box prank

Darth Vader's glitter box
  • lectorel: You know the ‘ship your enemies glitter’ thing? Imagine the rebellion doing this to Imperial bases. Every time they get a delivery: glitter. Every time the cooks unseal the various boxes of pre-made foodstuff: glitter. Every time some ensign receives an unexpected package: glitter.
  • Everywhere they go: glitter.
  • fialleril: No but imagine Luke sending a box of glitter to his father.
  • lectorel: *cackles* Maybe in the year between ESB and ROTJ? Part of his coming to terms with the fact his father is Darth Vader? ‘Dear dad, have a box of glitter. I made sure it was black, like your soul. Luke’
  • fialleril: Although he’ll never admit it to anyone, Anakin saves that box of glitter and he treasures it. And years later someone is going through a collection of Imperial relics for a museum or something, and there’s this box of glitter. A mystery for the ages.
  • lectorel: Darth Vader is probably the first person to respond positively to being glitter-boxed. His minions are utterly confused why he’s in such a benevolent mood when his gloves are *shiny* from clinging glitter. No one dares ask.
  • fialleril: For weeks he leaves a trail of glitter in his wake wherever he goes. No one has the guts to say anything, though, and they all get used to pretending the bridge doesn’t look more…sparkly than usual.
  • lectorel: I’m willing to bet there’s at least one fool who makes a ‘Darth Glitter’ joke within earshot of Vader. When the fool gets choked only *half* to death, everyone is terrified to the point of not daring breathe wrong lest Vader remember his temper. (And meanwhile, in his heart of hearts, Anakin is suppressing the urge to compose sappy poetry about how his son is *the most adorable little shit ever*)
  • fialleril: Luke is angry enough to send him a glitter box in revenge. That means he *cares*.
  • And then there's that awkward moment when Vader goes before the Emperor and Palpatine is in mid-monologue when he suddenly has to stop and say, "Lord Vader, is that...glitter?"
  • And Vader just replies, "Yes, my master," and spectacularly fails to elaborate, but inside he's grinning.
The Ultimate Masterlist Of My Analyses

I got asked for it and I delivered: a masterlist of all the analyses I have done! And boy, there are quite a few… good thing I don’t have a life

The pranks:

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and the “comparison” with Joe and Oli’s video

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The Interviews:

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HTR USA: Answering questions about each other


Also, you can always send in requests if you want me to analyse a certain video - I will try my best to do them, even if it may take a while (as, opposed to what I wrote above and as opposed to what it seems like, I do have a life sometimes)

Cheers! <3

anything for that sweet, sweet mewtube money

mellomadness  asked:

STORY IDEA: Jacquie has to go save Jack's bootay from another thing he's screwed up. Objective: free him from the mousetraps. Go!

It wasn’t uncommon for Jacqueline to get a message from Jack asking for help. 

It also wasn’t uncommon for said message for help to be something very, very not serious from “Jacqueline I have a salsa stain on my favourite suit please come help me” to the slightly more serious “Jacqueline I can’t find the twins help”.

Today’s message, however, was one of the vaguest she had ever received. It had interrupted a mid-afternoon cartoon binge session and Voltron was getting good. What the message Jack had sent had been?

Jacqueline I’m at the Pole, come quickly it’s urgent!

What was urgent? She had asked, and gotten no reply. So, begrudgingly, she un-burritoed herself from her comforter and teleported over the the North Pole, zoning in on her brother’s whereabouts.

She walked into Santa’s office, mildly annoyed. “What on Earth is it this time?”

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” two people shouted.

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What kind of vines they would produce/enjoy:

(Also featuring you!)
Allies + Canada, Featuring 2p!:
America/Alfred F. Jones- Eagle screeches over every god damn thing you could imagine. Pranks on the other countries (mostly Canada.)

Canada/Matthew Williams- All nature, stunning nature. Occasional re-vine of an eagle screeching. (That‘s where America fucking gets them.)

China/Yao Wang- Every single panda/kitten/puppy ever photographed.

England/Arthur Kirkland- Historical documentary types of things.  

France/Francis Bonnefoy- Victoria secret ads. Victoria secret ads. VICTORIA SECRET ADS. Pranks on England.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky- Cluster fuck. Sometimes it’s kittens, sometimes it’s a polar bear attack. Sometimes it’s two kangaroo’s beat boxing. ‘Pranks’ on the Baltic’s.

