absolutely.” he said leaning in and kissing you.

Seven’s mouth fell open. When Saeran pulled away you covered your face with your hands in embarrassment and he smirked at Seven.

Day 4

You were teaching Saeran a hand game on the couch.

“Clap your hands and than high five me with both!”

“I’ll never get this.”

“Don’t think like that! It took me a while to get it too. I know you can do it!”

He blushed a little and tried it.

“See! Easy! Now you-”

Seven came in with a box and sat himself in between you. Saeran groaned and sat back against the couch, crossing his arms.

“Guess what MC!”

“What is it Seven?”

“I got you these!” he said holding out the box. 

You raised an eyebrow as you took the box? Was this a prank? You wearily opened it but gasped when you saw what was inside. Saeran peeked into the box as you hugged Seven. Inside were your favorite chocolates and a stuffed bear of your favorite animal. 


He chuckled. “Of course~”

You began eating the chocolates as Saeran and Seven glared at each other. 


“Hey Seven?” 

“MC? What are you doing up so late? Did you have a nightmare?” he asked getting up from his chair. 

You looked away as he walked up to you and took your hand. You took a deep breathe. 

“I know what you’re trying to do…and I appreciate your effort and affection…but…I’m with Saeran…and I love him. I want you to know that.” 

Seven face fell and he looked like he wanted to cry. You felt so bad. 

“…But why would you love Satan?” 

“Saeran is not Satan Seven.” 

“Sorry my phone autocorrects Saeran to Satan.” 

You gave sighed. “Seven…we’re talking.” 

He put a finger to your lips. “Shhhhh details, details. Details are irrelevant.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Alright…than what doe your phone autocorrect Satan too?” 


A bewildered look crossed your face. “Who’s Susan?” 

“You don’t wanna know.”   

Saeran walked in as you giggled a little. 


Seven looked up. Saeran took your hand and brushed his off. 

“We tried to tell you nicely but you won’t listen so I’m telling you to leave MC alone. Don’t bother them anymore, and if you do there’ll be consequences.” 


“Saeran don’t you think that was a bit harsh?” you asked softly. 

“It’s fine.” Seven said quickly walking out. He walked outside and sank to his knees on the ground as tears streamed down his face. 

“I’m so stupid. So, so stupid.” He began to pound the ground with his fists. “So motherfuckin stupid!” He stopped and just sat there a fist to the grass. “They didn’t pick me all the other times…why would they pick me now?”