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alternate titles for penny dreadful season 3
  • Vanessa Ives Deserves Better Than This
  • Victor Frankenstein Deserves Exactly This
  • The Systematic Character Assassination of Ethan Chandler
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Where the Hell is Mr. Hyde
  • Sembene Would Never Have Allowed This to Happen
  • The Strange Case of Where the Hell is Eva Green’s Emmy
  • A Simple “Showtime Hates You” Would Have Sufficed
  • Believe Me
  • I Know
Darth Vader's glitter box
  • lectorel: You know the ‘ship your enemies glitter’ thing? Imagine the rebellion doing this to Imperial bases. Every time they get a delivery: glitter. Every time the cooks unseal the various boxes of pre-made foodstuff: glitter. Every time some ensign receives an unexpected package: glitter.
  • Everywhere they go: glitter.
  • fialleril: No but imagine Luke sending a box of glitter to his father.
  • lectorel: *cackles* Maybe in the year between ESB and ROTJ? Part of his coming to terms with the fact his father is Darth Vader? ‘Dear dad, have a box of glitter. I made sure it was black, like your soul. Luke’
  • fialleril: Although he’ll never admit it to anyone, Anakin saves that box of glitter and he treasures it. And years later someone is going through a collection of Imperial relics for a museum or something, and there’s this box of glitter. A mystery for the ages.
  • lectorel: Darth Vader is probably the first person to respond positively to being glitter-boxed. His minions are utterly confused why he’s in such a benevolent mood when his gloves are *shiny* from clinging glitter. No one dares ask.
  • fialleril: For weeks he leaves a trail of glitter in his wake wherever he goes. No one has the guts to say anything, though, and they all get used to pretending the bridge doesn’t look more…sparkly than usual.
  • lectorel: I’m willing to bet there’s at least one fool who makes a ‘Darth Glitter’ joke within earshot of Vader. When the fool gets choked only *half* to death, everyone is terrified to the point of not daring breathe wrong lest Vader remember his temper. (And meanwhile, in his heart of hearts, Anakin is suppressing the urge to compose sappy poetry about how his son is *the most adorable little shit ever*)
  • fialleril: Luke is angry enough to send him a glitter box in revenge. That means he *cares*.
  • And then there's that awkward moment when Vader goes before the Emperor and Palpatine is in mid-monologue when he suddenly has to stop and say, "Lord Vader, is that...glitter?"
  • And Vader just replies, "Yes, my master," and spectacularly fails to elaborate, but inside he's grinning.
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4 days Bankgok, Tokyo, Dubai

After years in Japan I learned to appreciate every single minute of travel, and sometimes my trips have a slightly crazy schedule. So here is a mini guide what to do in a very short time and have a fabulous trip. 

Bangkok (noon till evening)

For a bit of local arty / fashion experience try: It’s Happened to be a Closet, all fashion people go to this shop / atelier / restaurant. There is a manicure room, a foot massage parlor, DIY ateliers to make your own jewelry, and a fantastic European style restaurant (order anything with truffles and you will not be disappointed), there is a store, bakery and enough colors to make your energy levels really high.

124/1 Soi Sukhumvit 23 | Khlong Toei Nuea (they do not have a website, it is a best kept local secret)



Just nearby there are three most amazing interior furniture shops, even of you travel light you should check them for inspiration. Run by the same owner each shop has a very distinguished look and feel, and there is a lot to see there in a tiny 2 floor space. Each shop is a bit of a tiny fabulous apartment, the one where you really want to meet the owner. They are all next to each other and have these beautiful names: Incredible, Eligible, and Unforgettable.



Check them out at: 116/6 Sukhumvit 23, Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110.


At My Little Box and Pommery event 

Catching Pokemons across Japanese capital is the most fun.

Quick gateway to Enoshima in summer


After Tokyo, Dubai came next, despite summer heat there are always many new restaurants and places to visit. It changes everyday.


A shisha bar and Chanel baboosh

Finding street art in Dubai is a real treasure hunt as messages are hidden across construction sites everywhere. And after dinner at night a walk by the beach is a bliss.


Gastown - Circuit Soul Rocket Bunny FRS - BOX One Collective

DAY 2179

Jalsa, Mumbai            Apr ¾,  2013            Thu/Fri  12 : 33 am

A question : where be this location …?

Or perhaps this :

Many promotions later and many efforts to be on shows that value well on television ratings, a day when the value of presence is dedicated to the client and product that requires sale ..

So is there an agreement or a disagreement on its oneness in conceptuality, or exercise ? I fear that many intellectuals would prefer to get into the skin of the argument and have varying views .. that is understandable. Topics such as these do often ignite the fire of debate, reasoning and justification. But I do believe that there would be no argument, if the executor of the deed were to be brought in. After all, he or she or it, is a mere contractual entity generously squeezed in to aggrandise the product.

Promoting a film, is termed as a marketing device and a necessity for the betterment of the returns invested. One invests to get better returns, or at least dwell in its security. Involving oneself in a campaign through a visual medium, is also a promotion of the product. Is one then, better than the other ? Is one correct and the other incorrect ? I would not have answers to this. And even if I did my opinion would deserve some bias eventually. The commercials would step in and that would become the decisive factor …

Films demand a promotional effort in these times. That first week end needs to be filled. For, that would form the recovery on the costs and business of the product. Gone are the days of 25 week and 50-75 week runs. Of Jubilees that were looked upon with such fervour and expectation. Now its the ‘slam bam’ ideology. Get it over with, collect the profits and move on to the next. Dwelling on the product, allowing it time to sink in, to gently move into the minds and hearts of the audience is over. That crucial first week is the indicator of all that we would have considered in the times gone by. An impatient and restless audience does not have the inclination or the spared time to allow indulgence with time.

Someone made a commercial comment on two of the recently released films. He stated that the one week box office collections of one, would still be more than the lifetime collections of the other. Maybe. But could it not be that the latter would be remembered for a lifetime and the former for just a week !!

What then would be the gauge to address merit ?

Let me guess … it would be a tie in an ideal situation, but the commerce would rule eventually !

What then, and this is an obvious extension of the argument, signifies status ? Quality or quantity ?

'Success in competition is usually signalled by more lavish consumption, but it need not be, nor need this be the motive for competition. Possession of money may be a sufficient index of success, without the need to display this possession in costly objects …’

'In the upper echelons of the business world, money is sought after not only as a means to consumption but as an index of superior achievement..’

’…. one of the late richest men in the world put it ( quite succinctly ), that money is “ just a way of keeping score ”. ’~

May this debate rest along with the rest that is required by its perpetrator ..

Good night and sleep well …

Amitabh Bachchan


NIGHTRUN - Box One Collective

Over the past few weeks Jonny of Box One Collective and I have been working on a film together about the enjoy you get from driving.

The concept was something I had in my head and both Jonny and I were inspired by the movie Drive.

I hope everyone enjoys this short film !!

- Reggie


Mitch, Split! - Box One Collective