2p!America/Allen Jones- Protests and vegetarians recipes. Not to mention pranks on Matthew, and you. Especially when you’re sleeping.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- Allen’s pranks gone wrong.

2p!China/Xiao Wang- 50% people break dancing, 50% possible murders.

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- All pastel and beautiful mansions. Pastry’s and ways to make baked good better. Occasional one of Allen’s pranks going wrong and him getting a freshly made cupcake in the face.

2p!France/Francios Bonnefoy- Poetic smoking and uses for a ridiculous amount of wine glasses.

2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky- Has no fucking clue what vine is, watches over the Baltic states shoulders. Is not amused.

Allies + Romano

Germany/Ludwig- FITNESS, FITNESS, FITNESS. Examples include: How To Do Fingertip Pull Ups Correctly, How To Make A Protein Smoothie When All You Fucking Have Is Pasta, and How To Run A Mile In 60 Seconds. ‘Accidental’ shots of you in athletic shorts.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas- Him trying to sing/serenade to you. Pasta recipes for his viewing public. And what happens when you mess with Germany. Occasional shots of you sleeping on his chest and he couldn’t help but share how beautiful you are.

Japan/Honda Kiku- Pretty art, some of it his, some of it nature, mostly anime clashes.

Romano/Lovino Vargas- While he’s in half of Italy’s videos, he doesn’t have one himself.

2p!Gremany/Lutz- CATS. I can’t stress that enough. Cats in costumes. Cats eating. Cats playing with their kids. You with cats. Cats.

2p!Italy/Luciano Vargas- Knives and their many, many, many uses. These cans range from tooth picks to…well…I’m sure you can imagine.

2p!Japan/Honda Kuro- Gore. Upcoming horror movies, in progress Hentai sketches. Very classy though. You might resemble some of the sketches, but he’d never admit to it.

2p!Romano/Flavio Vargas- Fashion blog. Who’d hot, who’s not. Him always being the very hot. Several videos of you as an unwilling model.

Cartman’s Headed Home

But first….

Sheila Broflovski: Eric, sweetie, your ma’s here.

Cartman: Coming!~

-A Few Hours Later, at the Cartman Residence-

Cartman: *texts picture with the toothbrush to Kyle* Heheheheh….this’ll be fucking great.

Jeca Christmas Headcanons!
  • Beca hates wrapping presents. Hates it with a passion. They’re always poorly wrapped or in gift bags. However, she makes sure Jesse’s is carefully wrapped and always topped with a bow. Always.
  • Jesse bakes snickerdoodles for Santa every year, and Beca, without fail, manages to eat half of them before the clock strikes midnight on Christmas.
  • Jesse’s fallen off the roof at least once trying to put the lights up.
  • Jesse has to lift Beca onto his shoulders to put the star at the top of the tree, since she’s too short to do it herself. This tradition eventually replaces Beca for their kid.
  • Every year they make a snowman. Every year Beca sneaks out at night and adds boobs to it, unbeknownst to Jesse.
  • Jesse tried the box-within-a-box prank once, but it only pissed her off and now she won’t stop doing it to his presents even though he stopped after the very first time.
  • They play Christmas movies for the whole month of December..
  • Jesse tried stripping as Santa Claus once but all Beca could do was laugh for three straight hours.
  • They have a gingerbread house making competition every year and Beca takes it very seriously. Her houses are elaborate and pretty damn impressive, but she really doesn’t know why she tries so hard when Jesse’s has four walls, a caving roof, and half a chocolate snowman.
  • One time, Jesse had to bail Beca out of mall jail for telling little kids that Santa wasn’t real.
  • Beca rolls her eyes every time Jesse holds the mistletoe over their heads. (She loves it, nonetheless).
  • Beca always wakes up first on Christmas morning, forcing Jesse to wake up so that she could open presents.
  • Jesse drags Beca out Christmas caroling and grudgingly goes along with it, but she secretly enjoys it. Elf ears and all.
  • Beca tells herself that she wouldn’t be that parent, but when they get their first dog, she can’t help but dress it up in stupidly festive outfits. She eventually gets their kid to match.

CARDBOARD BOX PRANKS (Big Box Shenanigans Part 2) (by JouleTheif)